Man Drops Life Savings on Land Parcel, Discovers Massive 13th Century Lost City

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A toll booth worker with an archeology degree named Stuart Wilson decided, despite being called crazy for doing it, to spend his entire life savings on a parcel of land in Wales.

He dropped £32,000 to buy an empty field that many in the archeological community had dismissed. Wilson, however, believed the lost 13th century city of Trellech would be found there.

Fifteen years later, and it would appear Wilson was right.

Via The Guardian:

Back at the turn of the century, professional, well-equipped archeologists were trying to find the remains of the city but were focusing on the modern village of Trellech, on the Welsh side of the border between Tintern and Monmouth.

In 2002 a farmer told the Monmouth Archaeological Society about the pottery that had been found in molehills on his land outside the village.

“I went and took a look,” said Wilson. He investigated the site and within minutes had found what he believed was the remains of a wall. “That was a very good start,” he said.

Archeologists are finally taking his claims seriously now. Wilson has since found at least eight buildings on the property, including what would appear to be a manor house with a moat around it. “We’re finding building after building after building,” Wilson said. He and his rag tag crew have also uncovered pottery, cooking utensils, fireplaces, drain remnants, and even a flint knapping kit thought to date back to neolithic times.

Back in the 1200s, Trellech was a large armory city of approximately 10,000 (or a quarter of the size of London at the time). It eventually fell to war and disease, then it got lost to time.

Over 1,000 people have now come to the site to help Wilson dig over the years. Wilson has a special running on his website where anyone can experience being an “archaeologist for a day” for £50.00. Eventually he hopes to open a campsite and visitor’s center on the land with information about Trellech.

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