Man Faces Ten Years For Possession of Marijuana Joint

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There a doctor recommended he take marijuana for his disorder, and he became a legal patient in the state’s medical marijuana program.

On December 15, 2009, Michael was hitchhiking home from California to see his family for Christmas when he was stopped, searched – apparently for no reason – and arrested for possession of one gram of marijuana.

This has to make any rational person ask at least some of the following questions:
First, why are we still arresting people for possessing a substance that has been found to be less harmful than alcohol, tobacco or acetaminophen?

Second, since Michael is a legal patient in California’s medical marijuana program, why would Alabama wish to intercede in an agreement between the state of California, a doctor and a patient?

Third, even if it is against the law, what is the point of imposing such an exaggerated sentence upon the perpetrator of a victimless crime?

Fourth, do you want to pay your taxes so that the state of Alabama can house a prisoner for the possession of one joint?

Fifth, why would anyone want to put a patient, not a criminal, in jail for taking his medicine?

I could ask questions like this all day long, and the one thing that they have in common is their indication of the senselessness of the situation.

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