Man Calls 911, Responding Officer Shoots and Kills Caller AND His Dog

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Kevin Davis

On the night of December 29, 2014, Kevin Davis’ girlfriend was stabbed during a dispute with a roommate.

Davis did what most people would do – he called the police for help.

It would be the last call he ever made.


Davis and his girlfriend, April Edwards, lived in an apartment in DeKalb County, GA. Davis let Terrance Hilyard, a co-worker going through a rough spell, stay with him and Edwards in their one-bedroom apartment.

But as it is often said, no good deed goes unpunished.

Hilyard, while in the midst of a dispute with Edwards, stabbed the woman with a kitchen knife and fled the apartment.

Davis called 911.

DeKalb County Police Officer Joseph Pitts arrived, but according to several witnesses, he did not make his presence or identity known.

Pitts entered the apartment and shot and killed Tooter, the couple’s three-legged dog.

Davis heard the shots and thought Hilyard might have returned with a gun. He grabbed his own gun and walked out to the front of his home…where he was immediately shot in the abdomen by Pitts.

Did the officer give Davis a chance to drop his gun?

It depends on who you ask.

DeKalb police have claimed that Pitts repeatedly told Davis to drop his weapon before shooting him, reports Atlanta Progressive News.

But Edwards and several neighbors who witnessed the incident say they did NOT hear Officer Pitts order Davis to put down his weapon.

The police also claim that Tooter lunged at Pitts and he had no choice but to shoot the dog. (Haven’t we heard that one before? But wait – remember – this particular dog only had THREE LEGS!)

After the shooting, Edwards came out of the bedroom and asked, “What have you done? Why did you shoot him?”

It gets even worse, as Jim Chambers reported for AlterNet:

A second officer arrived on the scene. Davis, prone, said he was unable to feel his legs. He was arrested, charged with aggravated assault of a police officer, and transferred to Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta in police custody.

Over the next two days, during his stay at the hospital, Davis’s family made numerous attempts to speak with him, both in person and over the phone, but they were denied by police, who said he was “in police custody.” Davis was not allowed to have outside contact, which reportedly evoked frustration on behalf of attending doctors.

On December 31, Davis died from his injuries sustained at the hands of Officer Pitts.

“It’s heartbreaking to us,” said his sister, Delisa Davis, “that he had to die alone, that he died with the identity of a criminal. He was 44, and had never been convicted of any crime.”

Kevin Davis’s family members “…called, went to the the hospital, they tried everything in their power to see him so he wouldn’t die alone. So they could whisper something in his ear that would give him strength to keep fighting,” Mawuli Mel Davis, the family’s attorney, said.

And if it wasn’t cruel enough to deny the family the opportunity to see their loved one as he was dying, the manner in which they were told of his passing was beyond inhumane:

…they were notified, without condolences, that he had “expired.” A representative of DeKalb County Police allegedly said to them, “You can go see him now.”

Why wouldn’t police allow family members to visit Davis as he lay dying? Could it be because he and Pitts were the only two people who knew the complete story about what happened that terrible night and they didn’t want Davis talking?

Davis’ official cause of death has not been made public.

Delisa Davis spoke with the WRFG Labor Forum on January 27, and revealed some startling details about her brother’s death:

In case you didn’t catch those details, let’s recap:

1) Police told Davis’ family that he was shot once. The surgeon who tried to save his life said he was shot three times.

2) Davis was handcuffed AFTER being shot – as he was lying on the floor bleeding – and was arrested for aggravated assault.

3) Davis was handcuffed to his hospital bed…as he was dying. Alone.

This is a man who had never been convicted of a crime, was by all accounts a good person, and was the person who called police for help to begin with.

Oh, and about the “investigation” into Davis’ death:

DeKalb Police say their investigation into the shooting incident continues – and when it is done, they said they will turn it over to the district attorney.

The district attorney’s office on Thursday said they will conduct a separate investigation when police finish theirs. Typically, any time there is a police-involved shooting in DeKalb County, their investigators go to the scene as well, to take notes first hand. (source)

But, to date, the DeKalb County Police Department has not asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to get involved in the case, something Mawuli Mel Davis says is common protocol for an officer-involved shooting.

The family is trying desperately to get that investigation:

On Friday, January 23, members of the Davis-Bozeman Law Firm, along with the Davis family, held a press conference at the Decatur headquarters of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to deliver a letter from Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort (D), requesting that the bureau launch an independent investigation of the shooting, death and arrest of Kevin Davis. “When you call for help, that is what you should get. An independent investigation needs to be launched immediately so this family can understand what has happened to their loved one,” said Mawuli Davis, a partner in the Davis-Bozeman firm. (source)

The GBI has yet to respond to the request.


By the way, Hilyard DID return to the apartment and was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated assault for stabbing Edwards, who suffered a punctured artery in her right arm and has recovered.


“DeKalb County Police dismissed us like yesterday’s garbage,” Delisa Davis said.  “We need help because we can’t fight alone.”

If you would like to show your support for the Davis family, you can sign this petition: #Justice4KevinDavis: Petition for DeKalb P.D. to ask for GBI Investigation of Kevin Davis Shooting

Or, to demand a GBI investigation into Kevin Davis’s death, call the DeKalb County Police Department at 678-406-7929 and the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office at 404-371-2561.

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  • Haywood Jablome

    Gee, cops investigating cops. Wonder how that one is going to turn out?

    • Tom Tchikofski

      You mean how often pigs killing pigs?

      • disqus_3BrONUAJno

        Pigs seldom kill pigs, as compared to LEOs.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          I’m a Muslim and yet even I take exception to cops being called pigs. Pigs are generally a clean living, friendly and intelligent animal with a great deal of compassion and feelings. Cops are nasty, murderous, arrogant lunatics for whom dominating others and feeling the freedom of the thug gangster is everything. I’d not eat either animal, but I surely would sooner slaughter a cop than any pig.

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      If you don’t already know, you must be too young to be posting here.

      • Haywood Jablome

        If you don’t know sarcasm, you might not be smart enough to post here.

        • disqus_3BrONUAJno

          I doubt if your understanding of ad hominem is as sharp as your recognition of sarcasm.

          • Haywood Jablome

            Whew…touché! Can’t recover from that one!

          • Jack Crabb

            Hmmmmm. Breaking news: pot calls kettle black.

          • disqus_3BrONUAJno

            Dogs form packs every chance they get. Cast iron doesn’t have the option.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        If you are so unsophisticated and unaware to recognise irony, maybe you shouldn’t be posting here?

        • disqus_3BrONUAJno

          You shouldn’t accuse people of what you obviously don’t understand.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            What a retarded comment. Doesn’t it ever occur to people who have managed to say something brainless to just cop it and admit fault or even just to shut up and not make it worse for yourself?

          • disqus_3BrONUAJno

            I’m not the one who failed to make the case that irony was present.

  • Ben William

    If we could get some honesty from our ‘officials’ this is probably another case of poor training (and possibly hiring), that we the tax payer are paying through the nose for. Literally.

  • Taco43

    What’s the difference between a terrorist and a cop? You can negotiate with the terrorist.

    • Reverend Draco

      And. . . even sans negotiation, the cop is 9 times more likely to kill you.

      • CoachK

        oh wow I hope this is an exaggeration :/

        • Ricky Ross

          No … he was WAYYYYyyyyy too low!

        • Reverend Draco

          I wish it was. . . but it isn’t.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Correct. The ratio is 50:1.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          I just checked the stats.
          The USA has an average of 20 deaths a year from terrorism since 1985 – 2013.
          That makes death by cop about 50 times more likely.

      • Ricky Ross

        You better re-check your numbers! That or you made a mistake and left the “2” off???

        “As An American, You Are 29 Times More Likely To Be Killed By A Police Officer, Than A Terrorist”

        • Reverend Draco

          Never heard 29 times. . .

          I’ve read 9 times, more than a few times – 8 times, once or twice. . .
          9 times actually comes from government figures – admittedly, they’re probably on the low side.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          It is fifty times, I just checked the stats since 1985. Even with 9/11, the death rate from terrorism in the USA is about 20 per year.

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      The cop is less likely to be defending his community from invading American troops.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        He is also more likely these days to have been engaged in invading others’ homes and lands. They are mostly experienced war criminals by the time they become cops. Lots of thug soldiers turn to the next best thing to what they’ve been doing to my brothers and sisters in other lands. They then do it to you.

        • disqus_3BrONUAJno

          It is, unfortunately, true that veterans of our foreign military actions have become very popular candidates for our domestic police services. Beyond being war criminals, they are usually traitors to their oaths and the Constitution they took them to, because they deployed without a declaration of war from Congress.

          • Muhammad Abbass


          • disqus_3BrONUAJno


    • Muhammad Abbass

      A terrorist is someone your government uses to kill other people usually or else random groups of you. A cop is someone who your government uses to kill you individually.

      • disqus_3BrONUAJno

        A terrorist is someone who lacks a formal military option to resist the invasion of his country that his invaders regard as illegitimate because they aren’t supporting it. A cop is a “constable on patrol”, who rarely needs to assault those who respect his function and appropriate behavior.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          A terrorist in reality is someone who employs tactics designed to create fear in order to advance a political end. Technically speaking. In practice a terrorist as defined by our governments is whomever opposes their geopolitical machinations, including the directly affected victims who fight back by whatever means at their disposal and as it is increasingly being used to refer to those of us who merely oppose in words and writings and protests against their actions.
          The definition you give in the first sentence is really just a definition of resistance. Most so-called terrorists are just that and not terrorists in any sense.

  • Cat-astrophe

    That is very hard to read.
    There may be good cops out there. It must be a fact.
    Problem is, incident’s like this erase all memory of the good ones, for if non among them can speak out against this they are all the same.
    Where are the brave, honest men in blue?

    • Ricky Ross

      The whole ‘good cop bad cop” question can be disposed of more decisively … Only the following 3 points need to be considered:

      1) A cops job is to enforce all laws/Policy. >>> All of them! That is why they are called “police” … Polic-e enforce “Polic-y”!

      2) Many of the laws/Policies that they are charged with enforcing everyday are unjust and unconstitutional!

      3) Therefore, every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for the laws/Policies that are unjust and unconstitutional!

      – Are the good ones Violating the 1st Amendment by enFORCEing “Free Speech” zones???

      – Are the good ones EnFORCEing “laws” that infringe on the 2nd Amendment???

      – Are they the ones having sex with Prostitutes, then arresting them afterwards??? (search it)

      – Are they the ones that Violate the 4th Amendment at illegal check points, etc and not arresting NON “law” enFORCEment personnel for
      violating the 4th Amendment thousands of times daily for the last 13 years (TSA)???

      – Are they the ones Violating the 5th Amendment
      by forcing a citizen to blow in to a tube or by forcefully taking their blood, etc (DUI)???

      – Are they the ones that “Legally” Steal from citizens via Asset Forfeiture??? (search it)

      – Are they one’s giving citizens DUI’s who are sleeping in their vehicle, because the key is in the ignition???

      – Are they the ones who participated in a sex sting that resulted in 1,200 people being falsely arrested because the police falsified the ages on official documents??? (search it)

      • Johnny Kay

        First off, police officers are not officially taught to enforce all laws; “officer discretion” is supposed to play a large part in an officer’s decision-making process.

        But there is a larger idea, a much larger idea that we must never forget: We are all independent entities who possess free will. Every one of us has the power to refuse to engage in unjust conduct or carry out an unjust order. Whether motivated by our God, our conscience, or simply our concept of what a good person does and our commitment to be that good person, we have the power to say no to cruelty, dishonesty, and aggression. Yes, there may be consequences for that decision
        — for an employee, job loss or demotion; for a member of the military, imprisonment;
        for a citizen of a police state, imprisonment or death — but we still have the power to refuse to engage in unjust conduct or carry out an unjust order.

        There is a tipping point in all things. If 10% of the victims of “stop & frisk” fought all-out against their attackers and 1% of those victims managed to hurt just one of their attackers, would the police continue to engage in “stop & frisk”? Would they continue to harm people if there was an actual risk to themselves?

        If just 30% of police officers refused to go along with the inappropriate actions listed
        in your comment, would their supervisors continue to order the enforcement of those actions?

        There is another, related truth: In a corrupt
        society, the people at the top don’t put their hands on us — they need other people
        to do that. If a large percentage of We the People fought back — physically fought back, all-out, against that aggression
        — the people assigned to attack us would stop, because it wouldn’t be fun anymore. If a significant number of those assigned to
        put their hands on us refused to do so, the people at the top would be helpless — and with each ignored or partially ignored order, they would be rendered more helpless still.

        And that is the path to freedom.

        Johnny Kay

        • disqus_3BrONUAJno

          Again, If more oath takers were Oath Keepers, most of our problems would disappear.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Great post, well said. We can live and hope for the day. Passivity and cowardice of spirit has overtaken people in the West so I expect nothing until things are so untenable and out of order that people have little choice. The blowback will be more complete and extreme for the wait but the result will be chaos and destruction rather than an orderly change.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Rhetorical questions all. Your point is well made.

    • Paul Franken

      I’m wondering the same thing too.

    • dufas_duck

      Nope, the so called ‘good cops’ will immediately line up and begin to protect and cover for the bad cops 99.9 percent of the time.

      To the police, a bad cop is an honest cop that will tell the truth when he/she observes another cop doing something wrong. But since the thin blue line and tribal dynamics is in effect with the boys and girls in blue, very few cops will do the correct thing and clean up their own garbage. They go along to get along or be ostracized by the other cops. Just as a street gang will force a good kid into crime, the cops do the same to themselves…..

    • Muhammad Abbass

      The good ones don’t last long. Corruption in cop ranks is a one way street which eventually displaces all else. A naïve cop may last for a while but decent ones do not. I know plenty of examples.

  • fatwillie

    How many must die or be abused before this ends? How many more times must a family suffering for the loss of a loved one, or even their pets including birds before that ends? How many times before the police are told they cannot police themselves? How long will it be before the people learn calling the cops is only compounding a previous problem? When will people start to learn they will never get any justice in a court of law and must take it upon themselves to do something for not only justice, but for punishment and revenge, then and only then when enough of these thugs are given what they deserve by a loving family member or friend of the deceased or abused, human or otherwise will this even begin to go away. My condolences to the family and friends of this man, and my heart also grieves for the innocent dog.

  • Beowulf73

    grab the popcorn, cause this is going to be a nail biter wondering if the cop will get convicted of murder…..NOT..

    • Greg Straw

      Never happen

  • Reverend Draco

    If this guy had been a member of my family. . . the cowardly, ignorant peegs would simply disappear one night, never to be seen again by mortal man.

    • CoachK

      yes so far they only seem to shoot dogs and people of families that don’t give a sh!t

      • Reverend Draco

        It really does show the quality of their character, though – which is to say, a cheap Chinese knock-off of actual character.

  • Undecider

    My guess is that Davis probably died sooner than later. Hence, the prevention of contact from friends and family. The police were trying to figure out what to do then finally had to spill the beans.


    pick a dozen or more and sue them into oblivion. the murderers have to pay for puke attorneys if you don’t sue them in official capacity, just in personal/individual capacity. NEVER HIRE A LIAR/LAWYER…….they are parasites that screw you over in the slaughterhouse called ‘court’

  • Ricky Ross

    Wonder why he called the cops??? The Supreme Court already ruled on these type of things 10 years ago …

    Search: “Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone”

    [Published: June 28, 2005]

    Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police do not have a
    Constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had
    obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband
    making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

  • Wow.

  • Rascalhorse57

    As Rob Hustle puts it “This is what happens when you call the cops”

  • qweztionz5

    Police are state sponsored terrorists (and hence also traitors), this is all deliberate policy to terrorize the American population.

  • Paul Franken

    Why hasn’t ‘officer(?)’ Pitts been ‘neutralized’? I don’t want to hear any more complaining.

  • patriot156

    Pissed is all I can say!

  • Mike

    Never call the cops, they are there to kill you, not help.

  • Marais Baudet

    We need independant investigators. THe police should not police themselves.

  • Greg Straw

    NEVER call the cops…when will people learn this..

  • Greg Straw

    Ha Ha Ha Bet you survived an abortion..

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      Apparently you surviving flunking out of kindergarden.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Hey kid, your age is starting to show. 🙂

        • disqus_3BrONUAJno

          So is your trolliness.

  • Greg Straw

    Time has come to push the reset button.

  • Greg Straw

    The time has come to through off this Govt as it is our right to do so.

  • Demonocracy

    When you read these headlines about cops in the line of duty you really have to laugh at the lies being told in some articles about police encounters. One of the biggest lies is the cops and their chieftains saying things like “so and so cop feared for his life” or ” Officer safety is our number one priority”.

    Let’s break this down and I will show the mind-frikking propaganda that is being used.

    1) The incidences with police encounters are showing that it is the people that have a reason to be fearful of the police killing or hurting them, not the other way around as the police are telling these stories.

    2) The officers safety is in no way as much danger as the citizens safety from them is. It’s the cops that are murdering unarmed citizens. Not the citizens murdering unarmed or armed cops. As a matter of fact Cops don’t even rank in thetop
    10 most dangerous jobs
    in the USA according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Do you see how they twist the truth around to say a narrative that is the opposite of reality? The police are making the story out like they are the victims of us (non-cops) instead of the other way around. This is the excuse to kill and be the death cult that cops really are. If they are the more likely to be in danger of us, then why don’t they want to be filmed or their actions documented or recorded? The fact that they are illegally arresting or harassing people documenting their actions is “Smoking gun evidence” that the police are up to no good, instead of the other way around as the police and their superiors tell it. They do not want any proof of their crimes against humanity. They want full carte blanche power and non-accountability because they know it’s as easy as their word against yours.

    I say record everything. And when asked you to stop you simply say “It is not a crime, and I am going to use my legal right to film this encounter for my protection, because my safety is number one priority. This recording is to protect me from you.”

  • ben dover

    More pigs that need to be buried

  • Pist-Off

    America’s finest?, yup rite.

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Call 911 and die.

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    One should never disturb copulating porcine.

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    If more oath takers were Oath Keepers, most of our problems would disappear.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      See down here your comments are quite reasonable. Best not to confront people and you come across as much smarter and more relevant.

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Neither are you bulletproof when we have had enough.

  • Jean

    Just remember, people – they live somewhere, sleep somewhere.
    Gas and matches are cheap.

  • Jon Geissinger

    When the PTB pull the plug, the law will be first to suffer, in more than one way! It will not be pretty.

  • the one

    His first mistake was calling the cops…

  • Reality

    You can’t outrun or out lie karma and cop when it comes maybe you’ll at least have a chance to plead for your life, he didn’t . . .

  • Freddie C Krueger

    What kinda cop shoots a three legged dog!.

    • Reverend Draco

      The retarded kind – or in layman’s terms, the average cop.

  • Sn SM

    “…because most officers now a days have the us against them mindset , and it is getting worse , ” Those mythical “good cops” better start putting cuffs on all those “bad apples” while they have time. As a member of the public
    my police department has gone to war with
    I NEVER call 911….not ever.

  • Bryce Kenyan

    ISIS = US CIA + Saudi Arabia+ Israel
    The US is officially a police state, the the government owned and operated by the Rothsdhild family global crime syndicate and the psychopaths that work for their corporations.

    Time to overthrow the illegal, Fascist regime that controls America

    no need for violence, there are far better ways to take the fascists down

  • Nufsed

    Welcome to the USSA!

  • Mister Jimmy

    The GBI won’t do anything but assist in the coverup and denials.

  • Defiant

    We’ll have to see how this pans out. As we know from Ferguson…it’s not always the way it looks at first. And you sure can’t trust the witnesses until you hear all of their stories. Look at how many lied about Brown.

  • Randy

    My own opinion (that means that yours may vary!) is that we need to educate as many people as possible as to how the legal system is a complete scam, and NO ONE has any kind of an obligation to be made one of its victims!
    What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has the right to commit?
    What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYBODY has an actual obligation to endure?
    What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case?
    Once enough people are educated in the fact that the legal system and its feedstock delivery system (AKA police) are a scam, and they do not have an obligation to hide the fact that they KNOW it is a scam, the case loads of the legal system will decrease markedly. How can any so-called “judge” answer those questions in open court, and not expose the fact that a scam is being run on the ones who get dragged in off the streets?


  • Muhammad Abbass

    If this was someone close to me, I would have to balance the books. How long before these out of control vicious maniacs manage to bump off the wrong people and earn themselves a full on retaliation? Knowing what I do about human nature, even with the current tamed and medicated creatures we have become, I am sure that the longer it goes before the push back, the more complete and extreme will be the reaction when it comes. I fully expect the US police to eventually be eradicated like vermin, wiped out and sadly their families will no doubt also be targeted. I am not advocating this, just saying I am absolutely certain the day is coming. You cops with your big gangs and lots of weapons and technology may feel confident you can win this one, but that is only because you are not intelligent people or well educated as a rule. If you were history alone should warn you the outcome you expect, can never occur. When humanity finally reacts and hits back at what torments them, there is no government or army in history which could withstand them and the more they fight back the more absolutely they will be wiped out. Think about it. If one group or the other must win a confrontation, do you really expect the 95% of the population who eventually realise they have more in common with each other than their leadership and it’s minions to lose to the conflicted and desperate system which represents the 5% in reality?

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Too true. I had an incident a few nights ago at my factory. We had a crazy person threatening staff and me with a crowbar and occupying the factory so we couldn’t even enter. I called the cops fully aware that was a risk, since they could end up shooting or tazing someone, including me. Sure enough they turned up all fired up, jumped out of the car and stared harassing me the factory owner without even allowing me to update them on the situation. They were rude and aggressive and when I tried to record their behaviour towards me they grabbed my phone and tried to stop me. This is Australia and cops ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INTERFERE WITH ANYONE RECORDING THEM WHEN ON DUTY!!! I the end they did take the person away and I was able to speak to one of them and sort things out a bit, but that was some time later and after a higher ranking officer turned up. The first responders were the typical idiots who end up shooting people’s dogs, tazing and killing the wrong person. They are all about action and pulling the sheep back into line, no common sense and intelligence at all.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    I know way too many men like you. Once were cops but now see the force for what it has become. Many also resigned along the way due to what you describe. Unfortunately some of the ex cops I know were the real deal. The sort of men we could respect and trust. Even they now agree the police forces (Oz similar to the US just a little behind as usual) have become dangerous and criminal. The nature of policing has changed dramatically since I was a kid. Once if a cop gave you a thick ear, nobody minded because the cops were trustworthy and rarely overdid things. Discretion often being observed and bad consequences reduced all round. Now they have lost our trust and beatings as well as killings by cops are far too common and the general attitude in society is against them in totality. They no longer have our permission to take matters into their own hands under any circumstances, let alone committing constant and ongoing assaults against the community.

  • Afshin Nejat

    Whatever is done is seen by God, and it will be brought back to the doer.

    • Reverend Draco

      Thor will get to him first. . .

  • Soon To Be YOUR Gaza cage

    Don’t call the cops…just handle it yourself.

  • Soon To Be YOUR Gaza cage

    I spoke with a Kansas State trooper 2 years ago. He said he was retiring in 2 years instead of 5 due to what’s coming. He saw it.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      AND this is the answer to those who feebly believe that when the chips are down, the good cops will stand up. Truth be told, there are no good cops anymore.

      • Soon To Be YOUR Gaza cage

        They can’t exist. If they come forward their lives will be in danger and/or they will be ostracized by other officers.

  • Les Larson

    Sounds like Police Officer Joseph Pitts needs a visit in the middle of the night.

  • PavePusher

    When do we get to start shooting the incompetent and abusive police when it’s this clear?

  • Muhammad Abbass

    At least she didn’t raise it to be a racist prick.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    Sounds like Dekalb county Chief of police is protecting a brother lodge member or a clan member and it has gotten to muddy to kick the can down the road for any outside investigation.