Man Arrested For Talking About Guns On Oregon Bus

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Image: TriMet Bus (Yelp).

An Oregon man riding a public bus was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail Tuesday for allegedly mentioning firearms during a conversation.

According to reports, a TriMet bus driver claims to have overheard comments made by 41-year-old Patrick O’Brien Nolin, who is accused of telling another passenger that he was carrying a firearm.

TriMet police were immediately called to the scene and began approaching the bus at the intersection of Northeast 82nd Avenue and Sandy Boulevard. Preparing to board, officers suddenly received new reports claiming that Nolin was not only armed, but had his firearm “cocked and loaded.”

Police carefully made their way onto the bus before finally confronting Nolin, who it turned out had no firearm or weapon whatsoever. Despite breaking no law, police decided to arrest Nolin anyway, charging him with “Interfering With Public Transportation,” a Class A Misdemeanor. Nolin was released on his own recognizance several hours later.

According to TriMet regulations, no person, except for law enforcement, can bring or carry any firearm, knife or any other instrument, article, device, material or substance specifically designed for, or attempted to be used to, inflict or cause bodily harm to another.

As Oregon state law preempts any regulation that restricts the possession or transfer of firearms under ORS 166.170, TriMet also goes on to state that a person in possession of a weapon, that cannot be legally banned, may not display or carry the weapon in a manner which is likely to result in fear or alarm by other persons or District employees.

Regardless, Nolin’s arrest clearly illustrates the establishment’s over-the-top reaction to anything Second Amendment related. In countless examples across the country, people, mostly children, have been punished for completely legal activity.

Last April, a highly decorated military veteran was illegally detained and disarmed after an officer accused him of “rudely displaying his rifle while out on a hike with his son.

In 2012, a 5-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was suspended for making a “terroristic threat” after telling fellow students about her “Hello Kitty” toy bubble gun.

The following year, a 5-year-old Maryland boy was interrogated for 2 hours until he wet himself after bringing a toy cap gun to school.

Last September, a 9-year-old boy in Detroit was suspended indefinitely after a teacher accused him of pointing his spinning top machine like a gun.

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  • sleat

    Such sensitivity to firearms is a big, obvious Achilles heel for the elites. It means that if 20% of people openly talked about weapons on public transport, and 20% of scoolboys nibbled their poptarts into miniature ak 47s and drew suggestive gun pictures and made “pew-pew” noises at each other on the same day in the US, the police would become completely distracted from real crime and the place would be paralyzed in some kind of knee-jerk lockdown spasm.

    And god forbid any real crimes happened on that day. It would not get an appropriate reaction from the frantic, distracted police.

    • TheConcernedCitizen

      You make it sound like they cops would really even care about real crimes? They go after real crimes with all the passion that a duck goes after a steak. The only care about real crimes to the public so they can legitimize their existence. They give not a rats hiney about crimes. They do, however, love control and the stealing of your property (which rights are that too).

      Anyone that has cop friends and ever asks them the hard questions will find this out. Cops love control and only go after real criminals so they can fullfil their desire to decieve you.

      Just look around you: do you see cops arresting murderers and theives? or speeders? or tokers? or people that talk about carrying guns?

      …yeah, thats what I thought.

      • sleat

        The cops around here are big on catching people drunk driving, and walking through railway stations smelling like drugs. And speeding to a lesser extent.

        Stealing cars and burglarizing houses is apparently ok though. Murder is not strongly punished here as long as the perp doesn’t use a gun to do it, or kill a cop.

      • Enderr

        Cops no longer serve and protect, they harass and generate revenue for the state. They make more money writing citations than actually bringing people to jail where it costs money to house them. So make everything a crime and write tickets till you balance the budget.

        In Vegas if they steal your AC unit, they don’t come out, you go to them to file the insurance report as they consider it vandalism. Started last week they don’t show up at non injury auto accidents anymore, just handle it yourself.

  • Starlifter

    Vote the DEMS out and we can change all this bullshit forever!

    • Quequag

      not, democrats = republicans

    • petercrissgirl1972

      Unfortunately, they ALL are playing supporting roles to the lead, the “squabbles and disdain” are part of the story line to keep the audience (US Citizens) distracted.

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    I will NOT fight in a foreign land for THEIR “freedom” when MY RIGHTS, MY HOME, MY INCOME, MY FREEDOM, are under attack at home. I will NOT defend or fight for any Government that is STABBING me in the back as I advance toward THEIR external foe.

    • YaRt

      #1: “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

      #2: “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me unless they conflict with #1”

  • petercrissgirl1972

    Oh, think about it….Oranges look like cannon balls….bananas like revolvers….hot dogs like a grenade launching tube…Egads, we DO live in a dangerous world!!!

    • sleat

      Yes, and a pointed finger looks sorta like all of those things (except a cannon ball) not to mention looking like a willy.

      I can see the future law equating pointing one’s finger at another as sexual assault, or possibly attempted murder.

      “Gestures that make people uncomfortable” will be outlawed.

      Perhaps life is slated to imitate episodes of Portlandia.

      • petercrissgirl1972

        Agreed Sleat, of course a hot dog looks most like a willy, so I can see possibly the HOT DOG being the next outlawed food, so many options for danger with a hot dog….

        • sleat

          Perhaps it will become necessary to use some hi-tech food engineering and re-do this tasty-yet-suggestive red meat-bag morsel into a donut shape, in the interest of politcal correctness, of course. Not threatening at all. I guess buns would also need to be substantially re-engineered as well.

          • marveen

            Hamburger buns work for donut dogs. (Cut the dogs before frying them. They curl up into hotdog-go-rounds.)

      • me


        DATELINE: Anytown. A platoon of elite Obamacare “grief counselors” and government lawyers stormed the Thomas Eagleton Memorial Kindergarten School just before the morning nap, and several were injured in a scuffle at the entrance…

  • Arizona

    I don’t have to tell anyone the GOVERNMENT IS “ROTTEN”TO THE CORE,inside and out,top to bottom,EVERYONE in government has abandoned their OATH TO GOD,and traded their SOUL for bread crumbs,YOUR going to have to fight these guys,THEY WANT you to attack first so they can blame the war on you,FIND OUT where they all live,then you can finish the war AT THEIR HOUSE…..LET me say one other thing,THEY CAN’T KEEP PAYING ALL THESE FOREIGN TROOPS $500,00 a day forever,THEIR BROKE,when the order is given,YOU BETTER BE READY……….RED DAWN………..

  • Rivenburg

    anyone individual involved in enforcing things like this need to be on THE LIST.

  • Rivenburg

    and who got arrested for filing a false police report? Somebodies lawyer is weak.

  • sleat

    2% Makes my point even better. Anyone wanting to exploit US police knee-jerk overreactions to certain harmless things would have an easy time of it.

    And that is a weakness easily exploited by true criminals.

  • sleat

    Is a pop-tart AK-47 even more effective if it’s buttered?

    Did you ever put butter on a pop-tart?
    It’s so freakin’ good!
    Did you ever put butter on a pop-tart?
    If you haven’t then I think you should!

  • Sky Still Failing to Fall

    This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. This is a simple case of a nutjob trying to frighten people by telling them he is armed and dangerous.

  • Musashi5000

    There is nothing left worth saving, just burn it down.