Kremlin: EU and US are preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history

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Embassies around the world received an “urgent bulletin” today from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MFA is strongly urging Russian citizens and businesses to pull their money from Western financial institutions immediately, at the request of  Russian  Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Earlier today, the EU announced its intentions to destroy the banking system in Cyprus if the small country refuses to raid the savings accounts of its citizens. The EU Times reports “that if the Cypriot government did not allow the raiding of private bank accounts by Monday they [the EU] would be forced to destroy their banks, which remain closed for the seventh straight day and have no signs of opening soon.” Thus far, the Cypriot Parliament has stood strong against the EUs demands, apparently planning an outright default instead of pillaging the accounts of citizens.

The EU Times also reports that some recent suspicious actions by President Barack Obama could be indicative of plans falling into place.

According to Kremlin sources, though, President Obama’s sudden visit to Israel this week, the first he has made since being elected in 2008, was to personally warn top Israelis of his regimes “plan” to begin confiscating his citizen’s bank deposits too.

Interesting to note is that the Obama regimes “master plan” to steal their citizen’s wealth that is no longer protected was detailed by the global management consulting giant, and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) who in their 2011 September report titled Collateral Damage: Back to Mesopotamia? The Threat of Debt Restructuring warned of the US governments plan confiscate up to 30% of not just the Americans people bank accounts, but also of their other wealth.

If you’re wondering why the news in America doesn’t mention the possibility that  20-30% of your savings could be confiscated, keep in mind that the mainstream media will not be benefitted by providing this information. The MSM is a tool of the government, the wealthy, and the special interest groups – all of whom will be exempt from these outright thefts of funds.

If you don’t heed the signs, you may wake up one morning to discover that your access to your accounts is gone. You may be standing by helplessly, waiting while the US government appropriates a percentage of the money that you have worked to save.

Follow the advice given by the Russian government and get your money out. If you choose not to protect yourself, you can’t complain when your assets are stolen. You’ve been warned.

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