Man Sues after Being Wrongfully Arrested and Injected with Psychotropic Drugs

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A Pennsylvania man is suing a medical center and the police after he was wrongfully arrested and forced to take psychotropic drugs. He claims he told police and medical personnel they were mistaking him for somebody else.

“The experience that I went through, this should never happen to anybody. It’s very simple to check ID,” Eugene Wright, 63, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette“These people need to be held responsible.”

Wright said he had just finished his shift at an auto parts store in June 2017 when two Meadville police officers and a representative of Stairways Behavioral Health told him he had been making threats to himself and others at “his” orthopedic office earlier that morning.

According to the complaint filed on January 3, the police officers refused to verify Wright’s identity. Instead, he was handcuffed and driven to the Meadville medical center. Medical personnel then said they were going to inject him with drugs, despite his protests that they had the wrong person.

Wright says he kept asking police and the orderlies to check his wallet for identification, or call the auto shop where he worked. Police, doctors and other medical personnel refused. Wright said police told him he would be held down if he refused to cooperate. He gave in after ten minutes of arguing, and a nurse injected him with the antipsychotic medication Haldol and Ativan, which is used to treat anxiety disorders.

“I was powerless. I had no control of what was going on down there,” Wright told WXPI News.

He didn’t remember leaving the hospital. He later found out that his wife drove him home.

The suit says the emergency room realized they had the wrong Eugene Wright only after they checked patient records, so “they made the incorrect assumption that the patient who was making threats was [the plaintiff].”

Wright said the hospital later apologized to him and gave him a $50 gift card for a steakhouse. The crisis center also apologized and gave him a $25 gift card for Walmart. He used the gift cards, but still suffers from the incident.

“I have a very hard time sleeping,” he said. “I have lost almost 40 pounds.”

He maintains that the entire incident could have been avoided had police or medical personnel verified his identity. “Right from the beginning, I offered — ‘Please, check my identity. Call my work’,” he said. “Nobody would do that. Not even the hospital. No one would look at any of that. They just kept insisting they had the right person.”

The suit, filed by attorneys Al Lindsay and Jessica Tully of behalf of Wright and his wife, accuses the hospital and the crisis center of negligence and intentionally causing him distress.

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    Now, watch…the cops will try to say that because Wright used the gift cards he “accepted compensation” and waived his right to sue. That won’t hold up in court but you know they’ll try something like that. The cops and medical personnel involved need to at least lose their jobs and hopefully be prosecuted. But that won’t happen, as we have seen in similar cases.

    • thats exactly what he did, he accepted compensation. Good luck getting more out of them, much less changing their ways.

      Personally, I would have stuffed both those cards sideways up the nose of the person offering them

  • Mike

    he needs to sue the hospital and the cops for his ordeal. I hope he gets millions.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Individually and collectively.

      • Mike

        amen to that.

  • roger

    he should own everything that they think is theirs. all of it.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Are you kidding me?

    Whining wussies.

    A cop was going to SHOOT me last summer… And I’m not shot.

    Stand your fuckin’ ground.

    Dude was probably psycho.

    • Rift

      OK I got to hear this story, would you mind sharing?

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        It’s little complex… so much so that I’m still trying to figure it out. Some meth-heads accused me of stealing their dog and threatening to kill their kids. I actually in the company of a retired deputy sheriff while I did this and during the incident.

        Obviously I simply refused to speak. I did say “so it would appear” when red-eyed Reid said “so you’re not gonna talk to me?” At which point he drew his weapon and I told my friend the deputy to step away from me because I was about to be gunned down.

        Fortunately, two other officers responded to the call and calmed red-eye down and I did not get shot. Turns out the dog was sleeping under their porch and the kids were lying.

        This has since escalated into an outright war with the city. I go to court again this coming Tuesday for the crime of not buying their electricity. This is no shit. This is happening. This is for real.

        You’d just have to experience this first-hand to understand how bad it is. I’ve had mature fruit trees sprayed with herbicide; dogs poisoned; fires lit; chickens stolen; as well as many other things. This has been going on for a decade.

        I’m a peaceful man and wish only to be left alone. Yet these people bring their hatred to what was once my sanctuary.

        My stage name is not hard to figure out.

        • Rift

          Can’t believe that didn’t end with the other man being gunned down, Why on earth would the town seek vengeance on you? Were the meth heads well connected? Where is it you live exactly ?

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            These are questions I wish answered as well. The best I can figure is that I unintentionally made the city manager look a fool by proving him wrong and questioning his actual authority. Like I said… It’s a complex and ongoing thing. I don’t mind following rules. They are necessary to function as a society. However I don’t like authoritarian BS and the rules must apply equally to all.

            So far I’ve held my own against them because they don’t know the ordinances (many of them unclear, conflicting, and outright unconstitutional) and they don’t follow their own procedures… But I am getting tired.

            I live in Herington, KS.

          • Rift

            Rules seldom do. Spend some time contracted through the city of New London, getting an upclose glimpse of how things actually worked was eye opening, in there case there was a council of ” volunteers ” completely unelected, composed of the guys who owned everything in town .They ran the whole show. The situation they put you in is simply awful, sounds like they are trying to make you fold and move. Ever thought of writing a book about your experience? People should get to know what happens behind the scenes when power and authority are abused.

  • archer

    Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, the incompetence of all involved is really scary, and they give these cops guns.

  • John C Carleton


    How about he takes a little justice?

  • jimmy joe

    Thats nazi shit there mister!!

  • gazoo3

    These power tripping pigs need to die.

  • Art V

    I hope his lawyers F*CK these people, police and institutions up big time …

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Yeah, well, you know the old saying…a rooster clucks defiance and a lawyer f***s de clients…

  • Voting_Fools


  • idontknow

    I wouldn’t be able to sue, because there would be no survivors…

  • Vickie Keiser

    This sounds like some sort of a “test case” to me. We have the issue of mandatory vaccination which has, so far anyway, “proved” that most people won’t resist the injection of foreign, unknown substances because agents of the government demand it. I think the “powers that be” want to see how far they can take this and I think this case will tell them what we will submit to. Haldol is a horrendous antipsychotic and ativan can often cause blackouts. If he was not combative, but merely arguing why on earth would they need to inject him with anything? Even if he was combative doesn’t he have authority over his own body? This is a big deal. There should have been due process or a psychiatric evaluation.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Jeezus CRUST, never, EVER take their woefully pathetic “aw, we’re sorrreee” baubles&trinkets of apology, or worse yet USE them. That is tacit approval and acceptance of their SOOOO heartfelt ”apologies”, and any lawyer w/ 6 mo. of skoolin’ can use that as “debt resolved, there is no case here”-type BS.