Justice is Different When You’re Rich: Check Out the Luxury Digs Where Affluenza Teen Will be “Rehabilitated”

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Remember Texas teenager Ethan Couch, who avoided jail time after drunkenly running over 4 pedestrians and killing them all? Ethan was only given probation after his spree because a psychologist testified that he wasn’t truly responsible, since he was suffering from the ill affects of growing up wealthy, also known as “affluenza”.

Part of Ethan’s “punishment” is attending rehab.  He will be confined to the upscale Newport Academy for the length of his rehabilitation.

Here are pictures of the facility at which he will be suffering.





Ethan’s incarceration at the luxury facility won’t be all fun and games.

Oh wait…yes, it will. Straight from the Newport Academy website, here is the description of Ethan’s new home away from home:

  • Newport Academy only accepts 6 adolescents at any one time into our program. Our gender-specific facilities are completely separate (6 boys, 6 girls). There are over 40 staff to provide care for these 12 total residents.
  • Newport Academy has on-site horses and facilities for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Recognized by many treatment experts as a significant therapeutic process with teens, Newport Academy is the one of the only treatment centers with horses and Equine Therapists on-site.
  • Newport Academy has “the most beautiful treatment facility in the industry that provides an environment of compassion and caring” (Treatment Magazine, 2009). Between both the Girls and Boys facility, Newport Academy sits on 6 acres of serene, equestrian property located just miles from Newport Beach, California. See our facilities here.
  • Newport Academy has an on-site gym with new, state-of-the-art equipment. The American Medical Association states that a regular exercise program is a key element of effective teen drug treatment.

If that sounds like too much work, don’t worry – there are also opportunities for recreation. Troubled adolescents can participate in mixed martial arts or take cooking lessons. Massages are offered, and they will also have access to a swimming pool, a basketball court, and 6 landscaped acres.

This is the punishment for a kid who stole beer and drank until his blood was at 3 times the legal limit for an adult. He then drove his F-350 and crashed into four pedestrians, killing all of them on impact.  When he crashed, two of his friends were thrown from his vehicle and seriously injured. One of those boys is so severely brain injured he will never walk or talk again.

While other families mourn the missing family members this year, Ethan will be in the lap of luxury, eating gourmet meals served by staff, and riding horses to help him to “rehabilitate.”

The notion of “justice” is very different when you’re rich, isn’t it?

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  • Dave_Mowers

    A member of the victims family should show up the day he is released and gun him down. Then, for prudence alone, drive to the kid’s parent’s home and shoot both of them as well. That would be justice; Texas-style. American capitalism is a fraud upon humanity.

    • glacialhills

      No not “gun down”, that would give cause to the anti gun crowd who need no more reason. No, the family member should just drink a beer and be waiting outside the gate to mow him down with their own vehicle and then claim the same defense and request the same punishment that this spoiled turd got,,wouldn’t that only be fair?

  • geo1671

    Big deal–GW Bush killed 3000 innocent Americans and gets to jet with Obama–to pay respect to another white killer Mandelie

    • Dave_Mowers

      Ignoring an intelligence briefing saying Bin Laden-related groups would hijack planes and crash them is hardly murder for a Yale grad. They call it a social hierarchic organized calculation kappa; S.h.o.c.k.

      Modern street vernacular goes, “Hand!” Who has time to worry about terrorists when you have a golf game scheduled?

    • rejco

      Mass Murderer & War Criminal George Bush murdered & maimed millions and he’s FREE and livng like a KING.

      • Dave_Mowers

        So he is the Moloch as opposed to Malak.

  • CountingBodiesLikeSheep

    I keep waiting to learn that this story originated with The Onion.

  • Nexusfast123

    I was reading that the families are going to launch civil actions. Hope they get lots of support.

    Will never make up for the loss but this would be the only thing that would register in terms of taking away what they only really covet – money.

    • Dave_Mowers

      Except that the Judge has allowed as a legal defense “affluenza” or mental health affliction due to unrestrained childish impulse. He has essentially classed spoiling children as a mental health issue so before you can sue under those ground you must first prove child abuse by the parents in their parenting to show that they, not the minor child, are in fact the responsible parties. Their statements aside, nothing in civil court restrains them from defending their parenting skills as normal for wealthy citizens and thereby not responsible for their child’s actions. They can even hire psychologists to back them up in court which they will do.

      You might as well just sue the ethers because while this long drawn process goes on they will divest of all their holdings and end up paying nothing.

  • Ezra Pound

    This kid is the kind of person who grows up to become a treasonous US Senator and betray our country to parasites and enemies like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  • robertsgt40

    I wonder if there’s a keg in the frig?

  • rejco

    Homeless veterans in Newport are thrown in Orange county’s horrifying & torturous jails for the make-believe crime of “SLEEPING OUTSIDE”, and this kid murders 4 & maims two and he gets to live like a KING.

  • Arthur Black

    This makes me want to puke!

  • Arthur Black

    I know a lot of people who would do a lot of hard honest work and pay good money for such a “punishment.” How is a luxury spa going to treat this kids “affluenza.” Get him on a chain gang!

  • NightStar

    Fortunately I believe in ultimate justice from which there is no escape. His next few lifetimes will probably involve begging bowls and filthy street corners in India. Unless by some miracle …and despite our insane lack-of-justice system he figures it out and devotes the rest of his life to making amends.

  • CokeWavee

    why is it anti-patriotic to say you hate america? just look at our government. sickening.

  • Dave

    Easy solution is to introduce something like polonium or a haemorrhagic disease into his food, no amount of money in the world will ease his suffering as he dies in agony of pain, piss, shit and vomit. Some pain relief would be about all the medical teams could do. Let the family watch and sit at his bedside while he dies slowly, painfully and without honour or decency. Let the family suffer a loss so profound as out living a child.

  • lockie

    there is somthing to be said here, the poor boy was a boy, he is gunna have to live with this his whole life, so what if his prison is comfortable? the real punishment will be inside his head…… he is gunna have to live with it THE REST OF HIS LIFE! lets just hope he isnt a pshyopath. and learns something of value from this

  • lockie

    you can’t cure this “dis ease” with more of your jealouy and hate, thats a cycle we have to break.

  • lockie

    laura, do not let the worlds broken heart break yours in turn, fight the good fight and help those in your community who are so far lost, that no one else will touch them,

  • lockie

    god, this is the exact pointless hate that will never heal the world. faor enuf, its not fair, but if we are to heal these wounds and move from it, we have to forgive, and then SCARY as it is, love those who are ripping this and other countries off, there children are the future, and we need to show them love

  • cowmansteve

    I believe that the term “affluenza” means that it is his parents fault that he was brought up this way……..why are they not held to account then? If he is not capable of knowing wrong from right because he is so rich, then it seems that money cannot buy good education……..or any sense of moral or ethical behaviour.

  • lubbockboy

    The judge should be prosecuted, no doubt he was bought off. It just needs to be investigated.