LA Will Pay over $24m to Wrongfully Convicted Men Who Spent Decades in Jail

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The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to pay $16.7 million and $7.6 million to Kash Register and Bruce Lisker, respectively, who were arrested as teens and spent a combined 60 years in jail for murders they did not commit.

Police pinned the crime on Lisker using faulty evidence, including a prisoner informant’s testimony, but their claims were eventually debunked in court, exonerating Lisker. The LAPD had said it was physically impossible that Lisker’s story of seeing his mother from outside could be true, but Los Angeles Times reporters and experts showed otherwise. Another piece of evidence police claimed conclusively showed Lisker’s guilt was bloody shoe prints in the bathroom, but an LAPD analyst and FBI expert testified against that theory successfully as well.

“It’s a very happy day. It’s a vindication and an acknowledgment by the city of Los Angeles at its highest levels that what I have said all along is true, that I am innocent and at 17 I was framed by the LAPD for the murder of my mother,” Lisker told the Times by phone.

“The toll this ordeal has taken on me and my family is incalculable. The money is nowhere near enough,” Lisker added. “How can one place a monetary figure on a lifetime of stolen freedom, of crushed aspirations and a shattered reputation, on my mother’s tragic murder going unsolved and neglected for 33 years and counting? There are no words, just as there is no amount that can adequately compensate me for what’s happened.”

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  • bill lopez

    How long before they each blow those millions?

  • Maggie18

    Kash Register? Is this a joke?

  • Smarty

    That’s one “kash” register that’s going to be overflowing with money !!

  • doucyet

    And they should pay, the SOBs! Not the taxpayers but the prosecutors and judge themselves!

    The “system” is real quick to jail folks because there are reputations at stake and ladders to climb ya know!

    If I’m a carpenter and I install your door wrong, I pay to make it right, not the lumberman…………

  • Silverado

    I think to even out the odds here perhaps they should go back and find out who the detectives were and since I’m sure they’re probably long retired (and maybe no longer living) maybe they could go after their pension or tie them up in court proceedings for maybe a few years as kind of a thank you for being such despicable humans. And all in the line of duty too… Protect and Serve huh?? Anyway, insurance polices will most likely pay for this.

    • mirageseekr

      No the tax payers will pay for this.

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    Kash Register? Someone slap him or his parents. Bad as some naming their kid Shithead. No its not “She thade” upon pronunciation. lol

    Poor guys…. and its always the taxpayers that have to pay for the Criminal reps. Those persons responsible should be jailed for the equivalent time.