Madam Secretary? Hillary’s Missing E-Mail Claims Saudis Financed Benghazi Attacks

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Editor’s Note: It’s amazing this woman is running for president while she’s so obviously corrupt and has broken too many laws to count. This is the level America is at.

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Something that has gone unnoticed in all the talk about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails is the content of the original leak that started the entire investigation to begin with. In March of 2013, a Romanian hacker calling himself Guccifer hacked into the AOL account of Sidney Blumenthal and leaked to Russia Today four e-mails containing intelligence on Libya that Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton.

For those who haven’t been following this story, Sidney Blumenthal is a long time friend and adviser of the Clinton family who in an unofficial capacity sent many “intelligence memos” to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. Originally displayed on in Comic Sans font on a pink background with the letter “G” clumsily drawn as a watermark, no one took these leaked e-mails particularly seriously when they came out in 2013. Now, however, we can cross reference this leak with the e-mails the State Department released to the public.

The first three e-mails in the Russia Today leak from Blumenthal to Clinton all appear word for word in the State Department release. The first e-mail Clinton asks to have printed and she also forwards it to her deputy chief of staff, Jake Sullivan. The second e-mail Clinton describes as “useful insight” and forwards it to Jake Sullivan asking him to circulate it. The third e-mail is also forwarded to Jake Sullivan. The fourth e-mail is missing from the State Department record completely.

This missing e-mail from February 16, 2013 only exists in the original leak and states that French and Libyan intelligence agencies had evidence that the In Amenas and Benghazi attacks were funded by “Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia.” This seems like a rather outlandish claim on the surface, and as such was only reported by conspiracy types and fringe media outlets. Now, however, we have proof that the other three e-mails in the leak were real correspondence from Blumenthal to Clinton that she not only read, but thought highly enough of to send around to others in the State Department. Guccifer speaks English as a second language and most of his writing consists of rambling conspiracies, it’s unlikely he would be able to craft such a convincing fake intelligence briefing. This means we have an e-mail from a trusted Clinton adviser that claims the Saudis funded the Benghazi attack, and not only was this not followed up on, but there is not any record of this e-mail ever existing except for the Russia Today leak.

Why is this e-mail missing? At first I assumed it must be due to some sort of cover up, but it’s much simpler than that. The e-mail in question was sent after February 1st, 2013, when John Kerry took over as Secretary of State, so it was not part of the time period being investigated. No one is trying to find a copy of this e-mail. Since Clinton wasn’t Secretary of State on February 16th, it wasn’t her job to follow up on it.

So let’s forget for a minute about the larger legal implications of the e-mail investigation. How can it be that such a revelation about Saudi Arabia was made public in a leak that turned out to be real and no one looked into it? Clearly Sidney Blumenthal was someone that Hillary Clinton trusted. Two months earlier, Secretary Clinton found his insights valuable enough to share with the entire State Department. But two weeks after her job as Secretary of State ends, she receives an e-mail from him claiming Saudi Arabia financed the assassination of an American ambassador and apparently did nothing with this information. Even if she didn’t have to turn over this e-mail to the commission investigating the Benghazi attacks, wouldn’t it be relevant? Shouldn’t this be information she volunteers? And why didn’t the Republicans who were supposedly so concerned about the Benghazi attacks ask any questions about Saudi involvement?

Did Secretary Clinton not tell anyone what she knew about alleged Saudi involvement in the attacks because she didn’t want to endanger the millions of dollars of Saudi donations coming in to the Clinton Foundation? These are exactly the kind of conflicts that ethical standards are designed to prevent.

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    This is going to be the most interesting chapter in our history.

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    • You must have studied all of your history in graphic novels.

  • I forgot


  • Sammy

    Sounds like Chris Stevens was the victim of an effort to maintain the petro-dollar.

    • John_Smith001

      Probably, shame he won’t be the last sacrifice to that particular god.

    • Chris Stevens was the victim of those who wouldn’t let him back out of being Libya’s illegal firearms dealer. Ghaddafi was the victim of those who wouldn’t let him launch a gold-backed dinar.

  • rgr777

    If there was email composed,drafted, and or sent there is a record…there is sequential numbering system for…all/most email systems a serial number for each Email… based on computer/server/client time…that is client and server must sync…so if it ever existed …the is unique un editable un changeable…nor reuse able number …exactly for this purpose…each email has one and only one…you destroy the mail but not the ser #. so you can use this ” digital fingerprint” to track and find the receiver … I do not think you option this feature off…its critical to email service function…esp ms server/service. rgr777-MCSE/MCT

    • The key is that the email that Hillary thought she’d deleted was backed up on systems that she was unaware of, and are not under her control to pre-empt the discovery of in her prosecutor’s investigation. All they have to is find a prosecutor with the cajones to file the charges, and she has pissed off enough to choose from.

  • Every adult in this country commits 3 felonies a day, but Hillary committed treason more times than any prosecutor has developed the cajones to file on, so far.