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Massive Coronal Hole: Solar Wind Will Hit Earth June 29th-30

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
June 26th, 2013



A massive coronal hole straddling the Sun’s equator is sending out a highly charged solar wind that will hit the Earths magnetic field square  on.

Solar winds are a continuous stream of ions, charged particles. The coronal hole allows the particles to escape instead of looping back down to the Suns surface. The winds from coronal holes take a few days to reach Earth and due to the Suns rotation they emanate out in a ‘pinwheel’ fashion as they pass through the solar system.

It’s the buffering of the Earths magnetic field that gives rise to auroras, usually in the high northern latitudes but strong winds can cause huge auroras that can be seen much further south.

The larger the amount of ionized particles that escape from the hole the more chance there is of disruption to spacecraft communications and to electronic communications on Earth. Solar winds are far less likely than coronal mass ejections to affect the power grid. With speeds of up to 1-2 million miles per hour, the magnetosphere is buffeted and deformed by the stream of particles that hit it. This deformation, the magnetic flux, is what can knock out satellite and electronic communications on Earth. (source)

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  • Cnsay

    Ah swell, a sun rectum. Looks to be a real “gas” from the winds. Can’t be anymore harmful then what comes from Obama’s lips.

  • ZombieDawg

    …and despite all the dramatisation, the REALITY is that this will result in polar auroras and not much else, AS USUAL !

  • RickE.

    Zombie, sooner or later our good luck is going to end.
    Not if, but WHEN. It may be tomorrow or a hundred years, but a severe EMP level event with much damage to our power grid will occur.

    Just like asteroids, comets, and our sun dying someday, these WILL happen, it’s literally a matter of time.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    I dont believe any poster here is losing sleep over possible SHTF events RickE. And I’m outspoken but learned to laugh at the NSA recording everything I say. Girlfriends hardly ever reply to my texts so the NSA is doing the girlfriend’s job for her LOL. Please gentlemen may I have a like or comment or 2. My bark is worse than my bite LOL
    But of course RickE I am concerned about the declining bee population. Something must be done and I seek to make all friends acutely aware of these issues. If they go so do we. Unlike much media noise which promotes conspiracy theory this one is for real old boy.
    Save the insects!

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