Las Vegas Mass Shooting Eyewitness: Crazy Women Warned Concert Goers That Everyone Was Going To Die 45 Minutes Before Shooting

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In yet another startling revelation in a night full of pure craziness, an eyewitness to the shooting in Las Vegas that left at least 20 people dead and over 100 injured has claimed that a women pushed her way to the front of the concert 45 mins before the actual shooting and threatened everyone around that they would soon be dead.

“So there was a lady who pushed her way forward into the first row and she started messing with another lady. She told us we were all going to die tonight – it was about forty five minutes before the shots were fired,” stated the witness.

Obviously this eyewitness report brings forth a ton of extremely important questions.

Where did security take this women and what did she actually know?


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  • Large McBighuge

    I wonder which alphabet agency was responsible?

    • Mike

      cia, isis, antifa. either way the cia and fbi made it happen.

      • Large McBighuge


    • darkhorse

      does it matter? we know it’s ALWAYS an alphabet but the sheeple believe what the TV tells them…

      • No question many Americans have become fat , dumb, lazy, apathetic and a bit cowardly as they are spoon fed the illusions and propaganda from PRAVDA/MSM 24/7/365 !

        Nothing new at all here in USA today and far worse than most actually fully grasp.–.html

        • darkhorse


        • freenewlife8 .

          Fluoride mixes with aluminum (from soda, coffee, energy drink and beer cans) in the bloodstream to create a compound that’s very toxic to the brain. It causes permanent brain damage. Fluoride especially induces a state of mental/emotional apathy and disconnection, and was implemented as social control method right after the German nazis (of cursed memory) refined their fluoride program. Why people don’t completely avoid these two known toxins really is beyond me.

          • Indeed they are and we live in many other toxins all around us daily ! So we must pay attention. Everybody is responsible to do this themselves, we cannot save anybody that does not want to listen, so no point to try !

          • freenewlife8 .

            Those of us who care, and are teachers, can and do make a difference by sharing valuable information. It’s worth it, and the great fluoride-free toothpaste brands, healthy organic and chemical free foods, success of natural medicine/vitamin stores show clearly that knowledge is winning over ignorance in America. Even conventional doctors I talk to say they’re beginning to see acceptance of alternative/natural/homepathic medicine by their peers, calling it “integrative medicine.” Nope, there’s a “point to try,” if you love your neighbors, and love your country! #MAGA

    • Probably the same one that makes the cereal.

    • anastasia157

      The ones that want gun control, which is all of them.

    • Most likely more than one ? So who committed the biggest firearms crimes in modern history here in USA with F&F ? Our own government under BHO, Holder and Hillary ! And how often do you here PRAVDA/MSM point out this known fact and truth ? And why are they all still walking around freely and that was just one of their many crimes, although a major one !

      Realize F&F was a DEM scheme to try and blame gun related deaths in Mexico on gun smuggling so they would have fuel for gun control here in USA . But the smugglers were our own DEM criminals in the BHO regime and it all went sideways when the border patrol guy got murdered with one of those very rifles, an AK 47, from Arizona that Holder approved of the sales scheme !

      The real criminals are walking around freely and getting rich on your dime !

  • Yet another reason to get rid of ALL the dirty unions.Also the casino security should all be arrested for not doing their jobs.

    • darkhorse

      how bout get rid of all the TALMUDIST SUPREMACISTS who control our govt and military (and everything else)…?

      • PastProdigal

        What in Heaven’s Name does your anti-Semitism have to do with this tragedy?

  • Ode2Whoppers

    Is there a Save the Sheep Fund yet?

    • Linda Howell

      Yep. Go Fund.

    • actually there are many such funds , they are simply called by another name ? or directly funded by Soros and other criminals as a control mechanism

  • Carol Elmer

    How many “women?”

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    blm/antifa/dnc/isis/Communist party =all high fiven this morning…

    • darkhorse

      the TALMUDISTS high fiven…

      • 2016usaofzimbabwe

        well true too…..

        • PastProdigal

          You are nuts.

          • 2016usaofzimbabwe

            sorry but the talmud is full of non jewish people hate,

      • PastProdigal

        Stop it!

    • Probably correct and as planned. But this may be just another whack job that has been created by the insanity ever present here in USA today. Look at the Antifa people and see who they really are? they are misfits, losers and people who do not fit into any part of society so they have congregated and congealed into anarchist that are easily directed and controlled by the deep state apparatus for their own purposes. How easy is it today to create SJWs with colleges and universities giving college credit for acts of social justice and classes regarding such events ? At this particular venue it is clear this was not a right wing shooter. So it will be very telling to find out who this really was and if there were more than one involved which it sounds like there was ? Also notice most mass shootings and acts of extreme events have not been right leaners, but extreme lefties, which never gets reported by PRAVDA/MSM.

      Another step towards terror here in USA today and exactly why Antifa, BLM and BAMN should all be treated and prosecuted as terrorist, because that is what they are, simple as that. How many acts of terror have they all performed and basically gotten away with ?

      And the next fallout will be how our government reacts. Congress is so incredibly stupid, incompetent, misguided and cowardly, it remains to be seen what foolishness they will come up with. But we know for sure it will certainly be about gun control and large crowds or gatherings as well. The DEMs will see this as a windfall for gun control now won’t they !

      • anastasia157

        This assailant owned two homes, and two planes, liked to fly his planes, and was a big gambler. The man was 64 years old, no crimes in his background, had a girlfriend. The media refuses to tell us what he did for a living. They refuse to reportwhat the girlfriend said. (It was also reported that she was married to him). Something fishy about this whole thing.

        • I agree, but I doubt it was the joos doing ?

          • anastasia157

            Poddark, the accountant and deal-maker, may be on a plane now, on his way to Israel

          • He may in fact not be dead. But I think he is and likely was just a patsy in some scheme.The Israel part makes zero sense if you fully realize we have an out of control deep state apparatus right here in USA ?

          • anastasia157

            They laid out all his jobs. He worked for the IRS for 10 years; he worked as a letter carrier, and lastly for three years until 85/86, he worked for Lockheed as a low level auditor. In 1985-86 he was still in his thirties. No job since then. Yet, he managed to buy apartment buildings, two planes, various homes with a load of cash to gamble with. Sounds like a crook to me, and crooks can be easily extorted, especially be people like CIA, FBI, etc.

        • Anastasia, one thing is for sure. All that material success or what we usually call success, does not make you a good person or happy, now does it ?

          And has our country been led by psychopaths and sociopaths not much different than this guy for a long while ? Was F&F a perfect example of criminals running our government and a serious gun crime ?

          And why is it all still allowed with no prosecutions ?

      • Howard Allen

        The only people carrying out acts of terror are the militarised police. Where on Earth do you come up with all this crazy deluded shite! I’ve never read so muck bollocks in my life. What are you…..a hate-monger quite obviously!

        • Your comment is incoherent. I am simply telling it all exactly as it exist and nothing more or less . If you are that stupid you cannot see that part, that is not my fault ! You may need to rethink most of your life conclusions, illusions and delusions you have bought into ?

      • anastasia157

        Well, we are already getting a hint. The Republicans are on television talking about finding common ground on gun control. We are all being manipulated.

        • We are always being manipulated, that is nothing new at all. This is just another of the many events and ways !

          Glad to see you grasp it though, I wish many more did because that is what it is going to take to defeat any of it. It is all about understanding the many illusions and control mechanisms created or us and then stepping out of them ! No PHD or MBA required, in fact many of them have created the problems ! Ponder that tidbit.

          • anastasia157

            To govern means to “control.” That is not a bad thing when you have a paternalistic authority, but we don’t. You see that in the law as it has evolved. Most people wish to believe or hope we still have a paternalistic government and that is why they cannot do what you are asking them to do. It’s a religion for many people, a religion that requires, no demands blind faith, which they willingly give, but their god is a false god.

          • Governing does NOT mean controlling people, it means guiding, helping and benefiting by various means, the exact opposite of controlling. You have it almost exactly backasswards !

            Government was only intended to serve and protect and is well past out of control for its own purposes, like and out of control beast ! It is feeding off the citizens, the host, the very people it is supposed to serve !

  • Rift

    Threatened or warned?

    • darkhorse

      WARNED…that’s why you’ll never hear of her again…

  • darkhorse

    that woman will never be found…

    • She is already here ? this is why it is not a good idea to jump to conclusions and run off at the mouth too fast.

      It was clear from day one she was an important part of this picture and had to have at least some specific information. But we will still have a hard time getting all the truth for sure ! In fact when will we know for sure we will have all the truth of it ? Are any of the agencies and PRAVDA/MSM trust worthy and working for your benefit ?

      • darkhorse

        yeah, are a HASBARA…you don’t know shite, A$$HOLE…you believe what you see on the JEW CONTROLLED MEDIA… should quietly take your big foot out of your mouth and slink away….

        • I am way ahead of you fool, look in the mirror for don’t know shit from shinola ! HA HA HA

          • darkhorse


      • darkhorse


        • what are you even talking about, fool

          • darkhorse


  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    A single shooter? Yeah-right….

    • How long were you there before the shooting started?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        My BS alarm started going off right away when I read this story-and maybe I’m wrong. It seems unlikely that a single shooter could have caused the degree of mayhem which is claimed, even from an elevated position with an automatic fire weapon-unless he was a highly trained and experienced shooter. Volume of fire doesn’t necessarily equate to accurate fire. In the video, it sounds as if there was fire coming from different positions on the ground-yes, I know it’s hard to tell that from a cell phone video. The authorities claim he fired from his hotel room. Many inconsistencies make me suspicious that we haven’t been told everything pertinent to this story.

        • Given enough test rounds and power charge, it would be easy to aim based on observed kills. I haven’t heard any suspicions that this was anything but random shootings. Until it has been dismissed as a deliberate homicide, we won’t be told much by any responsible investigator.

          • anastasia157

            “Investigator”? What’s the good of them, when we have a media who refuses to report the facts, and the facts they do report, keep changing.

          • Not to mention the fact that reality is of so little interest to most people, as opposed to entertainment, that they ignore it as much as possible, anyway.

        • anastasia157

          The story stinks to high heaven

        • Accurate fire in a huge confined crowd and at an elevated shooting position with preplanned and ready weapons and ammo already loaded in mags ?

          You have no idea what you are talking about because this is easily doable under these circumstances. There would be no actual target acquisition or aiming as you say, even necessary to do this, especially with an auto weapon. Just point and dump mags on the crowd. He was literally shooting fish in a barrel. Perhaps you watch too much TV ?

          • How would I watch too much television since I haven’t owned one since 1987? Ad hominem doesn’t make your explanation stronger. It just makes you less credible. The current alternative news cycle is saying it was a belt-fed machine gun on the fourth floor and the supposed shooter was the Lee Harvey Oswald of Las Vegas. And no, it didn’t come from any television or even a computer.

          • I stick with my comment as it is based in real life hands on experience and facts, not what other people say as second hand info !

            And I said PERHAPS you watch too much TV ? It is clear to me you have zero experience in any of it so that would make sense to say you may watch too much TV.

          • If you had read the entire post, you couldn’t have missed that I have not had a television since 1987. How would I watch a television I haven’t had since 1987 too much?

          • anastasia157

            The salient point is “where did he get those guns?” His guns, which were legal and bought at the local gun shop, were not in the room with the cache of guns found.

          • All the reports from alternative sources say his weapons were at the site in Vegas and others as well at various properties he owned and all were purchased legally ! Not sure what your point is given he had many weapons and his were at the site as well reportedly ?

            I will throw another curve ball here, just my own curious perspective from many years firearms experiences in all manner of conditions and events. The recording of the auto fire does NOT sound at all like an AR to me and I have heard tens of thousands of rounds fired on full auto. It may be because of the Slide Fire stock they are claiming, but the rate of fire sounds exactly like an AK as well as the different sound ! Maybe we will get a clear recording and it will be more obvious ? or maybe the Slide Fire is the answer and the recording sounds like an AK ? There is a definitive difference in how each sound, especially with full auto.

          • anastasia157

            The story keeps changing and I cannot keep up with the changes. When I read about his guns, they said he had “two”, one of which he purchased in the spring at the local gun shop, and they also said that these two guns werenot among the cache of guns found in the room. They were very clearly implying at the time that the guns in the room were not purchased by him. Now the story has changed, and they are saying what you are saying. So, I am a little behind in their changing stories.

          • That is why it is always better to wait a while and observe these days of many lies and distortions

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            “Easily doable”, “like shooting fish in a barrel” and you claim I am the one who has seen too much tv? Television perpetuates the notion that automatic weapons are more deadly because they are more accurate as a result of putting out a higher volume of fire. “Just point and shoot.” Making your assertion of “shooting fish in a barrel” easily doable. Such is not the case.
            The value of automatic fire in military applications is to put more rounds downrange at any moment. More rounds coming at you makes it far more difficult to get up and maneuver or advance towards the enemy. While accuracy is desirable, it’s first and foremost effect is to depress an enemy’s desire to advance. No one is wild about the idea of running around a field of fire where there are more rounds flying about. In the hands of skilled shooters, an automatic weapon can be quite accurate.
            In the hands of someone who is untrained, the best effect would be obtained by using a tripod or some other method of stabilizing the weapon. Firing from an elevated position isn’t as easy as it sounds, since the fire initially tends to be too high or too low and requires some adjustment-especially for a novice. All of this is complicated by the unavoidable muzzle rise accompanying full auto fire.
            If the shooter in question had the training, it’s possible he could have caused so much mayhem, but 32 floors is very high and that presents a pretty good angle for shooting across the street. Without the aid of tracer rounds, the shooter would have a difficult time spotting where his initial volley of shots landed. Artificial light might make it more difficult. Based on what evidence I’ve seen so far, and my own training on the M60 machine gun in the Army I believe there was more than one shooter.

          • You really are clueless.
            1. Anybody who knows anything from first hand experience knows auto fire is NOT more accurate. I am not aware TV shows that, just lots of bullets being expended for TV affect !
            2. There is nobody on the planet that is quite accurate with a full auto weapon as you claim. Why do you think our military went to three round burst ? and exactly how do you aim any full auto rifle with sites and such ? It is quite impossible from the recoil and barrel rising affect. Even rapid fire with any semi auto takes a lot of experience to get any accuracy at all. Full auto is simply point and shoot en-masse !
            3. No question full auto is mainly for the purpose of fire suppression and keeping heads down. Your explanation of such is garble dee gook from a person with little if any real world first hand experience about any of it, mine is exactly the opposite.
            4. Your comments about the overhead shooting position is 100% bogus. That is always a superior position especially with a solid purchase to fire from like he apparently had and the size of the crowd to fire into. Perfect for auto fire with little or no actual aiming or target acquisition necessary !
            5. The rest of your comments are simply nonsense and an attempt to sound informed.

            Again, this was like shooting fish in a barrel and easily accomplished, especially how well planned out it was and supplied. Wouldn’t take much training to do this if a person was just reasonably a hands on physical type or mechanical kind of person. Why do you think AKs have been so successful for decades now ?

    • The guy that says it was a belt-fed machine gun on the fourth floor is the most credible, IMO.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        That makes more sense and would give a better explanation for the degree of carnage.

        • From my point of view, Las Vegas is as imaginary as Sandy Hook turned out to be. The dance card looks identical.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            I’m not as sure about this one. It occurred in a highly visible, public place with thousands of people. Pretty hard to “fake it” in that environment. Considering this government and what it stands for, especially since 9/11, I don’t think they have any problem sacrificing a few hundred of the flock to help inch them toward their goal. Question is-how many more will it take before the masses give in?

          • Sandy Hook was a very publically long-closed school, and FEMA was the source of all of the fake news that was released to the news media as a FEMA press release, and it was still reported as an unplanned event. If they can hide state secrets from millions of Americans when 1 in 300 have security clearances that require them to keep well-known falsehoods from the public, how many have to be threatened with lifelong incarceration to think none of them will talk? Kevin Shipp worked for the CIA for 15 years, 15 years ago, and he is still keeping secrets to avoid prison.

  • tscull

    My guess is that the shooter was being targeted by what used to be termed the MKUltra program, but now can be done via technology that can be directed at someone from distances and even via satellites. Break them down, and program them subconsciously to perform a violent act like this. They simply get a trigger programmed into their subconscious mind. Then, when the programmers decide to activate the subject, it is just a matter of a phone call or even a certain subsonic noise directed at them from a distance. The subject then goes into action via a type of induced trancelike state, like being on autopilot.

    • anastasia157

      Hard to believe that these bungling bureaucrats can do these things.

      • It is hard to believe that they are as bungling as they are.
        We are being Sandy Hooked again.

        • anastasia157

          Yes. But this time, they killed alot of people.

          • Have you seen the bodies in person? They trotted a lot of people out to say they had seen them at Sandy Hook and they were all actors. They never saw any bodies, they read their scripts.

          • anastasia157

            I thought it was a little odd that the persons interviewed each saw at least three people shot. I did make note of that, but this time, they had ambulances, etc. At Sandy Hook, they would not let the ambulances through. Sandy Hook was very obviously a hoax. This one I am not so sure. But I do know they do not have a problem killing us for “the greater good.” That is the mindset of these people. They are sickos.

            Incidentally, recall the “Nazi” who allegedly killed that young woman. The first thing the media did was tell us what political party he was registered in. I That is a very easy thing to find out, and they obviously believed it was very important for us to know that. However, in this case, while they desperately look to find “motive”, no one mentions what political party he is registered in. Is that because he is a “democrat?”

          • I have heard reports from at least three investigators that the gun heard on numerous cellphone conversations was a belt fed machine gun, shooting 308 or 30-06, identifiable because of the long duration of continuous firing and the distinctive sounds of larger caliber ammunition.
            How is it that long-term neighbors of the alleged shooter never saw any guns around him or his home? Several of them are shooters and discussed what he apparently didn’t have on several occasions. Working belt fed machine guns are not very common among even well-heeled collectors because of the continuous, onerous, and annual licensing required by the BATFE.

          • anastasia157

            I am starting to put a few things together. This looks like “Antifa” is involved, a group paid by George Soros and other elements in the Democratic party. I say this because an Australian guest of the hotel next door to Paddack said there were multiple people in that room. He also said that a security man was killed by the police. A witness in the Luxor bar also said that the police were chasing a man dressed as security. Antifa literature was found in the hotel. there wsa shooting from the 4th floor, according to police scanners. This would give them a better line of sight and better chance that the bullets would not drop. Paddock may have been financing them. This is why they will not tell us what party he is registered under. If they tell us he is a registered “Democrat”, we would be able to start putting two and two together about this shooting. It may also be the reason why the locals are trying not to call this a terrorist act – it keeps the FBI (and Trump) out of the investigation.

          • It is pretty hard to keep the feds out of something that they set up.

          • anastasia157

            It also explains the behavior bythe media is giving us false information; in not asking the right questions; in not telling us his political affiliations, etc.

          • The media only gives us what they are given to pass on. There are very few investigative reporters working in the world today, and most have their own websites because the media is a group of animals kept by the spooks.

          • anastasia157

            I think you are right. They are Spooks or controlled by the spooks

          • As is the entire Shadow Government, as Kevin Shipp explains:

          • It think it is the spooks attempting to ascertain the average gullibility of the American mainstream media audience. The range of possibilities that have been presented would be equal to a dump truck full of spaghetti being thrown against a mountain range to see what would stick.

          • anastasia157

            Yes, that is what it appears they are doing. They are sending out stories to see how they fly with the public. That is why they are not giving us too many facts, (facts which they should know), and what facts they give us, keep changing. .

          • Did you do the body count for the coroner?

          • anastasia157

            No, but there are collateral things which pass my smell test. I believe that the witnesses are definitely not Sandy Hook type witnesses. They are far more credible. I considered the possibility that people like Antifa were hired to fall to the ground in sync with the gun shots, but there are too many things to indicate otherwise. Trump visited very critically wounded people in the hospital, we are told, and I am unwilling at this point to put him in that camp. What he said about the WTC, his friendships with the wrong people, his comments about Iraq and Syria during the campaign, tell me that while he may have compromised himself as President cooperating with the “deep state” people, I don’t know if he would go so far as to perpetuate a hoax of this magnitude. There are other things as well. The witness testimony about the people seen killed, the blood seen and video of people laying on the ground after the place cleared out tells me it may be true. They wouldn’t mind killing us to get what they want. The more corrupt a gov’t becomes, the more they “need” gun control, and I already know they had no problem killing alot of us on 911.

          • Since its reality is completely academic to me, only those who actually were there when nit began are in any place to tell the truth, and it appears that most of the eyewitnesses are on psychopic drugs, judging by the diverse range of “true stories.”

          • anastasia157

            You see the authorities involvement in it in the coverup by the media and the police. The chief of police is trying to save his credibility by saying he believes there may be more than one involved basing it solely on how Paddock got all the weapons, but now we are finding out that he bought them one by one in several states over a long period of time? Together with this, they are very vague about what kind of weapons were found. In my opinion, eventually, the police will say “after a thorough investigation we have found he acted alone.” This could not be further from the truth, and I see this most clearly in the coverup by the media and the police of the evidence of others involvement and in a desperate attempt to explain evidence that points to others involved. Some of their explanations are feeble. We see it in the immediate announcement that Paddock acted alone (how could they possibly know that in a few minutes?) , that the girlfriend is innocent (how could they know that?) in the constantly changing stories, in the failure to ask relevant questions, in the failure to pursue leads of witnesses, especially the one who stated that a woman announced 45 minutes before that everyone was going to die. That would be something the police must pursue and a credible journalist would very much want to pursue by asking police if they were investigating the matter.. Further, we see it in what they would like us to beleive are “mistakes”, but could not possibly be “mistakes”, eg. the girlfriend is in police custody, w hich was published by every media station for a full day on the lst day. By the media’s failure to interview witnesses at the other hotels who saw and heard shots being fired through the doors of a lobby and who simply accept the police’s statements that nothing happened there, eg. (Bellagio) the witness who heard nearby shots and who saw broken glass at the front doors; (Cesar’s Palace) by a witness who actually saw a gunman. These events were said to have happened 30 minutes or longer after the shooting event at Mandalay occurred. If themedia was willing to divulge what had to have been only a rumor about the girlfriend in police custody on the fist day, why wouldn’t they publish what the witnesses in these other hotels are saying.
            There is a deliberate reluctance by the police to identify for the public each and every weapon found. They fist told us that “rifles” and “handguns” were found, which tells us absolutely nothing, and flies in the face of what was heard.. Later they say 10 weapons were found in the room, later they say 27 guns were found. They identify some, but not all. They keep changing that story and are being deliberately vague about it. The police covered their behinds by saying that all the cameras and recorders set up by Paddock inside and outside his hotel room were “not turned on”, which is inexplicable on its face. Their failure to breach Paddock’s hotel room for 72 minutes is as inconceivable as it is inexplicable, and waiting for the “Swat Team” for 72 minutes is simply not a good enough excuse because the “Swat Team” should have been one of the first people on a scene described as an “active shooter” event. I saw the police cars coming to the scene. The shooting had not stopped as a long line of police cars with sirens on came speeding down the strip. There is absolutely no reason for this cover up to have taken place unless the authorities, or people hired by the authorities were involved. Antifa is an organization financed by people like Soros and other politcally connected people, and are affiliated with powerful people inside and outside Washington, D.C. Recall that when the so-called “Nazis” were led into the arms of Antifa, who clubbed, punched and threw urine and feces bags on the Nazis, the police did nothing, and later the mayor put the Antifa flag up on government buildings. antifa wants gun control. Democrats want gun control. The deep state wants gun control. And now, the Republicans, two days after the event, are on television talking about “gun control” legislation. What is ironic is that we are not getting the wall, we are not getting tax reform, we are not getting the repeal of Obama care, but now legislation on DACA, giving “dreamers” and their extended families citizenship, and legislation on gun control is on the table. The joke is certainly on us. A group like Antifa would be used for an event like this, especially if there were truly people killed there. The authorities cannot let us know because it may bring on an insurrection in this country.

          • Paddock was their Oswald.

          • anastasia157

            I would also say Osama bin Laden, but I truly believe this was a domestic matter – gun control.

          • The FBI has admitted that they had absolutely no evidence that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with any terrorist act committed in the US.

          • anastasia157

            Yes, of course, you are right! This Las Vegas story is one of the most preposterous and absurd stories constructed since 911. One of the reasons Las Vegas was chosen I think is because of that old Mafia proverb, : “what goes on Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas?”

  • freenewlife8 .

    False Flag, and gun control is the goal. Here’s the first data point observation post I’ve found so far. I don’t buy this “Mandalay” story, and pray whistle-blowers within the deep state/NWO “program” will leak the facts quickly. What else have you noticed that doesn’t add up?

    • freenewlife8 .

      Here’s what already doesn’t add up for me: A woman, Asian, was with him. He was there for four days. She was missing, then found, then quickly (instantly) determined she was not involved in the shooting. All that and the bodies are still warm. Nope, who is she, really? Secondly, the TV footage of the hotel shows two windows shot out, not just one. Was she in the second room, I think probably yes.

      • tscull

        Also, an unknown woman was on the site “warning” people that they were about to die soon, just a short time before the incident occurred. Who was she and exactly what did she know, and how did she know it? And don’t forget, this guy was apparently living an isolated life, retired and away from friends and family, which is exactly what programmers look for when targeting a controlled operative. That way, there is no one to notice that something is amiss with the subject before the act can be committed. One more thing, could the recent arrest of a former police officer in Washington D.C., near the White House, who was reportedly heavily armed and is outright claiming to have been a “programmed MKUltra operative” be linked to this incident? Maybe something went wrong with the second guy’s programming, and he veered off track? Who knows, but it seems strange that around the same time there appears to be a second shooter near the White House, but he didn’t follow through for some reason.

        • freenewlife8 .

          Shadow government mind-control programming of vulnerable children is established in fact, and will be a problem for us going forward. I’m thankful it’s no longer a secret, and most people take the msm news reporting with skepticism now. The use of trigger songs on tv commercials is an aspect that concerned me too. A few weeks ago there were two songs known to be used in programming being aired. I said to a relative, “brace yourself, they’re playing the trigger songs.” There is only one current goal of the deep state, and that’s gun confiscation. They always grab guns before instituting communism, their preferred form of dictatorship. That gun grab drum will be beaten for months now, unless brave whistleblowers come forward to expose this event for what it is. Possible staged timeline: programmed as a child with song triggers from the 1970’s, became a reclusive accountant, retired, became an active/addicted gambler who wagered a large amount of money recently, and lost a lot. Hears trigger song, programming kicks in and he goes to relieve his torment, suddenly remembering the torture that the trigger made him relive, by hurting others and himself. Sad.

        • freenewlife8 .

          Great connecting the dots and fact finding work. It’s a seriously evil scheme, the program.

          • tscull

            The first thing I always do is look for the facts that the mainstream media will NOT report on. That is almost always what will point someone towards the truth.

          • freenewlife8 .

            ISIS just claimed Paddock is a recent convert to Islam. That makes perfect sense. Sad. Here’s the Reuters report, being shared on this news site:

          • anastasia157

            Probably why his father changed his name to Goldstein.

          • First thing I do is wait for all the crazy theories to die down and then look for the facts for any truth and it always shows up.

            It is a given and well past obvious fact that PRAVDA/MSM creates many false narratives and is just a propaganda outlet for the deep state apparatus.

        • anastasia157

          We are obviously being manipulated. I have never read a story more absurd and unworthy of belief. What contempt they have for all of us.

      • tscull

        I think you are correct. It has already been reported that the “authorities” cannot verify the fact that the Islamic State is claiming that this guy was a convert and committed this act for Islam. So he was either an Islam convert, or an MKUltra programmed shooter. But the authorities are downplaying it without even an investigation being completed. They are going to try and pin this on “good ol boy gun toting Americans”, and sweep under the rug the Islamic and government connections.

      • anastasia157

        They first said that she was in “custody”. Later we learn she is in Tokoyo, which may mean she is Japanese. She looks Japanese. They must have spoken to her on the phone. Why didn’t they ask her if he was acting differently. The man owned two homes, and two planes, and enjoyed flying and liked gambling and spending alot of money doing it. He lived in a retirement community, but how come we cannot know what he did for a living. They say he worked for Lockheed for three years, do not tell us what he did, but that doesn’t explain what he did with the other 61 years of his life. How come we cannot know these things, and why has no journalist asked?

        • Because their job is not to tell any truth or find facts, it is to indoctrinate and go along with PRAVDA/MSM as they are told and directed ! That is why it is called propaganda.

          And I read she is either Indonesian or Malay, but do not know that for a fact.

      • I agree the girl friend responses by authorities do not make any sense at all and far to early put out there for no apparent reason ?

        I think we will find this guy was a Trump hater, simple as that !

        • anastasia157

          I think you are right. That is why the media is saying as little as they can about his background. For instance, why will they not tell us what his occupation was. That is a fact that could be easily determined, but they simply refuse to tell us. He was a multi-millionaire, so why can’t we now how he made his money? One article said he worked for a subsidiary of Lockheed for three years, but without giving a title to his work. But that does not tell us what he was doing for the other 61 years, what his occupation was, what his educational background was, where he went to school, and how he made hismoney. Incidentally, when they asked the brother what he did for a living, he refused to say, saying, “I just can’t talk about it.” Yet, he was talking, talking and talking to the reporters, but refuses to give that detail? Why? This is a fact that could be easily discovered. But NOT ONE MEDIA person has given us that salient fact. No one has reported it.
          That is not an accident. That is deliberate. .

          • Much more is leaking out now from alternative sources besides PRAVDA/MSM. It is always best to wait a few days before too much speculation in todays world because we know we will be fed a lie and crap from the get go ! Some on purpose and some just ignorant responses to try and look intelligent from pundits and commentators who are dumb as a stump in most cases ? Combine it all and we get little truth ever. So we must seek it out !


      • anastasia157

        Recall the “Nazi” who allegedly killed that young woman. The first thing the media told us, and believed was very important for us to know, was the political party he was registered in. He was a “registered Republican.” This is very easy to find out, so while they so desperately look for motive of the shooter in Las Vegas, why haven’t they found out his political party, and publish it, as they did in charlotteville? Is it because in this case, it is not important for us to know his political affiliation in the media’s quest to determine “motive”.? .

      • anastasia157

        They changed their mind the next day about the girlfriend. As far as having no religious or political affiliation, why wouldn’t it be pertinent to tell us what political party he was registered in. Are they trying to tell us he never voted. Why didn’t they ask the brother the political affiliations of the family members, i.e. the mother and father, as well as his. They did not even ask the brother how he accumulated all that money. They gave us the name of his employer thirty years ago, but what about the last thirty years. Are they trying to imply he never worked for the last thirty years.

        • freenewlife8 .

          Connections to alphabet programs is coming to light now, 48 hours after. The instant answers, without any investigation, was the first clue it was an operation gone very bad. The MSM story is all we’ll be told. We have to stand firm for our basic human rights, or nwo/liberals won’t stop until we’re unarmed and defenseless.

      • anastasia157

        Keep your mind on “antifa”, a group paid for by George Soros and affiliated with some elements in the government. They are doing it to get their gun control This may be why they are using Paddock. He may have financed them and was involved that way. That is why the media will not tell us about his registration in a political party. We would be able to start putting two and two together.

        • freenewlife8 .

          The most plausible explanation currently is he was alphabet, deep cover, sting op to sell dangerous “tools” to bad guys. Bad guys figured out the scheme, snuffed him out then did the Vegas “event” with the tools. They fled the scene while cops waited for the door to be breached. Since the two rooms were connected, it looks possible to me. The Hotel owner has strong ties to islamic elements, especially CAIR. There’s one eyewitness claiming a person was running through the Luxor next door, dressed as Mandalay security guard, but acting like evading capture. Could be one of the deal-makers in the sting. They most likely dressed to deceive/blend in, so that fits the sad puzzle. Great respect for the sheriff who said there must have been more people supporting/helping. What a brave man!

    • proteus

      Right. Another “Adam Lanza”…guy never had a rifle before and now he’s an expert on full auto. Funny how there is no information on him in his neighborhood. Just a convenient “nobody”. I wonder when the manifesto will surface!

  • Kathy Aune

    Is this fake news, we shall see. I hope they have her and questioning her to the full extent, we need to know why this idiot shot and wounded so many. God bless Las Vegas in these trying times, God Bless the first responders.

  • nlightened2

    She may very well followed the teachings of the Christ and had acesses to ‘God’. She obviously had early warning of this event which is common among such people. She may not be found because they are extremly abused when found out. Just look at what happened to Christ.

    • Or she made a good guess, or she knew the shooter.

      • nlightened2

        Your points are well taken disqus. Trying to guess something like this accurately would be something the odds makers could calculate and maybe it would be better odds at winning the powerball….or not. If I knew the shooter and knew what he was about to do i would have dialed 911. Sounding crazy in a crowd really has little effect. But if its all you got……

        • Most police departments wouldn’t pay any attention to a rumor called into 911. If it was more substantial than that, they’d put the caller in jail for making a threat.

  • what if…

    Its all a propaganda psy-op for a gun control/anti-freedom/anti-constitution move by an already unpopular congress (to come later) & kazarian mobsters who want a one-world satanic government with no self-defense from any victims with guns!

    Of course this spectacular street theatre is already legal. The deep state is getting increasingly desperate, and it really shows with this play. The bullet sounds were blanks, or there would have been massive medical care triage all over the place. Of course it would be impossible for one person to do that much damage to hundreds of crisis actors.

    • Voice Over

      These ‘crisis actors’ are just amazing….. hundreds of them, pretending to bleed, pretending to have major bullet wounds to the head….some even pretending to die!!

      what if…. you had a brain?

      • what if…

        Please leave links for the photos that prove you have one…..

      • anastasia157

        No one is calling this one “crisis actors.” This one was truly homicide, and the government is not above such things, as we know. They killed 3,000 of us on 911 to get their wars.

        • what if…

          Your trust that these homicides actually occurred could be diminished by the apparent truth now that no children died at SH. I saw a fuzzy visual copy (somewhere) that crises actors were solicited for Las Vegas @$20/hour. 1,000 of them would only cost $20k.

          Perhaps some were killed, but unless public record death certificates are filed (were apparently not at SH), or photos appear, we are only left to believe what we are told, which does not necessarily honor the truth, but a scripted street-theatre play, as it were. I believe we should take whatever our would be controllers release quite skeptically, whith their history of betrayal of the governed or mind-controlled population.

          Why would they not bury us with grisley death photos to slam home their point? Because it would get them sued for not protecting the sheeple?

    • anastasia157

      Very fishy story

  • freenewlife8 .

    May God comfort those hurting and mourning their lost in this horrific Muslim attack. Reuters reporting that ISIS claims Paddock was a recent Muslim convert. His woman was from Indonesia, and the MSM can be counted upon to cover the whole thing up.

  • Rift

    Agreed, probably black bagged before it even started.

  • Enough is enough

    I think there is a new flock of sheep. The sheep that think everything is the FBI or the CIA. Sometimes people go crazy and do unthinkable acts.

    • anastasia157

      Well, the media refuses to report on what the girlfriend (wife) has to say about that. So far, there is nothing about his background to lead one to believe he would go crazy. He owned two homes, two planes, and had lots of money to gamble with. He loved to fly and he loved to gamble. He was 64 years old, and the media still refuses to tell us what he did for a living, with all that money.

  • proteus

    Definite black bag op

  • anastasia157

    The more corrupt a government becomes, the more they “need” gun control.

  • Jane Stewart

    My husband thinks I’m a nut because I have stopped thinking things “just happen”, that, when something like this happens, I say, “Something’s behind this”. Am I wrong?

    • Puppy


  • stormyt

    nope she got into an argument with a lady and made a bad comment at the worst time

  • anastasia157

    The few facts the media have given us keep changing.

    Eg. (1) The first day, we were told the girlfriend was in custody

    (2) The second day we were told that he was in Tokyo and is now in Tokyo and had nothing to do with the killings, and therefore they cannot extradite her.

    (3) The third day we were told that she was in the Philippines and that she was a “person of interest”. Does this give them grounds to extradite her?

    (4) Today we are told she is coming home and will arrive tomorrow. Coming home from where?

    (how could any media person make such a mistake, and aren’t these mistakes that the media has a duty to explain?

    How come the facts about how long this shooting lasted keeps changing

    How come the story about his going to different windows keep changing

    How come it took so long to find out he had been an accountant, and how come we know nothing about who he worked for or if he worked for himself and where he worked in the last thirty years. We only found out that he worked for a subsidiary of Lockheed thirty years ago. Where has he worked since then? That would be easy to find out. They interviewed his brother for hours and never asked that question. Where did he go to school? Who were his friends? Did he have no friends at all? None?

    How come they will not tell us in whose name Paddock transfer $100,000? Was it in his own name or the name of his girlfriend. If they know he transferred money into an account, then they should also know the name on the account.

    We were told by media that they found “handguns and rifles.” Why didn’t any “journalist” ask the obvious question (since the police were willing to disclose this information), and that is: Were any guns semi-automatic or fully automatic. We had to wait three days for them to get their stories straight.on that simple fact no one asked about. And this story too keeps changing.

    Recall the “Nazi” allegedly killing that young woman in Charlottesville. Almost immediately, the media published which political party he was registered in, i.e. Republican. This is very simple to find out. How come the media, in their desperate effort to find motive, which they say they cannot find, have not disclosed what political party the Las Vagas shooter was registered? Wouldn’t that tell us a little something about what was on his mind? How come it was so important in the “Nazi” case, but completely unimportant in a case where motive is desperately being sought? Further, after the shooting of the congressman, this would be important fact to find out in determining whether it was a “terrorist” act. So long as his motives and what was on his mind remain unclear, we are not labeling this a “terrorist” act.

    The story is preposterous and absurd, and completely unworthy of belief.

  • anastasia157

    Every media station reported on the first day that the woman was in custody. The next day every media station reported that she was in Tokyo. They reported the second statement as if they never reported the first. The following day, they report she is in the Philippines. The media reports this without indicating that they gave two inconsistent stories in the two days before. They act as if they did not report the first two stories. They act as if they are telling us where she is for the very first time.

    Where did they get the information that she was “in custody” Any member of the police who are speaking to the media is bound to have both knowledge and authority, so why would a member of the police say something that he obviously has no knowledge about? Why would policemen without knowledge and authority speak to the press about such a thing?

    There is no way to make such a HUGH and glaring error. It is such reckless behavior on the part of the media that it could be believed to be intentional. And if it were just reckless disregard for the facts, then it is incumbent upon the media to explain to us how they could make such a mistake. .

    How did they make the mistake about her being in Tokyo. Every media station repeated this lie. Where did they get this lie? No one in authority would ever say this to the police unless they had knowledge and authority, so who told the media this? Did the media make this up out of whole cloth.

    The media has given us no facts, and the facts they have given us are wholly unreliable and unworthy of belief. The media is as useless as tits on a bull, or they are simply covert agents working for the government.

  • Jadetatsu

    Who is the mysterious woman??!!

  • anastasia157

    The media buried this story. I guess they did not consider it newsworthy.