Man Calls Neighbor “A-Hole” On Google Maps

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If you’ve got a beef with your neighbor and you aren’t sure how to solve it, this guy is sure to give you at least an idea. Using a lawnmower, the man cut the word “A-hole” into the grass, complete with an arrow pointing at his neighbor’s property.

First spotted by some Redditors, who clearly have a lot of time on their hands, the bold display was cut into the grass and can be clearly seen on Google maps. Brian Juels and his neighbors Cindy and Brian Zechenelly have apparently not seen eye-to-eye in the past few years.

According to another Redditor, the feud dates back several years, to 2009, when the “A-Hole” in question, the Zechenellys, decided to build a multi-car garage. But the construction didn’t stop there.  It was completed with an apartment on the top floor and the whole structure was painted bright purple. Back then, the “A-Hole’s” neighbors petitioned the county for property tax relief, claiming the vibrant garage devalued their homes. “I call it the purple people-eater,” one neighbor told Peninsula Daily News. Another neighbor compared it to Barney the Dinosaur.

Cindy Zechenelly told the same newspaper that the bright color for garage apartment was inspired mainly by the Painted Ladies, tricolor Victorian houses on Alamo Square in San Francisco. The California native said that it reflected Sequim’s claim to be the lavender-growing capital of North America. Brian Juels obviously despised the lavender color and the “polluted views” of it from his property.

The insult appears to have been mowed into the lawn sometime between 2011 and 2013 by Juel, and it’s still visible from Google Earth’s satellites today.

Well, that’s one way to let your neighbor know what you think.

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