Looney Ohio Sheriff Wants Trump to Drop MOAB on Drug Cartel Tunnels

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Last week the world witnessed the destructive power of the MOAB, widely considered to be the second most powerful conventional bomb ever built. After the Mother of all Bombs was deployed in Afghanistan, the first time it had ever been used in combat, a dim light bulb went off in the brain of a Sheriff in Ohio.

On Friday Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County Ohio (who has long taken a tough stance on the cartels and immigration, due to the fact that his county has a severe drug overdose epidemic) took to social media to express his support for bombing drug cartels with the MOAB. He tweeted, “I have been saying this for 10 years. Enough is enough. This Moab can b used on Mexican drug cartel. These are good days ahead.” He believes that the bunker busting bomb would be the perfect tool for eliminating the tunnels used by Mexican drug cartels.

Of course, there is a serious problem with this approach. For starters, somehow I doubt that the Mexican government would approve of us dropping a massive bomb on their territory. These tunnels often connect communities on either side of the border. This isn’t the sparsely populated mountains of Afghanistan that we’re talking about, where one could conceivably drop a large bomb without inflicted civilian casualties. Such a large explosion would likely kill Mexican civilians on Mexican soil. That would be an act of war.

More importantly, wouldn’t there be an easier way to disable these tunnels? If we could drop a bomb on them, then we would know where they are. And if we know where these tunnels are located, then the entrances could simply be filled in with dirt or concrete (which is what we already do), which costs a lot less than dropping a MOAB. It’s not like these tunnels are located deep behind enemy lines, where contractors can’t reach them. The only thing we have to do is convince Mexican authorities to block the entrances on their side of the border.

But no, apparently using a weapon of war to deter drug smuggling is a better idea.

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