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Just Another Small Town FEMA Camp…

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June 27th, 2013
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This FEMA center is designated for use under emergency rule.

In getting footage for a mini-doc we’re working on, we passed the small town of Taylor, Texas and came across one of our nation’s many lovely Homeland Security family detention facilities.

Today it houses illegal immigrants and resident aliens, etc. caught in legal limbo with Immigration & Customs, while its FEMA designation also places it under Region VI FEMA command for civilian detainment in the event of an emergency, including civil unrest, economic collapse, stress from migration, natural disaster or terroristic attack, etc.

Food for thought, considering that the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act is back on the table as of last January…

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  • Anonymous

    This place is 16 miles from my house. I guess I know where they plan on taking me when the hammer drops.

    • Anonymous

      “This place is 16 miles from my house. I guess I know where they plan on taking me when the hammer drops.”

      Make sure YOUR hammer drops first!

  • theDOOOD

    That’s not how the FED works. They move all Federal Prisoners many miles from home and I assume they’ll do the same when the camps start. Think of it this way- If they place you there and you know the surrounding area well, then you know where to travel adn where to hide if you escape. If you’re 600 miles away at another camp and escape….Much easier to catch and return, cause you have no idea where you are or where to hide, get supplies, travel on routes…

  • Andy

    Up until a year ago,when I was still a deputy sheriff,driving around the county,as far as I know there is not a detention center here,could possibly be one down at Camp Shelby,a full time National Guard base south of Hattiesburg,Ms.Don’t really know though.I have a question about the camp in Taylor.Tx.Does it have a railroad spur?Ya’ll know what I am getting at.Ya’ll read Battle of Jakes yet?Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Heimdall

    Remember the movie Red Dawn? It was really about communists and fascists within the USA. The original Red Dawn scenario as I just described is what all of the current trends will cause. It will be on a much larger scale than that of the movie.

  • Heimdall

    I would say that any known camps are just the tip of the iceberg. There are all kinds of govenment and corporate facilities about which most people, even patriots, are unaware.

    Make sure that you have options about which they are unaware.

  • Heimdall

    I would like to remind you all of the war-game that was run in the early 2,000s. One general played the general of the opposition and one played the general of the US govt. The opposition general had very limited resources. He won!

    How did he win? He used low-tech against high tech. For example, he used motorcycle messengers because the govt. has immense signals intelligence, cryptographic, and electronic superiority. A foe cannot consistently rely on high tech gadgets and defeat them. They have a huge amount of money robbed from the American People at gunpoint. A foe cannot win by matching high tech against high tech. These guerrilla tactics assured victory for the general playing the opposition.

  • Heimdall

    People, I want you to remember what you are so that you do not give up hope!

    You are a transcendent creation of the divine, the One True God!

    That is what all true human beings are. That is not what the Archons are.

  • Anonymous67

    90% of those prisons so far are filled with illegal immigrants…Good they got to go somewhere. Who cares if they got a green card they are still illegal.

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