Liberal Media: Loving Dogs, Displaying The American Flag, And Watching Sons of Anarchy Are Signs That YOU Are Racist

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In yet another “you can’t make this up” moment published by a liberal news outlet, a new piece in The Root declares that a variety of admittedly not racist things are actually signs that increase the likelihood of a person being a racist, including loving dogs and watching the popular T.V. Show Sons of Anarchy.

Damon Young, who wrote the piece of epic level nonsense and is also a contributor for, apparently decided, amid mass horror over the shootings in Las Vegas, to further push the racial divide in America by labeling literally normal popular habits as signs that can help someone decipher if one is some sort of secret KKK ninja.

While all ten of the things Young wrote are transparent garbage, some stand out more than others such as the very idea that loving dogs enough to include them on your Facebook page more than doubles ones chances of being a racist.

Look, I know dog lovers are generally good people, and usually better people than cat people. But if I check your Facebook or Twitter profile and your avatar is a dog, I’m, like, 60 percent certain you’ve trained that dog to bite darkies.

Yes. You read correctly. Avatar of your dog on your Facebook page? Most likely racist.

Another included in the list of signs that an American could be racist is being “Overtly patriotic” which the author claims means how many American flags a person chooses to display.

We discussed this already last month, but the number of American flags within a white person’s vicinity has a direct correlation to the number of times they’ve referred to Hardee’s as “nigger Burger King.”

While clearly disgusting, this one at least makes a little more sense when you consider the lefts recent open hate for the country itself.

Not content on just attacking dog lovers and patriots as possible racists, Young then moves his target to fans of the popular T.V. Show Sons of Anarchy.

I’ve never seen a minute of that show, but I do see a lot of white men and women getting out of pickups to go eat at Cracker Barrel while wearing Sons of Anarchy shirts, which makes it racist by association.

In other words, a person paid as a columnist for multiple “reputable” news outlets is attacking a show he literally hasn’t seen because of his own stereotype of the shows fans that is only true in his own deranged mind.

All in all, this is simply another example of the lefts insanity. Ironically, nonsense such as this was actually a major contributing factor to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 and is clearly a lesson the Democratic Party still hasn’t learned.

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  • mpow66m

    I guess im a racist.go figure.

    • Freespirit

      Quite possible and only YOU know !

  • FGD135

    Cookie-cutter-false-flags, $3.2 billion a month in aid to their apartheid state, Israel, a bizarre, lying MSM, forced vaccinations or go to jail and Pelosi and Clinton won’t go away.

    Does this article top any of that?

  • William the Resolute

    We all became racist when Obama chose to be black….it was a 50-50 proposition.

  • BW83

    The only useful thing I got from this was a new nickname for Hardee’s

  • It is not Paranoia

    It’s like some kind of a mind virus….these people just see “racism” in everything, no matter how non-related.

    • Freespirit

      They are not too far from being correct, if you know American history, and I am Libertarian. I check the RACIST comments on the many Alternative sites which I follow ( Over 20 sites).

  • Ratcraft

    1/3 racist. I hate dogs. I’m a dogist. Never seen an episode of Sons of faggotry. Do display they flag though. I just hate 1/3 of the world for no reason I guess.

  • Freespirit

    These people, WHOM the INFOWARS-type call Liberal LEFT, derisively, make more sense than the the type of people who support TRUMP and the UNITED STATES, and call themselves Conservatives ( “Conserve” WHAT- the Old EMPIRE?)……..and I am Libertarian, politically -speaking .

    I don’t agree with everything they say, especially calling Abortion a RIGHT ( A Zionist infiltration ploy, by the way), which, killing unborn babies, is NOT a right, but compared to, the“Conservatives”, Republicans, Democrats, .”Alt Right” , the
    so-called Liberal “Left” are “Angels” and “FREE-THINKERS”

    The most serious mistake those people are making, and ,I believe, NOT DELIBERATELY, is allowing Zionism to influence some of their thinking and it will back-fire on them. Zionist are GREAT at deceiving even those with the BEST of intentions. Zionist thrive on LIES, Theft and Murder, so all people should be VERY careful. They have completely bought out and/or INFILTRATED the so-called “Alt-Right”, like Alex Jones and Bob Livingston. Zionists ALWAYS infiltrate ALL sides of any Issue, Political or otherwise, to control the narrative – “War by Deception”

    I believe, contrary, to the names and other scare tactics ( “Communists”),
    which they are called or accused of by White Supremacists, ”Alt-Right” and
    Conservatives, like Bob Livingston and Alex Jones ( who both wrongly calls
    themselves Libertarians – they are NOT) and other UNINFORMED with an AGENDA, those so-called “Left” are, by far, more, AWARE, Intelligent, Discerning, Objective and HONEST TRUE PATRIOTS for Life, Liberty and Property rights.

    They are NOT Patriots for the OLD Empire, presently and since 1871, called UNITED STATES, and so, they should not be. They are more like TRUE Libertarians than MOST other Americans, who call themselves “Patriots”. Those “Patriot” type or Americans on the “Alt Right”, as they prefer to call themselves, are only PATRIOTS for the OLD America, STATUS QUO, which slaughtered MILLIONS of the Indigenous of North America and still slaughter millions of others, around this planet, especially of Brown skinned women and children, and maintain over 800 MILITARY Bases to keep other countries in bondage. THAT is what people like Alex Jones and Bob Livingston wish to bring back. Or at least maintain.

    This video is a MUST VIEW from Abby Martin as it shows a different so-called Liberal “Left”, which MOST of the “Alternative” “right” wing Media is NOT showing:

  • Roy Hobs

    Sons of Anarchy…….LOL! SOA was a Jew wet dream.

  • Bearskinbtz

    We don’t have as many “darkies” up here in Canada but I have noticed over the years normally friendly dogs have an intense natural dislike for dark skinned humans. Does this make all dogs racist? By the logic of this article owning a dog therefore makes dog owners racist by extension. All lives matter.

  • emptymag

    The idiots in media are just amazing! I know they’re as stupid as they come but this takes the cake. I’ve NEVER heard such absolute BULLSHIT!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    You left out the most important one-being white.

  • IQ140

    It already has.