Man Disabled for Life After Cop Lit Him on Fire With a Taser

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In February of 2015, 26-year-old Miles November fled from the police in his car after he was pulled over for a DUI. As the police pursued him, November lost control of his vehicle, which caused him to flip several times over a distance of 100 feet. After the officers arrived on the scene and pulled him out of the vehicle, he resisted their orders and tried to fight them.

But this is where any sympathy for these police officers is lost, because when Miles November emerged from the vehicle, he was soaked in gasoline. Officer Ryan Swope then fired his taser at November, which lit him on fire and put him in the hospital. A recent lawsuit filed against Chesterfield County Virginia, alleges that the police could smell gasoline at the scene, and were ordered not to use their tasers, but Swope tazed him anyway.

Miles November had to remain in the hospital for 6 months, and endured 35 surgeries for the burns that covered 86% of his body. He eventually contracted sepsis, breathing problems, and kidney failure as well. According to the lawsuit, “For many months he was completely unable to feed himself, clothe himself, stand up or walk and was even unable, without significant assistance, to sit up in his bed.” To this day he has limited mobility, and is expected to be crippled for life.

Miles November already owes $6.5 million in medical bills, and is seeking $95 million in compensation for “gross negligence, battery, and breach of assumed duties.”

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    When did “To Protect and Serve” become to maim and disfigure?

    • Reverend Draco

      When Adam-12 became SWAT.

    • Smarty

      When I was a kid, I actually wanted to become a cop. If those days were “now”, I still would want to be one. In the 60’s/70’s, those men actually stood for something, had balls, and took out (only) the bad guys. How embarrassing is it that they (multiple cops) have to resort to tazers to take down ONE drunk guy? I think local municipalities should divert at least 90% of their yearly budget just for Depends underpants for their “officers” because the majority of them must piss themselves every time they put on their blue Halloween costumes. Even more sickening, is that the American sheepulation can’t fathom what’s happening before their very eyes. The solution is simple: Hire people that CAN DO THE FUCKING JOB AND NOT BE SCARED !!!!

    • ExecutorOffice

      it always has been, the velvet glove is coming off the Iron Hand of tyranny at this juncture in mankind’s history. 666’s time is running short and it is not looking forward to eternity in lava.
      “To Serve and Protect the IMF” is the complete sentence

    • curenado

      When black lives matter became the communist militant front…

  • If Officer Ryan Swope was disobeying orders when he tazed November, he shouldn’t have either plausible deniability or sovereign immunity to use as an affirmative defense. Hopefully November’s council will be sharp enough to use this technicality to win, and the award should be against Swope instead of his department.

    • Reverend Draco

      Yup – the department ordered no tasers, the award should be against Swope personally.

      • Of course, Swope should be tried for attempted manslaughter and taken out of the path of his fellow citizens until he is too old to threaten any of them.

        • Reverend Draco

          Of course.

    • SP_88

      Very good point. The department was right to order them not to use their tasers. Being police officers, they must have been involved in numerous vehicle accidents, and at least some of them would have involved a vehicle that was upside down and leaking fuel. So I wouldn’t think that this was an unusual event, and the officers should have known better.
      Because it was the officer, and not the department that made the mistake, he should be the one who suffers the lawsuit. Usually when the police or any other government agency loses a lawsuit, it’s the taxpayers that pay for it.

      • ExecutorOffice

        not when sued only in personal / individual capacity…

    • ExecutorOffice

      sov imm only applies to das state ( which of course is a supercilious notion to quote a de jure Supreme Court justice , not the counterfeits puked upon us in DC). qualified immunity to the felons in blue. sue the hell out of all the fictional entities…. and all in their individual / personal capacity so the fools have to pay for any POS attorney out of their own wallets / purses. btw: all attorneys have an extremely high probability of eternal lava pouring in and out of all their orifices

  • whiteberry

    I think one of the major crimes is the “6.5 million” in hospital bills!! That’s atrocious! Yet they are allowed to get away with their financial murder…

  • ozarkat

    Seems someone can’t follow orders and is a bit too gung-ho. Time to cool those jets—hope the victim wins the lawsuit.

  • Stupid is as stupid does.

  • ExecutorOffice

    hey now, just a second, you actually expect the viewers here to read anything but the headline?

  • Reverend Draco

    Piss off, copsucker.
    Officer Mengeles disobeyed an order not to use the taser, and tried to murder an innocent man.

    Oh, right – in Coproachland, the Founding Principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty in court doesn’t apply. . . A coproach is Judge, Jury, and Executioner, because fuck you.

  • I forgot

    Maybe one will light you on fire someday.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    $6.5 million in medical bills? Maimed for life? Guess he should have taken the DUI arrest with a lot less resistance.

  • Wesley Avrett

    Sounds to me like it’s time for this man to get what he needs. There’s a limit to how much force is necessary. For F*** sake, the guy was probably too dizzy to see straight after flipping so many times.

  • FiverPrometheus

    If he wins the money he should spend it on a hit man to kill the guy that tasered him.

  • berrybestfarm

    Put lives at risk is not the same as actual harm. I don’t believe immolation is a punishment not considered cruel and unusual.

  • Hockey players must make police officers look like pacifists.

  • Doctor Who?

    The poor man will probably be charged with starting a fire.