Man Charged with Jury Tampering for Handing out Flyers on Jury Nullification; So How Will the DA Keep the Jury from Finding out about It?

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The system is so corrupt and ridiculous, it’s eating itself alive.

Take the case of Mark Iannicelli. According to The Denver Post, he has been charged with seven counts of jury tampering.

Just how exactly is he accused of tampering with the jury?

Iannicelli reportedly set up a booth outside the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse with a sign that simply read, “Juror Info.” From the booth, Iannicelli dared to had out — gasp! — flyers informing potential jurors about jury nullification.

What is this jury nullification you ask? Is it illegal? Surely it must be illegal if a man could get charged with not just one but seven counts of tampering just for handing out pieces of paper that inform potential jurors about it.

Actually no. Not at all. Jury nullification is what happens when a jury finds a defendant not guilty despite the fact that he or she might be technically guilty; instead they send a message that it is the law itselfthat is unjust or that the law was unjustly applied in a particular case.

In short, jury nullification is one of the most powerful weapons We the People have to fight our corrupt criminal justice (read: “just us”) system.

That’s probably why Denver prosecutors don’t like it very much or the fact that Mark Iannicelli was telling potential jurors about it. For being such a powerful legal tool, not a lot of people know about jury nullification it seems. The State and its minions get pretty mad when they charge someone with a crime and the jury realizes it has the awesome ability to find a defendant not guilty based on disagreeing with said prosecutors or the law itself in the first place.

So my question is, how exactly is this trial in Denver even going to work?

After all, won’t the prosecutors have to inform the jury about jury nullification in order to argue their “case” against the guy informing potential jurors about jury nullification? Does that mean they are then tampering with the jury, too?

(I put case in the typed equivalent of derisive air quotes above because I do not understand how these people think they even have a case to begin with. I’m no corrupt, sold-out prosecutor, say, in Denver for a random example, but I’m pretty sure Iannicelli’s info booth is protected under the 1st Amendment anyway.)

Iannicelli was released on a $5,000 bond. He better demand a trial.

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  • Rick E.

    As I have said before, they’re not even trying a little bit to hide the tyranny now! It’s in your face tyranny, and if we don’t like it, oh well.

    If jury nullification isn’t illegal, then how can someone be arrested for jury tampering just because of being informed about it???

    It IS time for revolution, and it cannot be nice!

    • Smarty

      It’s PAST time. LONG overdue…. and the sheep just graze and graze…

      • evelynjwriht

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    • dingus

      Hear, hear!

    • berrybestfarm

      I fear you are right. Myself and 2 others were arrested for Trespassing for attempting to read a redress of grievance in our county court before it was put into session. We were convicted because we were ordered not to tell the jury the whole truth–the nature of the grievance or any mention of jury nullification (or God which is really odd since I’m not a religious man)
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park

    • norinco

      Because the Judge and Attorneys want to be in complete control of the jury and receive a yes or no vote ONLY,AFTER they “instruct ” the jury…remember when you have a trial…it’s three against one …the judge ,prosecuter,and sometimes the defense attorney is PAID by the state…now how do you think they are going to vote….in favor of the state…not you

  • Razedbywolvs

    It doesn’t matter if it reaches trial. They will bankrupt this dude and ruin his life long before that happens. They will make him sine a plea or throw out all off his evidence and tell the jury it’s for “national defence” and the jury will buy it.
    The gov is not an entity that bends to the will of the people. It’s a soylent green machine, all the parts work individually of the whole and have no clue how or why.

    • truth, justice, grits

      I’m amazed at your use of the phrase “soylent green machine” and yet you cannot spell “sign” or “defense”.

      • LiberalsRLost

        easy grammer-nasi….i have those problems with my tablet that even att said sorry can’t help…….the message much more important don’t yah think??…take care

        • truth, justice, grits

          Ever heard of reading a comment before hitting “Post as”?

          • WhiteEagle


      • Razedbywolvs

        Blame public school.

        • Kid Rob

          Hey, I graduwated from publick scule.

  • There is no government
    There are no lawmakers
    The IMF runs USA INC

    • Sort, sweet, true! I like it! Too bad they don’t allow pics on here, you could use to make pics with sayings like those because sheep love pictures and may pay more attention, lol!

      • Thanks Oh Elusive One ! I always put your links on my favorites list….

  • glacialhills

    Now they just need to inform the grand jury about presentments that with them they can go after the corrupt prosecutors and system that is going after this man.

  • fatwillie

    The DA won’t, the crooked judge will find the way, There is no justice in the system anymore, it was lost long ago. You have to tip your hat to this man, you have to have respect for him, as he has the balls and the courage to stand this evil in the face and spit at it.

  • berrybestfarm

    I highly doubt they will take him to trial. It is the only way to keep the information suppressed while still chilling our speech right to disseminate the info–try it and you’ll go to jail even though they can’t make the charges stick.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

  • crazy2medic

    He better demand a jury trial!

    I know from personal experience if you have a FIJA pamphlet in your shirt pocket, they will get you out of that courthouse as fast as they can!

  • Scrollock

    berrybestfarm is right – he won’t be allowed to present his side of the case. It happens in every federal pot case; the state law can’t be used as a defense. The judge will say the “evidence” is not admissible and kangaroo them right into the slammer..

  • not a SOUR OG

    Great article!

  • Smarty

    As soon as the jury learns about nullification (and they will have to because it’s part of the case), they will use it to vindicate this guy. I guarantee it, and that’s why it won’t go to court in the first place because he criminals in black robes and suits know this will happen….

  • Dave Mende

    Is there such a thing as Government Nullification?

  • Slvrizgold

    Holy crap! This is an obvious sign jury nullification needs to be shouted from rooftops. We could end the IRS and the Drug War tomorrow!

  • abinico

    Obviously the DA can’t win so he’s using the ‘hassle’ and ‘expense’ factors to deter this type of legal activity.

  • Paul Robinson

    They fear jury nullification because no unjust law could ever be enforced if the people chose to vote not guilty.

  • WhiteEagle

    Reminds me of all the gag orders you see issued in what ever cases the gov. doesn’t want we the people to know the details about.

  • James Michael

    And that is exactly what us Americans want these treasonous felons system to fall….The bar is the head of the snake of treason on America……