Manipulation through Taxation

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by Henry Shivley

Rep Diane Franklin, a Republican for the State of Missouri, has proposed a 1% tax on violent video games, said proceeds to be deposited in the state general revenue fund and appropriated solely for the treatment of mental health conditions associated with exposure to violent video games.

Let’s take a look at this little tax, which is being harped through the mainstream as a good idea.  Our 1st Amendment right to look at, read, or play with any information is as absolute as our right to speak out.  It is inalienable and of course, like the rest of our rights, has already been infringed upon from many angles.  The proposal is for a penalty for those who would play with what the communist government identifies as a bad game.  Is this not an attempt to compel government-dictated behavior through a system of rewards and punishments?  If you do as the government says, you are unaffected.  If you do not, you are penalized.

This is just one ugly angle associated with this legislation.  Let’s look at another.

If the video game industry is producing a product that is causing physical harm to the consumer, is not the correct course for the manufacturer to pay a penalty for redress to the damaged party, the consumer, rather than the consumer having to pay to repair the damage done by the manufacturer?

Let’s get real.  This diabolical soviet socialist government does not care in the smallest degree as to the plight of we American goyim.  This is just another tax to be piled upon the rest of the taxes, designed to take more from the have-nots to give to the haves.  What do you want to bet the corporate elite have already put together new scams to steal 95 cents of every dollar that will be procured from this phony tax through the administration of the bullshit that embodies the idea?

Under our Constitution it is supposed to be direct taxation for a direct purpose.  Any tax designed to compel a performance that equates to a degradation of our 1st Amendment is yet another treasonous act.  The very idea that taxation can be used to interfere with free commerce shows yet again another example of a treasonous government, twisting their authority 180 degrees to actually harm that which they are supposed to be protecting.

The Commerce Clause is not an open assertion for a legislative dictatorship.  We must not allow these communist scumbags to intrude into our lives one more iota.  In fact we must make it clear that we demand that all infringements and intrusions cease and desist, forthwith, and that these treasonous foreigners occupying the highest seats of power within our government be arrested and prosecuted for the crimes they are now committing right out in the open, in defiance of the will of we the American nationals and our law.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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