Gee, That’s Not Suspicious at All: Justice Scalia Already Embalmed

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Gee… this doesn’t look suspicious at all…

Justice Scalia, we are told, died in his sleep Saturday night. He was found with a pillow over his head. By Saturday afternoon, he was being pronounced dead of a heart attack. The judge who pronounced him dead, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, did so over the phone without ever seeing the body, via Local ABC affiliate WFAA8:

She planned to drive to the ranch — about 30 minutes south of Marfa — but returned when a U.S. Marshal told her by phone: “It’s not necessary for you to come, judge. If you’re asking for an autopsy, that’s what we need to clarify.”


The family, reportedly, did not want an autopsy and the judge decided against it after speaking with the authorities on the scene over the phone. Meanwhile WFAA8’s Jason Whitely reported that same day Scalia’s body was discretely driven from Presidio County over three hours to El Paso where he was already embalmed overnight.

Was that even a full 24 hours from the time he died that they were already embalming him? Embalming, by the way, interferes with most of the toxicology studies.

Many others have called for an autopsy due to the judge’s influential position coupled with the suspicious circumstances surrounding this situation, via WND:

William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration political action committee, noted the media’s “rush” to proclaim Scalia’s death in a rented room in a resort in Texas as either “natural causes” or heart attack within hours of the discovery of his body.

“Anytime a head of state, member of Congress, or the most conservative member of the U.S. Supreme Court is found dead, an extensive autopsy and toxicology examination should be both immediate and mandatory,” said Gheen. “The horrid reaction and comments about his death expressed by many liberals online illustrate that Scalia was hated by many people. His death hands the power of the Supreme Court to the modern left for the first time in American history. The court can now vote, even without a replacement of Scalia, to radically change the United States of America. Scalia’s death means the Supreme Court is now very likely to rubber stamp Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty orders, tear down Republican drawn districts in many states including North Carolina, and take deep left turns on abortion, gun rights, or anything the liberals have ever dreamed of. Scalia was a solid vote against Obama’s immigration orders to be decided by April of this year. We do not contend there is a conspiracy, we contend that there should be no doubts, and the way authorities and the media are rushing conclusions will leave major doubts and legitimate concerns about a death that could lead to a radical political transformation of America to the left.”

Coming up on the court’s docket just happened to be all manner of Obama legacy items including Obamacare and immigration. Obama was already discussing his Constitutional duty to replace Scalia at his press conference on the justice’s death. Apparently there’s a window coming up when the Republican-controlled Senate’s term runs out on Jan. 3rd, 2017 and Obama isn’t out until Jan. 20th… meaning for 17 days he can appoint a justice and the Senate can’t block his nomination.

And in other news, Supreme Court justices are appointed for life and — in the crazy land America has now become — a full one third of the highest court in our land is about to be comprised of Obama nominees.

This is the kind of event that lets you know the corruption behind devious inventions like Obamacare go far beyond the puppet the real owners running things have propped up in the White House.

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  • Smarty

    Just like Bin-Laden’s burial at sea while he was still warm, they embalmed Scalia while he was still warm. It all happened too fast. It was a planned event. He was old, away from home, and he was an easy mark for the assassin. And at 80 years old, his death was easily explained away by natural causes and the sheep gobbled it up.

    • Mark

      Keep your eye on the ball, folks. Surely Scalia’s love affair with Chabad, the notoriously racial supremacist Jewish cult, and Scalia’s promulgation of Talmudic law disqualified Scalia as a decent man.

      “Conservative Catholic” Justice Antonin Scalia to be Keynote Speaker at Meeting Sponsored by Extremist, Ultra-Racist, Talmudic Group

      “Conservative Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Studies Talmud with Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

      The Jewish Week reported that Scalia is fascinated with Talmudic law and is involved in the launch of a Talmudic law institute in Washington D.C. with Nathan Lewin, Alan Dershowitz and Noson Gurary, a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi.”

      Jewish Law Comes to D.C.

      James D. Besser, The Jewish Week, 12/6/2002

      Justice Challenges Privacy Rights at Talmudic Conference

      by Yosef Lewis, News 1/30/09

      and then there is his son, the Novus Ordo presider: Scalia “Traditionalism”

      Scalia’s affiliation with the Chabad Lubavitchers is an outrage.

      Not familiar with Chabad or their “Messiah,” the LATE Rabbi Schneerson?

      Start here:

      And here:

      “… the explanation of the matter, [is to be found] in light of what Rabbi Chayim Vital wrote in Shaar HaKedushah (and in Etz Chayim, Portal 5, ch. 2) — that every Jew, whether righteous or wicked, possesses two souls, as it is written, “And neshamot (souls) which I have made. … The second, uniquely Jewish, soul is truly “a part of G-d above, The souls of the nations of the world (the Gentiles), however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever, as is written in Etz Chayim, Portal 40, ch. 3, that all the good that (Gentiles) do, is done out of selfish motives. So the Gemara comments on the verse, “The kindness of (Gentiles) is sin” — that all the charity and kindness done by (Gentiles) of the world is only for their self-glorification…” (Chapters 1 and 2) The lower category consists of three completely unclean and evil kelipot, containing no good whatever… From them flow and are derived the souls of all the nations of the world (Gentiles), and the sustaining force of their bodies. Also derived from these kelipot are the souls of all living creatures that are unclean and forbidden to be eaten, and the sustaining force of their bodies.” Tanya, Chapter 6

      And here:

      “The highly revered Rabbi Menachem Mandel Schneerson, who headed the Chabad movement and wielded great influence in Israel as well [and proclaimed himself messiah], explained that ‘The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of all nations of the world.'” Allan C. Brownfield, “It Is Time to Confront the Exclusionary Ethnocentrism,” Issues of the American Council for Judaism, Winter 2000

      Equally an outrage is Scalia’s affiliation with the Kabbalist Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the Nasi of the Sanhedrin, THE MAN WHO FILLED CAIPHAS’ SHOES:

      • JayC777

        Neighbor kid falls off his bike and skins his knee.
        Mark: “Damn Jews”
        Neighbor lady backs her car over her garbage cans.
        Mark: “Damn Jews”
        Dog barks at a squirrel.
        Mark: “Damn Jews”

        • Mark

          As if “Kill even the best of the Gentiles” is equivalent to skinned knees and toppled cans? Go figure.

          • Mark
          • Gary

            Don’t they believe the life of an ordinary man or woman is worth less than a Jewish toenail? So I guess its consistent for them to compare the goyim to garbage or rodents.

            Contemptible cult.

          • Kathleencflores

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        • jim_robert

          I know, Jay. The neo-Nazi Jew baiters are everywhere on the internet. And probably his link refer back to his buddies. Most times, I try to look things up, but with the Jew baiters, who seem to have hundreds of hours at their disposal, this is one group I have just written off as the nut cases they are

          • Razedbywolvs

            I don’t care bout your race/sex/religion I’m not even a nationalist. But..
            It probably wouldn’t be a problem if the Israel lobby wasn’t the biggest lobby in the US and donating to both left right political spectrum. Or if the US wasn’t getting 90% of it’s foreign intelligence on the middle east from MEMRI who is 100% pro Israel.

            The “neo-Nazi Jew baiters” are a reactionary moment. They have some legitimate complaints that are getting ignored by all political parties in the US. That is causing them to grow at an exponential rate. I would strongly suggest looking into the real issues because there are more “nut jobs” in the world that there are Jews.

        • otis cambell

          The squirrel barks at a dog.
          Damn Jew.
          These trolls are retarded.

    • Just like you gobbled up the story that bin Laden was still alive to be murdered and buried at sea? Benazir Bhutto wouldn’t shut up about bin Laden having died of natural causes early in the decade and they shut her up by assassination.

  • Mark Williams

    He was clearly murdered. Just watch the murder scene in Michael Clayton.

  • StevetheHun

    Yeah. Something stinks. Either he was murdered or the people who are handling this are idiots.

    • otis cambell


  • D.Moore

    It is rather curious, I am very suspicious! Someone is getting very sloppy, of course he was murdered his age gave them a so called alibi

  • Reverend Draco

    “We do not contend there is a conspiracy, we contend that there should be
    no doubts, and the way authorities and the media are rushing
    conclusions will leave major doubts and legitimate concerns about a
    death that could lead to a radical political transformation of America
    to the left.”

    This is how I feel about it. . . not saying that there was foul play. . . but that there should be no uncertainty – one way or the other.

  • Mario Kane

    I heard that he had a pillow over his face or head according to John Poindexter.

  • Frank Energy

    Its was about energy, and NWO control and manipulation of world markets…..

    5 days after Obama’s Energy Control Grab was Shot Down by the Supreme Court, 5 to 4, Justice Scalia Unexpectedly Dies

    Has no one else in the world put together this obvious connection? This
    is part of the NWO Globalist Energy Grab, i.e. the Paris-site climate
    conference, which even NOAA fudged all the temperature data last fall in
    order to make the data fit the meme.

    This ruling by the supreme court came 5 days ago. – See more at:

  • kirkpatrick

    If Obama puts someone in who wants to take our guns, the People need to take that person back out.

    • otis cambell

      Not getting mine, kirk, not ever. no way, no how. They can pound sand.

    • BigGaySteve

      Scalia found dead
      With pillow over his head
      Hey wise latrina
      Come to my cantina
      Taste some night shade
      While I get out a spade
      You where not in the top 20% of your high school class
      While I have learned to compost a-lass
      From David the Good
      In the Permaculture Hood.

  • Mike

    That just draws more suspicion, lots of people die with pillows over their heads and it is called murder by asphyxiation. A conservative SCOTUS member who helped stop obama’s EPA rules that obama said would go on anyway dies with a pillow over his head and it is magically natural causes. This is BS.

    • Tallkiwi

      So what you’re talking about here is a professional killer who actually leaves the pillow on his head? Doesn’t that sound odd to you?

      • Mike

        Does not the whole situation seem a little odd to you?

      • Razedbywolvs

        Professional killers are people, and it is a tradition/habit/natural reaction of people to not want to look into the eyes of the dead.
        Even going back to ancient Egypt. They use to put coins on the eyes of the dead to keep there eyes closed (and pay the ferrymen toll to get to the after life).
        For open casket funerals today they sew the eyelids shut.
        That does not sound odd for a professional killer at all.

  • Cracker122049

    Was he buried at sea in accordance with muslim tradition like osama was?

  • Gil G

    Conspiracy theorists now expect his body chopped and sent to all of them so they do best to rule out foul play.

  • This is the type of stuff our Government does that makes us not believe them. It should not only be law but common sense that an Autopsy is completed on an individual that is apart of the Government like this. There will be nothing but conspiracy theories (and rightly so) for many many decades now.

    It was irresponsible, reckless, and deceptive to the American people that this was not handled in a better more open manner.

  • I’m surprised they didn’t just cremate him instead, just to make sure there would be no possibility of forensics.

  • ac287149

    Anyone who would ship 10s of thousands of potential jihadis into our communities to resettle them… anyone who would pay al Qaeda $10s of Millions to take out Muammar Gadhafi and hand Libya over to ISIS… is certainly someone who would have Scalia murdered to preserve his own legacy of Islamic supremacism.

    I’ll give you one guess who I’m talking about.

  • Athanasios1

    Over fifty percent of the United States has had its’ brains embalmed since 2008 when they elected a Muslim, homosexual married to baboon, to the office of U.S. President.