Mark Zuckerberg Photo Op Paranoia, Caught Covering His Laptop’s Camera and Mic Jack with Tape

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Look. Mark Zuckerberg, former Bilderberg attendee, knows better than anyone that a person’s computer is not even remotely safe from surveillance out of the box, and that the camera and com mics can, in fact, be easily hijacked by hackers.

Proof of this came during a photo op with his laptop in the background, clearly showing he covers both his camera and his audio jack with tape.



He knows his own company spies on people too, and here’s what you can do about it.

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  • Stewpedaso

    aluminium tape with a small piece of wood will prevent various types

  • Frank

    My foil hat with flip-down face shield stops most attempts to recognize me while on-line. The multiple, irregular-shaped surfaces with a disruptive coating on the helmet and face shield prevent audio receptor intrusion, via laser or other means, and the gel suspension and the gauge of the metal provide audio transmission disruption – especially if I am mumbling to myself. Or I could just cover the camera with some Scotch Tape. Don’t be fooled and think covering your computer’s mic is going to prevent audio eavesdropping – unless its water- or gel-infused tape of some kind. The best way to temporarily disable any audio eavesdropping is to set an AM/FM radio next to the mic with nothing but static coming out of the speaker. This will disrupt audio reception and prevent electronic voice filtering by the unwanted listeners.

    • Why would it need to be an AM/FM radio?

      • Frank

        Ah, I should have elaborated – any non-digital, transistor radio will work, to provide the audio “jamming” effect of static into the microphone. The new-fangled digital radios won’t typically stop their search until they hit on a strong signal, so won’t emit static noise. If you know of another, similar type of noise-maker that would work equally as well, let me know. I do this audio denial as a matter of protocol when online, and never take a chance on my picture or voice going out over the web. With the new Facial Recognition systems and networks being deployed by government entities, they will be collecting as much meta-data as possible – and targeting Citizens when they choose.

        • an old radio shack SSW will also suffice……pick any low band and static galore…thanks for the tip since I have one I will now ‘wipe it clean’ with a cloth…!

          • You will get more uniform and random noise from an unmuted FM receiver than from an AM one. Finding an FM receiver with a squelch is getting difficult, but they have the advantage of being cheap.

        • You could just set a standard white noise generator next to the microphone that is loud enough to mask whatever you don’t want overheard. That could be the solid state electronic version of turning on the shower. I found it much easier to move out of the biggest city in the state, to a small town where the law enforcers do on the local level. It doesn’t hurt that there is seldom more than a couple of chemtrails in the sky, and that is pretty rare as well. Then there is the CLEO sheriff and 14 per capita gun ownership. Most of the federal LEs are limited to Yellowstone, having never seen one in town.

      • I do not see any reply to the question posed about a password to decrypt but maybe you guys can get passed it…

    • You can disable audio hardware in control panel

      • Frank

        If a hacker can activate your camera, they can also adjust your audio settings, right? The only other way is to physically disable the microphone, by severing the wire.

        • If you take the back off of a laptop or the side off of a tower you can easily unplug the audio from the MOBO. Mine is taped so I don;t have to do that and I can untape it if I ever need it, which is rare.

        • Or covering the hole to muffle the sound. I prefer leaving them in the van where all they’ll hear is traffic noise.

      • Which is done in software where it can be hacked to show disability, much like turning “off” a cellphone shuts down the buttons, speaker, and screen while leaving the microphone and camera under network control and availability.

  • ProudAmerican

    See “hostile ‘elite'”:

  • My shit is taped up too.

    • What, encryption won’t save you?

      • You can’t encrypt hardware, moron.

        • You can’t encrypt anything without hardware, so what is the point in resorting to ad hominem? How would one buy something on the Internet with non-functioning computers? Likewise, how would one spend their bitcoins with a network in a grave? If you are as smart as you infer, you should get to work fixing the Internet, which becomes more dysfunctional by the day.

          • Ad-hominem would require that I am not using logic which is false.. because.. YOU CAN’T ENCRYPT HARDWARE! Which makes your accusation of ad-hominem, ad-hominem itself, no? 🙂

          • Ad hominem has absolutely nothing to do with logic. An ad hominem attack is based on the person whose argument you would attack if you had any basis for one. Since you didn’t, you called me a moron. It doesn’t even have to do with whether either of us IS a moron. You used it because you couldn’t support your specious premise with anything else. It is moronic to assume that anyone who knows what encryption is would suggest that it applies to hardware, even though it can’t be done without it.

          • I had no basis of argument? I beg to differ.

          • I never said anything about hardware and encryption, the basis of the argument that you claimed to make.

          • I made a comment about hardware, you in turn trolled and said something about encryption so all I did was call you out on your trolling and highlighted it.

          • Calling me a troll disarms your ad hominem. I am glad not to be your hapless client in a criminal defense.

          • Your statement was false and irrelevant ie. trolling, and I’m happy to call you out whenever you do it.

          • Perhaps you should elucidate YOUR definition for trolling, because the one I’ve seen most commonly includes a plan to inject emotionality into the conversation, and your posts are designed more to do that than mine are, since I am mostly interested in eradicating lies and misperceptions. You can call me out for anything you want since you to it to obfuscate your ignorance.

          • Trolling – Making nonsense statement JUST to start shit – trolling, there’s your definition.
            What, encryption won’t save you?= asshole, troll, trouble-starting statement, do you understand that or is this too difficult for you also? Starting shit for no reason is: “a plan to inject emotionality into the conversation” – is it not? Geez, hypocrite much?

          • I’m obviously not as expert on hypocrisy as yourself, probably because I don’t get as much practice as yourself, practice making perfect. Of course, you have never trolled, but you have certainly started at least as much as I have.
            You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

          • You obliviously are and keep proving me right. I don’t troll people on here, why would I? That’s counterproductive. I’ve trolled people in a joking manner but I don’t try to start shit like you do and then type hypocritical statements projecting your trolling.

            I only deal with the facts, not hypocritical made-up troll bullshit like talking about encryption for a taped up mic jack 🙂 – we could use much less of your “facts” ie. trolling if you think that is stating facts.

          • Our off buttons work equally well, even if our reasoning doesn’t.

          • I gave you a pretty good troll definition, should help with your reasoning in the future. Oh, and you’re welcome 🙂

          • I guess I missed it because of the making of the omnipresent ad hominem of virtually everything that you post. There was nothing to thank anyone for.

          • Well you’re not known for your manners either. 🙂

          • I hope not. Diplomacy has never been a useful tool in educating the resistant or those who already know it all.

          • You’re right and I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen you up-vote another user but that MUST be because nobody has been able to teach you ANYTHING on here EVER. I learn from these folks every day though, that’s why I keep coming back, there’s some smart people around here.

          • Upvoting is a social media thing, and this isn’t a social media site if it is an educational site.

          • Krebs on Security has posted a new item.

            Fraudsters who hack corporate bank accounts typically launder stolen funds by
            making deposits from the hacked company into accounts owned by “money mules,”
            willing or unwitting dupes recruited through work-at-home job scams. The mules
            usually are then asked to withdraw the funds in cash and wire the money to the
            scammers. Increasingly, however, the mules are being instructed to remit the
            stolen money via Bitcoin ATMs.

            That’s what bitcoin can do!

          • You’re just barely scratching the surface of the possibilities and all advantages are in the favor of the people, NOT the banks/government thus bitcoin will eventually be outlawed and from that point on only outlaws will have bitcoin.

          • On the other hand, it is impossible to hack a physical ounce of gold or silver, or a Federal Reserve Note. Since it is also impossible to own a physical bitcoin, they are as unsecurable as it is possible to be.

          • Umm… you can’t hack a bitcoin either, you can steal one from an exchange just like you can go steal money from the bank but you can’t “hack” one for yourself, it must be stolen, mined or bought. The federal reserve can go and print monopoly money US dollars all it wants to because it has assumed itself that power, however, there’s nobody behind the curtain pulling on the levers of bitcoin because bitcoins have to be mined so even if you are a billionaire banker who thinks you’re super special you still must get in line to buy it or mine it yourself, there’s no other way to get into the game. There is a limited amount of gold and silver on Earth just as there is a limited amount of bitcoin and each have their advantages and disadvantages.

          • The Federal Reserve, being neither federal nor a reserve, has never printed any of America’s currencies. It buys them from the Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving at cost and loans them to the government at interest.
            The limit of gold and silver on earth is the result of a totally different mechanism than the limit on bitcoin, which is as suspect as it is reversible. Not so much for gold and silver, which actually aren’t created on a computer, being dug out of the ground and refined to high purity the old way. There are no advantages to that which cannot be held in one’s hand or used in hand to hand commerce, and are as useless as dirt if inaccessible via the Internet.
            Since I know a lot more people who actually mine gold, silver, and other resources with inherent value than I do who produce hackable software, I’ll stick with what I can hold in my hand rather than a bush full of bitcoins.

          • To each their own. I don’t think it is wise for the technologically challenged to get into the bitcoin game because all it takes is one screw up and your money is gone, nobody holds your hand with bitcoin and there’s no recourse for mistakes, however, I’ve been and will continue to make money with bitcoin because it is too easy to not do it.
            Any money in your bank account is just as digital is the bitcoins you hate so much, just remember that, only difference being that bitcoin can’t be manipulated by the fed other than massive buys/sells to screw with the value but that’s it, no inflation/deflation schemes since that is impossible with bitcoin.
            The limit on bitcoin is even more ironclad than the unmined gold and silver out there because the unmined gold and silver is unknown whereas the remaining amount of bitcoin IS known and isn’t “suspect” or “reversible” because it is based on a mathematical algorithm with a finite amount of answers… 21 million, with division capabilities up to 8 decimal places.
            Your obviously sticking with only precious metals for money but you will be at a much greater disadvantage than me because I can transact in person and online, both privately and anonymously, because I use all forms of money and don’t play favorites but like I said, to each their own.

          • Anything deposited into any bank in the US becomes the property of the bank, and the depositor nothing more than a unsecured creditor thereof. I never leave anything in a bank account unless I am planning on spending it online shortly. Anyone who is ignorant of why no bank should be trusted should watch the video at
            Speculative motives are a poor guide to collateral security.

          • Who needs speculative motives when one can easily invest in lending club with a measly $25 to start and returns that go way over 20%? If I have any substantial amount of money in the bank it goes into lending club where it actually earns more money for me than any bank ever will. Bitcoins are for investment but also for private transactions like – where I can buy storable food without the major credit card processors knowing about it which gives one a little more privacy than normal.

          • Then why would you make money with bitcoin, as you claimed to, if Lending Club (which you never sent me the information about that you offered) is so much more profitable?

          • One is tracked, one isn’t so I have reasons to do both but I favor bitcoin because it is more profitable whereas lending club is a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of a platform for me even though it still earns more than most are used to making when investing.

            Here is the link for joining lending club:

            Here is the bitcoin counterpart that I don’t know much about yet:

            I was going to send over a screen shot of me buying just one note for $25 because you said you can’t do that and I said you can but I never did, sorry, it wasn’t intentional. It doesn’t matter anyway, you can set up the account without any money and then fund it later. Hell, you can even buy a note for $25, collect 2 or 3 payments(which will be under $1.00 each, usually like 60-70cents), then sell the same exact asset for $25 you would just have to wait until it sold. There is a woman I know that uses the crap out of lending club, she has buy and sell formulas that she developed and she is successful at it.

            Once you get enough experience to the point where you may wish to auto buy or auto sell your lending club notes you can join this for $60/yr: – and start scheduling auto buys and auto sells but that’s for the advanced people, I haven’t gotten that far into it yet to warrant it but it’s well worth the money if you have a large portfolio.

          • Why would you invest in anything that is tracked when you don’t want your survival food purchases to be?
            You’d probably get better prices on Mountain House from the

          • Because I use the one that isn’t tracked for that.

          • That is very simple to accomplish. Lock in your price online or over the phone. Buy a non-postal money order for cash and send it to them without any identifying information on it. What, you don’t do PayPal? 🙂

          • Nope, it’s controlled by (((them))) and they won’t even process payments for websites they don’t like so screw them. I admit I do have them though but I only use half of their service because I refuse to give them my SSN or my ID. They gave me a $5000 line of credit with 6 months of no interest so sometimes I use it and buy what I need then pay it off in less than 6 months so it’s free for me.

            **sometimes the bitcoin is earned and not bought 😉

          • I recently applied for credit at a local car dealership, just to see what would happen. The saleslady was surprised when she read that I had no credit rating, which was no surprise to me. It generated a follow-up letter from them which I used to request a copy of my credit record, which I have yet to receive. I have never had a regular credit card, having had store or gas credit cards from Sears, Ward’s, Penney, and Chevron decades ago. Credit is the easiest way to violate one’s own privacy.
            I’ve been offered two $20,000 lines of credit by Citibank. They withheld the first one because I had no phone number in my name, having only a terminated voice mailbox and a numeric pager at the time. The second one was a business line, and since I had no business, I turned it down, even though they would been happy to provide it, even without a physical address or phone in my name.
            It is going to be really interesting to see the price of everything come crashing down after the banks fail and only those of us who have cash will be buying anything.
            I’ve heard that someone bought a entire block in lower Manhattan for an ounce of gold at the bottom of the Great Depression. I’d like to buy the local Wells Fargo branch building and turn it into a hostel:-)

          • Getting in on one of these has the possibility of catapulting one’s wealth in a clandestine way. Great stuff, right up my alley… thanks!

          • Get it while you can, and make sure to maintain your balance while rollerskating on that trampoline.

  • Red Beard

    Big Brother loves you and wants you to be happy.

  • The audio jack is for headphones or earbuds. Does he think taping over it will keep anyone from hearing what he hears? Dollar Tree sells a lifetime supply of stick on dots for $1. The first thing I do when I get a device with a camera is cover the camera, before I do anything else with it. Microphones are tricky, since they can be hidden anyplace there’s a hole to receive sound through. If there’s an external microphone jack, plugging a shorted plug into it should do the trick, if if mechanically switches from the one in the device. When I unplug from my Kindle Fire, it pauses playback, so all bets are off.

    • enjoy this and if yah figure out the password share…!

      • Password= #GucCi2/0

        • tried it and used 7zip and as it extracted each file said wrong password and then each file had 0 bytes… not being a puter wiz just play one on the internet….I figured maybe one can tell me what i’m doing wrong….or need to use different tool…thanks

          • Worked for me. Here are the steps:
            I tried a random link, this one:

            Waited for it to download then when it’s finished, if you are using 7zip, right-click the file, go to 7zip submenu then choose: Extract to “HRC_pass_” – this will create a folder with the same name as the original zip file.

            When it asks for the password enter this: #GucCi2/0 and click Ok, all files will extract.

          • thanks…lots of good insight on how this butcher thinks…

  • It is not Paranoia


    So, after all…

    …it is not paranoia.

  • bosunj

    F#*k Zuck

  • bosunj

    Don’t forget your keylogger.