Judge Protects Fmr House Speaker and Admitted Child Rapist, Telling His Victim He Can’t Sue

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A judge has dismissed a lawsuit from the sixth man who has claimed he was sexually assaulted by Dennis Hastert when he was a young boy.

A judge has chosen to protect former U.S. House speaker and admitted child rapist, Dennis Hastert, by throwing out a lawsuit filed by a man who claims he was violently raped by Hastert when he was a child—and this is not the first time the man claims he has been denied justice.

According to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times, Judge Robert Pilmer dismissed the case citing the statute of limitations. The victim in the case, identified as “Richard Doe” in court documents, is the sixth individual to claim he was sexually assaulted by Hastert.

The man claimed that when he was in fourth grade in 1973, he was riding his bike in Yorkville, Illinois, when he stopped to use the restroom near Yorkville High School. His lawsuit states that a large man opened the door of the stall he was in, and then forcefully sodomized him.

The man said he saw his attacker’s face but did not recognize him. Hastert was a teacher at Yorkville High School at the time, and the man claims he ran into Hastert weeks later during gym class where Hastert“took the alleged victim by the neck, led him into the hallway, dropped to his knees and asked if he had told anyone about the assault.”

As the report from the Sun-Times noted, the man claims Hastert warned him against reporting at the time, “threatening that Hastert’s father was the sheriff and, if plaintiff told, his parents would be put in jail.” 

The lawsuit also claims that the man tried to report the assault in the mid-1980s but was threatened with prosecution by then-Kendall County State’s Attorney Dallas Ingemunson for slandering Hastert’s name.

The man identified as “Richard Doe” is not the first victim who has come forward accusing Hastert of sexual assault. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the other allegations against Hastert stretch over a decade when they were teenagers and Hastert was their coach.”

In April 2016, Hastert confessed to sexually abusing “more than one student” while he was a teacher and wrestling coach in Illinois. However, Hastert was not charged for that abuse. Instead, he pleaded guilty to illegally structuring bank withdrawals to evade reporting rules for large transactions.

The money in question was part of a $5.3 million settlement Hastert promised a man whom he sexually assaulted when the victim was 14 years old. Hastert spent 13 months in prison for the illegally structured bank transactions and was released in July—two months early.

Hastert has also demanded that the individual he paid hush money to—only $1.7 million of the $5.3 million he promised—return the money. Hastert’s lawyers claimed that “To the extent any contract existed between plaintiff [Individual A] and defendant [Hastert], plaintiff breached that contract. Plaintiff’s breach of conduct resulted in damages to defendant and plaintiff is accordingly required to return $1.7 million to defendant.”

Judge Pilmer’s decision to throw out Richard Doe’s lawsuit against Dennis Hastert is yet another reminder that even though this politician has admitted to sexually assaulting multiple children, he is being protected by the law, and it is not likely that he will be held accountable for abusing, tormenting, and even demanding that hush money be returned from his victims.

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  • SP_88

    You know we’re in trouble when the justice system does more to protect the criminals than the victims.

    • Milly Vanilly

      Yep..we have been in trouble for a long time & our elected & highly PAID Criminal politicians are getting bolder & more blatant because they KNOW NOTHING will happen to them LEGALLY.

      • SP_88

        These criminals have the money to just pay their way out of any real punishment for their crimes. They can easily hire a battery of lawyers, pay hush money to victims and witnesses, or simply pay off the judges and prosecutors so they can’t be held accountable.
        Meanwhile, us regular people would end up going to jail or paying huge fines for even the most insignificant brush with the law.
        If, for instance, paying a fine for us was comparable to one of them paying a fine, instead of me having to pay a $500 fine, it would be closer to 25¢. When one of them pays a fine that amounts to about 0.00005% of their net worth, that’s not a deterrent to crime. But when I pay a fine that amounts to a whole weeks pay, or two, it’s a bigger deterrent. It’s kind of hard to calculate, since these people don’t usually collect a paycheck once a week, but even if you did figure out what they make in a year, and divide by 52, it still isn’t the same. If one of these people made $52 million a year, and they had to pay a million dollar fine, it’s still not a deterrent. And that’s after we established their guilt, which doesn’t even happen in most cases. These people game the system and are able to get away with all sorts of crimes.
        What needs to happen is to put these sexual predators in jail. No fines, no paying their way out of jail, just give them an orange jumpsuit and a small jail cell for the next thirty years. That would be a deterrent.
        Clearly there are two different systems of justice, one for us, and one for the ruling class.

        • Milly Vanilly

          Agreed…..unfortunately the bribes, payoffs & ANY fines they MIGHT pay come out of OUR (ILLEGAL)tax money from all their (gray area) legal loopholes & paperwork ‘mishaps’ that fall into the circular file.
          Definitely a double IL-Legal system being blatantly implemented more frequently with More political criminals being exposed and protected.

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          Brother, you know I love you, but we gotta differ in opinion here.

          Right now, even as I write this I am in a Constitutional Rights war. Court and everything. I get one solved and they hit me with the next “violation.” Most times before I even get the first one sorted out. I’ve beat them all so far, but…

          It’s tiresome.

          All I want is to be is left alone. Yet I am constantly fighting for my rights. Yours as well. Simple rights too. Just leave me the fuck alone and I’ll do the same.

          Sick of these whiny fucks looking at the top dogs when they can’t even control the puppy in their own house.

          I am straight-up in open warfare here. Wits and knowledge so far but I expect they will soon become frustrated and simply kill me. That’s what it will take too. But they have to physically attack first. I will not take up arms again unless I or a loved one is directly attacked.

          I fully expect to die. I enter every combat situation expecting that. I chose this way. I simply do not comply. Not with women and damned sure not with government. Might be a bit flexible with abused animals (including children) but I am completely inflexible on other things.

          Kick a puppy in front of me and see what I do. I fucking dare you. (Not you, SP.) You wanna see a full-blown military trained special-forces redneck combat warrior in action? Kick a puppy and see what happens. Better be prayed up with your god because you ain’t gonna get the chance to pray when it happens.

          Y’all wanna blame Pit Bulls for attacking people? Best look in the mirror. Dogs don’t attack people for no reason.

          Raised a lot of dogs over the past sixty years. Hunting dogs. Pits are low on the scale of mean. You want a mean dog? Weimies and Labs. All purpose gun-dogs. Kill a Pit right real quick. Seen it happen.

          Have a Pit I rescued. She’s terrified of my Weimie. Had packs of Pits. Never been afraid of them. Mixed packs are better for hunting though. But ya gotta control them.

          I won’t hesitate to beat their asses if they fuck up, but by damn nobody else will!

          Y’all following this lesson?


          Tend to your own dogs and I’ll tend to mine. You come and try to force me to comply with your idea of dog-raisin’ and there’s gonna be a fight.

          • SP_88

            But this is what I’m getting at. You or me or any other regular person has to put a significant amount of our resources towards fighting the system. It is tiring.
            But when this happens to someone in the ruling class, they can just pay their way out of it. And they can hire other people to go deal with all the bullshit. And they usually walk away clean.
            I certainly don’t disagree with anything you said. And I’m not sure how our opinions are different. If I’m missing something, please let me know.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            The only part wherein we differ is that I say no jail. It is only a deterrent for law-abiding, fearful people. I am law-abiding but not fearful.

            You know how hard I can be but many of the newbies here don’t, so this is for them.

            I say we take them out of the gene pool. Completely. Crucify entire families along the poles on the highways. This is a deterrent. It’s harsh, I know, but no more harsh than how we have been treated.

            This is not a top-down problem, but rather, a bottom-up problem. You and I both know that most people are lazy and only seek comfort. Like cows we will find the easiest path up or down the hill. There’s nothing wrong with this. I do it myself.

            The problem is that along with this tendency comes the tendency towards compliance. “Don’t make waves” we are taught from almost the instant we are born. Comply. Think like us. Be like us.

            But who is teaching this horrid thing?

            That’s the real question here.

            Whenever there are two sets of laws, one for “us” and one for “them” there is a problem. There will always be differing morals and opinions, but that is the reason governments are instituted among people–to facilitate and protect common birthrights. Nothing more than that.

            It’s just that easy, too.

            These people are not our “leaders.” They were never intended to be our “leaders.” Yet the people always seek “leaders” because they have little capacity to think on their own. In effect, they are afraid, and in their fear they seek comfort from those in “authority.”

            They never question why. They simply comply. “You can’t fight city hall” they say. Yet at the same time they will proudly proclaim that they are one of the 3 percenters. Bullshit I say.

            These are mutually exclusive terms. Exactly like the phrase “if and when.” It simply can’t exist.

            I don’t follow laws simply because someone else said so. I don’t follow laws because I am afraid. I follow laws because I do not wish to have conflicts with other people, nor do I wish to infringe upon their rights. It’s the same reason I keep my dogs on leashes or in the fenced yard. Simple respect.

            So, in summation, the only point in which we differ is in the disposition of these criminals. Sorry I went on so long. I wasn’t rambling, though on the surface it seems so. I am in actual, open warfare with city “officials” and went to court on, as the Judge put it, “some very vague and unspecified” charges.

            It was, in my uneducated redneck vernacular, “quite the hoot.”

            It was supposed to be an arraignment where I plead guilty or not. This did not happen. Threw me off my game a bit, but not much. I actually planned for this, but it was well down on the list of contingencies. My audience (yes, I had one) did not know the word until I supplied it for them. “Anticlimactic.”

            I suppose they were expecting a gunfight or something. Jerry Springer babies. Instead, they are receiving a well-planned and quite legal assault upon their system. Their bets are all the same though–I will win.

            In effect, they think they are prosecuting me, when in all actuality they are dancing to my tune. I’m prosecuting them and they’re not quite sure how to handle me. Judging from the four police officers staring intently at me I rather suspect how they intend to solve it. Apparently I’m a rather frightening man.

            This is how it should be. Government should fear the people. Not the other way around.

            This is what We The People must do. Take the fight straight to them. No fear. Invade their hallowed halls. Make them worry about their “secure” jobs. All of us. Not one at a time. Hit their wallets first. That’s what I did. No mercy.

            Sorry, brother. I get preachy on this subject. Been fighting this war a long time and I’m tired of it.

        • jimmy joe

          I don’t think they are actually “gaming” the system,though? I honestly think its the system as a whole! The “laws” created out of thin air, really only apply to us americans, not to anynody in positions of perceived power over us americans. We have witnessed this time and again. The top terrorist with the terror group known as nsa went before “law-creators” and lied, proven so by Ed Snowden, and nothing happens. Many more examples of this shit!!

        • Carrie

          Extreme greed is a mental illness they’re never satisfied

  • Milly Vanilly

    SOMEONE needs to take this SLUG out…..and not for dinner & drinks.
    The PEOPLE need to administer justice to these Pedos since the ‘just-us’ system of ….highly paid Criminals & MORE Pedos REFUSES to do what they were elected & PAID to do. TRASH DAY needs to come quickly & swiftly.

    • Gil G

      Never happens.

  • FreedomGone

    A statute of limitations is exceedingly necessary in our (any) justice system. If you don’t understand that then you really need to educate yourself.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Exactly. The statute of limitations occasionally favors scumbags but it is there as a safeguard for everyone. The judge had no choice but to apply the law as written and I suspect he had a knot in his stomach as he did so. If anyone is to blame it is Hastert.

  • idontknow

    Time for the next option…