Las Vegas Mass Shooting Cover-Up Explodes: Police Ban Independent Reporters From Attending Press Conference

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In a move that is only furthering the now widespread belief that a cover-up is currently underway in Las Vegas, two conservative reporters who have broken multiple key stories about the strange and ever changing circumstances surrounding the horrific mass shooting were banned from attending the latest police press conference.

Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes were both denied entry by armed guards in what was a transparent attempt by the Las Vegas Police Department to stop anyone from asking real questions. Keep in mind, Loomer’s reporting conclusively proved that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock had arrived at the hotel a full three days earlier than authorities had claimed. Eventually, the “official story” was changed, largely due to Loomer’s reporting itself.

In other words, they knew exactly who they were keeping out of the press conference and were doing it to specifically stop any real information from getting released to the public.

Loomer first noted that police had randomly decided to start claiming that press credentials were needed to attend their press briefings when in the past they had been open to all.

Once it became clear that this was put in place to stop both Loomer and Tokes from attending and asking any questions, the pair began to expose this shocking attack on the independent media.

Loomer even noted that the police response time to banning independent journalists was exponentially better than their response time to the worst mass shooting in American history.

After news of her banning reached tens of thousands of people within an hour, Loomer was invited to appear on Infowars “The War Room” to discuss the situation.

Interesting, during the press conference in question, Sheriff Joe Lombardo specifically attacked “conspiracy theories” surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting. Remember, Loomer was accused of spreading conspiracy theories before authorities eventually “updated” their timeline to include facts Loomer originally released.

“In a Friday press conference, Sheriff Joe Lombardo fought back against claims that there is a conspiracy between the FBI, between LVMPD and the MGM,” to withhold information. Lombardo blasted reports that the Las Vegas police department and the FBI were operating in an incompetent manner,” reported The Gateway Pundit.

“There is no conspiracy between the FBI, between LVMPD & MGM — & nobody is attempting to hide anything referenced in this investigation,” claimed Lombardo.

To recap, two independent journalists were banned from attending a press conference that the sheriff then used to claim that no one was hiding anything from the public.

You literally cannot make this stuff up.

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  • Mayday911us

    This is the what feeds this.

    No you’re going to be forced to release everything every video picture every piece of information.

    This well never stop.

  • Clamb

    I also like cats.

  • emptymag

    What! You expected truth? Right…LOLROFPS

    • Jeff

      The biggest gun crazies shooting the place up is the U.S. government.

      And the professional politicians want us to believe that it is the people? What a joke.

      More people die from cars, tobacco, medical malpractice, obesity, and the government (the biggest gun crazies out there) . . . than guns.

      • And within the U.S. government, the controlling agency of the shadow government:

        • Lynn

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        • Joyce

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      • Scott Morrow

        Bunch of liberal loons gunning down our society. Perhaps, liberals shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms?

    • WeWa

      Kennedys? 9/11? MLK? Murrah Building? Pearl Harbor? And the beat goes on…..

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “You literally cannot make this stuff up.”

    You damned well literally can. Authors literally make stuff up all the time. Screenwriters as well. George Orwell “made up” ‘1984.’ No matter that it turned out to be prophetic rather than a terrifying piece of fiction. He made it up. Many authors make shit up. It’s called fiction.

    So yes. You can literally make stuff up.

    • Orwell was reporting rather than predicting, since he worked in the industry prior to writing 1984.
      What, you don’t like women who don’t dress like the callgirls you prefer?

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Yes, she definitely does not. I believe you are on to something there…

    • WeWa

      1940’s style. Look it up. Suits her occupation as a real journalist – you know, like Mae Brussel.

  • SP_88

    It’s as if they want to fuel the conspiracy theories about this shooting.

    • That isn’t their intention, but they are too incompetent to control the direction the truth is taking in undermining their lies.

    • What shooting ???

  • Jeff

    It is just the whole “one man” having killed and wounded hundreds of people that gives me pause.

    It is the whole 72-minute time frame during which “one man” rained down death from high above, (but maybe down below).

    And the “one man” that was chosen to be the shooter. Just laughable.

    A 64-year-old, over-weight, under-employed, sleep deprived, balding, retired, accountant, card shark, and rich — with absolutely none of the advanced military training necessary to pull off a professionally well-planned, researched, organized, and executed mission like the Las Vegas shooting. He did this? Paddock?

    The biggest gun crazies out there, the people that pulled this off, are the same ones carrying out regime change in other countries. Now it is our turn.

    They got away with JFK, Bobby, Martin Luther King, 9/11, tanks on American streets in Boston. So what do they do? Pull off the kind of massacre you would have only seen in places like Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bali, New York, Boston, San Bernardino, Newtown, and now Las Vegas.

    The biggest gun crazies out there, those responsible for Las Vegas, have gone one mass-shooting too far. The narrative is breaking down. How do I know? Because MSM just announced that the number of guns, legally owned, that are in the hands of Americans just went from 350-million to just under 600-million practically overnight.

    You nuke the swamp and I guarantee you, this sh*t stops the next day.

    • Roy Hobs

      Don’t forget ww1 and ww2. The holohoax is their biggest theatre production!

    • Like I said before, Paddock will become Las Vegas’ Oswald.

    • Milly Vanilly

      Unfortunately the SWAMP is run/controlled by the the CIA & Deep State (which consists of the Bankers-owned by the Rothschilds).
      HUGE SWAMP been growing for generations.

  • Radioman63

    Obviously the feds started really leaning on the sheriff….just saying.

    • Jeff

      Everybody associated with this investigation will be dead from mysterious causes within 10-years. it is already happening.

    • It is a shame that the sheriff lacks the cojones to lean back using the authority of Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898 (1997).

  • gazoo3

    Las Vegas was a completely staged fake hoax event in which nobody died.

  • William the Resolute

    I would advise the reporters to watch their backs….they are now a target.

  • Of course one can make this stuff up, it has been the same since the OSS imported the tactics and personnel of the SS to convert it into the CIA, which now controls all American intelligence agencies:

  • darkhorse

    you also literally cannot make up names like these two reporters! Who do they work for or did I miss it?

    • One Ring or Two

      Yes, you missed it. It was stated in the title….

  • darkhorse

    You’ll always be correct in your thinking if you keep in mind that EVERYTHING IS A LIE…..

  • Power comes from the barrel of a gun, not from a microphone & camera.
    It’s time for a Revolution.

  • Harry L

    LVMPD sold out their integrity because the FBI has control files on all of them.

  • Mike

    Of course they ban conservatives that would ask the right questions, THEY CAN’T HAVE THE TRUTH GET OUT.

  • Undecider

    That’s fine. Just report very loudly the crime and conspiracy going on with the LVPD and MSM. They can’t shut us up and it’ll make life difficult for them.

  • H.W. Grimm

    What would you expect from the PD of a city whose motto is: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”?

    The Las Vegas PD’s specialty is covering up crimes.

  • beastofsteel

    Laura Loomer is a zionist reporter, She is working for them. Don’t fall for her trap. She

  • Berecca

    I read about Paddock checking in on 9/25 just 3-4 days after the incident in The Daily Mail Online. Did they get it from Loomer? The Mail Online and a couple of other British news sites have provided a lot more info than the MSM.

  • Eddie

    “Never believe anything until it is officially denied.” I think that’s the relevant quote in this situation.

  • dav1bg

    So any theory besides theirs is a conspiracy theory? And am I to believe that ALL of these conspiracy theories are false? Even though conspiracy theories provide evidence, but I am expected just to stupidly believe the “Official” version that provides no evidence. By a government which is openly trying to circumvent the constitution? If the Sheriff can’t take the heat, he needs to get out of the kitchen. And quit crying.

    • c_chandler

      these have mostly been false flags with crisis actors, and big coverups. obama’s ex employee bought a plane that has been decomissioned by the FAA, but the FAA records record its tail number as a completely different make of airplane, and held by an intelligence agency tied to the DofD

  • armed bear

    Send in a friend. Simple solution. eventually there will be no one allowed in.