Journo Says ‘Violent Resistance’ Should Be More Organized Than Baseball Shooting

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A Huffington Post writer appeared to criticize the baseball shooter for poor planning Wednesday, saying “violent resistance” has to be more organized to “work.”

“For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized,” writer Jesse Benn tweeted. “Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive/ineffective.”

His tweet appears to be a comment on the attempted mass shooting at a GOP baseball practice early Wednesday morning. Five people, including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, were wounded when James Hodgkinson opened fire on the field. All of them are expected to survive, in part because Scalise’s security detail was on the scene and quickly neutralized the shooter.

Benn identifies himself as a “member of the intolerant left” on his Twitter profile, and links to his author page on the Huffington Post, where he is published as recently as December, 2016.

One user called the tweet an incitement of violence and tagged the FBI in a reply to Benn. Apparently unfazed, Benn replied: “I keep saying this – you have to take the time to call in to the secret service/FBI et al.”

Federalist co-founder Sean Davis also weighed in.

“HuffPo writer’s main beef w/ today’s attempted mass murder of Republicans is that it was poorly organized,” he tweeted.

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  • Freespirit

    It needs to be organized AGAINST teh RIGHT PEOPLE and average citizens are NOT the “right people” :

    I made a comment recently on some sites that if we “Give and Inch then the UNITED STATES and ISRAEL will take a Mile, SO, in addition to 3 recent strikes on Syrian troops NOW we have Americans setting a up a SECOND BASE, just as I predicted would happen and THIS is only the NEXT step for Criminal TRUMP’S FILLING the SWAMP with pond-scum on his march to WW3: AND

    ( P.S. Trump was CHOSEN because the Israeli Zionists knew the troops , along with the sick EVANGELICAL “Christian” ZEALOTS, who all love War, as part of END TIMES, would fall in line, with HIM but NOT with Hillary. House of Rothschild must be in their glory over these FOOLS bringing about ASHKENAZIM Hegemonic RULE )

    BUT what do we think Russia ( and China?) will do:

    Remember “Christian” FOLKS, Russia has the only goodly number of Christians with a sense of REASON and COURAGE as a DEFENSE against ISRAEL and AMERICA-American and European Christians are DONE .They are too busy waiting for “God” to save them!!!

    Here is a reminder of a SOLUTION as I have emphasized for years now:

    AS I have said many times, TAKE OUT the House of Rothschild family with Prison or other means, including their stolen WEALTH and PEACE will reign on this planet. IF we don’t, and SOON, a terrible WAR where Billions will die, including MOST Americans, who ‘support the DUMBED –DOWN Troops”, is coming. Hope you have a good UNDERGROUND Bunker in the OZARKS, away from major cities, with at least a YEAR’S supply of necessities.

    “If my sons did not want wars there would be none” Gutle Schnaper, ( 1753-1849) wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild :

    • Right to the Point

      Who are “The right people?” In case you missed it, this was against Congress persons. At least learn the material before comment. Not sure there are “Right People.” The solution you are advocating may not be as palatable as you wish it to be. It may be inevitable at this point due to certain uninformed drones voicing their heartfelt opinions, which are typically derived from a source other than the closets of their own minds.
      So far as Syria is concerned it has little if any bearing on this article. Why pick this article? Are you to be the next Left sided Kook? You seem disoriented…..

      • Freespirit

        All comments are welcome, including TROLLS like you

        • Right to the Point

          Not a troll, but again, who are “the right people?”
          Hell, I can get on board with your notion that Nation Building is out of control, but your wanting a Civil War here in the States? Think real hard about that, because to go kick ass, you have to bring an ass that could conceivably get kicked.

          • Freespirit

            Not what I said nor implied. Your comprehension skills my be needing updating. If you can find where I used a words “Civil War” I shall apologize to you.

            IN fact to the best to my knowledge I am stating the opposite to “Civil War”, but that American NON-EDUCATION is getting in the way of understanding proper English from,me

            Possibly it is the Irish REBEL in me 🙂

          • Right to the Point

            I did and you wrote this; “It needs to be organized AGAINST the RIGHT PEOPLE and average citizens are NOT the “right people”
            First, the article is about an attack on Senators; not “Average Citizens. Second, because the article is about organizing violence against people of this country, it would be, in fact, a Civil War.
            Maybe I did misunderstand, but your first sentence suggests those 2 items very clearly. BTW, I’m Irish as well. I like a good scrap as well. It just needs to be against the “Right People,” for the right reason as you suggest, but that definition is getting fuzzier by the day. Besides there’s a good chance that the “Right People” to you may not fit my definition of “Right People.”
            If this breaks out (and I believe it might) you will have a hard time defining “The Enemy.” Careful what you wish for……

          • Freespirit

            Read on. YOU’ll figure it out soon far only a “C “for effort.

            My family fought the British by the way and as you should know , and WO in 1949 for the REPUBLIC

    • renee ciccioni

      As Scripture said the world has gone in the way of Cain and considering Christian history this way started with the religions because before there were corporations there was religions competing for dominance ,it will be these Waring religions that are going to bring about the nuclear Holocaust as prophesied in Revelations even after there has been one third of all men killed in and around the Euphrates river they continue to war until four fifths of all life is wiped away ,because this has been what the world’s religions teach , they say peace peace while preparing for war.

      • Freespirit

        If enough people believe as you do, you are correct , the HOLOCAUST will happen, BUT not because of any Biblical Prophecy, only BECAUSE you and enough people willed it, CONSCIOUSLY.

        In simple words- SELF-FULFILLING

        • renee ciccioni

          No it’s going to be brought about by the same warring garbage that have always have been behind all of the blood shed so far . war is not peace even if it’s being acted out by the right.

          • Freespirit

            The same “warring garbage” which the Evangelical Christian Religious Zealots and Zionists , especially in Washington, London, Rome and Tel Aviv, ALLOW

          • renee ciccioni

            Yes population control and reduction , is their favorite features of war.

          • Freespirit

            Yes with resulting HEGEMONY over this planet and any of us who are remaining, to be their Slaves

            As I have said in several of my comments, on DISQUS since 2009 – I don’t see anyone taking down the “GEORGIA GUIDE STONES” 🙂

            You might like many of the PODCASTS on WHOOLIS Blog Spot :

            Keep up the fight

          • renee ciccioni

            Thanks will check out.

  • William the Resolute

    I would like to invite the author to the American Heartland if he ever decides to leave his Left Coast safe zone and launch his little Anifa attack……you see Jesse, we can be just as intolerant as you when it comes to the Communist Left.

  • PopDeGator

    Leftist pieces of shit who want a shooting war had better be careful what they wish for.

    • renee ciccioni

      How does the actions of one idiot have to do with everyone else.

      • MorganThePirate

        Look at what’s happening now in the media and with the politicians. This is going to have repercussions that are felt by all of us. THAT’S what.

        • renee ciccioni

          We live in much different times now people are more aware than in the past besides we are in times of recompense those who want captivity will get captivity those who dehumanize others will themselves be dehumanize because we are talking about a political class that has done such to the poor , oppress, and minority groups in the last 16 years.

          • MorganThePirate

            Pure leftist psychobabble from somebody who probably never had to deal with the real world. When the fighting starts singing kumbaya and burning incense will not stop bullets and bombs. But go ahead and try because we’re running short of organ donors.

          • renee ciccioni

            Usual right wing narrow minded focus on weapons as an answer to ending violence , when all it does is create continual war the same goes for those on the left that share the same views.

          • MorganThePirate

            Like I figured you have no experience with the real world. Force must be met with superior force or you end up dead and anybody who has ever been in combat knows this. In this case it’s the left that wants a war and they will be met with far superior firepower and resolve if they start anything. If simply talking could solve every problem then countries would not need militaries. Nobody respects a weakling.

          • renee ciccioni

            Countries need militaries because they all insist on stealing and taking from one another by force wether it be land or resources then dehumanize those they are invading for resisting their invaders so yes I do know the reality that a bunch war Hawking garbage has made for us to live in but more warmongering will only lead to nuclear war but atleast war Hawking garbage won’t have the strength to be warmongering because they will be suffering from radiation poisoning.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    What a deliciously bad idea for Mr. Benn to incite his better armed and trained foes to mount a proper defense or, worse, counterattack. Stupid is as stupid does, indeed.

  • Clementine

    It is truly sad to watch humans devolve… really quite disgusting.

  • SP_88

    These types of shootings are not going to be organized because the people who are doing them are a bunch of mentally ill, deranged, reprobates. And they are not people who either support the second amendment or have owned firearms for any appreciable amount of time.
    The idiot who did this couldn’t even hit his target from across a baseball field with a rifle. And most of them were standing in the middle of an open field without any cover whatsoever. And it’s a good thing too. Because a competent shooter could have easily picked off most these people with a rifle.
    Fortunately, patriotic Americans who support the second amendment and own firearms don’t behave like this. They are not the anti-government, domestic terrorists the media has attempted to portray them as. In fact, licensed gun owners are arrested for crimes six times less than police officers are. The cops are six times more likely to be arrested than a licensed gun owner.
    So don’t expect people who are competent with a gun to go out and shoot people in some sort of “organized” attack on politicians or anyone else. People who are smart enough to organize such an attack are also smart enough to not organize such an attack.