LA Metro Begins Pilot Program For Full Body Scanners Funded By Bill Gates

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Once again it appears that airports are a test bed for nearly everything that will eventually trickle out into the general public. Whether it’s TSA VIPR teams on trains, or the emergence of biometric ID, the continuous reinforcement of an imminent and pervasive threat has people scrambling to give up their freedom for their ever-elusive security.

Although airport body scanners have been much maligned for their negative health effects from millimeter wave technology, as well as their thoroughly intimate invasion of privacy, it’s not stopping Los Angeles from rolling out a pilot program of the $60,000-per-unit scanners which began on Wednesday. Subway officials aim to process up to 600 people per hour in the (currently) voluntary screening:

The machines use sensors to scan a person as they walk through, searching for firearms and , said Dave Sotero, a Metro spokesman. Passengers don’t need to unload laptops or take off their jackets or shoes as the radio waves scan them to detect anomalies.

“It is specifically designed to test for mass-casualty threats,” Sotero said. “The technology enables the system to locate on the body where there is a potential threat, and it appears on a video screen.”

Metro is conducting the pilot program to evaluate the accuracy and capacity of the portable  and determine if the scanners could become permanent fixtures in the Los Angeles transit system.


This is actually a program that has been ramping up behind the scenes for quite a while. The company supplying the scanners, Evolv, made news nearly one year ago when it was revealed that Bill Gates was funding their start-up into the scanner space.

As the Guardian reported at the time, it was not only LA that was being zeroed in on, there are other locations where we can expect a possible roll-out.

A startup bankrolled by Bill Gates is about to conduct the first public trials of high-speed body scanners powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Guardian can reveal.

According to documents filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Boston-based Evolv Technology is planning to test its system at Union Station in Washington DC, in Los Angeles’s Union Station metro and at Denver international airport.

Evolv uses the same millimetre-wave radio frequencies as the controversial, and painfully slow, body scanners now found at many airport security checkpoints. However, the new device can complete its scan in a fraction of second, using computer vision and machine learning to spot guns and bombs.

It is the speed of the system which is being touted as its greatest asset and, if true, will likely lead to widespread roll-out across transporation and other venues. Whereas people are accustomed to hours of travel time surrounding their airline visit; trains, buses and events need near-instantaneous processing to keep people docile enough to tolerate it.

Yet another bonus, as the Guardian notes, is the potential integration of biometrics which, as previously mentioned, is a trend that is gaining traction with new forms of security programs.

The scanner also has a camera that takes a photo of each person passing through, enabling facial recognition.

Because it promises to be faster and cheaper than existing millimetre-wave scanners, the new device could bring airport-level screening to venues that were previously difficult to secure.

The Guardian goes on to highlight a laundry list of potential issues with the new technology arising from “the chaos of the real world” such as false positives, potential lack of fine tuning for sophisticated weapons, and reverse engineering of scanners by terrorists who would know how to conceal dangerous items.

Now would be the time for the traveling public to draw a line in the sand while public testing is underway and a pushback has a chance of being considered. Certainly the mentality of one traveler who was quoted in the most recent announcement is exactly what technocrats and the security industrial complex are looking for, but certainly should be cringe-worthy for anyone who truly values liberty:

“I think it is a good idea with everything that has been going on and ISIS,” passenger Jazmin Rosales, 29, said. “As long as it doesn’t take too long, at least you know you can feel safe.”

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  • Upperthoughts

    Of course butt-pirate eugenicist Gates is behind this invasive
    Orwellian assault.

  • Clementine

    I am happy I got to enjoy life before all this crap. The next generation is going to think this if freedom, how very sad.

    • lee ho fook

      they deserve what they get….

    • Laurence Almand

      I can remember when you could board a plane with all sorts of luggage, and no one even asked what you were carrying!

      • Clementine


  • An X-ray a day helps keep the terrorists away. Ten X-rays a day slow kills all the sheeple away–just like Bill Gates wants it.

  • John C Carleton

    Bill Gates needs to be put in one of these, turn it full power, come back in 10-12 hours.

    • lee ho fook

      but no one has the guts to touch any of them

  • TrevorD

    “I think it is a good idea with everything that has been going on and ISIS,”
    Aaaah….! must be pure music to the ears of TPTB.

  • Milly Vanilly

    Bill Gates..? While walking through the X-Ray Blaster you will be given a Complimentary, but Mandatory volley of vaccines & health ‘preventive’ chemicals. Don’t forget to get your free coupons for Starbucks coffee, a Targets bathroom pass & isis tee shirt.

    • lee ho fook

      Bill Gates is a very happy TALMUDIST….

  • lee ho fook

    oh yes, the big ZIONIST…of course….

  • Laurence Almand

    Gate is just another rich hypocrite, who talks about “charity” and such, and then funds such a dictatorial, privacy-violating scheme! How would he like to be scanned every time he flies? (He doesn’t have to worry, since he probably has a private jet.)
    These rich two-faced people are disgusting. He is also one of the anti-gun nuts who wants to disarm law-abiding people. What does he care? He can afford armed bodyguards.

  • john folger

    the NWO makes the problem an then makes the reaction an the nwo salution

  • John Greer

    I fly as little as possible. Use to be anything over 500 miles I took a flight. Now I’m good for 1500. If more people objected to airports, they would get fixed.