Massive Bomb Detonates Inside of Key Iranian Nuke Manufacturing Facility

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Iran Nuke Facility BombedUnconfirmed reports indicate that a massive explosion has destroyed Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility. Preliminary investigations indicate that whatever is responsible for the damage occurred deep within the facility, which is known for containing some 2,700 centrifuges for the processing of uranium.

Last week, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, predicted that a nuclear war with Iran may be imminent as the country continues to reject U.S. and U.N. sanctions targeting their nuclear program. Kissinger was quoted as saying that governments will “come to a determination of how to react, or the consequences of non-reaction… [in] a few years.”

If the reports of a bomb blast rocking Fordow are accurate, then it looks as if Western governments, likely either Israel and/or the United States, have reacted by preemptively striking Iranian nuclear facilities:

An explosion deep within Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility has destroyed much of the installation and trapped about 240 personnel deep underground, according to a former intelligence officer of the Islamic regime.

The level of enrichment has been a major concern to Israeli officials, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly has warned about the 20-percent enriched stockpile.

The explosion occurred Monday, the day before Israeli elections weakened Netanyahu’s political control.

Iran, to avoid alarm, had converted part of the stockpile to fuel plates for use in the Tehran Research Reactor. However, days after the recent failed talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iranian officials announced the enrichment process will not stop even “for a moment.”

Source: WND

They’ve been stopped, and for much longer than a moment.

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  • whaa?

    daily sheeple! This is anti-Iran propaganda – u know this, right??

    The MSM – It’s so predictable.

    • Nexus789

      Kissinger is a repugnant human being. It takes two parties to have a nuclear war. One of the parties has no bomb. There is no evidence of Iran building a bomb let alone testing one.

      It is shocking that morons like Kissinger openly talk about nuclear war as it were a mere extension of conventional war. It is not. Even a very localised nuclear exchange – say India and Pakistan, has the potential to kill many billions, The consequence will be a nuclear winter, collapse of food production and mass starvation.

      If this is how America thinks it will protect its empire they are seriously deluded. You could repair and recover from conventional wars.

      • MushroomCloud


        Did you read all that silly shit on some doomsday website? Nuclear bombs are designed so that the fission consumes the radioactive material….A dirty bomb doesn’t consume the radioactive material and is very very inefficient. A “professional-grade” nuclear bomb is very very efficient, designed to deliver the most bang for the buck, thus the radioactive material is consumed in the process.

        ALPHA particles from the blast won’t penetrate a piece of paper.
        BETA particles from the blast won’t penetrate wood or metal, and have a longer half life.
        GAMMA particles penetrate about anything but lead or soil, but have a half life of a few milliseconds.

        Think about it….One hundred million japs all living in the same cities where we detonated TWO nukes half a century ago. No radiation, no desert, no health problems.

        The concept of “making them glow for the next million years” is fantasy shit that Tom Clancey writes and you civilians believe.

        • johnny jihady

          how about my tinfoil hat ?

    • Truthhound

      This is the work of the CIA or another US government backed group. The US has been screwing with these guys since 1953. Daily Sheeple you should know better than to jump on the band wagon.

  • johnd24

    I blame it on the FBI/CIA. Because theirs articles all over online about how any plant Iran has was consider a threat. It was only a matter of time after article condition is when the Feds carry out their mission.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Relax, this may be a false flag. Keep cool and await further confirmation and developments. Me? Never an admirer of Mr I’m a Dinner Jacket but believe war against Iran is totally wrong. I also believe willful damage to other people’s property is wrong ie sending computer worms like Stuxnet. And, Iran is on good terms with Russia, China & N Korea. Only the terminally insane would attack them mark my words.

  • Buster

    I would never build an underground bunker. I prefer fighting and dying above ground. a fortress ok, but underground…no way.

    I was in the cuchi tunnels in vietnam and i would not ever live in such a place.

  • johnny jihady

    maybe it was an iranian false flag. it would give them some sympathy and a reason to launch an attack against israel. why do people always think it’s the US or Israel doing this.

    They blew up the smaller facilty not the big one. why not the big one with 10,000 centerfudges vesus the one with 2,500.
    Got Iranian false flag written all over it.

  • johnny jihady

    We taught the Sha how to sacrifice his own soldiers for political gain.
    Just like we do all the time.

    I think Iran is doing the same.

  • Joe smoke

    Kissinger is a pederast who likes screwing boys.

    Just the facts.