Magic Obama Logic: Mandatory Voting = Good, Mandatory Voter IDs = Bad and Racist

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It’s being reported that Obama recently went on record that he believes the U.S. should have mandatory voting.

An interesting stance, wouldn’t you say, considering he’s staunchly against mandatory voter ID laws. In fact, his latest pick for Attorney General to replace Eric Holder went on the record that mandatory voter ID laws are all fueled by, what else? Racism.

So…mandatory voter laws = good, but mandatory voter ID = bad and racist? How exactly does that work again?

Insert the Twitchy round up:

And here’s another…

Guess it’s the same logic that brought you this:

Worse, maybe even eyeball-exploding painfully worse, though are some of the arguments on how mandatory voting laws are good for all of society and are equal to laws against things like domestic violence (while, earlier up, still arguing mandatory voter IDs are racist).

WARNING: The following Twitter exchange may be physically painful to read.

(You were warned.)


How does he even plan to do this anyway?

Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s got a pen and a phone.

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