Land of the Free? Legislator Wants to Fine New Yorkers Who Don’t Vote

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America still has a few tiny shreds of freedom. For instance, when faced with a corrupt two party system that only offers the illusion of choice, we still have the freedom to not participate in the charade. We can still stay home on election day, and refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Unfortunately that freedom is also under assault. New York Assemblywoman Deborah Glick has introduced a bill that would establish compulsory voting in the city. Those who don’t vote, would be fined $10 unless they have a valid excuse, and those fines would be used to improve the electoral process. As for what constitutes a valid excuse or how exactly this money would be used, the bill doesn’t say.

According to Glick, “Mandatory voting would drastically increase civic participation and transform the political arena by making politicians more reflective of the constituents that elected them.”

The bill was criticized because it could hurt low income families. More importantly, it would obviously violate the rights of everyone who doesn’t vote. Barbara Bartoletti, the legislative director of the New York State League of Women Voters, stated that “Often, it is a silent protest on their part to not vote.”

The truth of the matter is that refusing to vote is in a way, another form of voting. If you think the system is rigged and that the choices provided don’t represent your interests, one of the best ways to express that feeling is to not show up on election day. If this bill passes, then residents of New York will only have two choices. Participate in the corrupt system, or help fund the rigged system. Obviously that’s no choice at all.

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    Even not voting is, in itself, a form of voting. By not voting you’re essentially saying, “None of the above.”

    • Todd Burgess

      I been sayin none of the above fer years, but they don’t hear me. Dang my old hearing aid!

    • Essentially doesn’t count with arrogant officeholders.
      Our republic stands on three boxes: ballot, jury, cartridge. When you get to the third, liberty is quite perilous.

      • g.johnon

        by that logic, we are quite slow at getting to the third box.

        • You must not live in a place like I do. There are 14 guns per capita in the county where I live, where we can open carry into the city council meeting, and no permit is required to concealed carry anywhere that it is permitted, which is just about anywhere open carry is. The population in the city is a bit under 10 thousand, there are about a dozen FFL holders, an outdoor range 4 miles out of town, and an indoor range where you can fire a gatling or machine gun. The largest gun museum in the country is a major tourist attraction because it is part of a group of 5 western culture museums that shares collections with the Smithsonian. Lest I forget, the sheriff is a CLEO, who regularly lets federal agents know that they are not welcome nor needed. The most frequent violation of law here is DUIs.

  • tonye

    Generallssimo Franco held plebi­scites..

    They kept track of every one who voted, and not.

    Participation was 99% or something like that.

    • You left out what happened to the 1% who didn’t vote.

      • tonye

        It was implicit… that was exactly the point of my post: “what happened to the 1% that didn’t vote?”

        Nothing good that’s for sure.

        “El Caudillo is visiting town this weekend, round up the ‘usual suspects’ and hold them until He is gone back.”

  • Tatiana Covington

    The correct response is along the lines of “Blow me.”

    • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

      Tongue me in the case of freedom loving women!

  • One has to wonder if New York Assemblywoman Deborah Glick is an immigrant from Russia, where there has long been a requirement to vote, just to make it appear to be legitimate. On the other hand, maybe they should pass a law disqualifying any election that was voted on by less than 50% of the eligible electors. “None of the above” would probably get more votes than most human candidates in most races, and if it did, the office would be left vacant, to determine whether vacant was an improvement on occupied.

    • Jimmy Yost

      +disqus_3BrONUAJno She’s probably an immigrant from Israel where she picked up on the demonic spirit of top-down-control that presides over the place and infects everyone living there to make them think they’re so ‘superior’ that they have the right to control what others can and can’t do.

  • Lewie Paine
  • How do you expect Americans, who don’t know the difference between the candidates or even care enough about how their rights are being eviscerated, to vote for the common interest of the people? There are a lot of morons walking around these days, and it is impossible to expect them not to be swayed by the words of someone who peddles bullshit and sells to them in a way that makes them want it.

    • SP_88

      These are exactly the morons that these crooked politicians want voting. They don’t want an educated voter. They want someone who can be manipulated easily so it makes their job easier.
      Any educated voters would be swamped by the massive number of idiots and morons who would be casting a vote for whoever, just to avoid the fine.
      And I’m sure that the money would be used for either more infrastructure to force voters to vote or pay a fine, or it would be stuffed into the pockets of these crooked politicians. Certainly it will never be used to benefit the people.

      • That is even assuming both politicians are paid off. (((They))) don’t want a president who may usurp their power.

  • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    I refuse to participate in this charade called ⅄Ɔ∀ɹƆOWƎp!

    But I will say this … Politicians had better take some deep reflection time prior to making their new corporate policy … Not only are they further destroying the facade of freedom within the mushy minds … But, if policies were in place as a means to coerce an individual such as myself to voter OR ELSE $ – would be a terrible mistake, paper ballots have the option to write in ones own candidate in many states, not to mention the fact that a joker like myself would check virtually every box for every candidate.

  • Bababooey

    fuck off you antisemite

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      *dingdingding* King Fuckwit heard from.

      If one speaks badly or acts badly regarding blacks, they’re racist.
      If one speaks badly or acts badly regarding Mexicans, they’re racist.
      If one speaks badly or acts badly regarding Asians, they’re racist.

      If one speaks badly or acts badly regarding jews – suddenly it’s “anti-semite,” like jews are somehow better than everyone else on the entire planet. . . which is the textbook definition of “racist.”

      You just proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, your fear and ignorance; a no more pathetic excuse for human being can be found.
      Do yourself and the world a favor. . . dunk your head in a toilet and take a deep breath.

  • Uncle Sham

    will illegal aliens be fined as well?

  • Uncle Sham

    will non-US citizens be fined as well?

    • Lou

      Only if they fail to vote three or more times.

  • Clementine

    More government extortion and subjugation… typical!

  • SP_88

    These politicians are desperately corrupt and out of control. If I was forced to vote, I would vote for the first politician who promised to repeal the forced voting law.
    What happens if we refuse to vote, and refuse to pay the ten dollar fine? Would they throw us in jail?
    What the hell is wrong with New Yorkers? Why do you people insist on electing these radical leftists who immediately try to stomp on everyone’s rights? New York is as bad as California. Pretty soon nobody will have any rights in New York.
    New York has violated the rights of the people to:
    – Refuse to poison their children with toxic vaccines
    – Carry a firearm to defend themselves from the steadily increasing criminal element
    – Carry a knife of their choice to either defend themselves with, or for utility purposes
    And there are many other draconian laws in New York that are unConstitutional and a direct violation of the rights of the people.
    And now the right to not participate in the crooked election process is on the chopping block.
    And you can be sure that these politicians will never be satisfied with the rights they have taken, they will always want more. It will never end until the people are completely and totally subjugated under the thumb of an absolute dictatorship.
    If you were smart, you would put a stop to this and do everything in your power to reverse this trend of tyranny and totalitarianism.

  • Rich Hillegass

    How about we start locking up those a-hole politicians who think up that rot?

  • stopspending4

    “not voting is a silent protest” my arse. It is mainly a result of lazy, not caring, better things to do. New York KNOWS most of the voters will vote for Dems so they are taking the corrupt voting process one step further by making everyone vote. Can imagine how often someone will show up at a house, tell the person they will hve to pay 10$ if they do not vote but wait – “I just happen to have a ballot and can kindly complete it for you and save you 10$” If that is not paying someone to vote, what is. They already go to homes and nursing facilities and complete ballots, this just adds an extra incentive.

  • Nevadavoter1

    In Australia, not voting brings a fine of $20 the first time, $50 the second time and ultimately you lose your drivers license. Seems to work fine down under!

  • Karen Scarber

    Voting is a RIGHT and PRIVILEDGE…..NOT something that is required by law, MORONIC woman!!

  • R Beardall

    As usual the DemoRats know what is best for You and You just should have it rammed down Your throat!They know best how You should think vote and live!You would think people would wake up someday