John Kerry: Global Warming Skeptics Should Be Disqualified from Public Office

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Now Mr. Skull and Bones Kerry over there is saying that, if someone doesn’t agree with potential carbon billionaire Al Gore that the “science” is “settled” on man-made global warming, that person should be straight up disqualified from running for “high public office.”

Talk Radio News Service, via IBD:

“But when I hear a United States senator say, ‘I’m not a scientist so I can’t make a judgment,’ or a candidate for president for that matter, I’m absolutely astounded. I mean, it’s incomprehensible that a grownup who has been to high school and college in the United States of America disqualifies themselves because they’re not a scientist when they’ve learned that the Earth rotates on its axis, but they’re not a scientist; where they’ve learned that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and it does so 24 hours a day; and you can run the list of things that we know science tells us happens, and we accept it every single day.

“And to suggest that when more than 6,000-plus peer-reviewed studies of the world’s best scientists all lay out that this is happening and mankind is contributing to it, it seems to me that they disqualify themselves fundamentally from high public office with those kinds of statements.”

As Kerry Jackson at IBD wrote, “By all means, Secretary Kerry, let’s allow you to unilaterally set the eligibility requirements for elected officials. We’ll just turn it all over to you and your astute judgment.”

Sounds good. But wait, wasn’t Kerry barred from the highest public office in the land by… not being voted into it?

Kerry has made lots of emotionally charged statements in regards to “climate change deniers” in the last few years.

He has said global warming is as big of a threat as not only terrorism and poverty, but weapons of mass destruction. In fact, he said climate change quote “can now be considered a weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction”:

“Mother nature is screaming” at us according to Kerry. “Science is screaming at us,” too.

Kerry might as well be screaming at us as well. He uses words like “tragedy” and “catastrophe” and phrases like “stark reality” often. If we don’t tackle this global threat, it will be a “massive collective moral failure,” he warns.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that the entire way of life that you live and love is at risk,” Kerry informed Indonesians last year.

He said future generations will judge world leaders on how they, “could have possibly been so blind or so ignorant or so ideological or so dysfunctional and, frankly, so stubborn” if we “ignore the facts” and “fail” in response to Florida banning the term “global warming”.

Just a week ago, Kerry was saying global warming “played a role” in the Syrian Civil War, then he promptly talked about how the world is facing millions of global “climate refugees” on the horizon if we don’t act right away.

We already hit the 500 days of climate chaos he and Laurent Fabius warned us of back in May 2014 and somehow I’m still able to type this right now and I haven’t seen a single polar bear drown all morning.

(Of course, I’ll be banned from running for higher office if Kerry has his way simply for saying so. Darn.)

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