Las Vegas Mass Shooting Eyewitness: There Were “Four To Five” Shooters Attacking Multiple Hotels

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As the official narrative surrounding the deadliest mass shooting in American history continues to unravel, multiple eyewitness accounts are starting to trickle in, with the latest being an extremely shocking and detailed account of an operation that included up to five different shooters targeting multiple hotels in Las Vegas.

Facebook user and eyewitness Gio Rios has sent shockwaves throughout the internet after he not only confirmed he was present during the attack, he presented a variety of details that are were either unpublished or have been denied by authorities and the mainstream media.

“There was more than one shooter, I believe there were 4-5 shooters and I saw/heard 4 of them,” Rios claimed. “There was one of their men down in the concert who lit firecrackers either to distract people…. or to decoy the Mandalay Bay shooter breaking the windows out of the hotel without being noticed right away.”

That’s right, we now have another eyewitness publicly speaking about multiple shooters just as police originally stated (on the scanners). Keep in mind that other proof of some sort of false flag operation has also been revealed, including automatic gunfire heard at ground level.

“The first shooter was at the Mandalay Bay, then MGM Grand, and Excalibur/New York New York and Tropicana,” continued Rios. “These are confirmed by me personally and I believe that the shooter from Mandalay was shooting an LMG.”

Rios then goes on to provide what has to be the most detailed account of what may have happened to date, starting out by again noting that firecrackers were lit first in some sort of move to distract concert goers before the actual shooting began. He sadly details the horrific death all around him as he ran with his girlfriend to get out of harms way, noticing many people shot including a women with her head blown off.

“We then proceeded to an alleyway by the parking structure and saw muzzle flashes coming from the Excalibur and New York New York,” Rios revealed. Obviously if this is true it completely destroys the official story and paints a picture of a multiple person team using various hotels to attack concert goers from multiple angles.

Rios concludes by saying, “Las Vegas can’t afford to have people scared to travel to the strip that’s the main entertainment in Nevada, think about it. Why would they scare everyone and confess that there were multiple shooters when they have no clue who the active shooters actually are.”

This is an important statement because it proves that Rios himself isn’t some sort of conspiracy theorist that thinks this was a purposeful action carried out by rogue elements of our government. He seems to truly believe that this is a cover-up because authorities do not want to scare the American people.

You can read the entire eyewitness report here as Facebook has already been accused of deleting the post multiple times. It is a must read!

Note: This key eyewitness report comes amid video evidence that many believe proves that automatic gunfire was being sprayed into the crowd at ground level.

(Near the 49:50 mark you can hear the beginning of the ground level shots being fired.)

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  • kimmmmm

    Shooter(s) at Bellagio too.

    • But only ‘ONE’ video from that one women….

      – and no damage shown… not a single other person has posted yet online –
      no damage – not sure there is even a single 911 call from Bellagio.

      Just that one women.

      How is that possible?

      • Chad Helm

        One Woman bold enough to tell the truth, and put her name behind it. It’s not surprising at all. Her Video was shot Live, and the Security on that Video confirmed that the Mainstream Media was reporting false information. CLEARLY, there were multiple shooters.

        • no multiple shooters because there is no other cell phone video that shows it…

          No one else witnessed what she is saying… it is her against all the other people in and around that hotel and she is losing.

          • Chad Helm

            She is “losing” for trying to tell the truth? No. You are losing for trying to hide it.

          • Not hiding nothing… I don’t have to prove she is wrong… I don’t have to prove NO SHOTS fired at the Bellagio was – – –

            Proving anything – is HER OBLIGATION.

            SHE has to PROVE SHOTS WERE FIRED at the Bellagio.

            And so far – no one else is backing her up… not even the 911 calls show ‘shooter at Bellagio’ –

            Can you find one other single person online who is backing up “shots fired a the Bellagio” – I can’t find anything.

          • Elizabeth Prospero

            They deleted and wiped out most of the victims videos on the cell phones that they were able to collect… then returned them to the owners..

          • All that video went online anyways…

          • tom

            How can you deny multiple shooters when witnesses AND video confirms it? Take off your blinders please! If you want justice you have to open your mind to facts, not close it to them because it doesn’t fit the “official” pronouncements.

          • I have not seen a reliable witness state clearly -without confusion- that they saw someone shooting… Please link if you have it.

          • Sarah Slayton Johansen


  • mpow66m

    has any been shot at the other hotels?

  • darkhorse

    no, wait…umm, there were shooters in every hotel across the nation… yeah, that’s the…

  • Nexusfast123

    Given the numbers of dead and injured it seems improbable that one individual firing from a fixed location could do that.

    • Joel W

      By improbable I am assuming you mean absolutely impossible. Because it is. That is not my opinion. Not an assumption. It is indisputable fact that one man, from the alleged distance, in the length of time the shooting was occurring, to do that. And the weapon of choice for actually doing something of that magnitude is irrelevant. Can’t be done, except in Hollywood. The total count of reported dead and injured is the average size of an Army battalion (300 to 800 soldiers in a battalion).

      • some 2,000 rounds shot at a crowd of 22,000 standing shoulder to shoulder…. from 300+ yards –

        Have you ever been to a gun Range?

        • Joel W

          Yes I most certainly have. And that is completely irrelevant. What is being reported, that one man, who had zero training, and by all accounts was not a person who practiced, or shot firearms ever, could do this alone. I guess all the witnesses are lying, you are implying? There is video available publicly in which more than one shooter can be heard. And frankly, I would bet my life, this guy didn’t do it. Ever hear of the word patsy? You know, like Oswald?

          • He had ‘all the time in the world’ – (rich / retired)
            to train, to watch video’s, to go to the desert and shoot…. which he did… as there is a video of him driving to a desert location used for shooting by the locals just a few days earlier…

            I am not sure you have never shot an AR – because if you would have -you would know that picking up a loaded AR and pulling the trigger (bump stock or not) is really not very difficult.
            He had the room for 6 days…. he had 24 guns up there and more mags then he could use. What possible reason can you give to tell me he ‘could not have done it alone.’

            On all the recordings, the recorded start/stop cadence of him firing his guns is almost perfect for one shooter only.
            There are shooting pauses for his mag loads or changing guns where no fire is heard. had there been 2 shooters – those pauses would NOT HAVE BEEN consistent. And indeed they are consistent through the entire shooting spree.

            There is a short stint of 2 guns being fired and I think that is him trying to go Rambo and shoot 2 guns at once (having 24 up there it would be odd if he did not.) No other recordings ‘point’ to other locations of shooters either… No people saw another shooter and reported such. At least I have not seen clear evidence of that.

          • Joel W

            Keep parroting the news. I don’t care. The truth is, this guy was a patsy. again, these witnesses are lying. Research witnesses saying they saw & heard something from the 4th floor. Or the people that said there was a shooter in the crowd. As far as you seeing clear evidence of anything, you haven’t looked. Its all out there. I have seen much clear evidence that this guy never fired a single shot and he was merely a patsy. And that is all out there as well. Does it frighten you that much to think there is very good chance that you are totally being lied to, that this guy did nothing but be at the wrong place, that this was a deeply covert, black ops Gladio-stlye false flag?

            ‘him trying to go Rambo’

            You can’t be serious.

          • So you think everything is a lie.

            All the cell phone video’s, are made up.
            All the wounded in the hospital, are fake.
            All the dead, aren’t.
            All the video – in a city that has more video camera’s per square inch then anywhere else in the world – were all compromised?
            You think this was some massive set up – with 50,000 crisis actors… and that the FBI and CIA ‘planned it all out in advance’ –

            Do you have one shred of evidence?

          • Joel W

            Never said anything remotely close to what you are falsely accusing me of saying. Do not put words in my mouth. Just that there was more than one shooter. And chances are this guy wasn’t one of them. False flag and hoax are two different things. It matters not what evidence I ‘have.’ What matters is the evidence that is available if you are willing to look. My first suggestion to you is figure out what I meant by ‘Gladio-style false flag’ since you obviously have no clue what that means. While you are at it, look up ‘strategy of tension.’ Because that is what this is.

            And speaking of evidence, is there one shred of it that proves this guy even did it, let alone did it by himself? None. And since you want to bring up security cameras, where is the footage of one man bring all these alleged weapons into the hotel? How about that? How about one shred of evidence even suggesting the official narrative is true. There is none.

          • Do you believer that is a dead body in the room?

          • Joel W

            Yes I believe there is a dead body in the room. But I don’t believe for one second that it was one of the shooters.

          • So you think 2 people were shooting down on the crowd one from each window?

          • Joel W

            I cannot say for certain how many shot or where they shot from, but there was more than one shooter, more than one location. There are witnesses stating it seemed like some were coming from a 4th floor room. And witnesses stating there was a shooter in the crowd. Add the reports of shootings at multiple hotels. Bottom line, absolutely, positively more than one shooter. And Paddock more than likely was not one of then. He is 2017’s Oswald.

          • So let me address these items..

            The Bellagio Hotel has what I have found to be only ONE video of a person stating “shots were fired” in the front door…. and the hotel was under ‘lock down’ –
            There is NO ONE ELSE… thousands of people mulling about the Bellagio and no one else verifies her story. That is not right!!
            The only question that remains is that the Bellagio is actually rather far from the Mandalay Bay 1.3 miles as the crow flies – so I would like more videos from others – some photos of bullet holes etc. Here she is explaining what happened in more detail – Some people ‘did not even know’ there was a shooting were she was.
   I think she is a nut.
            BUT – It could be that the shooter actually hit various Vegas Hotels as well as shooting at the crowd. Why not? he is up very high could easily stair out at the whole town….

            The Tropicana Hotel is actually DIRECTLY IN THE LINE OF FIRE from the shooter on the 32nd floor – it is the property directly across the street from the Concert that was hit – it is somewhat obvious that the perp could have easily shot and hit the Tropicana. He shot at the airport next door as well.

            As for the 4th floor at the Mandalay Bay – those windows are floor to ceiling windows and do not open… as far as I know.
            No shooter on the 4th floor.

            As for the ‘crowd’ shooter… I think that ‘sound’ would have CLEARLY been heard on all/some of the cell phones recording in the crowd… that sound would have been very very very loud – you would know in an instant if someone fired a gun 10 or 20 feet away from you.. it is really loud. Also – given the crowd that was clearly there… if there is a shooter next you – with deafening gunshots. YOU JUMP THEM if you have the chance and get that gun – or there is ‘focussed attention’ on him.. I did not see such evidence anywhere

          • Joel W

            Anything is possible. Except that this was the work of one person. That is all I am really getting at here.

            And just because you haven’t seen such and such evidence, does not mean it is not out there. And never said any of it was entirely accurate. Just stating what I have viewed and/or read and the conclusion I have come to. And that conclusion is there is no possible way one man, without some seriously intense training could have done this. And practice for a few months does not make one this proficient. Where are gun range videos is he was relentlessly practicing? Where is casino footage of him bringing an arsenal in? And lastly, where is any shred of evidence that this guy was in fact the trigger man? None of it exists or we would have seen or heard about it. The media & law enforcement has offered up exactly nothing to prove their narrative. And a dead body, with face missing, in a room with a few guns, but lacking the 1000 or whatever rounds he allegedly fired alone, is not evidence. This story makes as much logical sense as the non-existent shooting at Sandy Hook story, and 3 steel frame building collapsing in their own footprints, at free fall speed, from office fires. None are possible in anything but Hollywood.

          • You need Occam’s razor.

            Building 7’s air conditioners on the roof clearly collapse first – well before the rest of the building… no way that happens without the core collapsing – first. NO WAY. The roof falling in is obvious.

            I shoot allot – I shoot AR’s – it is not hard to shoot loaded AR’s for 10 minutes. the 223 round is small and has little kick. The bump stock I have not shot – but you load up 10 guns plus flip some mags – it just is not that hard. GO TO A RANGE – rent a gun and shoot for yourself… you will see.

          • Joel W

            And a typical office fire alone cannot weaken a steel core to the point of failure, unless we suspend the laws of physics momentarily.

            And as for shooting a lot, you doing so has nothing to do with it. First, none of the rifles in pictures released to the public had a bump stock. Second, you are just distracting from the obvious. It is impossible. Continual fire that long makes the barrel extremely hot, which makes each successive shot less & less accurate. Not to mention the rifle that is alleged to be the one used is on a bi-pod. Makes the bump-stock story more suspect. Add in the over hour police response (ordered stand down, Benghazi-style?).

            I have shot many guns in my life, again, my experience or yours is irrelevant.

            Where is proof that this guy had practiced enough to be this proficient? And a few months of shooting does not do it. Where is the security footage of him bringing all this in? Why is tghe floor of the hotel room not literally covered with expended brass. Why are there no burn marks on the carpet from the hot brass? Why did the CEO of the casino dump his stock in the casino a mere few days before? What about the witnesses claiming shots were coming from the 4th floor? Why was he alleged to have checked in the 28th, but in reality it was the 25th? Or the phone charger that does not match his phone? Who is the mystery guest that registered at check in with him, and where is this person?

            You can believe the blatant lies we are being told all you want. Make no difference to me. But until all my questions are answered, logically, this is a black ops false flag. There are more holes in this story than there are in the victims. And makes as much sense as the 9/11 lie, the Sandy Hook lie, the Boston Marathon lie, and every single other BS false flag lie that we have had shoved down our throats in recent years.

          • Building 7 burned ‘out of control’ for 5 hours… nothing typical about it. ISLAM DID 911 –

            Carefully watch the Penthouse on the roof… NO ONE would have ‘blown that up first’… no one.

            As for the shooter – all the brass is in the next room… with most of the 24 guns too… His guns did jam, and he switched guns.

          • Joel W

            Stop trying to distract. I care not how long the fire burnt. Not possible. What about the building in London the was in flames for well over 24 hours, without a steel core, that did not fall in its foot print? Or what about the building in Dubai that was in flames twice in just over a yea, and did not collapse? How is it that never before nor after 9/11, has a steel core building done what 3 did almost simultaneously? And Islam did not do it. In fact, wording it that way is plain retarded. And considering at least 5 of the alleged high jackers are confirmed by multiple news sources as still alive, they didn’t do it either. And you are using a NIST video as explanation? Really? Paid liars are your source? This is becoming completely laughable.

            Let me ask you this. Do you like being deceived? Are you afraid to have your fragile little reality shattered by the truth? Or are you a paid disinfo agent? Because you are obviously more than willing to use impossible, government sponsored lies to prove your point. So, you can believe what you want. You are not going to trick me into your deception. And frankly, you wasting your time with me pushing these outrageous & blatant lies. So keep coming up with more and more impossibilities all you want. The irony is that this site is called Daily Sheeple, yet you are acting exactly like the sheeple.

            The truth shall set you fee. And more and more proof of everything I have said is coming out daily, including one of the wounded who says he was shot by somebody in the crowd, and now evidence of more than the two windows broken out.

            ‘As for the shooter – all the brass is in the next room… with most of the 24 guns too’

            Then explain all the guns in the room with the body. And how in the rifle with the bi-pod perfectly placed on the ground, straddling the legs of the body? 100% impossible for him to have dropped it and it land perfectly resting on stock & bi-pod. Unless we again suspect the immutable laws of physics.

            So, I can’t wait to see what kind of crap explanation you have for all of this. I want specific responses to everything I have questioned here, or don’t bother.

          • The Penthouse fell first.

          • Joel W

            I told you, stop trying to distract and answer all my questions or don’t bother responding.

          • Ask one question at a time….

          • Joel W

            I’m not asking them again. You can re-read our discussion and answer them all. Its not that difficult, unless you have a tough time keeping your lies in order.

            That said, here are a few more to add to the list of questions you have refused to answer. Why are you so hell bent on convincing me of blatant lies? Why are you so concerned about my conclusion not matching the blatant lies? Why can you not see the government is obviously lying about this? What do you stand to gain by pushing the lies? Is it that hard to fathom that you are being lied to? Are you truly that frightened to see to painful truth about this fiasco, which is clear to see to anybody who is willing to see?

            The truth shall set you free.

            Or are you one of those who enjoys being deceived so as to not have to deal with and accept the harsh reality that we live in?

          • There is a ton of information available – there are photos that were leaked within hours of the SWAT breech.

            I think it impossible for the CIA to make this up – and there is no ‘hard evidence’ – not one picture, not one video, not person who ‘saw something’ – nothing anywhere to point to a conspiracy. yet.

          • Joel W

            The entire thing points to a conspiracy. And yes the CIA/FBI/DHS most certain have the agents and assets to do this. That’s like saying the CIA didn’t have the ability to murder a US President, in broad daylight. Or to topple governments.

            The only thing that there is zero hard evidence of is the story we are being fed. Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, has any basis in reality.

            Now, still avoiding my questions I see.

          • ask one question at a time and I will answer… I do know allot about this case.

          • Joel W

            I already asked. And I am not asking again. If you can’t answer more than one at a time, then you are scared of or hiding something. And all you know of this case is the blatant lies we are being told, which tells me you are a paid disinfo agent. You can take your distractions and lies elsewhere. I am done with you and your pathetic attempts at misdirection. I’m not the one.

          • I think you are scared of the Truth.

          • Joel W

            Says the one who is pushing the blatantly false government sponsored narrative.

            Pot, meet kettle. Now leave me alone. I have wasted more than enough time debating with a wall. You believe the lies all you want, matters not one iota to me.

          • Paleface

            u r right. can’t trust msm. they r full of sh*t. just an example ppl forget to mention:

          • Joel W

            Oh that’s one of my all time favorites. That awkward moment when the building you just announced fell and can be seen right behind you still standing. Oops.

          • nicu79

            Who said any of this? It was a well organized false flag, with a 64 year old Rambo patsy, ready to go.
            And that’s a FACT.

          • Joel W

            After my nice, long discussion with this Trump Winning guy, it has become very clear that he very well may be a paid disinfo agent. He has a convenient, government ‘sponsored’ answer for everything, in addition, like to try to distract with irrelevant lines of discussion. Either that or he is one of the utterly hopeless souls who relish in being deceived.

          • Da vid

            have you ever been to las Vegas hotels?
            they check the rooms daily cameras all over the place where is the video of him transporting all the hardware?
            as there are cameras even at the urinals

          • 23 guns = 8 to 10 luggage bags. He rolls up 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner, etc…. he had the room for 6 days – why is this difficult to understand? It is a ‘hotel’ – thousands of bags roll in and out every single day.

          • No camera’s in the rooms – privacy law.

          • Bill the eighth

            You are as loony as a liberal. Change your name to Obama fan boy.

          • It is called a “specific expectation of privacy” – they put a security camera in your room and you get to sue.

          • Bill the eighth

            I never said they can / would / do put cameras in hotel rooms. What I meant, since you are having a hard time comprehending the English language, is; you are as loony as a liberal democrat.

          • nicu79

            Give it up fool. You are stupid now.

        • RMS1911

          The law said 12 60 round mags that doesn’t equal 2000 that doesn’t equal 1000 It’s 720.
          From a 64 year old man “using” a bump-fire stock on a 9 pound gun with a bipod. (Bump fires don’t work resting on a bipod)

          • the bipod mounted guns I saw did not have bump-fire/slidefire stocks. you can clearly see one has a distinctive Daniel Defense stock, the other a Magpul

          • RMS1911

            The news reported otherwise but they are known to lie. before they reported tripods again useless with a bump-fire stock.
            The picture with the two guns on the floor the one with the 60 round mag has a bump-fire stock on it but the other one with a bipod has a normal stock.
            I haven’t seen any other detailed pics of the guns “used” just the one with the two on the floor. And how was he firing nearly a hundred rounds out of a 60 round mag? I don’t see beta mags in the pictures. The truth might come out eventually.
            Just like him doing math to figure bullet drop, Why he was spraying into a crowd he wasn’t sniping.

        • mikefromwichita

          The crowd was much more spread out.

          • From that stage to 50 yards out it was packed… going back further it opened up some what but was still very dense humanity.

            You can measure the field on google maps…

      • Da vid

        Nonsense no one I know who is a senior citizen with no gun experience could of done this.
        1) the weight of all the guns and ammo alone would of been too much
        2) weapons shown were small arms with small caliber.
        3) military grade ammo was used therefore there was no intention to
        kill everyone who was hit.

        • Joel W

          I could not agree with you any more. In my opinion, there are two types of people who are buying this crap. Those who do not want to know the truth and deep down like being deceived so as to not shatter their fragile make believe reality. Or paid government agents whose job is to distract and discredit people asking tough questions.

          But hey, why let logical analysis & the facts you presented get in the way of a good narrative.

  • Gil G

    The latest NRA tactic – make garbage up to stall for time until the outrage dies down.

    • What ever works.

    • NihilistZerO

      So multiple victims of this tragedy were bribed by the NRA, within an hour of the shooting, to lie? When the Police SCANNER explicitly tells of EMTs under fire INSIDE the Tropicana???

    • stone cruiser

      odummer said ok to the bump stock, lackwit.

    • Their ILA is putting together a campaign to sucker some more donations out of those too ignorant not to be scared to death of inept bureaucrats.

    • Joel W

      The NRA has already caved. Stop using them as a distraction. They have absolutely nothing to do with this.

  • An Email i sent Rense….

    ​Hi Jeff…. Well it seem we are here
    again.. up to our necks in state mind rape and little is really being
    challenged on this shooting… in MSM areas that is. But here we are.

    I guess the first thing i should
    ridicule is the hotel ‘ORGY of evidence’, this is a real doosey,
    Q:Who leaked the photos of the room? Like we don’t know. How
    convenient to have such a good item to put on the news. The amount of
    hardware there is insane, what was he going to do with all that? he
    would use a few of them before he was kicked off the planet, but 23
    weapons and over 1000 rounds is bonkers. A child could see the
    obvious setup.

    Everyone heard this attack, as far as i
    can tell nobody SAW this attack. That said a suppressed weapon was
    not used. So why do we not see a muzzle flame? We heard the report,
    could hear the down range ricochet, so where is the muzzle flashes.

    There is a video going around pointing
    to a series of flashes low on the one side, SMG muzzle flash is not
    going to be overlooked! Depending on the loading of the round it can
    become very long and pronounced in the dark. As far as i can tell no
    video evidence of MF.

    I know a bit about the Canadian C1
    version of the Sterling SMG, and more importantly have heard this
    weapon on range many times and various distances, the audio in the
    video clips is most likely from some form of SMG.

    Everyone heard this attack, as far as i
    can tell nobody SAW this attack. That said a suppressed weapon was
    not used. So why do we not see a muzzle flame? We heard the report,
    could hear the down range ricochet, so where is the muzzle flashes.

    There is a vid going around pointing to
    a series of flashes low on the one side, SMG muzzle flash is not
    going to be overlooked! Depending on the loading of the round it can
    become very long and pronounced in the dark. As far as i can tell
    after all the video have downloaded, No, repeat No muzzle flash video
    evidence from the Mandalay Bay. This was the first topic of search
    for my enquiries, many hours of search have yet to prove on video the
    source of the deadly fire volleys.

    Now the only real close and known
    microphone placement i have to sample on the fire is from the taxi
    Girls phone, on that you can do some measurements, that result is
    trending me into focusing on surface level fire, the recording i
    think shows very well that a Sub-machine gun,Perhaps a Sterling SMG,
    was used, and fired from a point in the water on the entrance way
    area just NE from the ‘PORCH’.

    the entire event could have been done
    from that point in the water with almost total cover, and still be
    able to target the venue even though they cannot see it, the muzzle
    flash is not too easy to hide from a weapon like that so using the
    trees and the concrete wall as cover makes sense.

    Arrive and park at the bus stop. enter
    the wood behind the stop and enter water. prepare weapons and ammo.
    then wait for cue. On cue, target angle and azimuth and fire the
    round requirements an the target. Having used brass catchers and a
    suitcase to hold the spent mags a quick clean up of the weapons into
    the suit case, climb out of the water and leave on foot with the case
    and no one would ever know

    The time from park to egress is 3
    minutes. with a evidence orgy in the hotel nest to use as a
    narrative, the unseen fire point in as tactical a spot as is
    manageable in a public area and a bit of audio trickery with the
    sound system and no one is the wiser.

    The taxi girl audio is damming to the
    police narrative.

    Now as to all this talk and bluster
    about flashes from the Mandalay, this one is real simple folks, The
    daytime shots of the hotel in daylight do not show more than TWO
    broken windows, no fire can come from unbroken glass windows can it?

    Strobe lights to get the witness claims
    of fire from the Mandalay on record worked well. From that 32nd floor
    level ZERO muzzle flashes is recorded in any of the footage i have
    seen. Machine guns shoot bullets and fire… lots of fire is emitted,
    your not going to be mistaken about the origin of the shots if they
    were from that easy a place to see from that concert venue.

    After looking at this attack and how
    one could get away with it,and a layer of what went on from this taxi
    on the entrance porch of the Mandalay, i started to think like ‘what
    if i intended to get away’ then i saw much of what is to be hidden.

    Perhaps i an wrong, i could be. But
    have a think, work through the material, then ask what is more

    There are 59 deaths, thousands of
    traumatized, Who noticed that they included Paddock in the death
    toll? A funny inclusion is it not?

    Any time now the dominoes of liberty
    lost will start clicking away……

  • gazoo3

    Where’s the graphic part ? Where is the evidence that 500 people were shot ?

    • Where is the evidence that it isn’t just a repeat of Sandy Hook?

    • Undecider

      Only on Flat Earth was this event totally contrived.

      • gazoo3

        Why are you changing the subject ? Until I see some blood and bodies I don’t believe anyone was shot in LV. Especially considering most other mass shootings are completely staged fake hoax event in which nobody died. Like Sandy Hook and Orlando etc.

  • darkhorse

    oh, cowardly shitforbrains… you are self-aware as evidenced by your choice of name…you’re too stupid to realize I’m making fun of the ZIONIST SUPREMACISTS engineering all these psy-ops all across the nation..or maybe you didn’t know about these…?

    • David Williams

      Gosh, that was an intelligent response (said nobody).

      • darkhorse

        HEY GENTILES!!!! HERE’S ANOTHER ONE OF THEM THAAR TALMUDIST DISINFO AGENT THINGYS!! Dead giveaway — “(said nobody)”…have seen this silliness before from HASBARA…..they all learn what to say to the GENTILES gathered around in one big classroom in ISRAHEL…KEEP YOU EYES ON HIM…

    • tom

      Making fun? Of over 22,00 being shot at like cattle? Maybe you were one of the shooters?

      • darkhorse

        you believe this REALLY happened? Well, I have some tales for you…Sandy Hoax, Boston Marathon Bombing and all the LONE GUNMAN shootings that began AFTER 911…and continue every two weeks..and the morons keep believing this crapola…as you do…Shitforbrains knows his own mind… do you?

        • tom

          Of course I have thought about this! I would like to believe it was a hoax for sure! And yes . . . I am aware of those other REAL hoaxes. I also believe that with the power that the MSM has to cover things up almost any type of hoax is possible. Look what Orson Welles and Co. did on Halloween night in 1938- they convinced many Americans that we were under alien attack. No disrespect meant darkhorse- I want the truth to emerge, whatever it is, just like other people like you and me!

  • Elaine.Benes, II

    I have thought about this, watched tons of video footage allegedly taken at the scene, and have listened to commentary of those in the truth community who I believe are the most rational and intelligent an honest when expressing their views. I have also, just for shits and giggles, watched MSM “news” on the shooting and looked in the comments section of sites like this to try and get an idea of how/if/what went down in Vegas last week.
    I am gonna go out on a limb here but I conclude that NONE and I mean NOT ONE video (still) out here in Cyberspace or on YouTube or FakeBook is from the actual shooting. The ones we are seeing are either from the casino employee drill in the day or days before the shooting and crisis actor footage. There is no footage out there of the actual “event” as those people were running for their lives while being hunted down and mass-murdered by multiple gunmen with automatic weapons in multiple locations throughout the area on ground level, not from the 4th OR 32nd floors of the MBR and not by any aging, calm, gambling, wealthy man who had no military background, was not a “gun guy”, and who very likely did not ever exist in the first place. The alleged “brother” of the alleged “lone gunman” is so obviously an actor as to be laughable as are ALL of the others being interviewed in video footage we are “allowed” to see. Anyone hit with gunfire from the weapons used is dead or severely injured, the other 400 or so “injured” have cuts, scrapes, bruises, broken bones, internal injuries, etc. from trying to escape, being trampled, etc. Any phones seen out were confiscated by goons in the crowd put there for those purposes others were confiscated after the Massacre for “evidentiary” purposes.
    Vegas is a weird and wild place and a lot of shady shit goes down there. It is also filled with Satanic and Freemasonic imagery and design. It is run by the JWO/NWO satanists and is a literal “playground” for some of the wealthiest, most dishonest, criminals across the globe. Whether the Supraa-Elitist Fearmongering War Pig Zionist/Royal/Inbreds are ever seen there or step foot in Vegas is irrelevant to the fact they are making Shit-Tons of money simply from it’s existence.
    My best guess is this was some kind of Satanic ritual/trillion dollar money-making scheme to help some multi-zillionaires get a little more of it. That or someone was owed a REAL BIG ONE and was allowed to play “Hunt the Humans in Vegas”. Or both. Or not, maybe it was just for more terror and division of The Citizens.
    Regardless, we cannot ever hope to have an understanding of why those sick, pathological, psychotics in charge of everything do what they do as our DNA coding doesn’t allow our minds to think the way theirs do, even on our sickest thought days on record. Think of the lengths they have gone to to terrorize, kill, maim, enslave, and render us financially destitute over the past several decades now. They OWN us, literally. Our Government is OWNED by them, and that is why OUR Government HAS DONE NOTHING TO HELP US FOR DECADES NOW and allows and covers this shit up and has absolutely no qualms about leaving us all out here to fend for ourselves with no health insurance, no jobs, and no hope. The MSM is OWNED by them and has done nothing but spew lies and propaganda at us from their ivory towers for decades now.
    This will NEVER stop because our Owners cannot be satisfied and will not be until they get what they want which is EVERY SINGLE THING ON EARTH.
    Get ready for a lot more of the same – constant terror, never-ending War, further loss of privacy and civil liberties, blinding inflation, unemployment, death, sickness, demoralization, and destruction.
    And get ready for some new shit probably like food shortages, gun-grabs, internet censorship on a grand scale, prison for defectors, property take-aways, communism, etc. Way past time for everybody to wake the fuck up.

    • Undecider

      Some of us know people who were actually there.

      • The question who knows “us?”

      • Elaine.Benes, II

        No doubt some of you do because something really did happen there, we just will not ever know the truth about what it was or even anything close to the truth and neither will the people who were actually there that some of you know. Nor will the injured victims or the family and friends of the deceased. As usual, all will just accept the narrative, the official story, the official stories (each time it changes), the ten minute investigation, the crazed lone gunman’s actual suicide or suicide by cop (sometimes it’s either/or just to break the monotony and keep the independent investigators on their toes), the staged crime scene, the removal of and scrubbing of all real evidence of the crimes, and the case being closed before the story breaks. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • gato felix

    And this will be the reason to impose even more surveillance in an already heavily surveillanced society…with a military replacing the police, a totalitarian state!! Let the chipping of the sheeple commence, and if you refuse, let the culling begin…

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      You got it. Don’t forget the 30,000 some drones they plan on deploying over the next several years. A couple more of these “shootings” and they’ll be able to justify those drones with little to no resistance from the sheeple.

  • Brad Scofield

    All Christians must die, all WHITES must die.
    God’s Chosen SCUM will see to it that this job gets done, one way or another.

  • Jeri Brace

    The US Government will confiscate all Guns from the American public & abolish the 2nd amendment. question is how many Americans will they kill before they meet their Goal?

    • Gil G

      How many will the NRA let die because of the romance of open gun ownership?

      • Undecider

        I guess you’ve never studied history.

        • Bill the eighth

          It is very clear Gil is an idiot.

      • Rick E.

        The NRA has NO law enforcement, legislative, or other ‘powers’. So, how can they “let” anyone die?
        And, there’s nothing romantic about owning a gun. It IS a tool to be respected and used carefully.
        Sometimes you utter things that make no sense Gil, come on man!

        • Gil G

          The NRA & co. have successfully roll backed gun control laws across the country.

          • Rick E.

            Gil, all of the gun control laws in the world cannot stop a madman from killing if he/she really wants to.

          • Gun control laws only affect those who care about obeying the law, and few killers have ever taken any notice thereof.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            Most killers are CIA to which the laws do not apply.

          • Gil G

            Conservatives then should be telling Trump to end the wall-building notion because illegal immigrants will always find a way.

          • Bill the eighth

            Strawman, apples to oranges and non-sequitur. Nice job!

          • Gil G

            Nope, one moment you think crime can’t be prevented then one moment you think it can.

          • Name one gun control law that the NRA has rolled back. They are a national organization that doesn’t address the situation “across the country.”

          • Gil G

            Look at Chicago were the bans against carrying concealed and handguns has long removed for starters.

          • RMS1911

            A judge ordered that because the ban was unconstitutional.
            You remember the Constitution?
            The supreme law of the land.

          • The NRA will always be the boogeyman for Gil and his ilk. He likes to randomly post semi-inflammatory nonsense while invoking the magic 3 letters. been doing it for awhile. For the most part, he’s like that special uncle at family gatherings. Just nod and smile.

          • Bill the eighth

            Gil wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if it but him in the a$$.

          • Chicago. *snickers*

          • Bill the eighth

            GOOD! Getting back inline with the Constitution is something you should applaud.

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor


        • What incentive does the NRA have to protect anyone?

      • How many will die waiting for their “defenders” to arrive instead of defending themselves?

        • Gil G

          Blaming the victims for being creating a gun-free zone?

          • Bill the eighth

            This is an English language site, please use it.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          Many will die waiting while others will happily board the FEMA buses, and some of us will stand up and try to fight/defend and protect self and our own. It is obvious who will be doing what if that day comes.

          • It is only obvious to those who already know what they will do, which is the extreme minority of the earth’s population.

    • How long will it take them to surrender to those who outgun and outnumber them, who will offer them the choice of that or death on site?

  • roddy6667

    Eyewitness reports are notoriously inaccurate. I knew somebody who went through the State Police Academy in MA. They had a large classroom full of people listening to a lecturer when this guy burst into the room from the back and ran up front, shouting at the teacher. He caused a huge disturbance and then ran out the side door. The students were informed that this was staged and to write down a description of the man and an account of what had just happened and turn it in. Many were read aloud to the class. It was funny how many different versions there were, many radically different. What everybody got wrong was that it was a woman, not a man.
    Take eyewitness reports with a grain of salt.

    • dav1bg

      Yep, you just keep on believing MSM.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      “Take eyewitness reports with a grain of salt.” But take the state sponsored little red “truth”/shit sandwich pill and ignore everything else. Good advice…

  • Shawn Foster

    the shooter needn’t stand right at the window, someone could practically lay on the bed and spray gunfire randomly without observing the crowd – as to explain the lack of muzzle flash…

  • dav1bg

    A friend who was there that night, said they thought there were 5 shooters.

  • Undecider

    Any shooters at Trump Tower?

  • Tippu Tip

    Apparently he barricaded the door on the 32nd stairwell with some metal and screws before the attack. Since it is Vegas there is a 100% chance he was seen on camera doing this…i guess they just thought it was normal? Give me a break.

    • Large McBighuge

      Same thing I said. They also said he set up cameras in the hall to watch for police coming up. You are to have me believe that no one was watching the 1209374019278340192837402385 cameras in the hotel? You can’t tell me there are not at least 60 cameras in each hall watching each door to each room. What a load of crap.

      • How many people were there watching the 1209374019278340192837402385 cameras?

      • Elaine.Benes, II

        We are talking A Big Huge McLarge-Ass Load of Crap to boot!

  • Art V

    VIDEO IS GONE NOW AS OF 10/9/2017 10AM EDT

  • Rick

    Video taken down by Youtube?

  • darkhorse

    am I??

  • Da vid

    Ammunition used was military grade that tells me full on shock was not intended
    as hunting grade ammo would of made matters a lot worse. shock value was not used. I also believe the hotel owner was in on it. otherwise how do you get all the guns and ammo in place. Then I think of the 21 Muslim para military compounds across USA, Rogue deep state operatives and Business connected security devises and finally Democrat operatives like ANTIFA BLM both of which are violent.

  • slvrizgold

    Youtube just takes down anything and everything they don’t want us to see. Welcome to USSA where the Bolsheviks run our govt, media, banks, schools, military-industrial complex, and Sickcare System.

  • Fish Deep

    “This video is unavailable.” (10/10/17 9:21 PM MDT)

  • Fed Up

    Could it just possibly be that the federal government has a vested interest in not admitting it was a terrorist plot? That just possibly be political reasons wanting Paddock to be fingered as the “sole shooter”? I don’t know myself. But I do know I don’t trust anything our government tells us any more. Not since 911 and those wonderful coincidences and good luck the hijackers enjoyed.

  • Marvin

    The feds and corporate media have lied and covered up major events in the past. They can never be trusted.