Martial Law Exercise? Feds Going Door-To-Door In Florida Asking For Urine Samples Amid Zika Outbreak

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Officials have said that at least four people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus and warn that the virus now appears to be spreading domestically either through contact with mosquitoes or direct human-to-human transmission. Until recently, the virus only appeared in individuals infected outside of the United States, primarily in South America.

In an alarming development, according to CNN, federal, state and local officials have been deployed to canvas neighborhoods in Florida. The stated purpose is to ask questions, request urine samples and determine the spread of the virus.

Officials believe the local transmission is confined to a small area north of downtown Miami within a single ZIP code. However, local, state and federal health officials are continuing their investigation, which includes going door-to-door to ask residents for urine samples and other information in an effort to determine how many people may be infected. Additional cases are anticipated.

As noted by Erin Elizabeth of it is not clear whether officials are asking or “demanding” these samples.

Folks, you read this correctly. The feds and other local authorities are going DOOR TO DOOR to private residences asking (demanding?) urine samples.

What if a resident does not comply?  What else are they testing for? Would you comply?

I can tell you right now I am not giving any local or federal agent my urine. If arrest were the alternative then let them arrest me. I have nothing to hide, but no way would I submit to such a test if the feds showed up at my door. Some experts I’m speaking with are saying they’re asking for urine under the guise of “Zika virus” when it is, in fact, for something much more sinister. This is very disturbing to me.

While many Americans may consider the actions of officials as looking out for the interests of the public, this is the first time in recent memory that the government has deployed teams of officers and agents to personal residences following a contagion concern. Perhaps the most recent example of a similar response by the federal government was when they declared a de facto state of martial law after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Given that Zika is not necessarily life threatening, and no actual captured mosquitoes in Florida have been shown to be carrying the virus, it is unclear why officials found it necessary to deploy teams to personal residences.

Perhaps they are doing it out of an abundance of caution, though for the reasons cited above that makes little sense.

One possible reason behind the moves is that, per President Obama’s Executive Order #13707 entitled Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People, the government is using this crisis as an opportunity to collect behavioral data on how residents respond to government officials knocking on their doors.

The ultimate goal of such studies and procedural exercises could have something to do with another EO signed by Obama and dubbed the Executive Doomsday Order. Under that order, the President merely needs to declare an emergency in order to implement a variety of responses including the allocation of health resources, the manpower to support health initiatives, detention of individuals considered to be posing a threat to the public, forced health testing, and the security to ensure the Secretary of Health and Human Services can implement its plans once ordered to do so.

Zika does not appear to be the kind of virus or deadly threat that would require door-to-door visits from government officials.

Thus, one can, arguably, conclude that, as Erin Elizabeth noted, there is something much more sinister at play.

Anytime the government starts knocking on doors their actions should be immediately suspect. In the words of President Ronald Reagan:

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

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  • Mr Larry

    Why isn’t the government just installing some kind of observational sewage pipe. They have glass ones in hospitals. A little trap door outside of every house. Install digital meters in the water flow to detect and deter many kinds of crime.

    • Mike

      invasion of privacy, and illegal search. Keep on wishing for more police state BS, you may get just what you ask for moron.

      • Mr Larry

        Sounds great, we need to stop terrorism before it destroys America, and I have nothing to hide. Sounds like you do.

        • Doom On You

          Well stopping terrorism is easy. Deport all of the muslims and their left wing communist supporters along with any neocons that want to start wars in the ME.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          Thank you, Larry. . . for showing us exactly what a sycophant and catamite looks like. . .

          Tell us. . . do you like the jackboots you lick covered with ketchup. . . or do you prefer the natural leather flavor?

          Go gettem, gunsel!

        • Mike

          what ever larry, go back to playing leisure suit and keep your beer rolling in. I like my privacy, and I have bullet to throw at terrorists.

        • samw

          “I have nothing to hide” but you willingly surrender all your rights when you use that lame excuse to allow unConstitutional searches. GROW A PAIR mr. larry! Stand up for your Rights, do not comply.

    • samw

      This ain’t about crime, terrorism, or health. It is about treating U.S. like dogs!

  • ExecutorOffice


    • csbubba

      Don’t forget the “blue thin line” motto, COMPLY OR DIE.

      • ExecutorOffice

        It’s a huge Green Line,, overlaying a huge YELLOW line : Greedy thieves and Cowards.

    • WinstonSmithy


  • Mike

    Answers door, do you have a warrant for the sample you are asking for, answer is no, CYA, door slams in their faces.

    • harry323

      The first mistake was opening the door …

      • Mike

        depends on what I am packing when I open it. Needless to say, I don’t have many solicitors knock on my door any more.

        • harry323

          I hear you, I’ve done that too.

  • Right to the Point

    Sure is odd that they would use the; “Isolate, Immunize, Eradicate” strategy on Zika here in the US, but refuse to use it on the ISIS pandemic…..

  • Herman Nelson

    We only have ourselves to blame. If we had been more vocal in making the government accountable for their actions, we would not be reading about this article today.

  • Mary

    This “zika virus” was probably manufactured in some govt. lab like a lot of the other “pandemics” they use to promote vaccines. Remember the ebola crisis a couple yrs. ago? People went into a panic and not long after we never heard another word about it. If there truly WAS an ebola epidemic, people would have been dropping dead all over the world and quickly. It’s an airborne virus, right? Duh. The powers that be are always experimenting on their little lab rats…that would be you and me.

  • WinstonSmithy
  • Lala Land

    They can have my urine when they pry it from my cold, dead bladder.

  • Phil

    Just say NO!

  • Jean

    Why don’t they try checking the immigrants and all the shit they bring in they might be hiding there.

  • 1PissedAmerican

    This is the hope and change you ball bags voted for the POLICE STATE. This Obama fault for flooding our country with these 3rd world illegal immigrants .

  • landy fincannon

    One has to wonder, how the the numbers are so concentrated. Was there a release of infected mosquitoes ?

  • Mick Price

    Yeah if you don’t know whether or not they’re demanding the samples, they’re not demanding the samples. Somebody would have specifically mentioned such an imposition if it were going on. Right now all that’s happening is someone is asking for your pee. Now of course they might not just use it for Zika testing, they might be organising a genetic database in one of the most expensive ways possible, but you’ve given no evidence of that. All we know that is happening is that government is trying to get information that is actually useful, the actual prevalence of Zika. This is hardly martial law or anything like it.