Liberal Organizers Incentivize Protesters To Get Arrested During Tax Reform Protests

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Organizers with the left-leaning group Housing Works told protesters they must “risk arrest” in order to be reimbursed for airfare to Washington, D.C., according to an internal email obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“We will transport, house and feed you, and deal with all legal support. Caveat: if you are far away from DC and expensive to transport, we can probably only fly you if you can risk arrest,” the internal email told supporters.


The group organized a large protest on Capitol Hill against the Republican-led Tax Reform measure in the Senate Tuesday, and will return Thursday, Dec. 5 to ensure that the measure doesn’t pass the upper chamber of  Congress.

“The Rs voted and fled the room, but were snagged by reporters in the hallway, surrounded by bird-doggers, and shamed for their disgraceful votes,” the group said about the protests.

Housing Works is based out of New York City, and aims to further the health of the LGBTQ community, according to the group’s website.

“Housing Works fights for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS  have access to quality housing, healthcare, HIV prevention, and treatment, among other lifesaving services,” the group asserts.

Since the organizers are based in New York, officials were forced to organize nearly every aspect of the protester’s lives during their stay in D.C. The protesters will be housed in a local church’s basement and will be provided sleeping bags, as well as free meals and a place to shower in the morning, according to the group’s email.

Organizers on either side of the aisle sometimes attempt to coordinate logistics for their teams, but the requirement that an individual need to risk arrest in the District in order to qualify for aid is unique, especially given the fact that hundreds of protesters are facing decades of prison time for violently protesting President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The email also answers a question that the president raised in April when protesters organized nationwide to demand Trump provide his full tax returns.

“I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College! Now Tax Returns are brought up again?” the president tweeted in April. “Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!”

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  • moTrouble69

    Their getting desperate, hopefully bullets start flying soon.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      I’d really rather that did not happen. Hoping for violence and bloodshed is not a good thing.

      • G’ma G

        While my morals and ethics agree, history does not. It is the only thing that gets rid of the current set of tyrants. Trouble is they just get replaced with another set. Not sure how we are ever going to break this cycle.

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          Honestly, GG, I don’t think we can. I hate to think we just gotta go out and kill everybody… too damned old for that shit and all i want to do is play in my garden and eat tomatoes… but that might be what it takes.

          I do my best to stay out of everybody’s way and they come to my home and attack me. I wish no harm upon anyone or anything and yet they invade my peace. Make me live in fear. I listen to Beethoven! I make soap and give it away! I raise produce and give it away! I give fresh eggs away! I rescue dogs and kittens! I teach children to not be afraid! I abhor violence!

          And yet, I live in fear every single day.

          This ain’t right and I truly don’t see any other options.

          I’m not qualified to judge these people… I’m still learning… but I don’t see any other options.

          I need counsel from those better educated and more intelligent than myself.

          • G’ma G

            I am so with you!!! Please don’t live in fear though…caution and awareness for sure.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            My fear is not for myself. My situational awareness is top-shelf Vodka. I hear and see almost everything. I’ve been in combat for almost sixty years. Pretty good at it now. I am a Ginger. I have no soul.

            My fear is for the lives of those for whom I chosen to be responsible. I protect… and I protect fearsomely and without hesitation. I see no difference between a dog, cat, chicken, child, or a peach tree. Though I abhor violence I am very, very good at it. Old-school SF. What the Normals see as remorseless, unfeeling killing on my part is nothing more than a conscious decision for me. Something forced upon me by others. One I absolutely hate.

            And yet, though I have no soul, each and every single time I am forced into these situations I lose another part of that which I consider to be my soul.

            “Send COB down the anchor line first–he’s not afraid of sharks.”

            “Send COB into the cedar-thicket to catch the bull. He’s not afraid of it!”

            “There’s a Grizzly bear over in those bushes. Send COB in to get him. Give him a dull toothpick. He’s not afraid.”

            I sorta-kinda-gotta question their information sources here, GG, because there is a big-time difference in having no fear and having something to do. Having no fear is both foolish and counter-productive to survival Having fear and still doing what has to be done can be the same thing if it is done for the wrong reasons.

            I will not hesitate to kill for the protection of those I have decided to protect. I will sacrifice anything to do so. I have the mind-set ability to kill millions of people if I see a child struck unjustly or see a puppy kicked. By the same token I will spend every last penny I can scrounge up to rescue an injured owl or even a snake… even explained in no uncertain terms to a crop-duster plane pilot that I would shoot his plane out of the sky if he didn’t learn wind directions and common courtesy because he killed my bees… yet I would never throw myself upon a grenade.

            Is this honor?

            I honestly do not know. This is why I seek the counsel of those more wise than myself.

            I truly don’t know. but it is the morals by which I live. Normals only consider human life to be sacred. I do not see it so. I consider it all to be so. Excepting the Brown Recluse Spider and the Anopheles Mosquito. I hunt and kill them. Anything which even closely resembles them. They are the only things I take pleasure in killing. I have my reasons for that.

        • We broke the cycle – 1776 to 1861. Maybe we find a way to make it permanent in a new way. I have my own ideal system, but it will take massive re-education and mutual understanding of what our new goals of life should be, as well as re-structuring, re-organization and re-allocation of wealth.

  • The Feds. want to create hype by pushing the protesters, as if the Bill is that good.
    Tax reform for people on welfare ($12K-$20K) ? Yeah, that helps… nobody.
    There should be no income taxes for any and all workers on salary or hourly pay under $100,000/yr..

    • rouge1

      Everyone should pay the same amount, so we should start firing government employees/ tit suckers.

  • G’ma G

    We could tax non-essential services and luxury items up the wazoo which is far less regressive.

    • Wrong thinking, you’re looking for more taxation and no cuts in spending. I am saying cut gov. spending and cut taxes for the 99% of the people. $40bil./yr. – NASA, $24bil./yr. – Arab Countries Aide (on behalf of Exxon, Chevron, Conoco), ~$4tril./yr. – Foreign Wars, Foreign Military Bases, ~$1tril./yr. – Black Projects (military and extraterrestrial research), $200mil./yr. – Reduce Senate, Congress & Administration salaries to $50k/yr..
      Salaries are not “income”, government has no right to tax them.

      • G’ma G

        I don’t “believe” in taxes but there is some truth to the old adage that the only thing for sure in life is death and taxes. As a transitional attempt toward a new system I believe the idea is sound. I absolutely agree with reducing government as the first step.

        • No, Samuel Clemmens made a clever remark on the status quo.
          That does not mean that we have to keep it. (taxes or pyramid government or currency)

          • G’ma G

            I think Buckminster Fuller said it best: ‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

          • Yes, that one is better. And we had a better model, but we failed to identify it – communal living (tribal) – with today’s technology and disbursement of wealth, we can terraform and manufacture with 0 pollution in small communities no larger than 10K people. Elder council from the people, no currency, no pyramid.

  • Flat tax of 10% for business, but close all tax exempt loopholes and deductions. Liquidate corporations that evade taxes, fail to cleanup pollution to 0% or hire illegal immigrants (violate labor laws).