Liberty Activists and ISIS Will Soon Be Treated as Identical Threats

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Many of us saw it coming a long time ago — increasing confrontation between liberty proponents and the corrupt federal establishment leading to increasing calls by political elites and bureaucrats to apply to American citizens the terrorism countermeasures designed for foreign combatants. It was only a matter of time and timing.

My stance has always been that the elites would wait until there was ample social and political distraction; a fog of fear allowing them to move more aggressively against anti-globalists. We are not quite there yet, but the ground is clearly being prepared.

Economic uncertainty looms large over our fiscal structure today, more so even than in 2008. Global instability is rampant, with Europe at the forefront as mass migrations of “refugees” invade wholesale. At best, most of them intend to leach off of the EU’s already failing socialist welfare structure while refusing to integrate or respect Western social principles. At worst, a percentage of these migrants are members of ISIS with the goals of infiltration, disruption and coordinated destruction.

With similar immigration and transplantation measures being applied to the U.S. on a smaller scale (for now) the ISIS plague will inevitably hit our shores in a manner that will undoubtedly strike panic in the masses. I believe 2016 will be dubbed the “year of the terrorist,” and ISIS will not be the only “terrorists” in the spotlight.

While scanning the pages of mainstream propaganda machines like Reuters, I came across this little gem of an article, which outlines plans by the U.S. Justice Department to apply existing enemy combatant laws used against ISIS terrorists and their supporters to “domestic extremists,” specifically mentioning the Bundy takeover of the federal refuge in Burns, Oregon as an example.

“Extremist groups motivated by a range of U.S.-born philosophies present a “clear and present danger,” John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security, told Reuters in an interview. “Based on recent reports and the cases we are seeing, it seems like we’re in a heightened environment.”

“Clear and present danger” is a vital phrase implemented in this statement from Carlin and he used it quite deliberately. It refers to something called the “clear and present danger doctrine or test,” a doctrine rarely used except during times of mass panic, such as during WWI and WWII. The doctrine applies specifically to the removal of 1st Amendment rights of free speech during moments of “distress.”

What does this mean, exactly? “Clear and present danger” is a legal mechanism by which the government claims the right not only to prosecute or destroy enemies of the state, but also anyone who publicly supports those same enemies through speech or writing.

Recently, the prospect of allowing the Federal Communications Commission to target and shut down websites related to ISIS has been fielded by congressional representatives. Many people have warned against this as setting a dangerous precedent by which the government could be given free license to censor and silence ANY websites they deem “harmful” to the public good, even those not tied to ISIS in any way.

Of course, overt hatred of Islamic extremism amongst conservatives is at Defcon 1 right now, and with good reason. Unfortunately, this may lead constitutional conservatives, the most stalwart proponents of free speech, to mistakenly set the stage for the erasure of free speech rights all in the name of stopping ISIS activity. The greatest proponents of constitutional liberties could very well become the greatest enemies of constitutional liberties if they fall for the ploy set up by the establishment.

The Reuters article outlines the future implications quite plainly:

The U.S. State Department designates international terrorist organizations to which it is illegal to provide “material support.” No domestic groups have that designation, helping to create a disparity in charges faced by international extremist suspects compared to domestic ones.

It has been applied in 58 of the government’s 79 Islamic State cases since 2014 against defendants who engaged in a wide range of activity, from traveling to Syria to fight alongside Islamic State to raising money for a friend who wished to do so.

Prosecutors can bring “material support” terrorism charges against defendants who aren’t linked to groups on the State Department’s list, but they have only done so twice against non-jihadist suspects since the law was enacted in 1994. The law, which prohibits supporting people who have been deemed to be terrorists by their actions, carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.”

The Justice Department goes on to explain that they are “exploring” options to make “material support” charges more applicable to “domestic extremists.”

So what constitutes “material support?” Well, as mentioned earlier, John Carlin just told us. His use of the phrase “clear and present danger” denotes that 1st Amendment speech will be restricted, ostensibly because some speech will be labeled “material support” of terrorist organizations. The liberty movement, likely in the near future, is about to be outwardly defined by the establishment as a terrorist movement, and those who support it through speech will be designated as material supporters of said terrorism.

To be utterly clear, this could apply to any and everyone who promotes anti-government sentiments online, and will likely be aimed more prominently at liberty analysts and journalists. The argument for this move is rather humorous in my view — bureaucrats and others complain that it is “not fair” that Islamic terrorists are being treated more harshly than “white rural domestic extremists” and that material support laws should be enforced against everyone equally.

Yes, that’s right, the 1st Amendment is under threat because the Justice Department does not want to appear “racist.” At least, that is their public excuse…

I’m not sure whether it is depressing or hilariously ironic that the U.S. government (along with many other governments) is preparing the groundwork for prosecution of liberty activists for material support of terrorism when it is the government that has been proven time and again to be by far the most generous material supporter of terrorist organizations.

Will this all take place in a vacuum? Of course not. Something terrible is brewing. Another Oklahoma City-style bombing, perhaps. Or a standoff gone horribly awry. The standoff in Oregon continues without Ammon Bundy and is about to get worse in the next week according to my information (you will see what I mean). The point is, the narrative is being finalized in preparation for whatever trigger events may be in store, and that narrative closely associates ISIS with liberty activists as being in the same category.

As law enforcement experts confront domestic militia groups, “sovereign citizens” who do not recognize government authority, and other anti-government extremists, they also face a heightened threat from Islamic extremists like the couple who carried out the Dec. 2 shootings in San Bernardino, California.

This is why I have consistently argued against giving any extra-judicial powers to our already bloated federal system. I am a staunch opponent of Islamic immigration and terrorism, but some people are so desperate to fight one monster that they are willing to give unlimited powers to another monster thinking it will give their minds ease. These people are fools, and they are putting the rest of us at risk.

If you want to fight ISIS, then fight them yourself. Do not give the same government that helped create ISIS and then deliberately transplanted them to Europe and the U.S. even more legal authority over our lives to supposedly “stop” ISIS. This would be absurd.

In the meantime, I would point out that regardless of how the federal government wishes to label us, the liberty movement could not be more different from the Islamic State:

1) We don’t enjoy covert funding and training from the government at large as ISIS does. (Though according to leftists, we all take our marching orders from the Koch Brothers).

2) Most of us were born in this country and are rather attached to it.

3) ISIS fights to dismantle traditional Western values. We fight to restore traditional Western values, and we will not only fight ISIS but also cultural Marxists and collectivists who share the same disdain for liberty.

4) Many of us are far better trained than ISIS goons so, if anything, we are a more severe threat to the enemies of free society. (We actually look down our sights when we shoot rather than hiding behind cars with the rifle over our head and squatting like a constipated dog. We can also operate their AK-47s better than they can).

5) We are as opposed to Sharia Law as we are to martial law. In fact, we see them as essentially the same unacceptable circumstance.

6) We don’t cannibalize our enemies. (Who would want to take a bite out of Henry Kissinger’s spleen?)

7) We might look down on the insane ramblings of today’s feminists, but at least we would not stone them, enforce female circumcision, then rape them, then throw acid in their faces, then slap a hijab on them and take away their driver’s licenses. So maybe, just maybe, we toxic masculine conservative barbarians aren’t as bad as they seem to think we are.

8) We understand that black pajamas are not the best camouflage, but ISIS may have better fashion sense than we do.

9) Our beards are all-American. Their beards are just plain creepy.

10) They fight to be martyred. We fight to win.

When all is said and done, who is the greater threat to you and your freedoms? A psychotic theocrat that has taken his religion so far into the forbidden zone that any evil, no matter how heinous, is justified through the circular logic of zealotry? The criminal government that funded that psycho, trained him, slapped a rocket launcher in his hands and then gave him a free plane ride to your favorite shopping mall? Or, some weirdo that stores lots of food and gas masks in his basement and every once in a while talks to you about 9/11? Come on, think about it…

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  • ISIS doesn’t fight to become martyrs, they fight for paychecks paid by the zionists in the US and Israel, this is becoming common knowledge.

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        I will never let her run out of medical grade cannabis again, her very quality of life depends on it as both of us were just reminded. First time being sick in over a decade for me and first time in almost 6 years for her. This is why I am such a cannabis advocate(I didn’t think a temporary downgrade would do that to us but it did, I regret that decision). I was far behind at work so I didn’t have time to be on but I am catching up and feel 100% again.

        • It is not Paranoia

          Glad you’re both OK, welcome back!

        • sunshine

          Is it legal in your state?

          • Nope. Should be covered by medical insurance too, it’s the only thing that works for her condition this well. They know this…. criminals.

          • sunshine

            Yep, they are a bunch of criminals….hopefully one day it will be legal.

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          Good to have you back in the fold-welcome back!

          • Thanks, Randy… it’s good to be back with my anonymous friends I wish I knew in real life…. I am stuck with interacting with human automations in real life though, unfortunately.

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          Works for Crohn’s too!

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          cChemtrails making healthy people sick and sick people sicker. Global warming is nothing more than climate engineering or Geoengineering. I had my rain water tested filled with barium (wears down our bodies) sulfuric acid, and aluminum… alum and barium was off the charts! normal range 0 Last week 13000 Time higher than it was 5 years ago. notice the strange clouds lately? strange weather. climate engineering is going on and these chemtrail that also are used to dim the sun Lower our vital VIT D which is for our immunes. no wonder my colds last months now instead if 5 days like when I was growing up

          • Yep, and endocannabinoids can help fight that along with vitD3 supplementation and detoxification which I am learning about now. I am very conscious of this and since it is unavoidable I am attempting to construct mitigation techniques.

        • frankenbiker

          My wife has CP, and a recent amputee with severe pain. the only thing that really helps her is medical marijuana, Norco and an assortment of opiates don’t seem to work nearly as well. So I know where your coming from.

    • Rick E.

      Our government has become exactly what they warned us about back in grade school in the 60s. They drummed it in my head how the Nazis and commies would censor free speech and persecute those that expressed dissident type viewpoints.
      Now we subjects are in that same situation, with the “powers that SHOULDN’T be” not even hiding their agendas for total subjugation of we peasants!
      It’s out in the open now and we are the enemies of the state/

      • Razedbywolvs

        George Orwell – A Final Warning

    • BasicRules

      The Video is not mine the music is mine

      check out the other i did as well Time traveler i only uploaded 2 of my personal music / songs Beware of Kara and Time Traveler

      • Great stuff and I wouldn’t say that unless I meant it, I downloaded them I like them so much 🙂

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  • Reverend Draco

    “It was only a matter of time and timing.”

    But. . . but. . . CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

    • Public Service Announcement: Conspiracy Theorist

      Better watch out, one can creep up on ‘ya while you’re playin’ cornhole at the park, lol 😉

    • Wags71

      I remember being called a conspiracy theorist in 2003 when I said the Patriot Act would be used against Americans.

      • Reverend Draco

        Same here. . .

        Even after I showed them lists of conspiracy theories proven conspiracy fact.

  • Airb0rne4325

    And the Patriots should be worried? Why? Have you seen the gains ISIS has made? Remember, they are the JV team. So the JV team is smacking their asses like a $3 hooker and me, an Airborne Infantry Combat Veteran should be worried…I guess not.

  • Gil G

    Reminds me of the: take Sept. 11 out of the picture and the people have more to fear from homegrown loonies than Islamic terrorists.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Perhaps you would be interested in a two state solution?
      Talk to you peeps Gill, see if you can work something out.

    • D.Moore

      home grown loonies may save your sorry ass one day unless of course you are skilled in self defense

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        If, by self defense, you mean smacking his lips on government ass-he’s “black belt” worthy…..

  • ddearborn


    The only clear and present danger are the fucking lunatics that currently have a stranglehold on Washington. And they realize full well that if they cannot quickly disarm and muzzle the masses, their reign will be short lived.

  • freedixie

    Those militia in Oregon are not “extremists”, but they are patriots protesting against the tyranny and unconstitutional acts of this runaway government. the constitution allows for LIMITED government. It restrains the government, and the government hates that. This government has usurped its powers for far too long. It has to be put back into its cage.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    You’ve got friends in low places Joseph!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Advocating for liberty-Jesus Christ! What an extreme idea….

  • joe1cr

    Our State Dept. under Obama, Clinton and Kerry have aided and abetted
    the terrorist by degrading our military, alienating our allies and giving aid and comfort to our enemies, most notably the Islamist fanatics of Iran.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    They wont treat ISIS like they treat us, as ISIS is their creation. And in case you didn’t notice it is Muslims who are killing ISIS,AlQaeda and AlNusra with a lot of help from those Orthodox Christians from Russia!

    • The truth is 180° from whatever they say it is, good comment.

  • Jake Frizzell

    Not ‘identical threats’ actually. ISIS is controlled by CIA/i$rael while ‘liberty activists’ are uncontrolled (except for the CIA/i$raeli plants)

  • cosmo007

    The Founding Fathers would be in deep doodoo if this was in effect at the time.

  • ron17571

    Sad when our leaders? Can’t see who the enemies really are. They is them.

  • It’s not planet X… similar concept, but not planet X, look at the ancient texts for proof.