Look out, Men: Your “Toxic Masculinity” Is Now the Focus of Progressive Wrath

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The growing epidemic of imagined victim-hood is expanding, and you won’t believe who the witch-hunters are after this time.

You’ve likely heard that colleges across the US have been offering courses and workshops focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem.

Universities are not the only “educational” institutions teaching students that being white is something to be ashamed of. High schools are also talking about “white privilege” and in some schools, children as young as age 6 are being taught that they are born racist and should feel guilty about their race.

Liberal media outlets are fueling the “white folks are bad” fire. Last month, we reported on MTV’s racist, sexist “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” video, and The Huffington Post’s article titled Donald Trump’s Proposed Cabinet Is Very White, And Very Male. The image above the article featured – in massive bold letters – the headline Pale Male Fail. We pointed out how funny that was, coming from a “news” site whose editor Tweeted a photo of a table full of mostly white women that was evidently meant to show workplace diversity, but actually showed a lack of males or people of color on their editorial staff.

“Toxic masculinity” is another focus of those who suffer from perpetual victim-hood.

Courses about this (fabricated) problem are being offered now, as CampusReform tells us:

Several universities are taking advantage of the new year to renew their efforts against “toxic masculinity,” with some schools hosting events that will “construct new futures for masculinities.”

At Oregon State University, for instance, students are invited to attend a “healthy masculinities conference” where they will “engage in collective imagining to construct new futures for masculinities, unrestricted by power, privilege, and oppression.”

Ithaca College is hosting a workshop on “masculinity and violence” during its MLK Week celebrations, where students will “examine hegemonic masculinity and its role as the wheel that rotates a cycle of violence” while empowering “willing individuals to begin to recognize, acknowledge, own, and disrupt the toxicity of manhood in order to end violence.”

Meanwhile, over at Duke University, there’s a “Men’s Project” that  is looking for applicants for a “nine-week long discussion group” that will also “examine the ways we present—or don’t present—our masculinities, so we can better understand how masculinity exists on our campus—often in toxic ways—and begin the work of unlearning violence.” CampusReform shared an excerpt from this program’s description (get ready to cringe):

We want to explore, dissect, and construct an intersectional understanding of masculinity and maleness, as well as to create destabilized spaces for those with privilege. Duke is an environment where some are rarely made uncomfortable while others are made to bear the weight of their identities on a daily basis—we aim to flip that paradigm.

Duke University told Campus Reform that its Men’s Project exists “under the advisement and funding of the Duke Women’s Center.”

Other indoctrination centers schools, including the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Brown University, have centers for men to confront their masculinity, with Brown’s “B Well” center hosting weekly “Masculinity 101” workshops for “students who identify as men.”

On their website on a page titled Unlearning Toxic Masculinity, Brown provides useful information about health issues that are concerns for men, including higher risks of physical injuries and suicide. While addressing those concerns and offering information on them to students is admirable, the article goes on to say…

How men are socialized plays into the type of violence that exists in college communities. The harm and violence that men inflict is not strictly contained to the self-harm mentioned previously. Men will often resort to violence to resolve conflict because anger is the only emotion that they have been socialized to express. Unfortunately, the way that young men are conditioned to view sex and their need to be dominant and have power over others also contribute to instances of sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence on college campuses.

UMass, Amherst has a “Men and Masculinities Center” for students to “interrogate and deconstruct traditional forms of masculinity,” even offering a support group for male students “who violated certain aspects of community standards” that “consists of a series of structured activities and conversations designed to get participants to reflect upon their behavior and the ways in which adherence to masculine norms influenced their choices.”

In case you are still confused about exactly what “toxic masculinity” is (as this writer and her friends are – to quote one: “So toxic masculinity is a new phrase now? I prefer knuckle-dragging, misogynistic troglodyte, but that’s probably my white male privilege talking. Good grief.”), here’s an explanation from Stef’s Cave:

One of the most common buzzwords spread around by third-wave feminists and progressives is the phrase “toxic masculinity”, which is basically their way of saying “we don’t want men to assert themselves at all, even when it’s appropriate”. What they’ll tell you is that the term “toxic masculinity” is a way in which “the patriarchy” (yes, this comes from feminist circles) is harmful to men, referring to what feminists perceive as socially constructed attitudes that compel men to be violent, unemotional, and sexually aggressive.

Not only does the toxic masculinity narrative espouse that all men are inherently violent (which in turn becomes the feminist rationale for the “teach men not to rape” argument), but it also presents men as incapable of being any better than creatures of animalistic passion and rage. Of course, progressives and feminists love this kind of postmodern claptrap because in their mind, it lets them justify treating men as inferior, broken creatures, with the added bonus of giving them an imaginary bogeyman for whenever men commit violent crimes (for example, this Think Progress article, which tries to connect “toxic masculinity” with the Orlando massacre).

Feminists and progressives often claim that America is a patriarchy – a society where men dominate and women are subjugated.

It seems that the agenda of the “toxic masculinity” narrative is to get men on board with this patriarchy-phobia by telling them that they, too, are victims of this fabricated problem.

As  Leona Marie Sharpstene explains in her piece The Dangerous Myth of Toxic Masculinity:

In regards to violence, chalking it up to toxic masculinity does nothing to assist perpetrators or victims of the kinds of crimes that are associated with toxic masculinity. Are there men who commit horrible crimes? Absolutely. Does every man who works out so that he can impress girls go on to become a serial killer? What about the kid who got into a fight on the playground in junior high? The individuals who grow up to make national headlines for their heinous crimes don’t do so because they’re masculine; they do so because they are mentally unstable. Condemning boys for doing what comes naturally to them, and then blaming it for the problems in society is illogical, and quite frankly, just plain wrong.

If feminists and progressives would take all the effort they put into their incessant, insufferable whining about how men and white people are everything that is wrong with society and focus that energy on actual problems that we ALL face, including the expanding police state, excessive taxation, the welfare-warfare state, the ever-skyrocketing national debt, The Federal Reserve, and widespread government corruption, we might actually get somewhere.

Remember – a nation is easier to control if its citizenry is divided and fighting amongst themselves. Our strength lies in our numbers, and we share a common source of oppression: the State. It’s about time we put aside our trivial differences to focus on that.

“When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.” ― Suzy Kassem

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  • Seen2013

    The purpose is to increase apathy and Godwin’s Law.

  • Guillotine_ready

    The wrath of a bunch of whiny, pathetic cowards is of no concern,

  • Eileen

    We are actually in a matriarchy

  • pointman_12

    i can’t wait until i get the “you are white and privileged”…why can’t these tards ever mess with someone that won’t back down?

  • Smarty

    I confess. I’m too white and manly to read this whole long article…

    • Mechman29

      LOL. I thought the exact same thing.

      • Melindaglavoie

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    • jim_robert

      Yeah, I glanced at it, then thought “The usual leftist stupidity, for the ignorant and easily led.” The headline was enough stupidity to bear….

  • georgesilver

    As a white privileged masculine male …………. I don’t give a ferk.

    • Mechman29

      Me too. I go out of my way to show my masculinity off in front of the little snowflake fools.

    • masculine males say “fuck” outright.
      Its ok.

  • It is not Paranoia


  • Mike

    REAL men don’t worry about feminazi scum.

  • Pamela Hankins

    Is this their response to the temper tantrums being thrown on campuses everywhere? Or because they are afraid of testosterone altogether? People are awfully confused now a days. Used to be being male OR female per se, was not a problem…just a fact. Now, people don’t have a clue about the most basic principals of humanity and construe that as some sort of enlightenment. Wow.

    • Wild_Bird

      Cultural Marxism run amok.

      Progressivism is a mental disorder.

  • tscull

    IMHO most women WANT a man to be a man! That doesn’t mean a violent whacko, or a dominating asshole, but a man that can and will assert himself when necessary and appropriate! They are comfortable and confident within their femininity and need a masculine partner to complete them. And vice versa. These are two equal roles and neither need be considered lesser than the other. These freaks and their phony political psycho-babble, social engineering are to blame for many of our societal problems! And by the way, if anyone thinks that a “matriarchy” society is any less violent than “patriarchy” society, then they need to do some research and studying. Women are quite capable of their own vindictive violent behaviors and emotional manipulations and domineering of others. Women have had the lead role in many warlike and brutal societies in the past. One of the most recent would be Catherine the Great of Russia- a bloodthirsty tyrant by most accounts!

  • Clementine

    Holy freakin’ cow!! This is the dumbest brain dead bullsh*t I’ve read in a while! I think the author summed it up well…

    “If feminists and progressives would take all the effort they put into their incessant, insufferable whining about how men and white people are everything that is wrong with society and focus that energy on actual problems that we ALL face, including the expanding police state, excessive taxation, the welfare-warfare state, the ever-skyrocketing national debt, The Federal Reserve, and widespread government corruption, we might actually get somewhere.”

    • thus you hit on the root of the issue: distraction and diversion.

    • jim_robert

      Feminazis are literally too stupid and bitter to think that far.

  • David E

    When it comes to gay, sexuality is innate and immutable, the left says. But now it says sexuality is a social construct–if it is about heterosexual males.

    • excellent point. I’m borrowing this..

    • jim_robert

      Duh… I”m a leftist, and I”m too stupid to understand you logic. Duh. Double duh. I only do what my “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting leader tells me to think. Sarc off.

      Very good post, David.

      • David E

        thank you both

  • TrevorD

    `A nation is easier to control if its citizenry is divided and fighting amongst themselves`
    The NWO agenda again.

  • extreme truther

    RIGHT ON! The key to stopping the creep, ( now a full tilt boogie I’d say) of totalitarianism is for people to realize the level of manipulation going on everywhere. All of this division has been painstakingly created to divide the country so irreparably that a civil war now looks possible. The elite would love this as they could step in and provide the solution. LOOK UP chess pieces your playing someone else’s game!

  • Look out “Progressive Wrath”, my dick-swinging, outdoor-worshiping, gun toting, flannel wearing, beard faced, renaissance man masculinity is way stronger than your nancy drew kung fu.
    my testosterone kindly asks you to bring your A-game if you’re heading my way.

  • jim_robert

    The War on Men by the feminazis. Aka the war on men by the truly evil and ignorant.

    Feminism is the original source of all that blights our society.

    • evil is the original source of all that blights our society. Feminism is simply one of its tools of misdirection

  • Wild_Bird

    The Marxist regressives’ objective is the complete sissification of America’s men — particularly America’s young men.

    • eassa

      Wild_Bird this is so true. Being part of the population that admires all things manly, the sissy fellows are a unwelcome sight to behold.

      My dashboard has been full of comments from a couple gays who are not in the least happy with my take on natural sexuality. And I have spent my energy…chatting with them.

      Guess what? Time out is actually helping! Finally. I have not left the house since last Friday night and today, for the first time I am feeling better and the coughing has been…fairly quiet so far today.

      How is your mother? I have been wondering about her, and praying for her family.

      • Wild_Bird

        She was vomiting uncontrollably on Monday afternoon and evening and she couldn’t handle food yesterday. Last night she was taken to the hospital and she has a urinary infection hik as well as with low blood pressure. She was wiped out today when I visited her in the hospital. As you can imagine she’s chronically exhausted.

        • eassa

          Oh, I am so sorry that she is suffering so terribly. This must be so difficult to see happening to your mother. I will being praying for you, and the family.

          It is impossible for me not to think of the day in our future when everything will be made new…when there will be no more pain, sorrow or crying, no more mourning and death because of the new order of things. “I am making everything new!” Revelation 21:5

          • Wild_Bird

            Thanks for the thoughtful post!

            You are an angel Lady Essie!

          • eassa

            Oh Wild_Bird, you make me want to be an angel. 😉

          • Wild_Bird

            You already are girl!

          • eassa

            LOL… Don’t wake me up! Am I dreaming an eagle swooped down and shouted words of kindness in my ears? or was it this really great guy who goes by the name of Wild_Bird! 🙂

      • Wild_Bird

        I edited my reply to you Lady eassa.

        BTW I am very glad (and relieved) that your health is improving. Glad you apparently took my advice. 😉

        • eassa

          The times you have offered your advice I have taken it…and not been sorry that I have. 🙂

          If I had Billie Burke’s wand I would “poof away” everything bad and unpleasant…but until it falls into my hands, I will settle for good advice. 😉 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7afa2c1ffb9626d9bb00881119cd9355e96cff677ac174bb8d34d0dcea8e697e.jpg

        • eassa

          Speaking of editing a post. Remember the post from the old thread? I edited it and would like you to return to it to read my edit.

          • Wild_Bird

            What happened eassa? With the exception of apparently the first paragraph, the “edited” old threat has been deleted.

          • Wild_Bird

            Dear eassa,

            Hope you and your family are doing well.

            Just wanted to let you know that I have been spending a considerable amount of time at the hospital for the last week as my poor mom now is suffering terribly with a bad case of Sepsis.

            Thus, some times there is a lag time before I am able to read my Replies on Disqus.

            Thank you for understanding.

            Kind regards,

            Wild_Bird 😉

          • eassa

            Wild_Bird, I have had a feeling that you have probably been with your mother often the past weeks, and especially since she was admitted to the hospital. Does she have severe Sepsis? I am not familiar with how Sepsis is treated. My son’s Boy Scout leader’s son had Sepsis when he was 10 yrs old. Are you an only son? I am aware you have a sister.
            The stress of her illness and condition must be so hard on you, and your family. I am sorry. I hope that you are getting enough rest during this time, but probably not.

            I noticed that you read Sophie’s update about her mother. I promised Sophie I would write her tonight, even though as ill as her mother is I am sure Sophie is not sleeping at night, but helping at the hospital. Sophie has not told me her mother’s age and I do not even know how old Sophie is. Chinese women do not age like white woman and so often I assume they are years younger than they are. When they tell me their age, I am usually stunned at how youthful they look. It pleases them when they ask me to guess their ages and my guess is 10 to 20 yrs below the mark!
            Perhaps Sophie is in her early 40s, but she could be much older, her mother is her dearest love on earth. And when Sophie was in the U.S. this October her mother was not ill, or rather, her mother was not aware as of yet she was seriously ill, it was a complete surprise to Sophie.
            As you understand, Sophie is extremely tired, as she is the only child and stays with her mother constantly. Plus she is terribly worried because her mother is not a believer, but this you know from reading her update.

            After I got an update from Sophie a few weeks ago, for some reason I thought I should send it to Rya, and as it turned out, Rya loved reading Sophie’s message and asked me to send her other updates. Sophie was happy that someone in Oregon, America is praying for her mother. 🙂

            As you know, I have been praying for you and your mother…I feel like I almost know the two of you. I visualize her as being fairly tiny. I hope my sons are as kind to me when I am old as you have been to your mother. You know that Jesus was concerned about his mother and even in his agony his thoughts were of her welfare and so he asked the one he loved the most to care for her. It is a godly attribute you have in caring for your mother.

            I imagine your mother is very much like me in that even when her sons left boyhood behind, it is the little boy that we remember at certain times. I can be looking at my sons while they are talking to me and once in awhile a facial expression, or a tone in their voice, reminds me of a time when they were little boys and it seems as if suddenly the ‘man’ in them vanishes from view and I see them in another time and place.

            It was not long before you asked me about the post that I had deleted it. I should have left the post on longer, there is little to no chance of someone reading it, and the original message was worded much better. I was at a late luncheon when I posted it again. I just value that you have a good opinion…and understanding of me in this matter.

            Blessings to you my friend. 🙂

          • Wild_Bird

            No I am not an only son.
            My mom is not tiny. She’s 5 foot 3.
            Sepsis is potentially life threatening at any age, but particularly dangerous in elderly people with weakened immune systems like my mom (who as you know recently had pneumonia).
            My younger brother visits my mom in the afternoon. There are four children (although my older brother died about six months ago). My older sister lives in the northern part of the country. My dad died in the mid 1970s.
            Sorry to hear about Sophie. Hopefully her mom will embrace Jesus Christ before she passes.
            Thank you for praying for my mother and me.

          • eassa

            Wild_Bird, I am happy to know you and your mother have a brother who lives in the area. This has been a difficult year for your family, losing your brother and your mother being so sick. I am sorry.
            I will have to change my visual image of your mother, she isn’t tiny. 🙂

            Sophie’s mother has worsened over the past 24 hours. Sophie does not like to write in English, she has told me it is difficult for her and knowing her dislike of it, it is all the more clear to me that Sophie does “covet our prayers” as she has stated. She has communicated in English very well, I give her a AA++. 🙂

          • Linda

            Sorry to read your Mother is dealing with another challenge, Wild_Bird…. praying for both of you. Take care of yourself too.. I know this is a stressful time for you and your family.

          • Wild_Bird

            Hi Ms. Linda,

            Hope you and yours are doing well and thriving.

            Thank you very much for your prayers.

            I am very blessed to have a friend of your caliber. 😉

      • Kol

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    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Carlin called it years ago. . . he called it “the Pussification of America,” and he was at least as annoyed with it as I am.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Remember…divide and conquer has brought down most civilizations. And it damn near worked during the 2016 election cycle. But the long-term damage from the election will be profound. Libs and conservatives always have disliked each other but there was very little overt violence; now it’s the new normal. Civil discourse is pretty much dead and buried between left and right. No one group is the culprit but I lay most of the blame at the feet of the feminazis and the emasculated pseudo-males who enable them. Here’s a non-PC thought for you: some people simply need to be bitchslapped occasionally.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      And some need it frequently.

      Sad thing is. . . the vast majority of those who so desperately need it, never get it.