Liberty is the only solution: Drama of the state

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The messes we are in.

Why are we in them?

As we take a look at the war that has engulfed recorded history, we can recognize there is a culprit behind it. We often over look this giant factor as being the most influential driver of war.

The culprit is the state.

The state ultimately declares the war and uses propaganda to ship its people off to kill and control their equals.

The propaganda used to convince people that war, of all things, is in their best interest has been documented by Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations, in his book ‘Propaganda’. In the book Bernays explains how government’s and their occupiers, by using propaganda, can twist words and pull on the heart and mind strings of those who they want to rule over. No one better to speak on the subject of propaganda then Bernays, who is the nephew of the psychoanalytic magician, Sigmund Freud.

What situations are those who have infiltrated, what should be offices for representatives, putting us in today?

Secretary of State Jon Kerry has just come to agreement with ‘allies’ of the Untied States to further fuel warfare in Syria by aiding rouges who have ties to criminal organization with lethal militaristic force.

Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda

The US debt is close to 17 trillion dollars. If you calculate unfunded liabilities the number is around $122.4 trillion.

The NSA is dodging the discipline of courts to obtain a mass amount of personal information of citizens.

The Obama administration has made the American people flaunt their second amendment because of the unconstitutional gun laws they have discussed.

Is this all in our best interest?

Do humans not act in their best intrest?

Economically you would never want make a decision that could place a burden on your finances.

You wouldn’t ever wanna get yourself sick, would you?

No, because the nature of humanity and life on this earth calls upon us to act in our best interests. So shouldn’t we be holding our governments up to a level that empowers us and allows the nature of humanity to act in its best interest and move into the future, rather then drag us through the violent process of forcing us to go along with a agenda? It would make a lot of sense to do so since the US and many governments around the globe have reached sizes much to large to securely maintain a free society.

The emperor has no clothes and we need to finally accept it.

There’s a reason why Obama asked the graduates of Ohio State University to reject the idea that the state is the cause of all our problems. That reason is because the state is so blatantly the largest instigator of violence in society.

At this stage in Obama’s presidency, its common knowledge to most people around the globe that he is a liar and deceiver. (The realization took much longer then it should have)

The problem truly is not the the boogeyman that the government and the media create to get us to accept things we otherwise would not accept, its the large black whole of a state that is sucking on the wealth and freewill of its people.

Take one good look to the methods of taxation and the suppression of free enterprise in the US and apply them to the principles of liberty and you should receive a awakening shock. Economic freedom is intertwined with all other freedom.

Coming to the realization that those who occupy the US government are working solely in the interests of someone other then the American people and is a huge factor in grievances around the globe, is the only way we can turn our society around and finally return to the free people we were at the founding of this country. That freedom brought on by the declaration of independence and the chaining down of government through the constitution created prosperity to the likes no one had ever saw before.

Departing from the chains that have been placed on us over time since the founding will inevitably create a similar boom.

Liberty will bring humanity together.

The state will drive us.

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