Latest Email Dump Shows Hillary Clinton Telling Aide to Send Classified Documents over Unsecure Fax Line

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Editor’s Note: Rumor has it there will be mutiny in the FBI if Lynch doesn’t charge her soon. Then again, these things tend to get a slap on the wrist — for people in the oligarchy, anyway. Remember Patraeus?

With the levels of scandal that follow that woman around like a constant shadow, it is a wonder any sheeple anywhere could be “ready for Hillary”.


Via Tech Dirt:

In the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails — forced out of the State Department’s gnarled fists by an FOIA lawsuit and a recently-released Inspector General’s report showing the agency flat out sucks at responding to FOIA requests — there’s a conversational thread suggesting the presidential candidate considers her access to classified information more important than the security of that information.

In one email exchange dated June 2011, Clinton instructed her top policy advisor Jacob Sullivan to send her talking points — which were scheduled to be forwarded over the State Department’s secured network — over a non-secure fax line. Sullivan reported a problem with the State Department’s secure transmission system, so Clinton told him to wipe off any “identifying heading” and send it over using a regular fax line.

Apparently, having faster access to the talking points is more important than following the correct protocols. That’s an incredibly irresponsible way to handle sensitive communications, especially for someone in Clinton’s position.

Calls for criminal charges are filling the air again, but if the US government hasn’t engaged fully at this point, there’s little reason to believe further mishandling of classified information by Clinton is going to get that ball rolling. Besides, the State Department claims the instructions were never followed and the classified info never sent to an unsecure line, as if that makes everything OK.

On Friday, the State Department faced a barrage of questions about the propriety of that order. “We did do some forensics on that and found no evidence it was actually emailed to her,” State Department Spokesperson Kirby said at a daily news briefing on Friday. “There are other ways it could have found its way to her for her use.”

The agency also claims that just because the document was described as “classified” doesn’t necessarily mean the contents of the paper were actually “classified,” as if that makes everything ok.

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  • NonYo Business

    The fact this traitor is still walking around free should be a clue to people.

    • bill lopez

      The act of mishandling classified materials is not in and of itself traitorous. Her other behaviors and actions are another thing however.

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Yep. A clue that the Justice Department is actually the “Just Us” Department.

  • Broos

    Parsimonious to the point of niggardly; a prescription for Hellaryous Femicide, followed by DemOcide!

  • bill lopez

    “That’s an incredibly irresponsible way to handle sensitive communications, especially for someone in Clinton’s position.”

    Daily sheep writer obviously not familiar with certain names and roles in government – rules, laws etc only apply to those “other” people….

  • cynic

    Is the President of the USA immune from prosecution. If elected, could she be arrested in the White House, tried and end her term in jail?

    • If she didn’t pardon herself. Since her license to practice law has been revoked, maybe she could be given a crappy public defender, but she is anything but indigent.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Surely we have the prison capacity to hold the Clintons, Bushs, Cheneys, Pearls, Feiths and the entire congress and senate. Then we can fill all the remaining space with bankers, lawyers, judges, cops and monsanto employees. Then in the second week…..

  • Disce Pati

    Sadly, I don’t think it matters if they charge her…..OBummer will pardon her before he leaves office.

  • There are two laws in America. One for you and I, and one for the elite, like this skank.

  • I forgot

    There’s no such thing as a secure fax line.

    • What would a secure phone line that a FAX was sent over be?

      • I forgot

        Something any operator at NSA could get the data from.

        • I didn’t know that NSA had gone into the telephone answering business.

          • I forgot

            It sure does seem like I remember reading a story that was all over the news not too long ago about how the NSA was monitoring Angela Merkel’s cell phone. If you remember, the German’s acted like this was something they had never heard of, when they undoubtedly do the same.

          • Normal people don’t become spooks, and only spooks spy on whoever is spied on, for pay. Telephone operators seldom become spooks, having been indoctrinated in the privacy of any communications to which they become privy, just like radio operators have been from their beginnings.
            You should read the Communications Act of 1934 if you think this isn’t the law in the US.

          • I forgot

            It makes me wonder if the ‘spooks’ follow the ‘Act of 1934’.

          • They are all immune to it as a result of being a part of government.