Jones: “There Are Russian Troops Now Piling Off Ships Into Syria”

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There’s more going on in Syria than the mainstream media would have us believe.

Watch the following Infowars update discussing the evidence that Syrian rebels are responsible for the chemical attacks that killed hundreds of people last week, deployment of large contigents of Russian troops to support Assad in the coming conflict, and how the world may well be on the verge of World War III.

This is happening right before our eyes – and it’s about to get even more serious.

There’s no good guys in Syria. The point is the truth is the truth.

There is no validation of it [chemical attacks].

There’s no hard proof. John Kerry, Secretary of State, says he has indisputable proof. Well, let’s see it. Why don’t we see this proof?

It’s not there.

Even the United Nations going back to May doubted very seriously that the Assad regime, as bad as it is, was going to use sarin gas attacks.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Why, with the Assad government winning, would it resort to sarin gas attacks?

In Syria it’s widely known it’s the rebels… These are not good guys… to think that they wouldn’t use sarin gas attacks stretches the imagination.

The Obama administration is far out on the limb they’re going to attack and we’re going to come to the edge of World War III.

This is one of the most serious moments in world history that we have ever faced.

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