Look How Far Bloomberg Is Taking the Propaganda Against Kroger Grocery Stores for Not Banning Guns

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Everytown and Moms Demand Action’s latest anti-open carry ad against Kroger grocery stores.

Check out the latest anti-Kroger ad from two of Bloomberg’s millions-backed anti-gun groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action:

The ad shows what are supposed to be Kroger employees getting on to customers for all kinds of things that are not allowed in the store: skateboards, outside food, pets, squirt guns (water on the floor is a safety hazard, after all)… Meanwhile a guy with what looks like an AR-15 shops peacefully and buys his groceries and leaves without being bothered by anyone for it (because Kroger is standing up for people’s open carry rights and abiding by state laws).

It ends with the guy walking out, again totally peacefully, with his paid groceries and his BIG SCARY GUN STRAPPED TO HIS BACK WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE IT (RUN SCREAMING AAAHHHHH!) with the tagline, “A lot of things are not allowed inside Kroger grocery stores… but this isn’t one of them.”

Via an article about it featured prominently (and not so coincidentally) in Bloomberg News:

Back in August, billionaire-backed groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action joined forces to pressure Kroger, the country’s largest grocery chain, to change its position on the open carrying of firearms in its stores.

The two groups, bolstered by a $50 million philanthropic injection from Michael Bloomberg, focused their attention on Kroger following a spate of lobbying victories.

In the span of a few months, they’d watched Starbucks, Target, Sonic, Chipotle, Chili’s and Jack in the Box respond to their demands by asking shoppers to leave their guns at home.

The groups followed their tried and true formula, starting a petition and mobilizing their hundreds of thousands of supporters to use a dedicated hashtag, #GroceriesNotGuns, across social media.

Kroger is surely being targeted because with some 2,625 stores, it’s the second largest general retailer in the nation and it released a statement saying, unlike all those business listed above, the grocery chain would “follow state and local laws” regarding open carry. In short, they told Bloomberg and his anti-gun lobbying groups to piss off.

This propaganda is part of these groups’ first ever six-figure ad campaign. SIX figures to get Kroger to stop allowing people to open carry in its stores. When Kroger did not respond to the ads the way the lobbies wanted Kroger to, the groups rallied outside Kroger corporate headquarters. They have also launched a website for people to enter grocery amounts spent at competitors to prove to Kroger that its pro-gun stance is losing money.

Let’s stop for a second and think about this rationally (in a way not driven by billionaires who use their money to buy millions in propaganda to disarm the population): how many stories come out in the news about mass shootings at a Kroger grocery store anyway? And because of lawful gun owners?

In fact, most all the mass shootings that have happened in this country anywhere have taken place where? In gun-free zones. By who? Criminals who do not follow laws (that’s what makes them criminals by definition). People who want to shoot a bunch of other people for no reason are murderers. They don’t go looking for a place that has open carry to commit those murders. They will, instead, go looking now for a place like Starbucks or Chili’s that has completely disarmed its customers so that no one can protect themselves. That is what makes the most logical sense.

However, should such a criminal walk into a Kroger and decide to start shooting up the place, it is highly like the gun he or she is using to do so isn’t legally owned and permitted in the first place. Should that happen, most people would probably wish that a lawful gun owner was shopping there at that moment and carrying at the same time in the hopes he or she could stop the murderer from murdering people.

Because by the time someone has decided to shoot up a grocery store and murder a lot of people, they aren’t going to bother to go apply for their open carry permit and jump through the legal hoops to get a firearm (obviously). The majority of gun murders in this country are not committed by permitted, lawful gun owners anyway.

Bloomberg, who attends meetings with other rich eugenicists like Bill Gates to try and figure out how to shrink the world’s population, can buy all the millions in propaganda he wants, but it will never change those simple facts.

Then again, how many times have you honestly been shopping at a Kroger and seen someone walking around with a rifle strapped to their back anyway? I’ve shopped off and on at Kroger randomly for the past 30 years, and I’ve never seen it ever.

Bloomberg has noted that the groups will continue to spend big money on propaganda and pressure Kroger until it caves to their anti-open carry demands.

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  • Reverend Draco

    I’ve never shopped at a Kroger – never even seen one. . .

    I still think Kroger is to be commended for rejecting the histrionics.

  • Wish I lived near one and could shop there, it would be much safer.

    • Rick E.

      There’s a Smith’s near me in Kingman, and they have my business and always have. They never ever give me even a second look when I open carry in their store, and now I know why! Great store with decent meats.

  • Reverend Draco

    Virtually all mass shootings have taken place at locations where guns aren’t allowed.

    Please tell me how not allowing guns at a location makes everyone safer?


    (posted to the article at Forbes)

  • Taco43

    I shop at Kroger’s all the time. I’ve never seen anyone carrying front-line combat weapons.

    • andrewraptor

      Well seeing as how a semi automatic ar15 is not a “frontline combat weapon”…

      • It depends on what you consider to be a combat weapon, and where the frontline is.

        • andrewraptor

          what I mean is that it is not fielded by any current military for an official role other than specialty uses such as the m110

          • Since the select fire isn’t available, if the frontline is in the continental US, the AR, SKS, AK, and a few other semiautomatics will become combat weapons by default. Since we will outnumber the enemy, domestic ot foreign, after we get good at drawing their automatic fire to decoys, we’ll be able to convert their professional smallarms to our cause.

  • Mike

    I used to shop at Kroger all the time before they closed down in my area. I salute them for standing up for OUR RIGHTS.

  • jake

    does anyone notice no one speaks of taking illegal guns out of inner city ghettos where 90 percent of gun homicides occur. or legalizing drugs(to end the profit margin), and create situations where people can see a better future for themselves. go to any ghetto, what did the lawyers, bankers and politicians do with the trillions of dollars that were supposed to be used for the betterment of society

    • Ryan

      They shipped that money to ISRAEL ——
      Israel was White RACIST, APARTHEID, South Africa’s ONLY ally, trading weapons, torture techniques, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, with them. Today Israel continues Racist APARTHEID with it’s wall. Israel enforces laws that are straight out of Nazi Germany such as Palestinians must have different colored ID cards and license plates, JUST like the yellow stars the Jews WAIL about having to wear. Palestinians have to use separate roads, IDENTICAL to Black OR Whites Only drinking faucets.
      Israel and South Africa were virtually twinned as military allies for Pretoria helped supply Israel militarily in the immediacy of its 1973 setback and Israel came to support apartheid South Africa at the height of sanctions with weaponry and technology – from naval ships and the conversion of supersonic fighter planes to assistance in building six nuclear bombs and the creation of a thriving arms industry. Israel resembles apartheid South Africa at its zenith – even surpassing its brutality, house demolitions, removal of communities, targeted assassinations, massacres, imprisonment and torture of its opponents and the aggression against neighbouring states.
      Israel just PRETENDS to care about African Americans (but look how Israel treats Blacks at home), so they can STEAL the taxdollars that SHOULD have been repairing schools and infrastructure and providing police protection in the Cities. Year after year BILLIONS of African American Tax dollars buy more APARTHEID-suppression for the NATIVE PEOPLE of PALESTINE instead of improving life for the Black American People who earned those dollars.

    • bill lopez

      that’s because they know thugs & criminals CAN’T be controlled – the only ones willing to follow the law, are those willing to subject themselves to their control. Take a few minutes and think about that and how that works in your life…
      How much control do you submit to everyday?

    • archer

      When you see 15 year old perps murdering people you must conclude they are all armed to the teeth and won’t be giving their guns up anytime soon.

  • MrApple

    To anyone who is interested, Kroger is a HUGE company that encompassess a number of smaller regional chains. I’m sure you can probably find one to spend some money in an support those that support your legal Rights.

    Combination Food & Drug Stores:
    Baker’s Supermarkets (Omaha, Nebraska)
    City Market (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico)
    Dillons Food Stores (Kansas, Missouri)
    Fry’s Food & Drug (Arizona)
    Gerbes Super Markets (central Missouri)
    Harris Teeter (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia)
    Jay C (southern Indiana)
    King Soopers (Colorado, Wyoming)
    Kroger (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia)
    Owen’s (northeastern Indiana)
    Pay Less Super Markets (central Indiana)
    QFC (Oregon, Washington)
    Ralphs (Southern California)
    Scott’s (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
    Smith’s (Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming)

    Multi Department Stores:
    Fred Meyer (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

    Price Impact Stores:
    Food 4 Less (Southern California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, Illinois; NW Indiana, and they have a former location in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Tahlequah, Oklahoma)there is also one location in Fremont Nebraska (Food 4 Less stores elsewhere are owned by other companies)
    Foods Co. (Northern California)
    Ruler Foods (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky)

    Marketplace Stores:
    Dillons Marketplace
    Fry’s Marketplace
    King Soopers Marketplace
    Kroger Marketplace
    Smith’s Marketplace

    Jewelry Stores:
    Fred Meyer Jewelers
    Barclay Jewelers
    Fox’s Jewelers
    Littman Jewelers

    Convenience Stores
    Kwik Shop (Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Mississippi)
    Loaf ‘N Jug (Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming)
    Quik Stop (California, Nevada)
    Smith’s Express (Utah)
    Tom Thumb Food Stores (Alabama, Florida)
    Turkey Hill Minit Markets (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana)

  • Haywood Jablome

    Kroger is the “parent” company. King Soopers, Smiths, Loaf and Jug and many, many others are Kroger. Go to their web site and you will see all of the store names. If you believe in what they are doing, vote with your wallet and let the store manager know why!

  • Viva Michael

    Hmm. Who could Bloomberg be trying to disarm? Could it be white people?

    • Viva Michael

      PS It is impossible that he is a riot inciter and anti-white, that would be “histrionics” and one does not dare offend the histrionics police (archons) for they will use ad hominem attacks against anyone daring to speak up with “histrionics” (unapproved by the authority, said archon).

      • Viva Michael

        For example: “Black on white racial hostility is now mainstream and easy to find in major publications and web site sites and news shows.

        That has to account for some of the black crime and violence that is astronomically out of proportion.”

        Colin Flaherty talking about his new book. Interview at:


      • Viva Michael


    • Viva Michael

      Check-mate, mate.

    • archer

      It seems all his anti-gun rhetoric is directed at lawful gun owners, he don’t seem to notice the ghetto army at all, I wonder why.

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Why is it that all the Jews are anti-gun, but in Israel everybody has sidearms and M-16’s with open carry?

    • Viva Michael

      It is probably related to the fact that Jews are overwhelmingly pro-massive-immigration, preferably third world people and least believed to be non-white, brown or black, and hostile to the Historic American People/Nation and yet they want only Jews in Israel. They love Muslims in Europe and the Anglo-phone world and hate them in Israel and the Middle East. Here are some explanations. I wish that they would come to their senses about this and other issues. However, not all of them are anti-gun. I used to know a pistol-packin’ German Shepherd devotee Jew.


    • You are a RACIST for saying something like that.. oh wait… that’s right, they get their own special, racist word for that…. forgive me oh chosen ones… You are an ANTI-SEMITE for saying such things, GOYIM!

      • Ryan

        PROsemitism ——- what is it? If there is an “antisemitism” you must ask: “What is PROsemitism?” PROsemitism must be a supporter of “semitism”, which really means Judaism (even though most Moslems are SEMITIC). So what are you supporting if you are a PROsemite? Well first of all we must define Judaism:
        Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
        XENOPHOBIC: n.
        A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
        TRIBALISM: n.
        1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
        2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.
        So right off the get-go you hate all NON-Jews, NON-members of YOUR group(TRIBE).
        THAT means, that if I am not one of the TRIBE, you do not like me.
        Since Jews brand all NON-Jews “gentile” and automatically denigrate them, to be PROsemitic one must by definition be ANTI-GENTILE.
        They hate all NON-Jews so fundamentally, that they have to SPECIFICALLY NAME what they grudgingly term “RIGHTEOUS GENTILES”. Those are NON-Jewish HUMANS that went so far out of their way to help/save Jews that the Jews were FORCED to ACKNOWLEDGE the humanity of that specific ‘gentile”. You see, PROsemites do not acknowledge the EQUALITY of spirituality and humanity of “gentiles”
        According to the SPLC & ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has
        “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
        Jews have HATED CHRIST and his followers for 2,000 years. Go ask your Jewish friends to “acknowledge” Jesus Christ.
        Jesus Christ was an anti-semite according to the Temple Priests who HEREM(excommunicated) Him just prior to crucifixion.
        JUDAS ISCARIOT was a Jew —- in good standing with the Temple Priests.

        Israeli Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, from the settler party Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) gave an interview [Heb] to the Israeli daily Ma’ariv 12/30/2013 on his party’s stance against gay marriage.
        Here’s a snippet from the interview. Remember, this man is a high ranking government official in the only “democracy” in the Middle East.
        Q: What will you do if the Knesset votes on a bill legalizing gay marriage?

        A: No way. Also, a Jew cannot marry a gentile.

        Q: Is that the same thing?

        A: We don’t recognize either of them. And anyway, a Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he’s gay.

        “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.” “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created…” – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel

  • Ryan

    Let’s go KROGERING …… I sure will.

  • Ryan

    How many ARMED GUARDS surround Bloomberg at all times? Hypocritical

  • bonfire

    I noticed a anti gun posting at krogers today in Dayton ohio…I don’t have a clue when it was put up there.

  • All you Walmart haters out there should spend some time in their stores in Wyoming, where sidearms are routinely carried by those so inclined, with nothing more than the appreciative glances of those who appreciate their nonchalance.

  • Boycott Bloomberg, buy and carry, at Krogers !

  • Southernfink

    America is suffering from mass paranoia.

  • stephen joseph

    Boycott these businesses, they are unconstitutional and manipulative.

  • mirageseekr

    Note to self- start shopping at Kroger.

  • 1PissedAmerican

    I never shopped @ Kroger until this group started their protest.I now shop there ALWAYS and they have a great store and best prices.
    If a store is anti 2nd amendment they will never get a dime from me.

  • FollowDaMoney

    You can even purchase sugary drinks larger than 16oz.

  • Rick E.

    One would think that a jew such as Bloomberg, would remember the holocaust and think about what the first thing the nazis did before subjugating and exterminating the jews–THEY TOOK THEIR GUNS AWAY!

    • tomw

      He wants the shoe on the other foot now.

      • Mark

        “Kill even the best of the Gentiles… in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the Gentiles.”


    • Mark

      Holocaust? Holocaust?? Holocaust???


      Tell us another one.

      Only a willfully lazy or dishonest person can remain ignorant of the decades of mounting evidence against the fabricated myths of the so-called “Holocaust,” how the myths are used to extort money and power, how the myths are used to justify the tribe’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and how the myths are used to replace the holocaust on Calvary as the pivot-point of all history. “Soap,” “lampshades,” “gas chambers,” “6 million,” etc.—all of it discredited. Remember also that world Jewry declared war against Germany in 1933 long before they were incarcerated as declared internal enemies.

  • Gearmoe

    Bloomberg is responsible for killing our 2A freedom here in WA State with a purchased law. The guy and his merry band of elites are looking to hit your State soon. Beware.