Mark Levin Delivers DEVASTATING PROOF That Obama Spied On Trump Campaign: “The Evidence Is Overwhelming…Six Federal Agencies Involved”

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The left-leaning mainstream media has spent the last 24 hours marginilizing yesterday’s Tweets from President Donald Trump indicating that the Obama administration was actively wire tapping phones in Trump Tower ahead of the November election. Jokes, insults and spin have been the order of the day as popular liberal mouthpieces have trashed the President, his staff and radio host Mark Levin who initially broke the story earlier in the week.

But no matter how much they spin, it is becoming crystal clear that President Obama’s administration did, in fact, involve themselves in electronic spying of Trump and his surrogates in an effort to link him to Russian influence.

Levin, who was  referred to as a ‘hack’ on CNN this Saturday, was no die-hard supporter of Trump during the campaign season. As a Constitutional attorney, the radio host is often found making well documented arguments on his show. In an interview with Fox & Friends on Sunday, Levin hit back at those who deny any involvement into wire tapping of Trump’s staff by the Obama White House.

The evidence, as you’ll see in the video segments below, is simply undeniable and lays  out a devastating case utilizing publicly available documents and investigations that prove without a shadow of a doubt that President Obama inserted himself into a free election in an effort to stifle and delegitimize Trump’s Presidential aspirations. Six federal agencies were involved, including FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and the Director of National Intelligence:

The evidence is overwhelming… this is not about President Trump’s tweeting… this is about Obama’s spying… And the question isn’t whether it spied… we know they went to the FISA court twice… it’s the extent of the spying… that is, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates… and I want to walk you through this, the American people… this is all public…

The evidence, much of it sourced from anti-Trump mainstream websites, shows that President Trump was right on target with his claims on Saturday that Obama was directly involved.

The reaction on social media was almost instant:

Following Levin’s report, we’re left with the same question for President Trump that we had yesterday when we noted that Barrack Obama actually tapped all of our phones. President Trump, what are YOU going to do about it?

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  • David E

    When Trump stops the tapping of my phone, I will care about Obama tapping his phone. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of hypocrisy for Trump to complain.

    • Bobbie Nilsson

      Are you kidding Obama did nothing but twist the Constitution to fit his ideology and in 8 years he created the most divisive and corrupt government in the history of America.People like you are the ones trying to bring the rest of whats left down.What do you people want.Don’t forget all those brown shirts under Hitler were wiped out so what I mean is the leftist anarchist won’t be needed later.Hope that’s OK with you?

      • freefall

        Trump is in there now. I agree with David E. Quit comparing one psychopath to another and wake up, slave. Or give you allegiance to your lord and master Trump rather than the Marxist messiah who just left.

        • Careful. Don’t want to upset the (((narrative))) now.

        • NonYo Business

          well said freefall.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          Amen to THAT.

      • NonYo Business

        You are also blaming a puppet (obama). The government of the USA has been corrupted for well over 60 years. Time to wake up Bobbie, who cares about Obama and Trump… I just want my freedom back.

        • We all do, friend. We’ll eventually get it, one way or another.

      • David E

        Obama is gone. He was responsible for it, but now he is not. Now that Trump is in office, he is the one who can stop it. Has he?

    • Bobbie Nilsson

      By the way the left up until now have been the most violent and are the real fascist.So sick and tired of the lies REFLECTED onto good hard working Americans.

      The truth will be known!

    • swelly

      So Trump ordered the tapping of your phone? Why? When? Just pure unadulterated BS from a bedwetting liberal hack who approves of a democrat administration corrupting the intelligence agencies to spy on the opposition. Grow up.

      • When did he say that Trump was ordering the wiretapping of his phone?

        Have you forgotten of the NSA, DHS, and TSA that infringe on our 4th and 5th Amendments? What about the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act?

        If Trump is the ‘savior of the American people,’ why is he not going after the NSA and ensure the privacy of the American people is upheld at any and all costs?

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          because it is too early, and he has a lot more on his plate right now. Trump will get to them, and to the others as-well.

          • Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late. A promise is only a comfort to a fool. (No offense.)

          • David E

            I only hope you’re right but fear you are not.

      • Swamp fox

        Thats the usual BS response the left uses….something that doesnt exist and usually has no true merit or fact. Instead its supported by what a celebrity says or an off the cuff thought….so dont shut down our liberal lunatic poster. Our conservative side always seems to ruin their good stories by injecting real facts. Boy that’s inconvenient for them isnt it?

        Then when that fails, its time for name calling. If all else fails its time to pull out the 3 big guns. Call them Fascist, Nazis, or my personal favorite….HITLER!!!. Ah yes, if people truly researched hitler and not the cliff note version, they would notice that “government control” is the foundation of his ideas. They will tell you how to eat, contribute, serve, believe and think. His infamy lays in the gas chambers but his social strategy was the exact thing the democratic platform supports more of. Services will be determined by the select few.

        • Lawrence Hughes

          If Hitler were alive today in America, he would be head of the Democrat Party.

          • Jas

            Naw, he’d be a gay actor in Hollyweird.

      • David E

        I don’t approve of any of it. I want it to stop and whoever is in office who does not stop it will be due my complaint.

    • We have a wrong system of justice that grants all these FISA warrants with as TOP Secret actions, with the defendant have no ability to know or defend themselves and even the dubious govt. providing no oppositional counsel. The process is the FBI and the secretive, politically appointed judges, working together. Trump is in a better position than you and I because he can find out, now that he is POTUS, about warrants executed against him. You and I cannot. I’d get rid of the system, but until then, it would be good to shine a light on it and see some examples.

    • huntress

      Your proof?

      • The ‘proof’ lies in the form of the NSA and the TSA.

        • huntress

          Ha,ha,ha, your kidding right?? So your proof is the national inquirer? Sure thing cupcake, ha,ha,ha. Thanks for the laugh.

          • Obvious troll. Prove me wrong with facts and logic instead of calling me a ‘cupcake.’

            Maybe you’re too stupid to realize that by showing laughter, you’ve already lost the argument before you even made a point. Unless you have an actual argument, then respond. Otherwise, avoid writing another idiotic post; you’re only embarrassing yourself.

      • David E

        You must be kidding. Are you unaware that our communications are all recorded and saved?

    • NonYo Business

      You are blaming the puppet and not the perpetrator. There is a difference. Time to know thy enemy David.

  • Vinchenz

    The other devastating thing about this, is that the MSM, that heralds itself as the “‘Real News”, should be all the evidence that Pres.Trump needs to justify his outrage over Obama tapping him. ( If I was Trump I would say I read it all in the MSM and name the NYT, WaPo and the Guardian and the relevant quotes).

    Either the MSM (NYT, WaPo, The Guardian) were lying about what they reported about the FISA warrants, or their “sources” were BS or they were reporting accurately the truth about the FISA warrants.

    These Idiots in the Press cannot have it both ways; this is not only about Obama and his Administration but also about if the MSM can be believed regarding what they are reporting on. Trump has even cornered the rats in the MSM. If it is found out that the MSM was reporting a blatant falsehood regarding the FISA warrants then it only justifies what Trump has been saying all along — the MSM is Fake News, Very Fake News.

  • freefall

    “The greatest threat to our
    planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” -Unknown

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Levin, the so-called “Great One” and “King of the NeoCons,” has not presented any hard evidence so far. Allegations from right-wing talking heads do not prove anything. Citing “unnamed sources,” articles in the popular press and websites of questionable veracity is simply name-calling; it is not PROOF of anything. Let’s see some actual hard documentation of who ordered the surveillance and the names of the actual participants. Until then this is just more right-wing noise. For the record I have no doubt that Trump was bugged/wiretapped/surveilled. But I want to see PROOF of this that would be accepted in a court of law as evidence.

  • huntress

    Fire every single employee of the six agencies, clean house, drain the swamp.

    • If only it was that easy…

      • Desireegbottoms

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  • Lawrence Hughes


    • Cynical Old Bastard


      • Lawrence Hughes

        Because he routinely (hundreds of times) violated Federal laws and the Constitution, but had a sympathetic AG who let him off for ANYTHING. THIS weaponizing of US govt. agencies to go after political opponents is Yet Another serious crime, and this time he has no one to protect him.

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          Once again, why?

          More specifically… what would be the point in it now?

          I think we can all agree that none of them are getting locked up. Donald straight up said he would appoint a special prosecutor to toss Hillary Skank in prison… and you see how that worked out. Now, didn’t we? Sold a lot of t-shirts though, huh? Who got all that money? I didn’t get any and Hillary is not in jail.

          Hmmm… hashtag anything does not seem to be working out so well.

          Does it?

          The best way to put a roof on a house is to do it. You can talk about it all day long but those shingles don’t just walk up that ladder by themselves. You can hashtag them all you want but somebody still has to tote them up and nail them on.

          It’s called reality. A lot of you kids need a serious dose of it. Probably fixin’ to get one too.

          Now, I personally don’t care who’s in office or even what happens. It doesn’t really affect me one way or the other. Unless an asteroid hits or a nuclear bomb lands on my head I’m pretty much good to go. I don’t care what y’all do or how serious you think you take all this BS. I took it a whole lot more serious than you did about six decades ago. Some might even call it a lifetime of training with some pretty real-life scenarios tossed in for good measure. Seven of them. I passed the final exams. I’ll be just fine. Won’t even have to adjust.

          I’m just here to laugh and have a good time talking to some of my friends.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Evidence and “proof” are two entirely different things. They are NOT synonymous words. Please buy a dictionary. Some of us out here actually have educations. Not the new-style gender-studies educations either. Actual educations where you learned what words mean and useless stuff like that.

    Did you not go to journalism school at all?

    • debar

      Yo!..Hey there, COB…….While you’re on your knees down there at Nimrod’s feet (cough)……Are there any other enlightening thoughts from “way on high” …at..”JOURNALISM SCHOOL”?…Don’t stray from Manhattan…..or journalism school…….You sound like a professor not anything useful.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Did you happen to have a point to make?

        • Frank

          He’s a libtard. By their definition making an ad hominem attack on someone, especially when they allege homosexual activity, IS making a point. In other words, they have nothing intelligent to say. But we kinda knew that, anyway.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            LOL. Yeah. Some of them have some pretty good ones though. Makes you wish you’d thought of them. Last week one of them wrote me an entire thesis explaining in explicit detail what an asshole I am. It was really good, too.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Why you COB, I could a swore you majored in Lesbian Dance Theory LOL ….(+_+)

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        LMAO. Ya caught me again, Laney! I started out in gender studies but the opportunities in that field were somewhat limited. I hear tell they’ve solved that problem now. Not in our podunk town yet; we still only have the two… but we’re trying to catch up.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          I am so on to you ZZ!

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            LMAO. Et tu, Laney? I did not need this betrayal while I’m shopping for new electric fence supplies for this new rescue pup. She defeated the old system quite handily. Slthered on her belly like a snake once. No possible way to holler at her. Check this stuff out:


            That’ll fix her meanderings.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            Lol That’ll work but they say some pit bulls get across them…i am ready to go get a rescue kitten…i need a new “baby” LOL

  • tonye

    Nixon did not politicize the Executive Branch, did not weaponize the IRS, EPA, DHS, CIA, FBI, etc, etc…

    Nixon did not use the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc.. to spy on McGovern or the DNC.

    It was a few rogue actors who broke into the DNC and had their cover blown by the FBI.

    Nixon covered up… and Mitchell went to jail for obstruction of justice.

    What the Nixon guys did pales in comparison with what Obola did.

    Trump should send Sessions to RICO the Obola admistration, the DNC and many in Congress.

  • Bondi Wing

    There is more to investigate:

  • Bondi Wing

    Put him in jail and do not follow the lies of Obama. They are not good for you.

  • mrmodee

    CNN calling anyone a “hack” is hilarious.

  • debar

    Why am I getting the message “This video is private”……..who shut this down?

  • fishing4truth

    Obama Wiretapping on President Trump –
    Trump has the paper trail evidence! Obama, Brennan involved so far, Bugging Trump Campaign –
    “He DOES have evidence.” ex-CIA agent, on Obama wiretapping Trump –
    CONFIRMED President Trump’s Obama Wire Tapping Claims Backed By Top Intelligence Officer –
    ObamaGate! Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower EXPOSED Trump Wiretap #Obamagate SMOKING GUN Towergate –
    Proof Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Tower | Secretary Bennet On Fox News –
    Hugh Hewitt Calls On Special Prosecutor To Investigate Obama Over Wiretapping Trump Claims –
    Intelligence Officer Claims Obama Was Involved In The Wiretapping Of Trump Tower –
    Journalist Spied On By Obama Admin Weighs In On The Trump Wiretapping –
    Obama Wiretapping Trump “Worse Than Watergate” – Lt Col Tony Shaffer –
    Proof Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Tower; Secretary Bennet On Fox News –
    Obama Knew About Wiretapping Trump; Newt Gingrich on Fox News –
    President Trump uncovers illegal wire tap from Obama –

  • Fernesque Golan

    All of this talk of spying and wiretapping is a lot of BS. Spying on the American people and on politicians goes back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover when he tapped the phones of every senator and congressman in order to keep them all in line.

    All of this has expanded to every citizen by the NSA, an organization that has tapped the phones of embassies and a lot more. We even have evidence of Israel spying and tapping our government’s phones. So now are we supposed to be surprised and shocked that Obama tapped Trump’s calls when we as a people are drowning is a sea of spying and phone taps.

    The bickering that fills up the air waves are diversions to keep the people divided so we do not rise up and say, enough. It is unfortunate that many people actually think there is a difference in policies between the parties. It is a belief in this division that guarantees more of the same no matter which party is in office.

    I would like to see Trump do something about the NSA’s spying and also Israel’s spying, but the fact that he never said anything about NSA spying during his campaign and is surrounded by Zionists billionaires, I will not hold my breath waiting for him to drain the swamp. From what I see, it is partisan politics as usual. Why should this change when it works so well? It has kept the people at bay for years allowing the fascistic globalists to further their goals. Nothing new here despite the histrionics emanating from both parties who have the same diabolical goals.

  • Zero1

    It’s time this Black Bastard is put in prison for High Treason against the American People and for subverting the Constitution of the United States.

  • freefall

    “Anyone who claims to be able to save the planet has psychological problems with facing reality.”
    That may be so, Vee. But I’d still rather follow my own delusions than those of someone else.

  • Elaine.Benes, II

    More bread and circuses for the masses. I shudder to think about what must really be happening right about now that we are NOT hearing about, probably something horrendous Trump has colluded with Obama on…

  • 12Howdy34

    Trump and Levin need to get a team of researchers and lawyers together and produce an hour long televised presentation to America outlining the evidence for Obama and his covert activities to destroy Trump. Until then most Americans will believe Trump is just a Wacko, after all the media tells that every day of the week and on every major newscast outside of Fox News. If Trump does not go directly to the people the media will make sure there is NEVER another Consevative in the White House and they will lose their majority in 2 years in congress. The Media is at WAR, and an end run is the only thing that can save this nation from the Demoncrats. The MEDIA is the first branch of the government.

  • Mark Owen

    We have to get rid of the Patriot Act. It not only targets foreign leftists, but hard working Americans. Mark Levin is one of the best at getting to the truth. I would take his word over anyones.

  • travis690

    I believe the Director of National Intelligence James Claptrap was mentioned in the report of offices involved. Yet the same James Claptrap stated within the past week that he knew nothing of this.

    Gee, which could it be?

    It should be noted this was the same Director of National Intelligence who perjured himself under direct questioning by Sen. Ron Wyden less than two years earlier, when he said that Americans’ phone calls are not recorded by the government.

    That jerk needs to find a home in prison–quick!