Marines Plan Invasion of South Carolina for Realistic Urban Warfare Training

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by Alex Thomas

At least 150 marines and sailors will take part in a realistic urban warfare training simulation in South Carolina in what the local media has called an “invasion.”

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit plans to do their training within city limits and, like almost every other urban warfare drill that has taken place in America in the last five years, very little details are being revealed.

A report by a local news outlet, the Island Packet, shed a little more light onto the plans:

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will train within Ridgeland town limits Thursday through Saturday. Times and exact locations for the training are not being announced, according to 2nd Lt. Gerard R. Farao.

“The training could take place at any time during those days,” he said Saturday.

Residents will likely see and hear military vehicles and possibly see aircraft, Farao said. The Marines and sailors likely will be stationed on ships, and the training is part of a certification for deployment to Mediterranean and African shores, he said.

Participants will be in uniform and carry weapons. Some exercises will take place at night. Residents might hear “popping” sounds as Marines fire blanks. The blanks do not pose a hazard for residents, Farao said.

Sadly, many believe that these realistic urban warfare drills are not taking place to get our troops ready to deploy overseas, rather they are to train them to eventually take on the American people.

We have seen dozens and dozens of urban warfare drills in the past, with many of them using crisis actors to portray Constitution loving Americans as dissidents who have to be dealt with.

As Kurt Nimmo noted:

Military training exercises simulating urban combat are now routine across the country.

Last week we reported on exercises in MiamiHouston and Galveston, Texas.

Over the past year, the Pentagon has conducted training exercises – often without warning and to the surprise and concern of civilians – in MassachusettsLos AngelesSouth FloridaSouth DakotaMinneapolisWisconsin, and elsewhere.

The Pentagon insists these exercises are necessary for urban combat situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the months ahead, Africa, where it insists al-Qaeda is active.

However, the exercises have a more immediate and important function – to acclimate civilians at home to the presence of combat soldiers working in concert with militarized police with the blessing of local officials (and often with funding provided by the federal government).

We are definitely seeing a buildup to take on the American people and the major hope left is that elements within the military will stand with the people and NOT attack them.

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  • LoL, do they really think we don’t know what they’re up to? Maybe they just don’t care and want to let it hang out? Either way, I foresee dark times ahead people.

  • Lowtolerance

    I dunno, I passed through Ridgeland a couple years ago. Looked just like Mediterranean or African shores. Makes perfect sense…

  • SKIP

    I have never been in any town in America that even remotely resembles any sort of building in the Muddled East. Any building I have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait etc. can be totally destroyed with an M249 not counting the destruction a .50cal can do. Streets are usually pitted, covered in ankle breaking rocks which are usually being thrown at us and the rabbit warren type of construction of the Muddled East towns is only comparable to American black ghettoes after the blacks have suitable modified them…No, I agree, the training being conducted on U.S. soil is training for combat against American citizens that are going to try to bring back the constitutional government and end tyranny.

  • mad mike

    The first civil war started in south carolina. maybe the fedcoats want to relive history.

    obama thinks he’s the reincarnation of abe lincoln.

    Anyone living in s.carolina needs to get some video of this and post it online.

    • SKIP

      I live in South Carolina but at the moment, I am in the mountains of Afghanistan…..AGAIN! lol

  • Mojo Nixon

    So when are are these ‘drills’ considered by the citizens to be an act of war/threat to liberty?

    What better way for the ptb to get their minion armies to attack the citizens then claim it as a “exercise”.