March to WWIII: Saudis Call Emergency Meeting on Iran over Embassy Attack

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It is now being reported that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has called an emergency meeting to be held this Saturday in regard to how to deal with Iran following the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and a consulate in Mashhad.

“Foreign ministers of the GCC States will hold an extraordinary meeting in Riyadh on Saturday … to discuss the repercussions of the attack on the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran and the Saudi consulate in the Iranian city of Mashhad,” GCC Secretary-General Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani said in an emailed statement.

Following Sunni-led Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of 47 men, including a prominent Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr (a staunch public defender of the Shi’ite minority in Saudi Arabia) on terrorism charges, Iranian protesters stormed the two Saudi missions with petrol bombs.

Furious, Saudi Arabia responded by cutting all ties with Iran. Sudan and Bahrain cut ties as well. As tensions continue to rise, on the other side of the fence Iraq is also furious, and prominent Iraqi leaders are calling for ties to be cut with Riyadh.

All of this comes just weeks after Saudi Arabia announced a 34-state Islamic military alliance to “coordinate and support military operations” to fight terrorism — an alliance which blatantly did not include Iran. When asked at a press conference at the time who the alliance was for, Saudi Arabia’s 30-year-old deputy crown prince and Defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman did not specify it was to fight ISIS, but instead said the alliance would confront “any terrorist organization that appears in front of us”.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter flew into Turkey to publicly back the new Saudi alliance, saying it is very much in line with U.S. goals in the region.

Then, almost as if it was planned, just weeks later Saudi Arabia holds one of the largest mass executions in the country’s recent history which just so happens to include one of Iran’s more prolific Shi’ite clerics. Some might even call it a provocation, if you will. Iranian protesters respond by storming Saudi missions in the country, and Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran.

But clearly this won’t end there… and it won’t end well.

Now, Saudi Arabia is calling an emergency meeting on how to deal with Iran.

Gee. It’s almost as if someone consulted the blueprints for World War III, because the whole thing seems perfectly scripted for it.

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  • Pete752

    The Iranian gov has already posted it’s regrets that some (likely provocateurs) had attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran which is a hell of a lot more more than what Saudi did over the Haj kidnapping and murders committed by the Saudi’s and Israeli’s earlier this past year. Saudi Arabia should IMHO be destroyed.

  • Rick E.

    The evil and disgusting Saudis are feeling like Mr. Big Balls, just like Turkey! They feel that they can do what they will and hide behind the USA’s and NATO’s apron, and will thus be protected.
    Their time IS running out, just like NATO’s time is running out. We as a country need to butt out, and let the muslim countries decide their own fates. Let them destroy each other without out intervention, which could very possibly spark WW3.

    Their problems are not worth the destruction of most life on earth!

    • Their problems are less important than the profits of the military-intelligence complex members and contractors that are doing the sabre rattling.

    • AGREED! things have gone from bad to worse since the US went from being the “policeman of the world” to the “bodyguard of the elite”. Kick the misbehaving children out of NATO and disband the UN, get back to shoring up our own country. Let them settle their own religious and cultural “disputes” and let them car-bomb each other back into dwelling in caves on their own.

    • Americadies

      Feed both sides weapons and help this civil war begin!

  • Dow Jones

    Right on cue as the Saudi geriatrics march over the cliff. Things are starting to crunch for the Saudi Mercan IOU petroscrip toilet paper dollah as the Ponzi sewer USSAN economy is about to explode in the mother of all shit tsunamis. Get out of USSA now if you can. This is going to hurt real bad and real soon.

    KARMA is a bitch!

    • If you aren’t out by now and your passport is still in your possession, yesterday is not too soon to be leaving, assuming you think that there is anywhere better outside of the USSA to hide from the fallout, nuclear and otherwise.

  • One would think that our Saudi allies would have learned about what can happen when people in Iran are made unhappy when another nation mistreats one of their nationals and leaves their embassy wide open, like we did TWICE in Iran before finally evacuating it.

  • Americadies

    America should reinforce the civil war between Sunni and Shiite, millions of dead Muslims in a devastated ME is a good thing.

  • Alberto

    Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Bahrain. Now there is a Power Troika. Seriously, isn’t it about time that A$$hat Carter gets drug tested?

  • Taco43

    President Obama: “To the people of Iran, I say If you like your country, you can keep your country.”

  • Robert Raulerson

    I hope they destroy each other

  • bozotoo

    The Saudi terrorists embassy is 1 mile from the White House.
    Why is it still there? We could turn it into a homeless shelter or something useful.

  • Americadies

    Let’s get the Sunni/Shiite civil war started! Millions of dead Muslims will be a great way for WWIII to get started and be good for the economy.