Life on Other Planets? NASA Releases Photos of Water Flowing on Mars

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NASA has reversed its longstanding position of quietly acting like there’s absolutely no possibility for life on the planet Mars.

New photos released by the agency from the Curiosity rover clearly show running liquid on the planet’s surface (Via The New York Times):

“This is tremendously exciting,” James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division, said during a news conference on Monday. “We haven’t been able to answer the question, ‘Does life exist beyond Earth?’ But following the water is a critical element of that. We now have, I think, great opportunities in the right locations on Mars to thoroughly investigate that.”

It may be a tipping point for NASA officials who have been reluctant to speculate about the possibility of contemporary life on Mars.

“I can’t imagine that it won’t be a high priority with the scientific community,” said John M. Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate administrator for science, who said a mission in the 2020s could carry experiments to look directly for life.

This is one of the surest traits that agencies like NASA monitor for signs of life in space.

Surface readings from orbit directly detected water in the form of hydration salts, meaning there had to have been liquid water present on the planet’s surface in recent days for it to be detectable.

This also means the frozen polar ice caps of Mars are not the only place that water is located on the planet, and that there could be vast underground aquifers that melt during the summer and seep out of the planet’s surface.



Interesting how NASA’s announcement comes just in time for a mash up trailer for that new movie starring Matt Damon about surviving being stranded on Mars that’s set to open this weekend…


In other news, Nestlé also heard about the Mars water announcement…


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  • Someguy

    “I can’t imagine that it won’t”
    Nice double negative you rocket scientist!

  • Jeffersonian

    I’m sorry, but Daily Sheeple has lost all COMMON SENSE! NASA didn’t land anything on the Moon, much less mars! EVERY SINGLE THING NASA RELEASES IS A TOTAL LIE! Don’t believe me? Go look up “NASA BACK SIDE OF MOON”. That thing looks like a cartoon, Earth’s clouds never move but the Moon image is what’s hilarious! Every image that NASA releases is CGI, photoshopped fakery!

    Don’t believe they make this stuff up? Go watch
    “Mars Rover Press Conference”, and you will see actors that can’t
    answer 1 easy question on the mission while everyone in the audience is laughing because they know these guys are nothing but Crisis Actors.

    Still don’t believe that NASA lies?

    Go look up on YouTube: “1996 NASA Tether Incident”.. OMG! That is so ridiculous to watch that it should make every American’s blood boil!

    Now THESE STUPID PICTURES that NASA released? I’ve
    just hit on a few! The International Space Station is FAKE! They
    use a Zero-G plane, and Green screens! Go look that up! When you see BUBBLES on their space walks, then you should be smart enough to question why there are BUBBLES in Space! That’s because they are in a Water Tank,just like the ones they test in!

    Still don’t believe me? Go look up “NASA scuba tank in space ISS”

    You seriously think those pictures are really from the RED
    mars? Get real! I thought DS had their head screwed on tight, but I
    guess not! If you haven’t figured out why NASA lies so much, I can tell you why! It’s because their only mission is to make people question the Bible, and GOD! Wake up Mike! This is FAKE! Fake!
    FAKE! Wake up!

    IF NASA is caught lying once, Shame on them!
    If they are caught lying multiple times, and you still chose to
    believe the liars when they spew the most ridiculous, anti-bible lies, then Shame on YOU

    • Awesome! I LOVE to see others that can THINK for themselves out there! I jst said something similar yesterday on NN with the same topic:
      I like this place because I am in (mostly) good company.

      • Jeffersonian


    • Elizabeth Greene

      Thank you for illuminating the important issue of the lunar hoax.

      There is a mirror on the moon, placed there by the Apollo astronauts for the express purpose of lunar ranging tests. Could you help me understand how that mirror got there if it’s a hoax?

      Could you also explain how they faked the Apollo descent stages impacting the moon? These impacts were visible from earth based telescopes.

      • Quisno Rodonovich

        Me thinks hes jealous Jeffersonian is.

      • Jeffersonian

        They admitted years prior to the Apollo 11 thru 15 that they were utilizing reflectorless laser beams to measure the distance. I also watched the lady on MythBusters make the claim that the reflectors are what is providing the laser bounce back information; however, if you look closely at her printouts showing the bounce back information on a grid, which also has the results of shooting the laser where there is allegedly no lasser, and what do you see? The grid printouts are exactly the same! Meaning, she shot the laser at one part of the moon that allegedly didn’t have the reflectors, and then shot it where the reflectors are supposed to be, and the results/readings are the same. The bounce back is pretty small compared to the GIGA phototons they are sending because they receive just a handful back on both areas of the moon.

        The reflectors were the perfect lie that they needed in order to “Prove” they went to the moon.

        Mythbusters did a show on the reflectors, and they essentially lied when one of the paid puppets stated “The ONLY way that it (laser) could happen, if there was a piece of man-made equipment on the moon put their by them (astronauts)”. In 1962 they were bouncing lasers off the moon and admitting it. Surveyors have been using the same reflectorless total station equipment to perform surveys for more than a decade, and they are so accurate that they meet the tolerance and accuracy requirements for building skyscrapers.

  • What Jeffersonian said…

  • bozotoo

    In that last picture, the white rocket, who sponsors that?

  • ccambridge

    Martian springs bottled water. It will dry up immediately if greedy humans get up there.

    • gato felix


  • Charles Martel

    We could have a manned base on mars if we didn’t waste $27 trillion failing to make blacks equal.

  • Gil G

    “NASA has reversed its longstanding position of quietly acting like there’s absolutely no possibility for life on the planet Mars.”

    NASA never said that rather religious folk whose faith relies on no other life except on Earth said that.

    • TickTock

      You may be right but you’ll be much more believable if you take Oberg’s cock out of your mouth`

  • SovereignPatriot88

    Does this mean that soon there will be “Martian Water” for sale at the supermarket or 7-11? If so, it will probably be $9.00 for a 12oz. bottle. And it will probably be tap water from Millard Canyon.

  • McKallarkie

    THEN:1968 – ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ 1969 – Apollo 11 ‘Moon Landing’ (Both directed by Stanley Kubrik)
    NOW – Water ‘found’ on Mars & ‘The Martian’
    Looks like NASA’s prepping us (& The Treasury) for another trip.
    Has NASA contacted the director of ‘Capricorn One’ yet?

  • Tatiana Covington

    Life elsewhere, should the conditions be right? Why not?