‘Let Them Fight, It Will Make It Easier to Declare An Unlawful Assembly’: Charlottesville Police Chief Ordered Stand Down

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According to a bombshell new 220-page report, Charlottesville police chief Al Thomas ordered police to stand down at the “Unite the Right” rally in August because he said it would “make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

From VICE:

“Let them fight.” That directive from the police chief as the violence started to unfold was only part of the massive failure of the response to the “Unite the Right rally” in Charlottesville, according to a searing 220-page report by an independent review team released Friday.

[…]Virginia State Police were told that their job was to protect Emancipation Park, where the statue of Robert E. Lee was located. Charlottesville officers were told that they were only to “intervene in serious violence, violence where someone would be seriously hurt or killed,” Heaphy said.

When things began to escalate, with white supremacist groups openly clashing with antifa and other counterprotesters, Charlottesville police leadership responded sluggishly, according to the report.

Upon witnessing the first signs of open violence, Police Chief Al Thomas said “Let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly’,” according to his personal assistant’s account to investigators.

Thomas didn’t recall making that statement but did concede he wanted to wait to see how things played out. “Regardless of what he said, Chief Thomas’ slow-footed response to violence put the safety of all at risk and created indelible images of this chaotic event,” the report states.

It wasn’t until more than 40 minutes after those first signs of violence that an unlawful assembly was declared, at around 11 a.m. Other delays were due in part to the fact that officers didn’t have their riot gear on hand, which they would need to disperse protesters from the park.

“When the CPD officers arrived at the supply trailer, they had to fish through plastic bins to find their gear, which included gas masks, riot shields, and ballistic helmets,” the report stated. “For many of them, it was the first time they had ever worn this equipment.”

The line commanders were also unable to locate all their bullhorns, which they needed to clear the area. Other hold-ups included poor communication with Virginia State Police, who were trying to extract their undercover agents from the fray in the park before Charlottesville riot police moved in.

If you search “Charlottesville police stand down” on Google as of today, the top two results are “fact checkers” proclaiming there was no stand down because the police chief said so and any claim to the contrary is “false.”


It turns out there was a stand down as your’s truly reported right after the event and it was done specifically to “make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

The report also found a ‘counter-protester’ started the infamous Charlottesville parking garage fight.

As the Daily Caller reports:

According to the report, review of the “open source video footage” of the parking garage confrontation shows that “a counter-protester attempted to yank a flag away from a Unite The Right demonstrator who resisted and fought back… During that struggle, a second counter-protester named Deandre Harris rushed in and used a club—possibly a Maglite flashlight—to strike the Alt-Right demonstrator’s head or shoulder.”

The report notes that Harris was then pushed to the ground when the group of white nationalists began to fight back, “which left him defenseless against a mob of angry Alt-Right demonstrators that descended upon him with flagsticks, shields, and pieces of wood.”

Deandre Harris raised $166,000 on GoFundMe after claiming he was “beaten by white supremacists” for no reason.

You can see Harris attacking a man with an alleged Maglite flashlight — which he was carrying in broad daylight — in the video below:

After raising heaps of cash off gullible liberals, Harris released a music video on YouTube featuring himself driving a new Mercedes Benz and flaunting piles of cash.

Harris was served a warrant for alleged unlawful wounding and turned himself in October 12th only to be immediately released on an unsecured bond.

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  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    It is called TREASON. This Police Chief and the Mayor need to be charged and sent to PRISON, if not EXECUTED. Subversion IS treason. America has been subverted enough by these kind of evil bastards.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      “Subversion IS treason.”

      How so?

      Please explain and we will go from there.

      • You can call me Al

        For me, it is intentionally manipulated policies promoting disorder and /or violence, due to either transfers of brown enveloped or political pressure / belief.

        PS I have now learned Fox presenter language – apologies.

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          Yeah. That was petty fucked up, Al. Funny though. I enjoyed it.

    • G’ma G

      It doesn’t rise to the level of treason but it is absolutely the very next step below–Sedition.

      • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

        Intentionally NOT protecting the People, when you can, IS treason. The Fluoride appears to clog the brain functions in most people now days, where they live in an alter reality, where they think that true reality is separate themselves.

        • G’ma G

          The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against
          the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in
          adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is
          punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person
          shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses
          to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

          An insurrectionary movement tending towards treason, but wanting an overt
          act; attempts made by meetings or speeches, or by publications, to
          disturb the tranquillity of the state.

          The distinction between “sedition” and “treason” consists in this: that
          though the ultimate object of sedition is a violation of the public
          peace, or at least such a course of measures as evidently engenders it,
          yet it does not aim at direct and open violence against the laws or the
          subversion of the constitution.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            And yet, this very phrase tells it all:

            “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

            I know you know what document that excerpt comes from GG, but most don’t.

            That is from the Declaration Of Independence. It was a letter of open warfare as well as a declaration of intent that these men and women were going to overtly commit both treason and sedition. They then wrote laws which directly contradicted and outlawed the very same things they had just done.

            In effect, they said: “We can do it, because we are in charge now, but you cannot because we are in charge now.”

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          No, dear. That is not treason.

          Perhaps you should educate yourself. We will assist you in that.

          • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

            No wonder there have not been many convictions of corrupt cops that shake down the People. The People no longer have the brains to comprehend when they are getting bent over and screwed. They think that their pink pussy hat gives them an education, and their so-called leaders are their god. When they are alone they talk as if they are a crowd that knows more than they actually do. No wonder America is in the crapper, and people voted for Obama. They are all BRAIN-DEAD Old Cynical idiots, with enlarged anuses, that can not tell night from day from too much PAXIL, and too many bend overs from crooked cops. …but they like it, and pretend it is not a crime.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Say what?

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      No? Don’t wanna bite my baited hook? The bait is only education. I promise.

  • idontknow

    Remember how king David murdered the husband of Bathsheba?

    He didn’t put a sword or an arrow through him. He simply ordered that in the heat of battle, the line would withdraw and allow him to be engulfed by enemies.

    God decided David was a murderer. That means God thinks this police chief is ALSO a murderer…

    • Lisa

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    I said from day one that Charlottesville was a setup against the AltRight and now we have more proof.

    Now we know who issued the standdown order to the C’ville cops. Question is, then…was Terry McAuliffe involved?

    • Eva

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  • John C Carleton

    Wonder if they have trees and lamp post in Charlottesville?

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe
  • G’ma G

    There is no such thing as unlawful assembly on public land. See the 1st amendment. What is unlawful is individual acts by individuals. This is too slippery of a slope justifying marshal law–declaring the majority who are assembled peacefully to be doing so illegally do to the criminal acts of a few.

  • Mike

    So once again the police are ordered to stand down so the left can commit violent acts. This is treason and the police chief and the mayor should be in jail for it.

  • Trupledon

    Line up the inbred white supremacists Nazis and shoot to kill. Easy solution.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    Time for PRISON – for wanton endangerment of the Public. Treason, by true definition.