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Before any serious discussion about the Second Amendment can begin, it is necessary to make sure those discussing its validity, definition and application really understand why it was written and how it applies to modern society.

Today, most politicians do not understand the Second Amendment or refuse to award it its real meaning. They refuse to recognized what the Founding Fathers intended to achieve and instead attach all kinds of connotations originated from their twisted and purposely wrong understanding of the this sacred right.

Two grave mistakes are commonly made when defining, validating and applying the Second Amendment. First, people attempt to interpret what it means, as opposed to simply reading and abiding by it. Second, it is defined, validated and applied according to ‘modern’ precepts issued by government.

Perhaps the best attempt to understand what the Second Amendment means in its raw form was recently presented by journalist Ben Swann, who limited himself to reading the text and, upon consulting constitutional experts and proper dictionary definitions, made a very good case for the correct understanding of what the Second Amendment really means.

The definition held by those who believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms and what it intends to guard against — the very same definition now being diluted by government enforcing illegal laws and the media pushing for gun control — is simpler than what many pundits and talking heads want to make it look.

The Second Amendment was not created to be conditioned to the kind of weapons that people may have available to buy or whatever the federal government thinks are ideal social situations for people to own a gun. It is also not limited by the mental health of a society or the vote of a group of people who are so afraid of armed lunatics, that they prefer to be killed rather than protect themselves and their families.

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

After being victims of foreign aggressors, the Founding Fathers and the United States as a whole understood very well that an armed population, not only a standing army, was the best instrument to keep the country safe from both domestic and foreign attacks. That is why the responsibility to defend oneself was put in the hands of The People.

A number of countries whose armies were swept by oppressors and whose populations fell into the hands of local and foreign conquerors are historically significant. Meanwhile, quite the opposite happened with those nations whose people maintained the right to keep and bear arms. The statistics clearly show a direct link between free, armed populations and lower crime rates. On the contrary, subdued, unarmed people are most often subjected to violence from criminals in and out of government.

Governments alone are responsible for the murder of at least 250,000,000 people in the twentieth century and most of the people who were murdered were either lightly armed in comparison to their aggressors or completely disarmed. If the security of a free State — and such state is indeed composed by its citizens because that State is an independent Nation, depends upon its people — it is then the responsibility and the right of those people to keep and bear arms against all threats.

Therefore, the Second Amendment is not about hunting or the ownership of a specific caliber firearm, but about the ability of the people to be armed as needed to defend themselves from standing armies; both foreign and domestic. It is as simple as that. The people have the right, under applicable laws, to own and use firearms of undetermined calibers, sizes or firepower, to defend themselves, their families and their country.

There can’t be a better time to put that right to work than today, when average criminals, mentally ill people and the government itself pose the greatest danger to the security of the people than ever before in history. For those who understand the meaning of the Second Amendment, it is clear that the full conquest of the United States will not occur unless its people are completely disarmed.

The globalists who control the American government have financially and politically disarmed the country, but they haven’t been able to break the will of the people to defend themselves. Americans are beginning to understand that their government cannot protect them and will not protect them, because government  doesn’t work for them.

Politicians who move to Washington, D.C., work for foreign interests whose goal is to destroy the United States the same way they’ve destroyed countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe. That is why, when studied from a legal standpoint — the only point of view it should be studied from — the Second Amendment explicitly enables Americans to defend their country as well as to defend themselves from their country if necessary.

The Second Amendment was intended to guarantee the right of the individuals to be equally armed as their country’s military, both to aid the military to defend the country from foreign threats, as well as to defend themselves from the Nation’s military forces, should they turn against The People. The Founding Fathers intended to provide the citizens the ability to be armed well enough to keep their country and themselves free from oppressive forces which could arise internally and externally.

The idea that a semi automatic firearm should not be in the hands of average folks could not be more opposed to the right provided by the Second Amendment, since governments’ firepower has increased exponentially. What kind of self-defense action could an individual sustain with a .22 caliber gun if its government has sound canyons, armed drones and laser beam weapons? In fact, a semi-automatic or even an automatic weapon would be useless.

The next step on the road to serfdom after a population is disarmed is anything and everything that those in places of power believe is enough to keep themselves in power. “You can do all kinds of things when the population is disarmed. You can round them up, you can put them in ghettos, you can execute them, you can do all kinds of things,” says attorney Don Moore.

There is nothing controversial about the Second Amendment and what it means. Controversy arises from those whose power slips away when The People reclaim the rights given to them by their creator, which directly challenge the abusive behavior of corrupted individuals who use government to enslave his fellow citizens.

An honest debate about the Second Amendment will only be effective when those who participate in such a debate do so with full understanding of what they are talking about. The Second Amendment is intended to prevent the control, domination and oppression of the people by the government. Any discussion that starts without recognizing this fact will not only be futile, but also dangerous given the ignorance of the people who are charged with defending its very existence.

No matter what Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, or Pierce Morgan say, firearms don’t kill people. Crazy individuals using firearms murder people just as mad individuals use the power vested upon them by their fellow citizens to murder thousands of innocent civilians in a supposed attempt to ‘bring peace’ to their countries.

As foreign as it may seem for Americans or any other population whose governments want them to hand in their guns, the consequences of centralizing government power and disarming citizens are the predecessors of Genocide.

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Contributed by Luis Miranda of The Real Agenda.

Luis R. Miranda is the Founder and Editor of The Real Agenda. His 16 years of experience in Journalism include television, radio, print and Internet news. Luis obtained his Journalism degree from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, where he graduated in Mass Media Communication in 1998. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Among his most distinguished interviews are: Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres and James Hansen from NASA Space Goddard Institute.

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  • Wolf

    Hand in our weapons? We will not!

  • blah

    Shall not be *Infringed*. Key word there.

  • TIME

    Thank you for a well presented blog.

    My Dear friends we are at the door, thus now our job is to open it and wake the vast amount of sheep from their “PRE ~ PROGRAMMING” / “INDOCTRINATION” of pure and utter stupidity. Saddly that’s been visited on us from both the Mass Media as well the Political class for years now, by way of both ~ “covert and overt propaganda.”

    Its time that the American people look at all the pernicious laws as well the behavior of the political class and mass media for whats their true agenda is.
    The total “ENSLAVEMENT” of the American people.

    The American people must stop with their feckless act’s of ignorance and learn what is TRUTH.

    Then not only stand up for what is a Higher Standard of Moral Value, but also to take back the granted Freedoms that the founders not only fought for. But also what all Free persons should enjoy, FREEDOM from intrusive leaders of all kinds.

    Infact the very nature of what the Founders of this nation were able to see with clearity that saddly todays population has lost sight of by way of the mass of worthless rhetoric dispenced by spin doctors for effect of expanding powers within a small core group.

    No Free Man can stand – when only the RULERS have the ability to enforce a their MORAL code, of what I am quite sure no FREE MAN would find within their Moral value system when viewed by history’s past endeavors into this form of abyss. Think the Nazi’s and what befell the Jewish people of Europe during that TIME period, let alone the countless Hundreds of millions who have faced like forms of Rule.

    As this nation has no longer a Moral Compass within its leadship, its TIME for the American people to take back the power that the political class by way of Bankers / The FED have stolen from them and their children.
    On just the $16 Trillion dollar debt in man hours of work based on a #20.00 per hour base rate it will take 47,000 years just to pay off that debt.

    That in straight talk makes the American people “Indentured Servants” to the political class’s whos reckless spending and behavior have created this very chaotic state.

    Thus if these criminals take away the American people’s only form of defence against what is rounding out to be a “Dictatorship”
    This once great neation will slip beneath the waves of history as a total failure to understand or hold onto “FREEDOM” that a Sovereign nation and people should enjoy.

    How sad is that?

    The only way a “Marxist Police State” can exist is if the people have no way to fight back, No weapons of near equal value, as well NO FREE SPEECH. **note both of these granted Freedoms / Rights are under heavy attack at this point in TIME.

    There is no more TIME to waste its now TIME to take back your RIGHTS Your FREEDOMS, your Nation.

    There will be NO rematch, nor will you be able to revisit the damage done at a later date to address all these wrongs perpetrated on the last vestige of a FREE PEOPLE in the world. This is it people, this is not a GAME, this is the real deal.

    Peace and Love, Shalom

  • Gil

    Do tell where it says the people are free to attack and kill politicians without retaliation? Had the American Revolution failed and George Washington captures and sent to England then he would’ve been hung, drawn and quartered for high treason. If a group of people start shooting at politicians citing Thomas Jefferson they will still be treated as domestic terrorists.

    • Barry

      Unless they win. And isn’t that the whole point?

      • SKIP

        And when the SHTF and if we citizens loose, most of us will not want to live in what is left anyway.

    • SKIP

      Right you are bbut we intend to win and their “gated communities” will not save them from the pitchforks, torches, AKs and M4s

  • Douglas

    I submit that all Federal laws which restrict the type of weapons owned by law-abiding citizens (whether full-auto-capable, burst-mode, semi-auto, magazine capacity, ability to be fitted with a bayonet or silencer, caliber, barrel length, overall weapon length, and rate of fire ALL contravene the literal wording of the Second Amendment: to KEEP and BEAR arms shall not be INFRINGED. If the framers had intended that the ordinary citizen HAD to be less armed than an individual US Soldier or civilian law enforcement officer, this would have been spelled out. In fact, in both the then-recent Revolutionary War and subsequent uprisings in the several states (re: Shay’s rebellion), the average citizen typically had a musket or a pistol that was as good as either the regulars that they either fought along side or went up against. Some may argue that the founders never envisioned submachine guns or “assault” rifles. Right. They never also foresaw the telegraph, the telephone, radio, TV, computers, the Internet, satellites, etc., and the same crown that bleats for gun controls gets into a pink hissyfit whenever there’s a call to not partake of their filth foisted upon society (e.g., encouraging people to choose NOT to watch lewd or violent programs of their own volition is “censorship”, which I thought ONLY the Government could do…). So, in light of the Newton, CT shootings, let’s ban all the first-person shooter video games so the precious children aren’t incited to live out their electronic violent fantasies. However, my adult children were all raised on PCs, Ninentdo, and Sega, and played the likes of Doom, Duke Nukem, and Castle Wolfenstein, to mention a few. Of the four of them (I’m also raising a fifth, who is now 12, as a single Dad), two are BYU graduates, one is a Senior at BYU majoring in Chemical Engineering, and the one who didn’t go to a four-year college is nevertheless employed full-time, married and a homeowner. None of them have ever been in trouble with the law, all are sober and responsible young adults. They were guided in the use of firearms, having accompanied their Dad, Grandpa, and Uncles on outings to either target shoot or hunt. They were all strictly taught that firearms are deadly weapons and thought a Constitutional right, a very serious responsibility to own and bear.
    Senator Feinstein, you’re a disgrace to the Golden State and I will work diligently to ensure that you do not get re-elected in 2016, if a way can’t be found before then to recall you. Just ask Grey Davis how much shit the good people of California are willing to put up with.

    • Jean

      Californians seem willing to bend over for anything, I’m afraid… 🙁

  • MarshRabbit

    The framers were aware of the mentally ill; they called them lunatics. They did not exempt lunatics from the Second Amendment. So we must respect the Second Amendment rights of the mentally ill or accept that this is a right that can be infringed.

    • MarshRabbit

      Mental health professionals have a saying, “we’re all in the DSM somewhere.”

    • Ralphf

      I can’t imagine how difficult your situation has been and continues to be for you. You have some good points and I know we were all put here for a reason and I think you are underestimating both your potential and the positive influence you have on people.

  • SKIP

    “The people have the right, under applicable laws,

    Therein lay the DANGEROUS words of “applicable law”

  • johnd24

    F***ing DS hasn’t never approved my comments, and they show on another PC I have. ASSHOLES! Its implanted on one browser then when I jump to another IP my comment doesn’t show on this website. In other words fuckheads are prevent my Freedom Of Speech.

    • Johnd24

      I have been moderating comments all day. Your comments were not hidden, deleted or otherwise prevented from appearing.

      We do not block any comments other than those which threaten or incite direct violence. Your issue with those comments does not lie with us.