Lawmakers Vote To Cut Food Stamps In 2014

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Despite a veto from the White House and opposition from lobby groups, the House of Representatives has voted to cut food stamp benefits in 2014. It’s thought some $4 billion a year could be saved.

Drug testing and work requirements mean that an estimated 4 million people would be affected by the changes.

Lloyd Dogget (Rep TX) called it the “Let them starve bill” but the move was defended by Eric Cantor (Rep VA) who said:

“This bill is designed to give people a hand when they need it most. And most people don’t choose to be on food stamps. Most people want a job … They want what we want.” (source)

The new work requirements would allow states to require 20 hours of work from all able bodied adults with a child over one year of age providing childcare was available, and would be applicable to all parents with school aged children.

If the bill passes, up to 3.8 million people could lose the benefit next year.

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  • Jean

    Funny how they want to DISARM US first…
    Then roll out the “benefits” (welfare) reductions, and they’re arming up just in time – for the ensuing riots and violence.

    • Max

      Jean, I hate to say it, but most the fucking ebt’ers I see need to be put down.

      • NoRegretVET

        I eat beans and rice…they eat steak…I drive a clunker…they drive their Welfare Cadillacs…..I know what they are thinking….Well….as the guy said ” Let the Games Begin !!! “

        • cookie

          NoRegretVET amen. this is so true, these people eat better then many, they also get to use their bet cards at GAS STATIONS where we all know they aint buying food.. I am happy that they are finally going to cut the LAZY ASSES.. YEEHAA.

        • TAG

          Me too! I work and I live way below the average recipient of government hand-outs. I work, I pay and they take. Simple as that. Thank you Obutthole!

          • TAG

            OMG! I bet I am on the LIST! FU!

  • patriot


    • NoRegretVET

      Roger that !!!

  • 0jr

    yet the deficit will if not double will increase by alot more and money to the welfare state isrealhell will continue and increase by about double of what the cuts are

  • bowlan

    the republicans want to divert that money over to corporate farm subsidiaries. now life scum bags, one side pushed 116 million to food stamps and the other side wants to take it away from them.

    • randy

      It’s not the Republicans that are doing this !
      It’s the Democrats doing this , and Blaming everything on the Republicans !
      When are Y’all Obama supporters gonna WAKE UP !
      Obama is trying to start people Rioting so he can call Marshall Law !
      that way he can stay in CONTROLL for a longer time !He’s using our laws against us , not for us !
      It may already be to late , I hope not !
      GOD HELP US ALL !!

  • Nexus789

    Would be nice if all those job existed, Cantor is sociopathic that also lives on government welfare also.

  • tracyo64

    Hello! 20 hours. There are part time help wanted signs everywhere. It’s just for jobs that most people think they are too good for. In winter, I sometimes work 80+ hours/wk and STILL have to pee in a bottle whenever they want. Don’t expect me to feel sorry for someone who is able to work, but just doesn’t feel like it. Waa-Waa.

  • TAG

    Well they should cut it. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the people abusing this program that sure eat better than my hard working ASS! I have seen, many times, at the check out lanes the people paying with food stamps. Jewelry galore, manicures, hair perfect, the latest fashions while I shop the Salvation Army, never in my life had a manicure and haven’t had my hair cut by anyone but ME for 30 years! And on top of that? They are FAT. They are fat on my bucks while I have a hard time staying at 100 Lbs.
    I budget, use coupons and grow my own garden to eat. Work all summer to preserve enough for winter. I say if you don’t work you don’t eat. Would move a few blubber butt users for sure! These parasites are sucking this country dry and it seems most just say OK! Save those poor lazy asses!
    I am sick and tired of paying for the lazy asses. Let the dead beat dads look out for their children. I raised my children. I don’t have to raise yours. Maybe Robin Hood will. Or that Obutthole we call a president.
    The takers sure as shit don’t give a rats ass about my life.

    • Mary Day

      You left out the trope about them buying lobster, troll.

    • elisa dawn

      those are not food stamps they are buying those things it is with their tanf cards

  • Fred Flinstone

    Good!!!! cut them all off everyone of the career welfare recipients that voted that prick into office that got that crap started in the first place.. Make their lazy asses get jobs!!