Massive Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Tsunami Warning Issued

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A massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake has just shaken Indonesia. The USGS initially evaluated to tremor at 8.2 but revised the magnitude down after further investigation.

As CBS notes, “the quake was centered about 500 miles southwest of Indonesia’s Sumatra island in the Indian Ocean, but was shallow at a depth of only about six miles, meaning it could cause serious damage.” The epicentre was 808km (502 miles) southwest of the city of Padang, and was 10km deep.

The country has issued an early tsunami warning.

Here’s the data from the USGS:

  1. 2016-03-02 12:49:46 (UTC)

Nearby Cities

  1. 662km (411mi) SW of Muara Siberut, Indonesia
  2. 807km (501mi) SW of Pariaman, Indonesia
  3. 808km (502mi) WSW of Padang, Indonesia
  4. 846km (526mi) WSW of Solok, Indonesia
  5. 851km (529mi) NNW of West Island, Cocos Islands

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  • Frank Energy

    LOL I issued the EQ alert for Pacific Region on Feb 29th. Kicking the shit out of the USGS who can’t seem to figure out how freaking easy it is to predict these things.

    sheesh. Our $cientists today are really weak.

    • Mike

      That is because most of them are government funded and just don’t give a crap or are told to shut up.

      • Frank Energy

        Indeed, and it is prime directive not to panic the sheeple…..they are too hard to shear when panicked

    • You have to remember that they work for the government.

  • cynic

    That seems quite near the previous big one of a few Christmases ago.

    • Frank Energy

      LOL that was 10 years ago