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As if the Obama administration’s purchase of more than 2 billion rounds of ammunition, and nearly 3,000 urban tanks, along with their unprecedented (and highly illegal) domestic spyingprogram was not enough to convince you that the federal government is about to suspend the Constitution once and for all, the man who once vowed to run “the most transparent administration in history” has just rather inexplicably, ordered the U.S. Army to seize every Apache attack helicopter currently in use by the National Guard.

In all, the Defense Department will confiscate 192 Apaches from National Guard units around the country and give them to the active duty Army.

In exchange for the heavily armed and highly maneuverable choppers, Guard units will receive 111 UH-60 Blackhawk transport helicopters from the Army, Defense One reports.

Last week, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, claiming that the measure will save taxpayers $12 billion, over the next three years.

Of course, when one considers that this ‘cost saving’ move comes from an administration which regularly runs trillion-dollar deficits and, to date, has proposed no less than 442 tax increases since taking office in January 2009, the idea of saving money for the American taxpayer is a bit hard to swallow.

So, what could be another, more reasonable explanation?

The Apache, which began service in 1986, is armed with a 30 mm M230E1 Chain Gun (with 1,200 rounds), Hellfire anti-tank missiles, and 70 general-purpose 70 mm rockets. In short, it is capable of fending-off any enemy, foreign or domestic.

Obviously, these helicopters could pose a substantial obstacle to say, a tyrant drunk on his own power, with an army at his disposal.

With the recent, attempted seizure of the Bundy family ranch in Nevada by more than 200 armed federal officers, including many snipers, we know that the Obama administration is not afraid to use force against the American people.

Furthermore, considering the unprovoked attacks and murders of U.S. citizens on their own property by federal agents, such as the Ruby Ridge and Waco massacres, we also know that the federal government has no problem suspending due process and using lethal force on its own citizens. Couple that with the as yet, unexplained, massive arms buildup by the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the feds to arrest and detain any U.S. citizen indefinitely without charges, and even the most establishment-minded American should be able to see what is coming.

There are a few governors around the country who would not stand for martial-law being arbitrarily declared by this or any president, but without any teeth (i.e. Apache attack helicopters) what could they use to stop Obama’s tyranny?

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  • CharlesH

    I believe the government when they say they’ll send tons of money to bring all Apache helicopters under the umbrella of active duty Army to save $12billion, over the next 3 years. OH YEAH…SEE MY AVATAR.

  • the hammer

    It is only a matter of time before this mongrel and his pogues attempt to finalize all their efforts. The illegitimate govt must fall. I agree with CW, our efforts must be to destroy their support and supply, not go head to head. Target practice on baby blue helmets!

  • Edwin : O’Keefe

    What could they use to stop Obama’s tyranny ?….
    ….. WE THE PEOPLE…………..

  • dan

    seems like they were more interested in shoulder fired sam’s at Beghazzi but drones may supercede high maint. Apache AND Cobra

  • Hammerun

    I don’t suppose there will not be any problems with finding pilots low enough and willing to fire on Americans.

    • matism

      “Law Enforcement” is full of them.

    • robertsgt40

      The pilots might not be American.

  • spidermonkey

    He can only have them IF THE GOVERNORS ALLOW him to have them………………

  • Arizona

    PREPEAR FOR WAR,anyone who thinks OBOOZO and his TERRORISTS are going to risk being put on trial for TREASON,..YOU ARE DREAMING,wakeup,you’ve got a dictator drunk on power and he ain’t going to give it up,HE WILL USE AMERICAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS ON “AMERICA” traitors have nothing to lose,if the US MILITARY don’t arrest him ,EXPECT TO FIGHT YOUR GOVERNMENT,and their training to kill you and your family,with their russian and chinese friends……Imagining a peaceful solution,to a DICTATOR,is the same mistake made thru-out history,NOT GOING TO HAPPEN,get ready …RED coming,those still asleep will be the first ones to die……..WAKEUP..,”FEMA DEATH CAMPS”,for you and your family,DON’T take the MARK OF THE BEAST,and don’t go along with anything a dictator wants,OBOOZO is playing the ADOLF HITLER PLAY BOOK,will america fall for it like the germans did??..I FEAR THEY WILL,cowards don’t win wars,they die in death camps………..

  • That sounds plausible.

    As to the panicky comments here: going all panic-monkey is not going to help. Quiet competence and reasoned, tempered, non-provocative suggestions should be the order of the day. A good defense can be successfully conducted in a dignified manner.
    Please bear in mind, we might one day be explaining this to our kids. How do you wish them to see you in the future? I’m going for: Reverently–as those whose cool heads prevailed until tyrants made cool heads impossible.
    IF that is indeed the future situation that this helo shuffle is a precursor to.

    Right now, the moral high ground is mine and I am on the side of Liberty: for all men who choose to live in peace.

    • fadestyle

      you say WWIII is Plausible and then say dont get panicy in the same sentence. buddy if there is WWIII you wont be explaining crap to any kids.

      • sallyho3000 .

        Listen sugar, it’s not like this will be the first time around for humanity. We’ve been here before, and beyond. Watch Oppenheimer’s speech re. Manhattan Project; makes it pretty clear that there is nothing new under the sun.

      • Yes, WWIII is plausible with governments running things they way they tend to do, it is always a possibility. And yes, his scenario is plausible–as are myriad others– whatever happens, we might actually survive it…(I tend to be unlucky that way)…but please, allow me to reiterate my main point: whatever happens, I intend to face it with the all the dignity and courage that I can muster and I think you and I can agree on that.

        “Dishonor not your mothers; now attest That those whom you call’d fathers did beget you.
        Be copy now to men of grosser blood…”

    • sallyho3000 .

      Bam! Kudos.
      With you 100%.
      The time has come to be all out or all in. The worst you can do to a free person is kill them. If I have to die for my children to understand the value of that freedom, then that is what I will do, because their future is THE future, not mine.
      Agitation is the hallmark of the State and it’s provacateurs.
      As a side note: What’s up with the Cliven n’ Carol Bundy racist comments on Y-Tube? Is that for real? Believing in, and fighting for, freedom in this land is irrespective of the color of your skin, or the country of origin of your ancestors.

  • CoffeeSmellr

    Ya wouldn’t know a lie if it slapped ya in the face. So pitiful.

  • propel7

    Obama and his Globalist Banker Masonic Illuminati satanist masters will all swing from the end of a rope before it is over. Along with all their treasonous enablers within a completely corrupt system. God does not bleed. But God is going to crush the head of the serpent. Theirs and his final hour has already begun.

  • rrambo

    It will save 12 billion over the next 3 years.. LOL.. and the privately ran FED is counterfeiting 50 billion every month.. But let’s save that 12 billion.. For more news:

  • Sammy

    ….run by republicans.

    You are blind if you don’t realize that all media news is a PSYOP campaign designed more for crowd control that the reporting of factual events.

  • KeepOnLivin

    My god y’all are paranoid. Must suck to live that way…

    • fadestyle

      sad not to be prepared for potential wwiii or even marital law. blessings to you

  • marvin nubwaxer
    • Fred Rogers

      The article is BS. The US was never a democracy. It has always been a Constitutional Republic. Currently the US is a fascist state. Pure garbage.

  • Wolve Rine

    Stop panicking, no one gets out alive.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    This is old news I believe if you check it was last week all over the blogs. I got this from Steve Quayle, but if he is questioned on something like this, responds angrily. Just sayin

    • How Not To Play The Game

      …speaks volumes in and of itself. No doubt.

  • challengeauthority

    Tyranny isn’t coming to America. It’s already here! There is no legitimate challenge to Government Power and they know that. They have Carte Blanche to do as they please…..and they will.

  • Heretic2011

    That’s what drones are for.

  • Heretic2011

    For the devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short.

  • phoper

    states do not need Apache’s, or jets. That is just silly shit.

    • Fred Rogers

      During the Civil War, all of the troops came from the States’ guards, such as the 11th Missouri Cavalry, and such. Learn some history and you wont make yourself look like a tard on the internet.

      • phoper

        so u want to see that NJ and PA are able to wage air war on each other. Are you over 14 years old?

    • Ezra Pound

      So your arbitrary, subjective definition of “silly” dictates what states can and cannot have? I’ll never get why idiotic people think they are entitled to express opinions.

      • phoper

        u just did

  • petercrissgirl1972

    You are a silly wabbit aren’t you? Absolutely 100% this would go unmentioned in the MSM. Hell, there are still boat loads of people that are STILL duped into believing 9/11 REALLY happened as the “the official story” and MSM won’t touch it was a 50ft pole.

  • Ricky Ross

    Wrong…They use JP4 and other JP line of fuels. They are highly combustible! I went to the US Military Firefighting Academy when it was located at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, IL. We always used the JP line of fuels in our training exercises on steel framed aircraft.

    • OldPoorRichard

      If you manage to ignite military jet fuel it will make billowing, acrid black smoke, not blinding light.

      Sure it’s “combustible”, how else would it work as fuel for an engine? But it is not volatile and doesn’t burn fast except when deliberately aerosolized.

      In the Navy, a junior officer about flipped when he saw me stripping floor wax with JP5 while smoking a cigarette. I snuffed out the cigarette in the pail of fuel. Don’t try this with avgas (gasoline)!!!

      • Ricky Ross

        What ever my friend! The fact that JP4 and the like was used for our training fires, does not change…the word “combustible” matters not! JP fires ignited very quickly and Kerosene/diesel fires did not as they were oil laden.

        Have a nice night!

        • JSebastian

          JP4 is just kerosene mixed with normal gas, If you want to make a field stove you can use a few mL of it in an empty MRE can filled with dirt or sand , works just like a Sterno. No it doesn’t burn your face off or anything.

    • keepitreal

      Actually, the Gov’t just switched to Jet A exclusively, save for the Navy I believe, they need something more stable to store on their bo-ats…such as JP4. Previously the military primarily used JP8 and JP4 less. But that is beside the point. The point is the military doesn’t use Av Gas (aviation gasoline…that’s 100LL); they use a kerosene based fuel like JP8 but now they use Jet A., it’s really about the same thing. The point of Jet fuel is that it is LESS combustible than gasoline. It has a higher flash point, i.e. you have to burn it at a higher temperature.
      If you want to cut off fuel supplies you’ll have to find a way to shut off the pipe lines because they criss-cross the nation delivering fuel EVERYWHERE. Good luck. Better yet let’s just get the people who fly the apaches to support We the People. We all know if the “brown shirts” try to fly them they’ll just kill themselves, so go ahead I say.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    Damn straight they will be! This place will be just like Iraq if they pull this type of crap.

  • Ricky Ross

    Massive surveillance of an entire nation, secret prisons, secret courts, secret laws, secret judges, secret police, secret interpretation of laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence, militarization of local police forces, the largest prison population on earth, internal spy drones, millions of internal domestic spies, indefinite detention without charge or trial under NDAA, TSA violating the 4th Amendment thousands of times every day for the last 12+ years and now they are being deployed onto public streets to do the same, DHS & other Federal agencies purchase of enough ammo to sustain a 25 year war, DHS purchase of 9,000 armored check point booths from “Shelters Direct” in April 2012, theft of citizens private property via Asset Forfeiture Program, forced purchase of corporate commodities (Obamacare), Eminent Domain,
    Government Propaganda made LEGAL via Congress (July 2013) through the propaganda media, a call for the arrest of journalist, Eugenics Programs, endless wars, Taxation without Representation, Theft of TRILLIONS of taxpayers $$$ via TARP, etc, etc, etc,

    No one should be surprised by the continued actions of this TYRANNICAL government!

    • Sarrah Goldblume

      for your review:

    • Thomas Parker

      You missed food stamps.

  • 666,

  • Mary Brown

    Snopes claims this is false but I remember it and I remember Pawlenty being very very angry Obama federalized national guard troops to prevent a rebellion.

  • Dan

    I think it’s a little more realistic to think these Apaches are going to be used in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran & any other country who joins in on WW III.

  • Joseph Lizak

    If my math is good then 192 Apache’s saving 12 billion dollars over three years comes out to approx….2 million dollars saved per year, per Apache. That’s ridiculous. You can completely rebuild an Apache for 2 million. …and they are trying to tell us that’s what they spend ? BS

    • fadestyle

      exactly… also if the National guard is in the control of the states and the feds take back a helicopter that cost more to operate and repair then how does this save us money? this makes no sense? correct me if i am wrong?

  • Mike Peters

    Sh*t like this is important so the USA can out on another big show of farce to rival their financial wizardry. Its called organizing for advance or rapid response in UN gargon.

  • fadestyle

    you call that a trade? maybe, but not fair at all.

  • fadestyle

    i got a bridge for sale.

  • fadestyle

    martial law or wwiii pick one, both are bad.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    The type of camouflage paint use on national guard vehicles has changed. It had been “deep desert” ever since the Bush incursions into the Middle East after 911, but in the last year or so, summer forest camo has been added, like you’d want in a European theater or even in the forests of the US east of the Great Plains. And no the changeover is only partial, much is still desert camo like you’d want for a war in Nevada, AZ, Cal etc.

    I always find it instructive to note the type of camouflage paint used by national guard, it provides direct evidence to what the powers that be see as the current big threat.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Really? The freaking building permits for Nazi Gas chambers complete with blueprints are still on file in the cities in which they were built. Yup, those Germans were sticklers for records.

    Of course they weren’t entitled “gas chamber”, but rather other innocuous names, like induction center? The blue prints never the less show all the important details.

    Holocaust deniers are just plain silly, but why you’d post this here? Makes me believe you are just another Democrat trying to troll conservative sites to distract and discredit.
    Have a nice day fascist, communist progressive!

    • Jason Vega


      Google “mischlinge: hitlers jewish soldiers.” hitler was a jew, eichman was a jew AND heydrich was a jew.

      Over 165,000 JEWS served in JEWISH hitlers army and its ALL DOCUMENTED. Many in the camps.

      The gas chambers were phony, many of the so called death camp survivors are frauds and the JEWS do nothing about them because they serve the LIE.

      They don’t call the rest of the world stupid goy for nothing.

      These fraud jews are the SCUM of the EARTH. Zyklon B is a disinfectant for Typhus and NEVER killed a single soul except in some stupid Yid fantasy where the world gives them money while they worship Lucifer.

      • Sir TuberKopf

        More lies. The Germans were sticklers for keeping records. The train schedules for the special trains that ran to transport millions to the gas chambers, are still on file.

        I personally have met and spoke with survivors, you know the people with prisoner numbers tattooed on their arms! I can testify you are lying trash.

        • sallyho3000 .

          Sorry sweetie.
          You’ve been mislead.
          But I suspect you are a misleader, yourself. I hope you are getting paid well.

      • Thomas Parker

        Another Nazi! I hate those guys!

    • sallyho3000 .

      Uh… Do you mean the blueprints/plans that were held, in secret by the soviets until the soviet bloc fell?
      Where in Israel are you writing from?
      Call me names, now. You know… to change my mind. I’m so scared that the “smart kids” might laugh at me.

  • highlanderjuan

    So, with all of this drum beating and saber rattling by the criminal fraud mulatto usurper in chief, where are the FBI and secret service loyal Americans who should, by rights, simply arrest his criminal ass and put a stop to this madness?

    Is there anyone left in the federal government who still works for America and her people?

  • sixhonestservingmen

    This nonsense would eventually happen under any administration, because of the nature of countries, states, and their banking operations –

    Why this sort of thing is inevitable, regardless of the administration in power, is a question of understanding the more hidden and subtle operations that surround people, to be found under the subtitled heading within the ‘sourced’ link, given as,


  • blight14

    Thank you David….granted, this subject has been ‘settled’ among the masses, they will fight tooth and nail if anyone dares to challenge the ‘truth’….

    • sallyho3000 .

      “Truth” is a dangerous word, often in direct opposition to reality.

  • blight14

    David, as usual, follow the money….that a person can actually face PRISON time for daring to investigate or question certain ‘historical events’ should be enough to raise everyones suspicions.

  • Thomas Parker

    If you don’t like Obama, you’re REALLY not gonna like Clinton.

  • Thomas Parker

    You don’t seem to have a very high opinion of our military.

    • sallyho3000 .

      My military friends are pretty nervous, these days.

  • Thomas Parker

    Nazis! I hate those guys!

  • Sarrah Goldblume

    A Treasonous Government is NOT a Legitimate Government!

  • Thomas Parker

    Gosh. Someone who is not a raving paranoid loon or a Nazi!

    • sallyho3000 .

      That’s right. Call names and prevent real understanding of history through behavior normalization; so passe…

  • Thomas Parker

    The helo trades are happening. The stuff about martial law is, of course, a paranoid fantasy. Definitely happening in NC.

  • Sammy

    Yo kris, pry you eyes open. It’s not a question of who knows what, it’s the ability to see the forest for the trees. If you feel a warm liquid running down your back, don’t assume it’s raining.

  • Thomas Parker

    Where you going?

  • gato felix


  • davol

    “With the recent, attempted seizure of the Bundy family ranch in Nevada by more than 200 armed federal officers, including many snipers, we know that the Obama administration is not afraid to use force against the American people.”
    I disagreee. I think the recent victories of the Bundy family over the Federal Government’s thuggary show compelling proof that they are indeed afraid to use force against the American people. This story as well as the billions of rounds of government purchased ammunition recently prove that same point. This government fears its people for good reason and we all will be wise to use that fear when the time comes. A few rounds over their heads should send them fleeing with good ol’ American fear of the people.

  • a) Ovomit is not CapCom over the Joint Chiefs
    b) dozens if not hundreds in our US Capitol may be executed June 1st for High Treason under the Operation American Spring planned to begin May16th 2014
    c) we are putting those tactics to the test here in our State of NY now as we speak

  • Ricky Ross


  • David Baker


  • David Baker


  • David Baker


  • Doug Douglas

    Isn’t this deployment? I mean, they are sending the Apache choppers, wouldn’t they also send their crew? Same with the blackhawks that are taking their place in the states. Doesn’t the Army make those kinds of readiness and use of resource decisions as the need arises?

  • sallyho3000 .

    WE, everyone, have to stop pushing left/right paradigms. They are illusory, and crafted specifically to prevent our unity against real enemies. Yeah, the “left” sucks, but the “right” is the same team; same agendas; same anti-human policies; same corporatism; same lack of regard for their constituencies… that is just the short list.

  • sallyho3000 .

    Swayed by it, or party to it?

  • sallyho3000 .

    Why? did you try? Send me the info and I’ll help you spread it around…

  • sallyho3000 .

    Def. a Hasbara shill element on this thread. Always a good sign for an article’s veracity.
    Also, the ultimate goal of the German reich was to deport it’s Jewish population into Poland and Hungary, countries with large ethnic Jewish populations. This is quite obvious in books re. Third Reich history published BEFORE 1967, but afterward, it completely disappeared.

  • sallyho3000 .

    You did not see videos of tortures at Auschwitz. That is a lie. The Germans did not take films of torture, whether or not it was extant. Nazis were a lot of things (and I do not apologize), but stupid was definitely NOT one of them. Auschwitz was a LABOR camp, hence the slogan on the front gate. The “gas chambers” stories are patently false right down to the (not connected to the building) chimney the Soviets built AFTER the war was over.
    The HASBARA films that were produced at the “liberation” of the camps did not show what they were purported to show. They showed what the Japanese camps would have looked like if the US had lost.
    Seriously, though. I figured that shit out in 6th grade through reading comprehension and comparative study, completely without the aid of wikipedia.
    So yeah, HASBARA!
    Swayed by it, or party to it?
    I will expect an answer that should make my limbic system all twitchy-like, but it won’t because I am not very gullible.
    I am sorry that your family suffered, but do not use their suffering to paint false pictures of history. It is disrespectful to the suffering that they endured.

  • sallyho3000 .

    Sounded to me like he’s done a pretty even-handed analysis of the FACTS available, regardless of two-faced LIES told at Nuremberg, all contrived to make sure that the little guys were executed while the guys at the top skated away to South America.

  • sallyho3000 .

    Not true. They are the same team, and you and I are not on it. Wake up, man!

  • sallyho3000 .

    Well, yes, if you are waiting to hear the news on TV. Even Amy Goodman is simply a mouthpiece for the Ford Foundation.

  • Act of 1871 unlawfully created THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a puke corporation also called DC. Their jurisFiction ends in that 10 mile square.

    Toss in the original 13th amendment, and ALL man-made laws with ANY BAR PUKE MEMBER input ( attorney ) ARE NULL AND VOID……..that eliminates about 666 sextillion codes/statutes/rules/regs/promulgations/policies, etc etc etc…ad nauseum………… GOOD NEWS EH?

    US pretend GOVT isn’t lawfully in existence !!!

  • alrotundo

    Wow, this is either the most amazing news ever or you guys are just a bunch of undergraduate loser fuckheads with time to kill because you can’t get laid. I’m guessing it’s the latter…