Jones: “There Are Russian Troops Now Piling Off Ships Into Syria”

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There’s more going on in Syria than the mainstream media would have us believe.

Watch the following Infowars update discussing the evidence that Syrian rebels are responsible for the chemical attacks that killed hundreds of people last week, deployment of large contigents of Russian troops to support Assad in the coming conflict, and how the world may well be on the verge of World War III.

This is happening right before our eyes – and it’s about to get even more serious.

There’s no good guys in Syria. The point is the truth is the truth.

There is no validation of it [chemical attacks].

There’s no hard proof. John Kerry, Secretary of State, says he has indisputable proof. Well, let’s see it. Why don’t we see this proof?

It’s not there.

Even the United Nations going back to May doubted very seriously that the Assad regime, as bad as it is, was going to use sarin gas attacks.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Why, with the Assad government winning, would it resort to sarin gas attacks?

In Syria it’s widely known it’s the rebels… These are not good guys… to think that they wouldn’t use sarin gas attacks stretches the imagination.

The Obama administration is far out on the limb they’re going to attack and we’re going to come to the edge of World War III.

This is one of the most serious moments in world history that we have ever faced.

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  • Thorin

    Man…crazy how fast this is happening. I knew it would happen, just not now. Well, be safe everyone and make sure you get some supplies for the inevitable power outages and what not.

  • David B

    Thorin good advise! Better have food, water, ammo, hygiene supplies!! May have to sit this out for a long while!

  • cindy

    Buy extra gasoline,if you have a safe and secure place to store it.While you’re at it,get extra food,cash from the ATM

  • mijj

    > “John Kerry, Secretary of State, says he has indisputable proof. Well, let’s see it. Why don’t we see this proof?”

    wacky tinfoil-hat politicians cite their fevered imaginations as evidence and proof.

  • Be informed

    All about energy and boxing in Russia. The natural gas pipeline that would go through Syria if it was friendly to the west would bypass the Russian monopoly of gas they sell to Europe. Huge amounts of money lost for Russia.

    This is Russia’s backyard, the west cannot encircle Russis any further. Syria falls does Iran next. The Caspian Sea region of rich energy resources is then surrounded by the west. Russia cannot allow this or they might as well surrender right now.

    Russia has been preparing massive civil defense since 2005, they feel they can win a nuclear war. BO has degraded the nuclear detterent that the U.S. has so much that a nuclear war might just be below that threshold of MAD, mutual assured destruction. That makes a nuclear war worth a gamble for Putin rather than lose everything anyway by being totally encircled and boxed in by the west.

    We all may not be communicating much longer on the internet. Never, not even the Cuban Missile Crisis, has WW3 been so close.

    • RickE.

      Great points made BI. To add to your post may I say that the internet will be a definite target of the dictator in DC.

      Obama MUST censor it completely in order to ensure that all info about the war is totally and carefully controlled.

      Then we will hear ONLY what the government wants us to hear.
      After all, the truth is NOT acceptable to our government.

      We may indeed, have to brace WW3. All because of the insanity of psychopathic fascists!

    • Nexus789

      Also Russia never let their nuclear deterrent decline even though other parts of the armed forces did in decline in the 90’s.

      I would suggest the real motive of the US Caesar and the clowns in Washington is to suck Iran in to the fray and this may happen as Syria and Iran have a defence pact.

  • Fred Decimal

    The economy is ready to collapse, so the banksters need a diversion to avoid jail. This whole situation is contrived BS, brought to you by the illegal-alien-in-chief and his satanic minons. Americans are going to wish they had paid attention over the years instead of sitting on their butts on welfare eating GMO chips and drinking beer.

  • Andy

    Got my supplies,just waiting for the Russians to get pissed enough to give Boobama some come uppance.It will happen,nothing wil stop the arrogant bastard from starting WW3.The bankers don’t think that something like this can really escalate to war on a global scale,but they don’t care they have their bunkers,stored food,and security,because they don’t like guns.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Bob Marshall

    John Kerry has proof just like Colin Powell had proof. Another false flag.


    This is a load of crap. Russians are not deploying their troops to Syria to have the US bomb them. China and Russia DO NOT need military force to cripple the United States.

    Jones is a drama queen.

  • tayronachan

    Remember, this is going to be a 3 day weekend, it’s Labor Day weekend. The banks will be closed on Monday. It might be a good idea to take a little money out of the bank tomorrow.

    • James

      Excellent advice. Remember it was a three day weekend when they did it the last time

  • squodgy

    The truth is irrelevant.
    Zionist “Jews” want control of the World.
    This is just part of the plan.
    ]Jews own the mainstream media.
    They only tell the dumbed down moron what they want him to know.
    Trust a jew….more fool you!!

  • I am very agree with Russian government to step up for helping Syrian government to deployed some troops in Syria for fighting against rebels or terrorism in the country.
    I am very supported of Russian government for doing that.