LOL: One Podium Taller Than the Other So Trump Won’t Look Taller Than Hillary at Tonight’s Debate

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Apparently the event managers at Hofstra University have crafted one of the podiums for tonight’s debate taller than the other to make up for 5’4″ Hillary Clinton’s “height disadvantage” against Donald Trump who is 6’2″.

The change the was made at the behest of Clinton who has already got to be feeling pretty beneath Trump, considering he sells out arenas jam packed with thousands of people at his rallies while she can barely fill a conference room with more than 200 at hers.

Of all things, like THIS is going to help her any…

If Hillary is on this much of the defensive going in, this is not going to save her.

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  • The_Ipcress_File

    They should have them both hooked to lie detectors during the debate.

    • Frank

      Like in Cat’s Eye – Quitters, Inc. – when the person speaking tells a lie, their spouse or other person gets a shock, and the shocks increase in severity.

      • So you REALLY think that would diminish Hellary’s lying? You’re assuming she gives a damn about anyone other than herself.
        ~ D-FensDogG

      • SP_88

        Good idea, but it would only work on someone who actually gives a shit about anyone else. Considering that she gave Bill a black eye and probably other injuries, I highly doubt that she would alter her honesty because someone else was being hurt.
        Now, if she was being shocked every time she told a lie, that would be more effective. And after every lie the intensity of the shock goes up, eventually reaching a lethal amount, that might make her think about what she says.

    • Anna Blair

      This is the same thing I have been saying since the beginning of the primaries for all of them!

  • Frank

    No surprise. Hillary DEMANDS to be catered to and every advantage will be taken to give her any advantage – perception control. There was talk of her asking to be able to sit during the debate, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case.

  • kirkpatrick

    The higher she stands, the harder she falls.

  • TrevorD

    I was thinking all this `Hillary is sick` media stuff could be a smoke screan. Maybe its all a show and tonight she will come out on top form and wipe the floor with Donald. Nothing would surprise me anymore in this `show of shows` It`s better than any soap opera or tense movie I have ever watched, truly bizarre and very entertaining. Where`s the popcorn, am ready!

  • Razedbywolvs

    I hope some one “accidentally” gives Trump the tall podium.

    • marlene


    • MarkovDeBeeste

      I think the tall podium is for Trump. The podiums are probably pretty short already to accommodate the Hildabeast and the reason for the taller one is to show the same percentage of each candidate’s body above the top of the podium. Equality, dontcha know. Like anybody cares about how tall either of them is…it’s what’s inside their heads that counts. Which, in the Hildabeast’s case, is a septic tank full of fermenting liberal sheeyit.

      • Razedbywolvs

        That works grate for close ups but no so much for pan shots. Given the beasts compliant about her overall hight is why they modified the podiums in the first place.. Will see.
        I don’t care about the politics. I’m here for the lolz and the worlds biggest display of Idiocracy. I want to hear one candidate tell the other they talk like a fag. But the lolz will be much better if Trump towers over her in a grand symbol of Patriarchal prowess.

        • MarkovDeBeeste

          You got-um point, Kemosabe…

  • marlene

    There isn’t an honest bone in that vile creature’s body, made sick from all her lies. PS: I will NOT be watching this staged play. I’ve heard enough from her and I’d rather listen to Trump when he’s speaking to US!
    PPS: Even if she was debating a midget she’d make sure she was standing on 2 podiums!

  • Frank Energy

    I doubt the deep state is dumping Hillary Clinton, unless they have been made fully aware of how sick she is.

    here: I also did quite a bit of research on this Dr. Bardack. Seems
    like with quite a number of reviews online, she only rates a 2 or 3 of
    5. She must have other “qualities” rather than being a good doctor.

    And the
    absurdity of claiming she had pneumonia and then walked out 3 hours
    later “feeling great” with dark sunglasses on, and running a photo-op
    with a little girl. Bardack explains on a subsequent day that Clinton
    had a full chest CT scan to confirm the pneumonia. But at the time, if
    she had pneumonia and the type was not yet ascertained, then why would
    she put a young girl at risk?

    Now back to
    that CT scan. These scans are not like an Xray, An Xray may be
    .001 mSv but a CT scan can be 20mSV. 20,000 times more, 20,000 Xray
    pictures to make a 3D rendering.

    As shown here, the “real background radiation” for most humans in USA is less than 1 mSv per year.

    So a CT
    scan can be equivalent to 20 years of background radiation. And over
    50% of us get cancer, in a 60 to 80 year life, so what does that speak
    to you on the dangers of taking an extra 20 years of radiation in 20

    A physical
    exam is usually plenty good enough to come to a conclusion of
    pneumonia, and to justify starting anti-biotics. So the CT scan that
    Dr. Bardack admits they did on Clinton, is very suspect.

    • elvirah scarface

      Gr8 on radiat. Info. I agree completely. Avoid like the plague. Same w vaccines!

      • Frank Energy

        Yep the “doctors” who over use so called “radiation treatment” really need to get back to “first, do no harm” an oath!

  • elvirah scarface

    Someone get out the wooden pinochio nose 4 hillary. ??????

  • Anna Blair

    He’s the one always reported on to highlight him having the super ego yet she’s the one who’s making sure her podium is that of the same level so she can appear taller?. Is there nothing that transpires during this election that is completely ironic?

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    Hell, get her up as high as you can. It will be easier for her neck to SNAP when she drops during her EXECUTION, for subversion, robbery and murder of the American People.

  • Elaine Farrell

    It’s higher, wider & thicker.. with odd cables, probably to strap her in so she doesn’t fall over. I expect a tall stool for her to lean against will be hidden behind it as well. Earlier today, a reporter caught her off guard & she appeared to have some kind of metal frame across her back, under her clothes. Very odd…

  • Al Mather

    She kicked his ass.
    Actually she just held her own and responded with answers that followed lucid,logical lines of thought.
    He babbled like an idiot. The transcripts are hilarious. You don’t realize sometimes how much gibberish he is spewing till you read it.