Just Like Zombies: Cops Called to ‘Horror-Film Scenes’ to Deal with Groups of People Strung out on Synthetic Marijuana (Videos)

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(People strung out on “spice”; photo taken by Clearwater Police Department) 

This is the lengths some are going to because states like Florida refuse to make something as harmless as pot legal already.

People all over that state and others, in fact more people than ever before, have been overdosing on synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as K2 or “spice”.

The ingredients keep changing to stay ahead of authorities, so these people really have no idea what the hell they’re smoking.

Check this out:

Some of these people become violent, while others convulse or just slump over into a vegetative state.

It’s like a mini zombie apocalypse. At least no one has eaten anyone’s face yet, as happened on a “bath salts” overdose in Miami. The cop who responded to that scene is reportedly still traumatized by it.

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  • I forgot

    Maybe all of those municipalities that had ‘zombie apocalypse’ drills were right!

  • Frank

    Uh, I dissent – Colorado is finding out first-hand how “harmless” it is to legalize Marijuana. There are probably three times as many people on the road now that are “under the influence” of a drug or alcohol and the costs to the public at-large are manifesting in calls for an increase in funding for drug rehabilitation. Legalization has attracted swarms of people, mostly young, to come and get high – forget that they are homeless, jobless, and now nothing but destitute dead weight. Thanks, Liberals, you f’in idiots that knowingly disregard all of the known side-effects and consequences of lowing the standard for acceptable human behavior and personal accountability.

    • Reverend Draco

      I’m not sure if you’re intentionally fucking clueless, or if you’re shilling for some other morally-bankrupt cretin.

      The fucking Reefer Madness bullshit you’re regurgitating was debunked decades ago. . . and here you are, pretending you know the slightest fuck about anything.

      In Colorado, the “cost” to the public-at-large has been a financial surplus. $66.1 million in 2015.

      Washington Post: Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows

      I have a great idea – shut the fuck up until you get an actual education. Then, continue keeping your ignorant noise hole closed until you figure out how to use it.

      • Frank

        FUCK YOU, Rev. I’m tire of your mouthy, self-absorbed bullshit!
        Yes, the state is running a surplus from taxes collected on the legal sales of MJ, but if you REALLY knew all of the FACTS, you would know that the state is now asking voters to approve more funds for drug rehabilitation programs, DUMBASS!
        Did I say ANYTHING about the traffic fatality statistics? NO, I DID NOT, you Dumb Fuck! I said there are more people driving on the road that are UNDER THE INFLUENCE, yes, two very different things, you shit for brains jackass. Typical LIBERAL, selective choice of what statistics to use when making a lame attempt to support your own myopic perceptions.
        YOU need to shut the fuck up and get informed BEFORE you start running your shit-drivelling orifice that’s on your face.
        You need to admit your own worthlessness and why you are so angry and abusive to others. Why don’t you load your daddy’s old shotgun and march yourself out to the barn and do yourself and the rest of us all a favor and end it.

        • otis cambell

          Damn, you are one angry person Frank, maybe you need to smoke some weed & calm down ! & NO, I am extremely conservative. Far to the RIGHT of these ass clowns. Constitution Only!

          • Frank

            I wasn’t angry until Rev Draco got all ignorant and abusive – his typical character, going off on his own angry tangent.

        • Reverend Draco

          How about you just go fuck yourself, you pig-ignorant shitbird?

          You mouth off when you know jack fuck about what you’re spewing, then get all butthurt when someone calls you on your fucking mindless bullshit.

          I’ve got almost 40 years of Cannabis education and research under my belt, chuckle-fuck – a lot better education than the 30 seconds you spent learning fuck-all, and more research than the minute-and-a-half you took looking up some of Harry Anslinger’s Reefer Madness horseshit.

          So fucking what if EVERYONE is driving under the influence of Cannabis? Stoned drivers are one-third as likely to be involved in an accident than a SOBER driver – which you would know if you knew a fucking thing about anything.

          More people in Colorado driving stoned. . . and STILL accidents and fatalities have been reduced. . . I wonder why, shitferbrains?
          States that have just medical Cannabis available have seen less drunk driving and reduced accidents and fatalities. . . because your mindless Reefer Madness fucking bullshit is exactly that – fucking bullshit!

          Before you – again, pig-ignorantly – call someone a liberal. . . you might want to make sure that they are – or you will – again, pig-ignorantly – look exactly like the mindless, vapid, uneducated fucking assgasket you really are.

          Now, piss off – I hear a bag of dicks calling your name.

          • Frank

            You prove my point, AGAIN, that you are so enamored by your own words and your own perceptions (as over-educated as you claim to be) that YOU again FAIL to read or accurately comprehend what someone else is saying. I made no comment whatsoever about Reefer Madness, yet you keep repeating it and continue to misdirect your argument towards me.

            Did your “40 years of Cannabis education and research” include research on the effects of synthetic Marijuana? After all, that’s what this article is really about.

            In all of your years of (claimed) education, it is obvious that you have learned no humility or respect for others. Your use of profanity, abuse, and personal disparagement directed towards others is obviously your effort to mask your own self-doubt, self-loathing, and shame for what you know about yourself. You seem to be a person that is quite aware, so this catastrophic failing in your character is, therefore, surprising. Even with your apparent awareness, your denial of your own failings makes you the most sad and pathetic person that I have ever encountered.

            Now, spit that dick out of your mouth, Reverend, and stop mumbling. It makes you sound like you’re always swearing.

    • Listen, the harmfulness of a substance is irrelevant to whether a person should be able to legally ingest it.
      That element of freedom which is the right of consumption demands this! Neither government nor anyone else has any right to dictate to us what we may put into our own bodies!
      Further, any indirect costs to the public resulting from people exercising essential liberty is a cost of freedom. Essential freedom, such as the exercisement of the right of consumption, as well as other victimless behavior, may not be infringed upon on the basis of the communistic principle of the good of the collective outweighing the interest of the individual, especially the individual’s liberty!
      As for personal accountability, people need to be held personally accountable. So in the case of drug use, both illegal and legal, a person must be held accountable for his actions, same as if he were not under any substance influence.
      Freedom demands the legalization of all drugs, just as it demands an end to the totalitarianism elsewhere! True freedom will be here soon!

      • Frank

        I agree with the principle that people should have to Right to choose what they consume/ingest. The point that I am concerned about is the Accountability for their own actions in doing so. If people want to get drunk or high, that’s fine, but when they involve other, unwitting people, that’s where we, as a society, run into problems. I don’t care if Joe and Sally want to get high, just don’t ask me to pay their medical or drug re-hab bills after they crash their car and are forced to go through re-hab. Personal Accountability is lacking, otherwise I say go for it. I, for one, do not want to pay this “cost of freedom,” indirect or otherwise, with the loss of a family member who gets killed by a drunk or stoned driver. The point at which the behavior crosses over from “victim-less” and involves other, unwitting people, is where is should be stopped.

        • We simply cannot and must not prohibit victimless, personal behavior and actions on the basis that this victimless activity may predispose the actor to engaging in activity that may or will victimize someone! That would be preemptive behavioral modification!
          Are you in favor of prohibiting alcohol use? It is, of course, far and away, the number one substance responsible for accidents. What about pharmaceutical drugs, like sedatives and pain killers? Many accidents are caused by people under the influence of these drugs, even just the over-the-counter variety.
          Even if the existing grotesque double standard between the legal and illegal drugs did not exist, the aforementioned principles of freedom would still be unalterable.
          And once you accept this preemptive behavioral modification in respect to this area, how can you not accept it elsewhere? And when it comes to monetary cost to society, if you’re willing to prohibit and prescribe behavior here on that basis, how about applying it elsewhere? For example, cardiovascular disease is, by far, the number one healthcare cost to this nation, and obesity is the number one factor in its formation, along with all the other maladies, like diabetes, obesity is directly implicated in. Should we dictate people’s eating habits?
          A cost of freedom is implicated in many areas where decisions have to be made balancing freedom against safety and security, or potential monetary cost. Many people today have no problem sacrificing freedoms, such as privacy, for potentially greater security from a variety of things, such as terrorism and crime. My unwavering and uncompromising position is that the balance must always be tilted in favor of liberty, sacrificing safety and security, if necessary.
          As for any monetary cost of drug legalization, if the newly-created drug industry was properly constructed–for which I have a precise plan–the revenue generated would be so enormous, as it presently already is illegally, that it would not only pay for itself, but have a monumental surplus, for more than one reason, including the cessation of the drug war costs. And that is not even considering the revolutionary change we must make to this abomination that is our healthcare system with its astronomical costs that rightly should be deemed criminal!
          I’ve only made a few topical points here; there is much, much more to be said. I don’t normally check to see if there have been replies to my posts, because I don’t really have the time or inclination to respond, but I happened to see your reply and wanted to respond. You seem like a person who endeavors to be thoughtful.
          I have written an exhaustive dissertation on these matters in my magnum opus book, “What Freedom?!!?” You’re most welcome to read it. You can download it for free at my website.

          • Frank

            I’ve looked at your website and appreciate your views. I am NOT against personal freedoms and choice. I just don’t want to be responsible, directly or indirectly, for the choices that others make when engaging in recreational use of drugs or alcohol. If people could be responsible for their own behavior and not involve others in the potential negative consequences of their actions, we wouldn’t have a dilemma. This may seem like a contradiction of my character as others may perceive from reading this blog string, but I support the premise of “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither” (Benjamin Franklin). I support individual freedoms, but individuals must be accountable for the consequences of their own actions.

    • Most people in “drug rehabilitation” for cannabis are only there because some a-hole judge MADE them attend so their record won’t be ruined so the stats on cannabis and rehab are false because of this corrupted system, NOT because of the effects as cannabis. I don’t think you understand cannabis one bit, Frank, no offense intended. We didn’t have the medicinal stuff in January for almost a month and my woman’s legs locked up from her MS, she couldn’t bend her legs without severe pain and only when we put some rick simpson oil and medicinal cannabis in the vaporizer could she move her legs freely and walk again. This would happen again in less than a month if she stopped vaporizing cannabis. We do it at night and it has ZERO noticeable effects on us… you’d NEVER knew I was high, it doesn’t show with me or her and probably many others too.

      • Frank

        I really have no deep interest in Marijuana/Cannabis, I am not a consumer and, therefore, you are correct in the sense that I “don’t understand cannabis” in the context of having a base of scientific knowledge about it or its diverse effects on a human body. I have, however, seen the negative consequences resulting from irresponsible use, first-hand. I support TRUE NEED for medical purposes. The folks who abuse this privilege (by getting an Rx from an unethical doctor) ruin it for those who truly get a medical benefit from using it.
        Also, this article focused on the impact/effects of Synthetic marijuana, and the string of comments seems to have forgotten that. I sympathize with your woman’s situation, I have a family member that has been living with MS for over 30 years.

        • I hope your family member is using cannabis to treat their MS, if they are not they should be at least made aware of it as they would get their life back if they’ve been missing out(people using canes and wheelchairs can often walk again, memory and cognition returns within a week, people who use cannabis for treatment remain themselves unlike with opiates where the person changes for the worse). If they have question tell them they can ask me, I know a good deal about it and how to get it no matter where they live. I want this medicine in as many hands as possible, it is good, natural medicine that actually heals the person instead of just merely covering up symptoms using toxic drugs.

          It is NOT just for those who are sick though, cannabis is preventative: no memory cognition problems(no alzheimers, no dementia, no mental wasting of any kind ), immune system stimulation(I was on a 20 year streak of not even getting a cold and broke it in January by using substandard cannabis for almost a month instead of the medicinal stuff because I got ripped off and didn’t want to waste it, won’t happen again though, I’m starting a new streak!), neurogenesis(new brain cells formed) in the hyppocampal regions of the brain, the parts responsible for learning and memory, etc…

          I have unstable moods and although 5htp is the answer for that in my case, it takes 3 hours to fully kick in whereas cannabis, which doesn’t treat it as well as 5htp but DOES still treat it nonetheless, only takes 20minutes to kick in so I use both when I am having a problem but not having it will not cause me to get sick like it does my other half.

          This K2 crap is a DIRECT result of cannabis prohibition so the two are intimately related by default. K2 is a synthetic chemical and synthetic chemicals should NOT be ingested, especially when there is a safe, natural, counterpart that exists… it’s time for the cops to stop being the criminals!

          BTW, that miami bath salt-induced cannibal story was bullshit, the guy wasn’t on bath salts he was just crazy.

          Frank, if you ever get sick, really sick like with cancer, diabetes, MS, parkinsons, etc.. it would be one of the wisest moves you ever made to adopt cannabis as your primary medicinal protocol. It would only take less than a week for it to prove itself to you, maybe even try the prescribed pharmaceuticals first so you can experience the terrible side effects and substandard results so you have something to compare to, that’s what we did and we’ve never looked back.

          Cannabis should be legal and available to all just like tomatoes and cucumbers are, it’s just a plant!

          • Frank

            With that information and your perspective, I will give it more consideration. Thank you.

  • mdogg0724

    All of this because people can’t control their urge to get high. This world is doomed.

    • Reverend Draco

      No animal can – not even Elephants. . .

      Only your Pollyanna world is doomed. . .

  • Emily Summer

    Just say no, stupids

    • It is not Paranoia

      But first try to say yes. Just for the fun of it.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Different drug same shit. Not much has changed since I was a kid.

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  • Wow, great comment!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Looks like modern dance to me.