Kill 174 People? You’re a Mass Murderer; GM Kills 174 People, Pays a Fine, Keeps Making Cars

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Here’s a blatant example of how U.S. megacorporations are above the law (or can buy it).

It’s also an example of the mental disconnect our society has about murder and how the average person’s buttons get so easily pushed to serve government agendas by the mainstream media.

The Department of Justice has quietly released a statement to little media fanfare that criminal charges will be filed against General Motors (not an individual, but the company itself… I guess it’s like Romney said, “Corporations are people too, my friend”) because the company has acknowledged it willfully kept information about the safety of millions of their cars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the unsuspecting public who buys them for years.

At least 174 people have reportedly died because of this company’s lies in this case.

The result? GM (the corporation) admitted the willful omission led to 15 deaths (the ones the company has acknowledged) and many severe injuries.

Via the FBI:

The defect consisted of an ignition switch that had been designed and manufactured with too-low torque resistance and could therefore move easily out of the “Run” position into “Accessory” or “Off” (the “Defective Switch”). When the switch moved out of Run, it could disable the affected car’s frontal airbags – increasing the risk of death and serious injury in certain types of crashes in which airbags were otherwise designed to deploy…

To date, GM has acknowledged a total of 15 deaths, as well as a number of serious injuries, caused by the Defective Switch.

Apparently GM only acknowledged the most obvious deaths they absolutely had to.

The bottom line is, GM knew the switch was faulty and they lied about it year after year to not only U.S. regulators but their customers, directly ending in many people’s otherwise avoidable deaths all over the country.

GM’s cars killed lots of people. GM knew it could happen and just kept on selling cars while people died on the roads in their products.

So what’s going to happen to GM now?


Deferred prosecution… and a fine.

GM has been ordered to pay $900 million to the U.S. government:

Mr. Bharara [the United States Secretary of Transportation] also announced a deferred prosecution agreement with GM (the “Agreement”) under which the Company admits that it failed to disclose a safety defect to NHTSA and misled U.S. consumers about that same defect…

The Agreement imposes on GM an independent monitor to review and assess policies, practices, and procedures relating to GM’s safety-related public statements, sharing of engineering data, and recall processes. The Agreement also requires GM to transfer $900 million to the United States by no later than September 24, 2015, and agree to the forfeiture of those funds pursuant to a parallel civil action also filed today in the Southern District of New York.

Hey! Sounds like a payday for the government. By the way, $900 million is less than a third of GM’s $2.8 billion in profit last year.

Talk about a slap on the wrist.

Oh, and if GM agrees to continue to acknowledge “responsibility” and accept independent monitoring, WAPO reports that the criminal case will be dropped in three years! None of GM’s employees involved will face any charges.

Do you see how that works?

“I have a saying about GM: There’s no problem too big that money can’t solve,” said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety. GM “is buying [its] way out of a criminal prosecution.” (source)

Now let’s talk for a second about gun violence. I know, what does that have to do with this? Only that people in this country completely lose their minds and run around screaming that everyone’s 2nd Amendment rights should be taken away every time an isolated case of a criminal (who obviously doesn’t follow gun laws like “don’t shoot innocent people” to begin with) shoots up a place.

Question: How many mass shootings have occurred in the U.S. which ended the lives of 15 or more people?

Answer: Since 1966, five. Only five.

How many have ended in the deaths of 174 people?

Zero. None.

So large corporations can allow millions of people and their families to pay to drive around in potential death traps for years and lie about it, killing 174 people and seriously injuring many others, and where’s the public outrage?

The clamoring to have GM officials involved personally held accountable?

The screaming for more laws directed at keeping giant corporations from doing this in the future?

If you’ll recall, the government (meaning the taxpayers in this case), bailed out General Motors to the tune of $50 billion not that long ago. In fact, the government reportedly “lost” $11.2 billion on that arrangement, writing it off as a loss in March 2014.

Oh, and look at how the DOJ release describes GM’s behavior in this case:

Since February 2014 and the inception of this federal criminal investigation, GM has taken exemplary actions to demonstrate acceptance and acknowledgement of responsibility for its conduct.

Do you ever hear the government talk this way about mass murderers who take prosecutors out to show the court where the bodies are buried? “Wow, what exemplary actions…”

Yeah, that’s the kind of ass kissing that $900 million buys. Read the whole DOJ statement. All the agencies involved are patting themselves on the back like they actually did something positive here.

It’s blatantly obvious that the value of the government’s business relationships trump the value of the individual lives of the American people.

And while gun violence is horrible and tragic and played up by the government and in the media for a gun control agenda that will ultimately affect everyone including the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, clearly you can see that corporations are allowed to willfully commit mass murder and all they have to do is pay a fine.

Who is the government really trying to “protect” here anyway? (That last question was rhetorical.)

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  • Sailor Uranus

    This is the result of hundreds of years of Judeo-Christian beliefs being brainwashed into western culture that has turned people into surfs and on the other hand has created corporate over lords that are above the law.

    • Huh, religion? Ummm oooooOK. So if there was no Jesus things would be so different and great today? Sure, I buy that. Lol.

      • Reverend Draco

        Since there was no. . . your question doesn’t even reach the level of rhetorical.

        • No what?

          • Reverend Draco

            No ability to think, apparently.
            Not surprising – religious people tend to have brains chock-full of short circuits.

            Since there was no Heyzoos. . .

            Get it? Got it? Probably not. . .

          • They are not short circuits, which are totally non-functional, they are cross-circuited, making wrong right and yes no, and vise versa.

          • Pravda01

            Correct – look at the American religious brain dead: Evangelicals, Mormons, Scientology etc..

          • Why would you assume I am religious? You assume too much.

          • Mike

            Dude, I thought you got over the no sense thing last week. Oh well, must be off the meds again.

      • Sailor Uranus

        Actually you have to get to the root of the problem because the name Jesus is the last in a long series of names originating with Zeus the begotten son of the jealous father god Cronus. I can’t even list all the names that Cronus and Zeus are known by all over the world. Nevertheless the world would be far better off if people worshiped the true Creator instead of the jealous great architect Cronus and his son who masquerades as a hero when in reality hes just like his jealous old man.

        • Reverend Draco

          What’s this “true creator” you keep babbling about?

          All “creators” are human inventions – ALL.

          (Yes, even the creator-god of my own religion)

          • Sailor Uranus

            I’m talking about the true Creator Goddess Serenity who ruled the silver millennium aka a time when the universe was at peace. that is until an evil man named Cronus wanted the Creators throne and as a result we live in this awful nightmare world of today.

          • Reverend Draco

            I’m talking about the blah blahblah blah blah who nonsensed the made-up shit.

            Just because GM is a corporation doesn’t make it analogous to a fictional character from a sci-fi story.

            Try to keep up.

          • All creators are consciousnesses.

      • Pravda01

        There are many Jesuses for you in Mexico! Pray! Pray!
        Hehehe – American brain washed?

    • Judeo-Christian is a lot like Africa-American in that neither exists.

    • shots = autism

      This Christian site won’t even approve my comments because I have a marijuana leaf with the words cannabis oil cures cancer.

      Christians think its immoral because some folks smoke it.

      • Sailor Uranus

        The worst part is they know it cures many ailments and willfully hide the truth because in reality the leaders love seeing people suffering. At the same time many church people drink booze which is pretty much the worst drug on the planet. By the way i had a shot when i was young, got a fever and now i have autism. Not only that i had to go through a painful boy to girl gender change to boot. Nevertheless my body is finally working properly, with no more anger problems, and just as incredible my IQ now exceeds 125.

        That said i was once a devout christian until i realized the bible was penned by the ancient Saturn cults which explains all the astrological symbology hidden throughout it. Truth be told many of the versus in that book are immoral and caused me grief every time i read them. Thank the true Creator Goddess Serenity for setting me free from that religious tyranny.

        • shots = autism

          The American Family Association used to approve my comments but stopped after I added a plant leaf (was even pro-Christian comments!).

          And they sure do try to force others to live by their morality laws. Maybe i’ll explain later when I have time. They’ll even use the legal system to do it. And no they don’t like transgenders!

          By the way I heard that people with Asperger’s / high-level autism have reduced mental problems if they become a eunuch.

          • arahn

            They probably just are less aggressive because of the significant reduction of testosterone — which most care-givers would call an improvement. Sad that there isn’t more done to help.

          • Sailor Uranus

            Reducing testosterone will cut down anger but destructive rage events can still happen but are less frequent. Permanently eliminating testosterone is the only true cure for aggressive autistic children and estrogen therapy will eliminate any residual aggression problems as well as protect bone health. I know this may sound like a tough pill to swallow nevertheless it sure beats a lifetime of aggression that could easily result in a criminal record and all because of testosterone. Not only that they discovered that eunuchs live up to twenty years longer which is a pretty good bonus if you ask me.

          • arahn

            Personally, I’ll take 20 years or more reduction in life than be a eunuch but to each their own. It’s incredibly sad that these boys never got any say in any of it because they were born at such a time. I guess I don’t know your views on the matter but I strongly believe that high-up the command structure on this plane that they know what’s causing the autism epidemic and they are doing the opposite of trying to stop it.

          • Sailor Uranus

            Yeah that’s true one of the main factors i believe is a mind altering parasite Toxoplasma Gondii and free radical enzymes called nagalase which the medical community rarely says anything about despite 50% of all Americans being infected with Toxoplasma. Worse still the medicine that is used to cure it just shot up in price 5000% which proves that some nefarious agenda is at play. That said its easy for an ordinary family guy to say he wouldn’t be a eunuch but its a completely different thing for a true autistic who is in fact allergic/intolerant to male hormones.

          • arahn

            Nyahaha, Family Guy. I’m all for alleviating the suffering but I would hope for less drastic measure such readily available GcMAF or quality CBD.

          • Sailor Uranus

            Sorry about that I wasn’t talking about that satire show i simply meant an ordinary family man that’s all. GcMAF helps eradicate nagalase but I’m not sure if it would deal with the main problem namely Toxoplasma Gondii? Maybe regular men like you would prefer a less drastic measure but many autistic’s like me need surgery to permanently cure the problem.

          • arahn

            I don’t buy it that you are autistic. You are intelligent and I’m still curious about your motives. at this point I’m not for you or against you but just waiting to see what you are selling…yes, yes, I know about the goddess Serenity but as I said until I know more I see this as just another version of the Goddess archetype that has been ever present in our history.

          • Sailor Uranus

            I couldn’t agree more the difference i experienced after having the operation was like going from night to day and the estrogen managed to completely eradicate my bad temper.

          • shots = autism

            I read that males are more likely to be on the autism spectrum because of the high testosterone level. 95% T compared to 5% T for females. Eliminating T won’t eliminate autism spectrum problems but it reduces symptoms in at least some males who have high level autism

            not sure what effect estrogen has

          • Sailor Uranus

            Women have even less testosterone than that more like 000.5% and estrogen does decrease problems because it relaxes the body.

      • arahn

        That’s that puritanical mind that has pervaded. It is a sick mind. They think that by enforcing moral laws (that are actually immoral) they are somehow doing some righteous act (self-righteousness which is despicable). The worst thing about such people is they have done those things and far worse and yet they have no-problem forcing others to live by their morality laws.

        • shots = autism

          The American Family Association used to approve my comments but stopped after I added a plant leaf (was even pro-Christian comments!).

          And they sure do try to force others to live by their morality laws. Maybe i’ll explain later when I have time.

          • arahn

            And how do these people get around the fact that that plant was created by the God they claim to promote?

    • Mike

      Wow, you are a total idiot.

      • Sailor Uranus

        Say what you will i can see all through the web of lies permeating this world.

  • Frank Energy

    Humans covered that up, they should go to jail.

    • Then why don’t you find a prosecutor with the testicles to file charges?

      • Frank Energy

        Good point, short on time. Not easy getting your soul ready for end of days….50 years….but still a lot to do.

        • My soul was ready to return when it chose to reincarnate, days being a human concept.

          • Frank Energy

            sounds too easy…..

          • It is easy, because we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

          • Smarty

            How did it choose to reincarnate, and what did/does it do to let you know it did this? I’m not joking….really just curious..

          • Glenn Festog

            Well here’s an idea; the first life forms to appear were “energy beings”. Over time, as physical life forms appeared, they attracted the attention of these energy beings. The “Fall” of Angels is an allegory of these energy beings becoming “trapped” in the physical.

            As above, so below. Beings who can control their incarnations are “avatars”; beings too strong to be trapped are called gods, devils, angels and demons. Their relationships with us are the same as our relationship with other living creatures. They have pets (us), farm animals (us), hunting targets (us), and things they will torment just for amusement (us).

            If you enjoy the status of being a pet, food source, or entertainment I hardily support your choice. Free will. Figure it out………..

          • bozotoo

            “They have pets (us), farm animals (us), hunting targets (us), and things they will torment just for amusement (us).”

            Good description of sociopaths and psychotics if you don’t ask me.

          • Frank Energy

            Even as a relative, it is best to eliminate all sociopaths from your life in any way possible. They will bleed you dry, repeatedly.

          • bozotoo

            You are right, most professionals agree, once identified, disengage and cease ALL communications with a sociopath.
            Unfortunately, that is not always possible with a immediate relative without abandoning the entire family. Well it is possible I guess, a high price to be paid either way.

          • Frank Energy

            Ya they impart a high price on society for their childish irresponsible antics. It’s bad enough I think eliminating them from society would be very beneficial.

          • Every indication that I have found in references to reincarnation on the planet include the quickly diminishing memory of all past lives and the origin of the soul making the (re)incarnation. We put ourselves here to experience the human condition and, if things go well, to learn things that will improve our souls.
            Only the very young infant has any recollection of how and why s/he is here, and it is as fleeting as a dream, gone long before any terrestrial language skills begin to develop. With the exception of those who go through successful regression processes, we don’t know why we are here, and won’t until we return to the omniscience of our origin.
            You might want to read Dr. Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven” and “Map of Heaven” to get the POV of someone who was a full-blown atheist before he spent a week in a coma from which his recovery is a bona fide miracle.

          • This is where I turn to DMT although I’ve had a jar half filled for years now and only tried a tiny bit once… my whole world shook and it freaked me out.

          • There are a large number of artificial neuropeptides that can produce mind-blowing effects. The most I’ve ever tried was smoking peyote and that was pretty disappointing. Some people hallucinate on appropriate doses of cannabis. I never did, and was kidded by my friends that I had a hollow lung because I’d smoked all of them under the table trying to hallucinate. The closest I ever got was some astral travel I did with a blind friend, whom I took turns with describing where we’d both gone, simultaneously.

          • I use cannabis medicinally, which means very high doses, because of my girl and I have never hallucinated on it and I use the best. Right now I HAVE to keep packing it and handing it back and forth because it is on my side and she will have problems tomorrow if I am on here typing and do not refill it for her enough. It is a forced habit but I see and experience the benefits(very clear mind when sober) so I tell others who probably don’t believe me but it is true. You can extract DMT from almost anything alive, in fact that may be what makes it alive, I don’t know for sure. is the place for reading about extraction techniques. I can tell you that only 1 gram of psilocybe cyanescens will help you “see” for a few hours, around 5 and you’re not too excited about it stopping but it eases you right down, no after effects. They are fantastic but we eat clean and do not drink any alcohol, cannabis only, a week before we do it. I felt like my brain had a shower the next day. Past cultures did them on the solstices and the equinoxes and I intend to do the same although this time will be late. Just another positive thing for the mind/body/soul to partake in, that is how I look at it. I want to try ayahuasca, that is not fun I heard but I can take just about anything and I will learn more from that than anything else IMO. Also, get a San Pedro cactus if you wanted access to a legitimate entheogen, they aren’t much, easy to take care of, and is a legal source of mescaline. That stuff lasts a while, 14hrs but will help open that third eye up. DMT is the most potent decalcifier of the pineal gland so I should do it for that reason alone but going through the death tunnel and coming back in 3 minutes is a little intimidating. If I ever got really good at meditation I would know when I was succeeding a at least, lol!

          • Medical marijuana is castrated, being denatured to mute its psychoactive capabilities, which damages its medical ones as well.

          • They just throw the word medical in front of it, it’s all just cannabis. I agree though, THC belongs together with CBD just like nature intended. Those two cannabinoids work together in ways science does not understand yet IMO. Charlotte’s web may be one of the strains you are talking about but I am not against that because the CBD strains can stop a child from seizing without getting them high, which isn’t a bad thing per se, but if you can relieve them without the psychoactive effect I feel that is preferable since they are children. If they were having “sick in the stomach” type issues then THC is the way to
            I used the adjective legitimate because do you know any other legitimate entheogens not banned by the DEA? I sure don’t.
            Magnesium chloride, huh? I need something like that, I will look into that. DMT is noted to be the most potent decalcifier of the pineal gland, specifically. Maybe magnesium chloride cannot penetrate the blood brain barrier as well, I surely do not know. Here is a list of pineal decalcifiers and they do not mention magnesium chloride but then again, they do not mention DMT either.

          • Inducing ketosis with coconut oil is a much better way to eliminate juvenile seizures, and it is both more nutritious and legal than cannabis.
            The zero stability means that

          • CBD oil is legal and a dose fits on the end of your finger, no psychoactive effects: – much easier and safer than inducing ketosis, which can be rough on the kidneys. Charlotte Figi clip(5mins): – One thing I do not like is the misconception, even that parents in the video I just linked to have. They don’t realize they can just order RSHO for their children, it is not regulated when sold on its own. They think you need high CBD cannabis strains which still contain THC which allows the tyrants to deny you and force you to deal with red tape… for a natural plant, that’s what we get for standing idly by and watching our freedoms erode piece by piece. Nobody is out there informing the people of this option though so the misconception remains, much to the delight of the medical cartel I’m sure.
            Thank you for that excellent info and reference BTW.

          • I know of no reason why ketosis should be hard on the kidneys, but I know that the liver loves it, because it prefers MCTs to glucose, as does the brain ketone bodies.
            Gaming freedom-destroying laws does not restore freedom, it is a holding action.

          • I ignore freedom destroying laws and I wish more would do the same but they are all scared of getting into trouble.

          • They are afraid of the same thing that everyone in the medical battalion that Michael New was in when he refused to turn out in UN blue were, their own government persecuting them for refusing to commit treason. Michael New is the only member of the military that I regard as a hero because he had the courage to say “NO” to a unlawful order.

  • AugUst

  • anonymous4u4me

    Wow we went from a murder and or negligent article to a religious one in a heartbeat, So rather then discuss the article about GM and the responsibility of of products we discuss religion, no wonder its one step forward, two steps back. I can personally say that my wife and I sued GM and of course we lost, it had nothing to do with cars, but we gave them a dance lesson that cost them plenty. We never expected to win, as the major corporations pretty much own the courts, but we could not just walk away without the fight. Their lawyers rate at the top as the scum of the earth and so does this company.

    • Reverend Draco

      Lawyer is synonymous with scumfuck, no surprise that you had issues.
      Sorry that your outcome was less than just.

      (pardon the other, I can’t let pig-ignorance like that go unanswered, or people might start thinking it’s real)

      • erineclifton

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      • Ann McDonald

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    • It didn’t cost them a penny, their lawyers get salaries and would be doing something to earn them, absent your lawsuit. What is the point in filing a lawsuit that you didn’t intend to win that cost you a lot of time and money, and probably didn’t come to the attention of a single board member? The most powerful thing you can do is refuse to buy a GM product, but remember that your government buys billions of dollars worth of their products in your stead.

      • anonymous4u4me

        Well it did not cost me or mine anything, but our lawyer lost as he took it on a contingency basis, so I feel sorry for him but he thought he could win it. It was like David and Goliath as they had so many lawyers against him, including the judge, We knew we were going up against a giant with unlimited funds and no morals, but the lawyer said lets do it. After the verdict, we had to go back to court as they tried suing me for all of their court cost they claim they spent $554,000.00 and they wanted it back as they won. The judge told them that he could not render that verdict, as two other judges has allowed the case to advance for they thought it had good merits, As a matter of fact one of them in a mandatory settlement hearing told them they should pay a decent amount and they went on with it so they were equally responsible for their losses. It was over something other then a car, as they own white or did own white industries that made things for fridgadaire that they owned, trash compactors and that was what the product was.

        • So, you chose to allow your lawyer to invest time, money, and effort in something which you have already said you knew to be futile?

  • How does one prove the presence of mens rea in a corporation?

  • NonYo Business

    GM aint nuthin, compared to the psychos running this country and the sheeple who follow blindly, and the guilty who stand by and do nothing, and the patriots who watch on and do nothing.

  • Pravda01

    Kill 8.5 million Iraqis and they call you a war hero in USA.

  • Another example of elite control and manipulation of the so-called legal system. Truely sick!

  • John Redman

    Think back to Fight Club…when he mentions his testing of safety features for car companies and they fail them but push them through because it costs less to pay off the courts and injured in the aftermath then to recall and fix hundreds of thousands of vehicles. They tell the sheeple what’s going on through their various medias so they can claim they never hid what they were doing as they do it. But the sheeple just eat it up like it’s candy/entertainment, their brain lights up, they grin and drool a little and somewhere in the vast emptiness of their patriotic thick skulls they think to themselves, “ least it wasn’t me.”

  • Bubba T

    and the sheep keep buying them. I won’t buy another new car (Especially GM) as long as I live. Mama didn’t raise a sucker.

  • Guillotine_ready

    A bit off topic but have you seen the movie snow piercer? If you watch it with a recognition of the way things are and are headed today, the message embedded form the elite to the average Joe is there. This shows their fantasy, but it is a bit obfuscated in the movie.

  • Enough is enough

    the truely sad part is that storys like this. Is so normal these days it’s not even shocking anymore.

  • FollowDaMoney

    Why wasn’t this paid to the families of the dead?

  • shots = autism

    Why do my comments get rejected because I have a marijuana leaf with the words cannabis oil cures cancer? I’m a health guru and one of my goals is to inform people on topics like GMOs, the dangers of vaccination, pharmaceutical deception and the prohibition of natural cures. The reason natural products become illegal is because they compete with special interests. Marijuana is one of the world’s best cures for cancer. If everyone knew this and had access to marijuana hospitals and drug companies would lose billions. 100 billion dollars was spent on cancer drugs last year alone. This is a huge motivation for medical companies to ensure it stays illegal. For example, voters approved marijuana in Colorado so now big pharma is using racketeering laws to drive dispensaries out of business.

    Here’s some information on how marijuana kills cancer.

    The CANNABINOIDs [the main constituents in cannabis, e.g. THC and CBD] are the counterparts to the ENDOCANNABINOIDs [just like morphine is the counterpart to our endorphins] produced naturally in our bodies [such as ANANDOMIDE]. When these cannabinoids link up with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body’s ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM, a substance called CERAMIDE is released. It is the CERAMIDE that seeks out cancerous cells, destroys the mitochondria [the energy-producing organelles], and thus kills the malignant cells, while leaving healthy cells intact. There has been plenty of research on the relationship between CANNABINOIDs and CANCER. These studies show that not only do CANNABINOIDS inhibit tumor growth, but also that they INDUCE CELL APOPTOSIS [programmed cell death]. This is a fact that even the US GOV’T admits on their own website cancerDOTgov. Furthermore, Dr. Manuel Guzman [Complutense U. of Madrid] conducted a landmark study that showed: “Cannabinoids are selective antitumour compounds, as they can KILL TUMOUR CELLS without affecting their non-transformed counterparts.” Also, research shows that CANNABINOIDs PROTECT the brain against neurodegeneration. The HIDDEN SECRET [thanks to RICK SIMPSON and his film: “RUN FROM THE CURE.”] is that the REAL MEDICINE is in extracting the ESSENTIAL OIL [this is NOT the seed oil found in health stores] and using it topically on skin cancer, burns, rashes,… or ingesting it for internal cancers and other ailments. Check out the clip of the PBS special “Clearing the Smoke.” In it, Dr. Donald Abrams [professor at UCSF & oncologist at SF Gen. Hosptital] & Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti [U. of South Carolina] explain the human body’s ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM and a study that shows that CANNABINOIDs KILL CANCER CELLS in test tubes and in mice. Lastly, DENNIS HILL [biochemist, formerly of MD Anderson Cancer Center-Houston–one of the top-ranked cancer facilities in the world] explains how CANNABINOIDS KILL CANCER CELLS, and how he cured his STAGE 4 prostate cancer in 6 months, without chemo or radiation therapy.

    Besides curing cancer, marijuana is also an excellent treatment (or cure?) for epilepsy. It cures Lyme disease, treats Crohn’s disease, slows the progress of protein deposits in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease, slows the spread of AIDS and much more.

    Here’s some links so you can learn more:

    Several people at my church have died from cancer, and its so sad knowing they died in vain because the cure is illegal.

  • unbubbleslayr

    A faulty ignition switch doesn’t kill people. For many years cars didn’t have air bags.

  • FollowDaMoney

    “Second, we all know the money is in better hands if it goes to the U.S. government.” Are you serious?

  • JoeSmoer

    This has been the same treatment for the multitude of criminal convictions of the criminal pharmaceutical cartel who have killed hundreds of thousands of people with their products. No CEO or management is ever held culpable, only the corporation…fined billions of dollars and it’s only a days profit. Murder is priced into profits, business as usual.