Man Arrested for Failing to Return a “Freddie Got Fingered” VHS He Rented in 2002

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So, here in America, Hillary Clinton can continue to run for president even though pretty much everyone including her knows that she’s broken some pretty heft laws regarding classified government information on her private email server, but the average person can be arrested while taking his daughter to school because he forgot to return a VHS tape 14 years ago that’s probably worth… what? Fifty whole cents at a garage sale?

This just happened to a man named James Meyers in North Carolina. He was pulled over by police because of a bad tail light and the officer found the old warrant from 2002 for failing to return a VHS of the movie Freddie Got Fingered.

At least the officer who pulled him over allowed the guy to take his kid to school and go to work (so, you know, he wouldn’t also lose his job over a VHS tape of a really lame movie) if he promised to turn himself in later that day.

Meyers was charged with “failure to return rental property”. Not that you shouldn’t return things you rent, but come on. Is the VHS store even still in business at this point? Actually, no. It isn’t. The store, J&J Video, has apparently been closed for a decade now:

Meyers, a drum and bass musician, said he had never been arrested before, and said the ordeal was very humiliating. “They took my belt, I was trying to hold my pants up while trying to sign papers,” he said. “It was very embarrassing.”

“It scared my daughter,” he said. “She thought I was going to jail for a bad brake light.”

Meyers rented the VHS from J&J Video in Salisbury, North Carolina, according to police. “The store has been closed for about 10 years now, if I’m not mistaken,” he said.

Even comedian Tom Green, who starred in “Freddie Got Fingered,” can’t believe this is real.

Then again, this is also a country where you can get raided by U.S. marshals for failing to pay a 30-year-old $1500 student loan.

America… where justice always gets served!

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